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lpq(1)									lpq(1)

       lpq - spool queue examination program

       lpq [ options ] [ job #...  ] [ user...	]

       The  command  examines  the spooling area used by for printing files on
       the printer, and reports the status of jobs.  The command invoked with‐
       out any arguments reports on any jobs currently in the default queue.

       When  jobs  are	being  printed, reports the queue as being ``active''.
       For each job submitted, reports the user's name, current	 rank  in  the
       queue,  the  names  of files comprising the job, the job identifier and
       the total size in bytes.	 The job identifier is a number which  may  be
       supplied to to remove a specific job.

       Job  ordering is determined by the FIFO (First In, First Out) algorithm
       used to scan the spooling directory.  When the queue is empty,  reports
       that there are ``no entries''.

       File  names  may be unavailable for some jobs, for example, if the com‐
       mand is used without specifying a file name, or if is used  in  a  pipe
       line.   If  file	 names	are  unavailable, the file name reported by is
       ``standard input''.

       job #...	   Causes to report on only the job number(s) specified.

       user...	   Causes to  report  on  only	the  jobs  for	the  specified

       +n   Scan  and  display	the spool queue until the queue is empty.  The
	    queue is scanned every n seconds, if no argument is specified  the
	    queue is scanned every 30 seconds.

       -l   Display the status of each job on more than one line if necessary.
	    If this option is not used, the status of each job is displayed on
	    one line.

	    Report  the	 status	 of the spool queue for the printer specified.
	    If this option is not used, the spool queue displayed is  the  one
	    defined  by	 the  PRINTER environment variable.  If a queue is not
	    defined by the PRINTER environment variable, the spool queue  dis‐
	    played is for the printer named ``lp'' in the file.

       The  displayed  status of the spool queue may not always be the current
       status.	This is because jobs may be completed after the queue has been
       examined, but before the status has been displayed.

Error Messages
       Two of the most common error messages from are:

       Warning: no daemon present ®
       A daemon is not available for the specified printer.  Refer to the com‐
       mand to find out how to restart the printer daemon.

       unknown printer ®
       The printer specified as an argument to the -P option, doesn't have  an
       entry in the file.

       For manipulating the screen for repeated display

       To determine printer characteristics

       The spooling directory, as determined from printcap

       Control files specifying jobs

       The lock file to obtain the currently active job

See Also
       lpr(1), lprm(1), lpc(8), lpd(8)


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