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lpx(8)									lpx(8)

       lpx - line printer exerciser

       /usr/field/lpx [ -h ] [ -ofile ] [ -pn ] [ -tm ] -ddev

       The  line  printer exerciser outputs a rolling character pattern to the
       printer. Five pages are output and then the printer will pause  for  15
       minutes	(default).  Then 5 more pages are output, followed by a pause.
       This pattern continues until the process receives a or a kill -15 pid.

       Disable the line printer queue of the printer to be tested before  run‐
       ning  Check  the file to determine the line printer queue, and then run
       line printer control program to disable the printer.   This  will  stop
       other jobs from interfering with the testing.

       You  must  specify  the following function flag and its argument to the

	    The line printer device name and unit number to test as listed  in
	    the directory.  For example, lp, lp1.

       The options are:

       -h   Prints the help messages for the command.

	    Saves the output diagnostics in file.

       -pn  Sets  pause	 for  n	 minutes.   During the pause period, will only
	    exercise the controller, saving paper.  The default value for n is
	    15.	 A value of n = 0 indicates no pause.

       -tm  Specifies  the  run	 time  in  minutes (m).	 The default is to run
	    until the process receives a or kill -15 pid.

       If there is a need to run a system exerciser over an NFS link or	 on  a
       diskless	 system there are some restrictions.  For exercisers that need
       to write into a file system, such as the target	file  system  must  be
       writable	 by  root.  Also the directory, in which any of the exercisers
       are executed, must be writable by  root	because	 temporary  files  are
       written	into  the  current  directory.	 These latter restrictions are
       sometimes difficult to overcome because	often  NFS  file  systems  are
       mounted	in  a  way that prevents root from writing into them.  Some of
       the restrictions may be overcome by copying the	exerciser  to  another
       directory and then executing it.

       The following example causes to exercise lp1 until the process receives
       a or kill -15 pid.
       % /usr/field/lpx -dlp1
       The following example exercises lp for 120 minutes in the background.
       % /usr/field/lpx -t120 -dlp &

See Also
       Guide to System Exercisers


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