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lta(4)									lta(4)

       lta - lta pseudoterminal interface

       options LAT
       pseudo-device lat
       pseudo-device lta[n]

       The  pseudoterminal interface provides support for local area transport
       (LAT) service.  LAT service allows users to access remote nodes through
       the Ethernet.

       To configure the LAT service for your machine, you must:

       ·   Edit the system configuration file.

       ·   Edit the file.

       ·   Create LAT special files.

       ·   Edit the file.

       Instructions  for  performing these tasks are further documented in the
       Guide to Ethernet Communications Servers.

   Edit the Configuration File
       Edit the configuration file to include the option and the  and  pseudo-
       devices.	    The	  configuration	  file	 to   edit   is	  located   in
       /sys/conf/vax/HOSTNAME or /sys/conf/mips/HOSTNAME  (depending  on  your
       processor),  where  HOSTNAME  is	 the  name  of your host processor, in

       The optional value for the pseudo-device entry defines  the  number  of
       LAT  lines  to  configure,  a  number between 1 and 256.	 If you do not
       specify a value, the default is 16 lines.  For example, if you want  to
       configure  32 LAT devices into your system, the entry for the LAT lines
       pseudo-device lta32

       To use the system as a load host for remote note maintenance  functions
       such as loading and controlling terminal servers, you must also include
       an options entry for and a pseudo-device entry for in the configuration

   Edit the /etc/rc.local File
       Edit  the  file	to  restart  LAT service automatically when the system
       reboots.	 Add the following entry after the commands for	 local	daemon
       if [ -f /etc/lcp ]; then
	    /etc/lcp -s > /dev/console & echo -n ' lat' >/dev/console

   Create LAT Special Files
       Create  the LAT special files by running the program from the directory
       and specifying the option.  You create one LAT special  file  for  each
       LAT  device.  For example, the following commands create 32 device spe‐
       cial files for LAT devices:
       # cd /dev
       # MAKEDEV lta0
       # MAKEDEV lta1

       The option range is 1 to 7.  The maximum number of LAT special files is

   Edit the /etc/ttys File
       Edit the file to include entries for all the LAT special files you cre‐
       ated using the command.	For more  information  on  how	to  add	 these
       entries, see

       Contains terminal devices defined to the machine.

       Contains terminal devices defined to the machine (modem lines only).

See Also
       ttys(5), MAKEDEV(8)
       Guide to Ethernet Communications Servers


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