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mknod(5)							      mknod(5)

       mknod.h - header file of macros for handling device numbers

       The header file defines macros to create and interpret device identifi‐
       cation numbers for use with the system call (see mknod(2)).

       The use of these macros	is  architecture-dependent.   See  the	System
       Administration  Manual for your system for information on how to select
       major and minor device numbers.

       contains the macro

       which packs the major and minor components into a device identification
       number suitable for the dev argument of and the two macros:

       which extract the major and minor number components, respectively, from
       a device identification number, dev.

       The macro is a specification (see printf(3S))  that  prints  the	 minor
       number  in  the format best suited to the particular implementation; it
       is used by the long format of the command (see ls(1)) to show the minor
       numbers for device files.

       The  base  of  the number is indicated in the same way as in the C pro‐
       gramming language: no leading zero for decimal, leading zero for octal,
       and leading for hexadecimal.

       ls(1), mknod(1M), mknod(2), printf(3S).


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