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       mkusbboot - generate bootable USB or other disk image for PC

       mkusbboot [ -b boot ] [ -p proto ] [ -r root ] [ -s size ]

       Mkusbboot  generates  a	bootable  disk	image,	called image, from the
       filesystem at root (by default /n/boot), using  the  mkfs(8)  prototype
       file  proto and files in /sys/lib/sysconfig/usb.	 The default boot pro‐
       gram is /386/9loadusb.

       The image will be exactly size*1,000,000 bytes long.   By  default,  it
       will  be	 1,900,000,000	bytes long, so it should fit on so-called 2 GB
       USB devices.  When building from /n/sources/plan9, the  image  defaults
       to 900,000,000 bytes long, to fit so-called 1 GB USB devices.

       The image contains 9fat and fossil(4) file systems and is configured to
       be bootable as a CPU server with serial console on 386  (with  optional
       VGA) or amd64 machines, when copied to a (possibly USB) disk.  There is
       an nvram partition, initially zeroed.

       Create a bootable USB flash drive from the local Plan 9 installation.

	      pump <image >/dev/sdU0.0/data

       Create a bootable disk from the local Plan 9 installation.

	      mkusbboot -b /386/9load
	      pump <image >/dev/sdC0/data

       image  the resulting disk image

	      plan9.ini and fossil.conf for the generated system

	      default proto

	      architecture of the default kernel in the disk image

	      files created while executing
       usb(4),	boot(8),  9boot(8),  diskparts(8),  loadfossil(8),  partfs(8),
       plan9.ini(8), prep(8)
       Due  to	name  clashes  in /srv, should be run only on machines with no
       running fossil  instance	 named	and  thus  no  /srv/fossil,  /srv/fos‐, etc.
       Not  all	 BIOSes	 can reliably read from USB devices.  Your mileage may

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