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mop_mom(8)							    mop_mom(8)

       mop_mom - MOP down-line/up-line load listener


       The  command  listens  for  down-line load and up-line dump requests on
       behalf of your local ULTRIX node.  The command, is usually included  in
       the  file.   When  a down-line load or up-line dump request is received
       from a target node, spawns the loader, to process the load request.

       To process a load request, the loader requires the  name	 of  the  load
       file.   During  a  down-line load process, the target system can either
       request that the loader search the nodes data base for the name of  the
       load  file, or it can specify an image name as part of its request.  If
       the target system specifies an image name, the loader does  not	search
       the data base for the file before processing the load request.

       If  no  absolute	 pathname  is associated with the image file name, the
       loader searches for the file using the primary  default	path,  If  the
       image  file  is	not in it uses the secondary default, The names of the
       files in must be in lowercase with a extension. Otherwise,  the	loader
       interprets  the	file  specification  literally	without	 appending the
       extension.  For example, if you	give  the  loader  the	file  name  it
       attempts to open a file with an exact match.

       The loader must have the following information before it can accept and
       process a load request:

       Ethernet Physical Address
	    If the name of the image is not in	the  program  request  message
	    itself,  the  Ethernet physical address of the target node must be
	    specified in the nodes data base entry for the  requesting	target
	    node.   For further information, see The same is true if the envi‐
	    ronment variable, LOADUMP_SECURE is enabled.

       Image File Name
	    The loader must be given the name of the image file	 to  down-line
	    load.   If	the  image  file  name is specified in a target node's
	    down-line load request, then the loader uses  that	file.	Other‐
	    wise,  the file name must be defined in the requesting node's data
	    base entry.	 For further information, see

       Dump File Name
	    The loader must be given the name of the dump file that will  con‐
	    tain  the up-line dump image of the requesting node's memory.  The
	    dump file name must be defined in the requesting node's data  base
	    entry.  For further information, see

       Note  that  the System Manager can force the loader to search the nodes
       data base, even when the target node specifies a file name.  The loader
       verifies that an entry exists for the requesting node before proceeding
       with the down-line load.	 Any file name specified in the	 request  mes‐
       sage supersedes a file name specified in the data base.

       To  force  the  nodes data base search, use the following syntax before
       # setenv LOADUMP_SECURE on
       To permanently enable this feature, enter the  following	 line  in  the
       file after the section on local daemons:
       LOADUMP_SECURE=on /etc/mop_mom
       The command is installed in The down-line loader, is installed in

       The file is the primary default pathname for all image files and is the
       secondary default pathname.  The names of the image files in must be in
       lowercase with a extension.

       This  command  is  usually included in the file, which causes to listen
       for down-line and up-line load requests.

       The command does not turn on network devices.  When executed,  it  lis‐
       tens  only  on  those  devices  that were previously started by network
       utilities such as or DECnet Generally, you  can	ensure	that  performs
       properly by putting it at the end of your rc.local file.

       Currently, only supports RSX, a.out, and VMS downline load images.

       Down-line loader

       Primary default pathname for all image files

       Secondary default pathname

See Also
       addnode(8), ccr(8), getnode(8), load(8), remnode(8), trigger(8)
       Guide to Ethernet Communication Servers

4th Berkeley Distribution					    mop_mom(8)

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