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mount(8ufs)							   mount(8ufs)

       mount - mount the local ULTRIX File System (UFS)

       /etc/mount [ -t ufs -r ] [ options ] device directory

       The  command  announces	to the system that a file system is present on
       the device device.  The specified device must be a local	 device.   The
       file  directory	must exist and it must be a directory.	It becomes the
       name of the newly mounted file system.

       To further protect from system crashes, only  file  systems  that  have
       been  cleanly  checked  by  are	mounted.  In emergency situations, the
       superuser can override this requirement by using the  option  as	 shown

       General users can mount file systems with certain restrictions in addi‐
       tion to those listed in The file system must have the clean  byte  set.
       To  ensure  the	clean  byte is set, run the command on the file system
       first.  You can also try the mount and if it fails, then run  and  then
       try the mount again.

       Note that the user must have execute permissions on the device.

       A successful ufs-mount may generate the following warning message:
       "Warning, device has exceeded xxx threshold, fsck(8) is advised"
       where  xxx is which metric was exceeded to cause the clean byte timeout
       factor to reach zero. See for an explanation of the timeout algorithm.

       Physically write-protected disks and magnetic tape file systems must be
       mounted read only or an error will occur at mount time.

       See the reference page for a description of the -t option.

       -o options  Specifies  options  as  a sequence of comma-separated words
		   from the list below.

		   force	 The  superuser	 can  force  the  mounting  of
				 unclean  file	systems.   You	should use the
				 flag only in single-user mode when  repairing
				 or recovering damaged file systems.

		   nodev	 Block and character special devices cannot be
				 accessed from this file system.  If  you  are
				 concerned  with  nfs  security,  all ufs file
				 systems that will be exported via nfs	should
				 be ufs mounted with the option.

		   noexec	 Binaries  cannot  be  executed from this file

		   nosuid	 The and programs may  not  be	executed  from
				 this  file  system. If you are concerned with
				 nfs security, all ufs file systems that  will
				 be exported via nfs with the option specified
				 in the file should be ufs  mounted  with  the
				 nosuid option.

		   pgthresh=##	 Set the paging threshold for this file system
				 in kilobytes.	The default is 64 kilobytes.

		   sync		 All writes are immediately  written  to  disk
				 (synchronously)  as  well  as	to  the buffer
				 cache.	 For the option to be meaningful,  the
				 file  system  must be mounted with write per‐

       -r	   Mounts the device on directory read only.

       The command should only be invoked by the command.   Users  (and	 supe‐
       rusers) should not invoke the command.

       The  command  calls  to	do its work and is the preferred interface.  A
       sample command is:

	    # mount -t ufs -o nodev,nosuid,noexec,pgthresh=100 /dev/ra0g /usr

       UFS-specific mount program

See Also
       getmnt(2), mount(2), fsck(8), mount(8)


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