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MQ_GETATTR(3)		   Linux Programmer's Manual		 MQ_GETATTR(3)

       mq_getattr, mq_setattr - get/set message queue attributes

       #include <mqueue.h>

       int mq_getattr(mqd_t mqdes, struct mq_attr *attr);

       int mq_setattr(mqd_t mqdes, struct mq_attr *newattr,
			struct mq_attr *oldattr);

       Link with -lrt.

       mq_getattr()   and   mq_setattr()   respectively	 retrieve  and	modify
       attributes of the message queue referred to by the descriptor mqdes.

       mq_getattr() returns an mq_attr structure  in  the  buffer  pointed  by
       attr.  This structure is defined as:

	   struct mq_attr {
	       long mq_flags;	    /* Flags: 0 or O_NONBLOCK */
	       long mq_maxmsg;	    /* Max. # of messages on queue */
	       long mq_msgsize;	    /* Max. message size (bytes) */
	       long mq_curmsgs;	    /* # of messages currently in queue */

       The  mq_flags  field  contains  flags  associated with the open message
       queue description.  This field is initialized when the queue is created
       by  mq_open(3).	 The only flag that can appear in this field is O_NON‐

       The mq_maxmsg and mq_msgsize fields are set when the message  queue  is
       created	by  mq_open(3).	  The mq_maxmsg field is an upper limit on the
       number of messages that may be placed on the  queue  using  mq_send(3).
       The mq_msgsize field is an upper limit on the size of messages that may
       be placed on the queue.	Both of these fields must have a value greater
       than zero.  Two /proc files that place ceilings on the values for these
       fields are described in mq_open(3).

       The mq_curmsgs field returns the number of messages currently  held  in
       the queue.

       mq_setattr()  sets  message queue attributes using information supplied
       in the mq_attr structure pointed to by  newattr.	  The  only  attribute
       that can be modified is the setting of the O_NONBLOCK flag in mq_flags.
       The other fields in newattr are ignored.	 If the oldattr field  is  not
       NULL,  then  the	 buffer that it points to is used to return an mq_attr
       structure that contains	the  same  information	that  is  returned  by

       On  success  mq_getattr()  and  mq_setattr()  return 0; on error, -1 is
       returned, with errno set to indicate the error.

       EBADF  The descriptor specified in mqdes is invalid.

       EINVAL newattr->mq_flags contained set bits other than O_NONBLOCK.


       On Linux, mq_getattr() and mq_setattr() are library  functions  layered
       on top of the mq_getsetattr(2) system call.

       mq_close(3),   mq_notify(3),   mq_open(3),  mq_receive(3),  mq_send(3),
       mq_unlink(3), mq_overview(7)

       This page is part of release 3.65 of the Linux  man-pages  project.   A
       description  of	the project, and information about reporting bugs, can
       be found at

Linux				  2010-08-29			 MQ_GETATTR(3)

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