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orientation(5)							orientation(5)

       orientation - the orientation of a stream

       The  orientation	 of a stream is a property of a object that is handled
       as a input/output stream.  It is useful	when  the  input/output	 model
       assumes that characters are handled as wide-characters within an appli‐
       cation and stored as multi-byte characters in files, and that  all  the
       wide-character  input/output  functions begin executing with the stream
       positioned at the boundary between two multi-byte characters.

       After a stream is associated with a file, but before any operations are
       performed on the stream, the stream is without orientation.  If a wide-
       character input or output function is applied to a stream without  ori‐
       entation,  the stream becomes wide-oriented implicitly.	Likewise, if a
       byte input or output operation is applied to a stream without  orienta‐
       tion,  the  stream becomes byte-oriented implicitly.  Only the function
       can alter the orientation of a stream explicitly	 when  the  stream  is
       without orientation.

       Just  after  a  stream  is  associated with a pipe by the function, the
       stream is byte-oriented.

       After the stream becomes byte-oriented or wide-oriented,	 the  orienta‐
       tion  of a stream will be fixed and can not be changed until the stream
       is closed.

       The following functions are wide-character input/output functions.

       The following functions are byte input/output functions.

       To read characters from a stream when the orientation of the stream  is
       unknown :

       If byte input/output functions are applied to a wide-oriented stream or
       wide-character input/output functions are applied  to  a	 byte-oriented
       stream, the behavior is undefined.

       The  functionality  of  the orientation of a stream was developed by HP
       and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation.

       fgetws(3C), fopen(3S), fread(3S), fwide(3C), fwprintf(3C), fwscanf(3C),
       getc(3S),   gets(3S),   getwc(3C),   popen(3S),	printf(3S),  putc(3S),
       puts(3S), putwc(3C), putws(3C), scanf(3S), ungetc(3S), ungetwc(3C).


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