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P_CANSEE(9)		 BSD Kernel Developer's Manual		   P_CANSEE(9)

     p_cansee — determine visibility of a process

     #include <sys/param.h>
     #include <sys/proc.h>

     p_cansee(struct thread *td, struct proc *p);

     This function can be used to determine if a given process p is visible to
     the thread td, where the notion of “visibility” may be read as “awareness
     of existence”.

     The function is implemented using cr_cansee(9), and the dependencies on
     sysctl(8) variables documented in the cr_cansee(9) manual page apply.

     The p_cansee() function returns 0 if the process denoted by p is visible
     by thread td, or a non-zero error return value otherwise.

     [ESRCH]		Process p is not visible to thread td as determined by

     [ESRCH]		Thread td has been jailed and process p does not
			belong to the same jail as td.

     [ESRCH]		The MAC subsystem denied visibility.

     jail(2), sysctl(8), cr_cansee(9), mac(9), p_candebug(9), prison_check(9)

BSD			       November 19, 2006			   BSD

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