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pac(8)									pac(8)

       pac - printer/plotter accounting information

       /etc/pac [ -Pprinter ] [ -pprice ] [ -s ] [ -r ] [ -c ] [ name ...  ]

       The  command  reads  the printer/plotter accounting files, accumulating
       the number of pages (the usual case) or feet (for  raster  devices)  of
       paper  consumed	by each user, and printing out how much each user con‐
       sumed in pages or feet and dollars.  If any names are  specified,  sta‐
       tistics	are  only  printed  for	 those	users; usually, statistics are
       printed for every user who has used any paper.

       -P	 Causes accounting to be done for  the	named  printer.	  Nor‐
		 mally,	 accounting  is	 done  for  the	 default printer (site
		 dependent) or the value of the environment  variable  PRINTER
		 is used.

       -p	 Causes	 the  value  price  to be used for the cost in dollars
		 instead of the default value of 0.02.

       -c	 Causes the output to be sorted by cost; usually the output is
		 sorted alphabetically by name.

       -r	 Reverses the sorting order.

       -s	 Causes	 the  accounting  information  to be summarized on the
		 summary accounting  file;  this  summarization	 is  necessary
		 since	on a busy system, the accounting file can grow by sev‐
		 eral lines per day.

       The relationship between the computed price and	the  actual  price  is

       Raw accounting files

       Summary accounting files


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