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       PCRE - Perl-compatible regular expressions


       #include <pcre.h>

       int pcre_get_substring_list(const char *subject,
	    int *ovector, int stringcount, const char ***listptr);


       This  is	 a  convenience function for extracting a list of all the cap‐
       tured substrings. The arguments are:

	 subject       Subject that has been successfully matched
	 ovector       Offset vector that pcre_exec used
	 stringcount   Value returned by pcre_exec
	 listptr       Where to put a pointer to the list

       The memory in which the substrings and the list are placed is  obtained
       by  calling  pcre_malloc().  The	 convenience  function	pcre_free_sub‐
       string_list() can be used to free it when it is	no  longer  needed.  A
       pointer	to  a list of pointers is put in the variable whose address is
       in listptr. The list is terminated by a NULL pointer. The yield of  the
       function is zero on success or PCRE_ERROR_NOMEMORY if sufficient memory
       could not be obtained.

       There is a complete description of the PCRE native API in  the  pcreapi
       page and a description of the POSIX API in the pcreposix page.


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