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PMS(4)			  OpenBSD Programmer's Manual			PMS(4)

     pms - PS/2 auxiliary port mouse driver

     pms* at pckbc?
     pms* at gsckbc? (hppa)
     pms* at mkbc? (sgi)
     wsmouse* at pms? mux 0

     The pms drivers provide an interface to PS/2 auxiliary port mice within
     the wscons(4) framework.  Parent device in terms of the autoconfiguration
     framework can be either gsckbc(4), the PS/2 input port controller found
     on hppa machines, or pckbc(4), the standard PC keyboard controller found
     on most other machines.  ``pms'' is a generic driver which supports mice
     using common variants of the PS/2 protocol, including wheel mice of the
     ``IntelliMouse'' breed.  Wheel movements are mapped to a third (z-) axis.
     Mouse related data are accessed by wsmouse(4) devices.

     gsckbc(4), intro(4), lms(4), mkbc(4), mms(4), pckbc(4), ums(4),

OpenBSD 4.9		      September 26, 2010		   OpenBSD 4.9

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