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PMSET(1)		  BSD General Commands Manual		      PMSET(1)

     pmset — modify power management settings

     pmset [-a | -b | -c] [dim minutes] [spindown minutes] [sleep minutes]
	   [womp 1/0] [ring 1/0] [autorestart 1/0] [dps 1/0] [reduce 1/0]
	   [powerbutton 1/0] [lidwake 1/0] [acwake 1/0] [boot]
     pmset -g [disk | live | cap | sched]

     pmset changes and reads power management settings such as idle sleep tim‐
     ing, wake on administrative access, automatic restart on power loss, etc.

     The -a, -b, -c flags determine whether the settings apply to battery
     (-b), charger (wall power) (-c), or all (-a).

     Use a minutes argument of 0 to set the idle time to never.

     pmset must be run as root.

     The boot argument tells power management that system bootup is complete.
     Loginwindow handles this on a normal Mac OS X system.

     The -g flag outputs the settings currently in use (same as -g live ).  -g
     disk will tell you the settings on disk.  -g cap will tell you which
     power management features the machine supports.  -g sched will show
     scheduled startup/wake and shutdown/sleep events.

     dim - display dim timer (value in minutes)
     spindown - disk spindown timer (value in minutes)
     sleep - system sleep timer (value in minutes)
     womp - wake on ethernet magic packet (value = 0/1)
     ring - wake on modem ring (value = 0/1)
     autorestart - automatic restart on power loss (value = 0/1)
     dps - dynamically change processor speed based on load (value = 0/1)
     reduce - reduce processor speed (value = 0/1)
     powerbutton - sleep the machine when power button is pressed (value =
     lidwake - wake the machine when the laptop lid(or clamshell) is opened
     (value = 0/1)
     acwake - wake the machine when power source (AC/battery) is changed
     (value = 0/1)

     These arguments don't directly affect power management settings:
     boot - tell the kernel that system boot is complete

     pmset -b dim 5

     pmset -a dim 10 spindown 10 sleep 30 womp 1

     pmset -g live

     All changes made through pmset are saved in a persistent preferences file
     (per-system, not per-user) at

     pmset modifies the same file that System Preferences Energy Saver modi‐

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