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PVSCAN(8)							     PVSCAN(8)

       pvscan - scan all disks for physical volumes

       pvscan  [-d|--debug]  [-h|--help] [-v|--verbose] [--version] [--ignore‐
       lockingfailure]	 [-e|--exported]   [-n|--novolumegroup]	  [-s|--short]

       pvscan  [-d|--debug] [-h|--help] --cache [-a|--activate ay] [-b|--back‐
       ground] [--major major --minor minor | DevicePath | major:minor]...

       pvscan scans all supported LVM block devices in the system for physical

       See lvm(8) for common options.

       -e, --exported
	      Only show physical volumes belonging to exported volume groups.

       -n, --novolumegroup
	      Only show physical volumes not belonging to any volume group.

       -s, --short
	      Short listing format.

       -u, --uuid
	      Show  UUIDs  (Uniform  Unique Identifiers) in addition to device
	      special names.

       -a, --activate ay
	      Together with the information already cached in  lvmetad,	 auto‐
	      matically	 activate  any logical volumes that become activatable
	      after the scan done on one or more devices.  The logical	volume
	      to  autoactivate	is matched against the activation/auto_activa‐
	      tion_volume_list set in lvm.conf. If this list is not set,  then
	      all  volumes  are considered for autoactivation. The autoactiva‐
	      tion is not yet supported for logical volumes that are  part  of
	      partial or clustered volume groups.

       -b, --background
	      Run the command in the background.

       --cache [--major major --minor minor | DevicePath | major:minor ]...
	      Scan  one	 or  more  devices  and instruct the lvmetad daemon to
	      update its cached state accordingly.  Called internally by  udev
	      rules.   All  devices listed explicitly are processed regardless
	      of any device filters  set  using	 devices/filter	 configuration
	      setting.	 To   filter   devices	 even	in   this   case,  the
	      devices/global_filter must be used.   If	lvmetad	 has  not  yet
	      cached  any  metadata or the filters have recently been changed,
	      then all devices may be scanned, effectively ignoring  the  rest
	      of  the  command line.  Otherwise, if all the devices referenced
	      on the command line contain metadata in the default lvm2 format,
	      other  devices  are not accessed.	 If metadata written using the
	      obsolete GFS pool format is encountered, this is ignored and  so
	      lvmetad should not be used.

       lvm(8), lvmetad(8), pvcreate(8), pvdisplay(8)

Sistina Software UK   LVM TOOLS 2.02.106(2) (2014-04-10)	     PVSCAN(8)

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