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RCMDSH(3)		 BSD Library Functions Manual		     RCMDSH(3)

     rcmdsh — return a stream to a remote command without superuser

     #include <unistd.h>

     rcmdsh(char **ahost, int inport, const char *locuser,
	 const char *remuser, const char *cmd, const char *rshprog);

     The rcmdsh() function is used by normal users to execute a command on a
     remote machine using an authentication scheme based on reserved port num‐
     bers using rshd(8) or the value of rshprog (if non-NULL).

     The rcmdsh() function looks up the host *ahost using gethostbyname(3),
     returning -1 if the host does not exist.  Otherwise *ahost is set to the
     standard name of the host and a connection is established to a server
     residing at the well-known Internet port “shell/tcp” (or whatever port is
     used by rshprog).	The inport argument is ignored; it is only included to
     provide an interface similar to rcmd(3).

     If the connection succeeds, a socket in the UNIX domain of type
     SOCK_STREAM is returned to the caller, and given to the remote command as
     stdin, stdout, and stderr.

     The rcmdsh() function returns a valid socket descriptor on success.  Oth‐
     erwise, -1 is returned and a diagnostic message is printed on the stan‐
     dard error.

     rsh(1), socketpair(2), rcmd(3), rshd(8)

     The rcmdsh() function first appeared in OpenBSD 2.0, and made its way
     into FreeBSD 4.6.

     If rsh(1) encounters an error, a file descriptor is still returned
     instead of -1.

BSD			       September 1, 1996			   BSD

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