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resolv.conf(5)							resolv.conf(5)

       resolv.conf - resolver configuration file

       The resolver configuration file, contains information that the resolver
       routines read the first time  they  are	invoked	 by  a	process.   The
       resolver	 file  contains ASCII text and lists the name-value pairs that
       provide various types of resolver information.

       The file is required if your system is running BIND.   This  file  must
       contain	the BIND domain name for the local area network.  If your sys‐
       tem is a BIND client, this file must also contain nameserver entries.

       There are two entry formats for the file:

       domain binddomain
	      This line specifies the default domain to append to  local  host
	      names.  If no domain entries are present, the domain returned by
	      after the first dot (.) is used.	If the host name does not con‐
	      tain a domain, the root domain is assumed.

       nameserver address
	      In  this	entry, the address is the IP address, in dot notation,
	      of the BIND server that should be queried to resolve  host  name
	      and  address  information.   You	should	have at least one name
	      server listed.  Two or more name servers reduces the possibility
	      of interrupted BIND service in the event that one of the servers
	      is down.	You can list up to (10) name servers.	If  more  than
	      one  server  is  listed, the resolver library queries you to try
	      them in the  order  listed.   If	no  name  server  entries  are
	      present,	the  default  is  to  use the name server on the local

	      The algorithm used is to try a name server, and,	if  the	 query
	      times  out,  to  try  the next, until out of name servers or the
	      query is resolved.  The last step is to repeat  trying  all  the
	      name  servers until a maximum number of retries has been made or
	      the query has been resolved.

       The name value pair must appear on a single line, and  the  keyword  or
       must start each line.

       The following is an example of a file:
       ; Data file for a client
       Lines beginning with a semicolon (;) are comment lines.

See Also
       gethostname(2), resolver(3), named(8)
       Guide to the BIND Service


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