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security_get_boolean_names(SELinux API Documentatsecurity_get_boolean_names(3)

       security_load_booleans, security_set_boolean, security_commit_booleans,
       security_get_boolean_names,     security_get_boolean_active,	 secu‐
       rity_get_boolean_pending	 -  routines  for manipulating SELinux boolean

       #include <selinux/selinux.h>

       int security_load_booleans(char *path);

       int security_get_boolean_names(char ***names, int *len);

       int security_get_boolean_pending(const char *name);

       int security_get_boolean_active(const char *name);

       int security_set_boolean(const char *name, int value);

       int security_set_boolean_list(size_t boolcnt, SELboolean *boollist, int

       int security_commit_booleans(void);

       The  SELinux  policy  can include conditional rules that are enabled or
       disabled based on the current values  of	 a  set	 of  policy  booleans.
       These policy booleans allow runtime modification of the security policy
       without having to load a new policy.

       The SELinux API allows for a transaction based update. So you  can  set
       several boolean values and then commit them all at once.

       security_load_booleans()	 loads	policy	boolean	 settings. Path may be
       NULL, in which case the booleans are  loaded  from  the	active	policy
       boolean configuration file.

       security_get_boolean_names()  provides  a  list	of boolean names, cur‐
       rently supported by the loaded policy.

       security_get_boolean_pending() returns the pending value for boolean or
       -1 on failure.

       security_get_boolean_active()  returns  the active value for boolean or
       -1 on failure.

       security_set_boolean() sets the pending value for boolean

       security_set_boolean_list() saves a list of booleans in a single trans‐

       security_commit_booleans() commits all pending values for the booleans.

       Where  not  otherwise  stated,  functions described in this manual page
       return zero on success or -1 on error.

       This manual page was written by Dan Walsh <>.

       selinux(8), getsebool(8), booleans(8), togglesebool(8)	       15 November 2004	 security_get_boolean_names(3)

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