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setaclentry(3C)						       setaclentry(3C)

       setaclentry(),  fsetaclentry()  -  add,	modify, or delete one entry in
       file's access control list (ACL) (HFS File Systems only)

       Both forms of this call add, modify, or delete one entry	 in  a	file's
       access  control	list  (ACL).  and take a path name (path) or open file
       descriptor (fd) and an entry identifier (uid, gid).   They  change  the
       indicated  entry's access mode bits to the given value (mode), meanings
       of which are defined in modes are represented as and Irrelevant bits in
       mode values must be zero.

       If the file's ACL does not have an entry for the given uid and gid, the
       entry is created and added to the ACL.  If  mode	 is  (defined  in  the
       matching	 entry	is  deleted  from  the file's ACL if it is an optional
       entry, or its mode bits are set to zero (no access) if  it  is  a  base

       uid  or	gid  can be or (defined in respectively, to represent non-spe‐
       cific entries or The file's or base entries can be referred to using or
       (defined in for the file's owner or group ID, respectively.

       and read the file's ACL with or and modify it with or respectively.

       If successful, and return zero.

       If an error occurs, and return the following negative values and set

       −1     Unable to perform or on the file.	 indicates the cause.

       −2     Unable to perform or on the file.	 indicates the cause.

       −3     Cannot  add  a new entry because the ACL already has (defined in

       −4     Cannot delete a nonexisting entry.

       −5     Unable to perform or on the file.	 indicates the cause.

       The following code fragment adds an entry  to  file  ``work/list''  for
       user  ID 115, group ID 32, or modifies the existing entry for that user
       and group, if any, with a new  access  mode  of	read  only.   It  also
       changes the owner base entry to have all access rights, and deletes the
       entry, if any, for any user in group 109.

       HFS     and are only supported on HFS file  system  on  standard	 HP-UX
	       operating system.

       NFS     and are not supported on remote files.

       and were developed by HP.

       getacl(2),  setacl(2),  stat(2), acltostr(3C), cpacl(3C), chownacl(3C),
       strtoacl(3C), acl(5), thread_safety(5).


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