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SIZE(1)								       SIZE(1)

       size - print the size of the sections in an object file

       size [ option ... ] [ object ... ]

       Size  (without  the  -m	option)	 prints	 the (decimal) number of bytes
       required by the __TEXT, __DATA and __OBJC segments.  All other segments
       are  totaled and that size is listed in the `others' column.  The final
       two columns is the sum in decimal and hexadecimal.  If no file is spec‐
       ified, a.out is used.

       The options to size(1) are:

       -      Treat  the  remaining  arguments	as  name  of  object files not
	      options to size(1).

       -m     Print the sizes of the Mach-O segments and sections as  well  as
	      the  total  sizes	 of the sections in each segment and the total
	      size of the segments in the file.

       -l     When used with the -m option, also print the addresses and  off‐
	      sets of the sections and segments.

       -x     When  used  with	the -m option, print the values in hexadecimal
	      (with leading 0x's) rather than decimal.

       -arch arch_type
	      Specifies the architecture, arch_type, of the file  for  size(1)
	      to operate on when the file is a fat file.  (See arch(3) for the
	      currently know arch_types.)  The arch_type can be "all" to oper‐
	      ate on all architectures in the file.  The default is to display
	      only the host architecture, if the file contains it;  otherwise,
	      all architectures in the file are shown.


       The size of common symbols can't be reflected in any of the numbers for
       relocatable object files.

Apple Computer, Inc.		 May 23, 2002			       SIZE(1)

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