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perror(3C)							    perror(3C)

       perror(), strerror(), strerror_r() - write system error messages

       writes  a  language-dependent  message  to  the	standard error output,
       describing the last error encountered during a  call  to	 a  system  or
       library	function.  The argument string s is printed first, followed by
       a colon, a blank, the message, and a newline  character.	  To  be  most
       useful, the argument string should include the name of the program that
       incurred the error.  The error number is taken from the symbol which is
       set  when  errors  occur	 but  not cleared when non-erroneous calls are
       made.  The contents of the message is identical to  those  returned  by
       the  function  with as the argument.  If given a NULL string, the func‐
       tion prints only the message and a newline character.

       To simplify variant formatting of messages, the function and the	 array
       of message strings are provided.	 The function maps the error number in
       errnum to a language-dependent  error  message  string  and  returns  a
       pointer	to  the string.	 The message string is returned without a new‐
       line character.	can be used as an index into to	 get  an  untranslated
       message	string	without the newline character.	is the largest message
       number provided for in the table; it  should  be	 checked  because  new
       error  codes  might be added to the system before they are added to the
       table.  must  be	 used  to  retrieve  messages  when  translations  are

       The  function  maps  the	 error	number in errnum to a locale-dependent
       error message string and returns the string in the buffer pointed to by
       buffer, which has length buflen.

   Environment Variables
       The  language of the message returned by and printed by is specified by
       the environment variable.  If the  language-dependent  message  is  not
       available,  or if is not set or is set to the empty string, the default
       version of the message associated with the "C" language	(see  lang(5))
       is used.

   International Code Set Support
       Single and multi-byte character code sets are supported.

       returns no value.

       If the errnum message number is valid, returns a pointer to a language-
       dependent message string.  The array pointed to should not be  modified
       by  the	program,  and might be overwritten by a subsequent call to the
       function.  If a valid errnum message number does not have a correspond‐
       ing language-dependent message, uses errnum as an index into to get the
       message string.	If the errnum message number  is  invalid,  returns  a
       pointer to a NULL string.

       Upon  successful	 completion, returns 0.	 Otherwise, an error number is
       returned to indicate the error.

       If the function fails, it will return one of the following errors:

	      The value of   errnum is not a valid error number.

	      Insufficient storage was supplied via
			     buffer and buflen to contain the  generated  mes‐
			     sage string.

       The  return  value  for	points to data whose content is overwritten by
       subsequent calls to from the same thread.

       errno(2), lang(5), environ(5), thread_safety(5).


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