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strtod(3C)							    strtod(3C)

       strtod(),  strtof(),  strtold(),	 strtow(),  strtoq(), atof() - convert
       string to floating-point number

   Itanium(R)-based Systems Only
       returns, as a double-precision floating-point number, the value	repre‐
       sented  by  the	character  string  pointed  to	by str.	 The string is
       scanned (leading white-space characters as defined by in ctype(3C)  are
       ignored)	 up to the first unrecognized character.  If no conversion can
       take place, zero is returned.

       recognizes characters in the following sequence:

	      1.   An optional string of  white	 space	characters  which  are
	      2.   An optional sign

       and one of the following:

	      3.   A string of digits optionally containing a radix character,
		   followed by an optional or followed by an optional sign  or
		   space, followed by an integer
	      4.   One of or ignoring case
	      5.   ignoring case
	      6.   For	Itanium-based system only: or then a nonempty sequence
		   of hexadecimal digits optionally containing a radix charac‐
		   ter,	 then a or followed by an optional sign or space, fol‐
		   lowed by a decimal integer

       The radix character is determined by the loaded environment (see setlo‐
       cale(3C)).   If	has not been called successfully, the default environ‐
       ment, "C", is used (see lang(5)).  The default environment specifies  a
       period as the radix character.

       In  the hexadecimal form, the optionally signed decimal integer follow‐
       ing the or is interpreted as the power of 2 by  which  the  significant
       part is to be scaled.

       If  the	value  of ptr is not the variable to which it points is set to
       point at the character after the last number, if any, that  was	recog‐
       nized.	If  no	number	can  be	 formed,  is  set  to str, and zero is

       is equivalent to

       is a version of it returns a result.  For PA-RISC and for Itanium-based
       systems,	 if  the  user	has  defined  the result type is declared as a
       instead of as a The declaration with a is obsolescent.

   Itanium-based Systems Only
       is a version of it returns a result.

       is an version of it returns an result.

       is equivalent to

   Environment Variables
       determines the value of the radix character within the currently loaded

       To use (for Itanium-based systems) or compile with the option.

       If  the correct value would cause overflow, returns (equal to according
       to the sign of the value, and sets to

       If the correct value would be nonzero but too  small  in	 magnitude  to
       represent  as a nonzero then returns zero and sets to For Itanium-based
       system, also sets to whenever the conversion  of	 its  input  parameter
       character string to raises the underflow exception.

       When  the input parameter character string for after the optional white
       space and sign, is either (case insensitive) or (case insensitive) will
       return according to the sign indicated by the character string.

       When  the input parameter character string for after the optional white
       space and sign, is (case insensitive), will return a quiet NaN.

       On Itanium-based systems, these functions round correctly for hexadeci‐
       mal input strings, and round correctly for up to 36 significant decimal
       digits, according to the specification in ISO/IEC C99.

       ctype(3C),    setlocale(3C),    scanf(3S),     strtol(3C),     lang(5),


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