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term(5)								       term(5)

       term - terminal capabilities

       The following data type is defined through typedef:

	      TERMINAL	  An  opaque  representation of the capabilities for a
			  single terminal from the terminfo database.

       The header provides a declaration for the following object: cur_term  .
       It  represents  the  current terminal record from the terminfo database
       that the application has selected by calling

       The header contains the variable names listed in the Variable column in
       the table in Defined Capabilities in terminfo(4).

       The  following  are  declared  as functions, and may also be defined as

	      int	 del_curterm(TERMINAL *oterm);
	      int	 putp(char *const str);
	      int	 restartterm(char *term, int fildes, int *errret);
	      TERMINAL * set_curterm(TERMINAL *nterm);
	      int	 setupterm(char *term, int fildes, int *errret);
	      int	 tgetent(char *bp, char *const name);
	      int	 tgetflag(char id[2]);
	      int	 tgetnum(char id[2]);
	      char *	 tgetstr(char id[2], char **area);
	      char *	 tgoto(char *const cap, int col, int row);
	      int	 tigetflag(char *capname);
	      int	 tigetnum(char *capname);
	      char *	 tigetstr(char *capname);
	      char *	 tparm(char *cap, long p1, long p2, long p3, long p4,
			       long p5, long p6, long p7, long p8, long p9);
	      int	 tputs(char *const str, int affcnt, int (*putfunc)(int));

       terminfo(4),   printf(1),   putp(3X),	tigetflag(3X),	  tgetent(3X),

       First released in X/Open Curses, Issue 4.

				ENHANCED CURSES			       term(5)

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