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timex(1)							      timex(1)

       timex - time a command; report process data and system activity


       reports	in  seconds the elapsed time, user time, and system time spent
       in execution of the given command.  Optionally, process accounting data
       for command and all its children can be listed or summarized, and total
       system activity during the execution interval can be reported.

       The output of is written on the standard error. Timex returns  an  exit
       status  of  1 if it is used incorrectly, if it is unable to fork, or if
       it could not exec command . Otherwise, timex returns the exit status of

	      Report the total number of blocks read or written and
			     total  characters	transferred by command and all
			     its children.  This  option  works	 only  if  the
			     process accounting software is installed.

	      List process accounting records for
			     command and all its children.  The suboptions and
			     modify the data items reported.  They  behave  as
			     defined  in  acctcom(1M).	 The  number of blocks
			     read or written  and  the	number	of  characters
			     transferred are always reported.

			     This  option works only if the process accounting
			     software is installed and	has  been  invoked  to

	      Report total system activity (not just that due to
			     command)	that  occurred	during	the  execution
			     interval of command.  All the data	 items	listed
			     in sar(1M) are reported.

       A simple example:

       A  terminal session of arbitrary complexity can be measured by timing a

		   session commands

       Process records associated with command are selected from the  account‐
       ing file by inference, since process genealogy is not available.	 Back‐
       ground processes having the same user-ID,  terminal-ID,	and  execution
       time window are spuriously included.

       sar(1M), acctcom(1M).


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