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     transmission-daemon — a bittorrent client

     transmission-daemon -h
     transmission-daemon [-a x.x.x.x,...] [-b | -B] [-c directory] [-C] [-f]
			 [-g directory] [-h] [-p port] [-t | -T] [-u username]
			 [-v password] [-P port] [-m | -M] [-l limit]
			 [-L limit] [-er | -ep | -et] [-V] [-w download-dir]

     transmission-daemon is a daemon-based Transmission session that can be
     controlled via RPC commands from transmission's web interface or

     -a --allowed x.x.x.x,...
	     Allow RPC access to a comma-delimited whitelist of IP addresses.
	     Wildcards can be specified in an address by using '*'.  Default:
	     "" Example: "127.0.0.*,192.168.1.*"

     -b --blocklist
	     Enable peer blocklists.  Transmission understands the bluetack
	     blocklist file format.  New blocklists can be added by copying
	     them into the config-dir's "blocklists" subdirectory.

     -c directory
	     Directory to watch for new .torrent files to be added.  As they
	     are added to this directory, the daemon will load them into

     -C	     Do not watch for new .torrent files.

     -B --no-blocklist
	     Disble blocklists.

     -f --foreground
	     Run in the foreground and print errors to stderr.

     -g --config-dir directory
	     Where to look for configuration files.  This can be used to swap
	     between using the cli, daemon, gtk, and qt clients.  See for more informa‐

     -er --encryption-required
	     Encrypt all peer connections.

     -ep --encryption-preferred
	     Prefer encrypted peer connections.

     -et --encryption-tolerated
	     Prefer unencrypted peer connections.

     -h --help
	     Print command-line option descriptions.

     -i --bind-address-ipv4
	     Listen for IPv4 BitTorrent connections on a specific address.
	     Only one IPv4 listening address is allowed. Default: (All

     -I --bind-address-ipv6
	     Listen for IPv6 BitTorrent connections on a specific address.
	     Only one IPv6 listening address is allowed. Default: :: (All

     -r --rpc-bind-address
	     Listen for RPC connections on a specific address. This must be an
	     IPv4 address. Only one RPC listening address is allowed. Default: (All addresses)

	     Pause all torrents on startup

     -L --peerlimit-global limit
	     Overall peer limit. Useful on embedded systems where the default
	     might be unsuitable. Default: 240

     -l --peerlimit-torrent limit
	     Peer limit per torrent. Useful on embedded systems where the
	     default might be unsuitable. Default: 60

     -m --portmap
	     Enable portmapping via NAT-PMP or UPnP

     -M --no-portmap
	     Disable portmapping

     -p --port port
	     Port to open and listen for RPC requests on.  Default: 9091

     -P, --peerport port
	     Port to listen for incoming peers on. Default: 51413

     -t --auth
	     Require clients to authenticate themselves.  This doesn't do much
	     good unless username and password are also set.

     -T --no-auth
	     Don't require authentication from clients.

     -u --username username
	     Used for client authentication.

     -v --password password
	     Used for client authentication.

     -V --version
	     Show version number and exit

     -w --download-dir
	     Where to store downloaded data.

		 Sets the default config-dir.

	     The config-dir used when neither [TRANSMISSION_HOME] nor [-g] is
	     specified.	 See
	     for more information.

     Charles Kerr, Josh Elsasser, Eric Petit, and Mitchell Livingston.

     transmissioncli(1), transmission(1), transmission-remote(1)

				 July 21, 2008

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