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tuned(8)		 Adaptive system tuning daemon		      tuned(8)

       tuned - dynamic adaptive system tuning daemon

       tuned [options]

       tuned is a dynamic adaptive system tuning daemon that tunes system set‐
       tings dynamically depending on usage.

       -c CONFFILE, --conffile=CONFFILE
		   Specify the name and path of	 the  configuration  file.  By
		   default the /etc/tuned.conf is used.

       -d, --daemon
		   This	 options starts tuned as a daemon as opposed to in the
		   foreground without forking at startup.

       -D, --debug Sets the highest logging level. This could be  very	useful
		   when having trouble with tuned.

       -h, --help  Show this help.

       -l [LOG], --log[=LOG]
		   Log	 to  the  file	LOG.  If  no  LOG  file	 is  specified
		   /var/log/tuned/tuned.log is used.

       --no-dbus   Do not attach to DBus.

       -P [PID], --pid[=PID]
		   Write process ID to the PID file. If no PID file is	speci‐
		   fied /run/tuned/tuned.pid is used.

       -p PROFILE, --profile PROFILE
		   Tunning  profile  to	 be  activated. It will override other
		   settings (e.g.  from	 tuned-adm).   This  is	 intended  for
		   debugging purposes.

       -v, --version
		   Show version information.


       tuned.conf(5) tuned-adm(8)

       Jan Kaluža <jkaluza@redhat.com>
       Jan Včelák <jvcelak@redhat.com>
       Jaroslav Škarvada <jskarvad@redhat.com>
       Phil Knirsch <pknirsch@redhat.com>

       Report bugs to <power-management@lists.fedoraproject.org>.

Fedora Power Management SIG	  28 Mar 2012			      tuned(8)

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