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update-ux(1M)							 update-ux(1M)

       update-ux - updates the HP-UX operating system from new HP-UX media

       option=value] software_file] [[sw_selections]...]

       The command updates the HP-UX operating system to a newer version.

       Use when updating the operating system (OS), and installing or changing
       operating environments (OEs).  works only with source depots containing
       the  OS	and  OEs  such	as HP-UX 11i OE DVDs.  When using other non-OE
       media as the source (such as AR), use swinstall(1M) instead.

       will always attempt to update the OS.  In order to update a system suc‐
       cessfully, an Operating Environment must exist in the source.  A bundle
       name does not need to be specified on the command  line.	  By  default,
       update-ux  will	install	 the software from the source that matches and
       updates the software that is installed on the system.   However,	 if  a
       system does not contain a previous version of an OE, one must be speci‐
       fied on the command line or in the interactive Terminal User  Interface

       If  the	current OS is 11.11 or 11.22 , first install onto the existing
       system.	For example:


       where source_location is the path to a depot containing the 11i Update-
       UX product.

       supports these options:

	      Perform the OE update in the interactive terminal user interface
	      (TUI).  For
				  more information, see the swm(1M) manpage.

	      Previews an update task by running the session through the anal‐
	      ysis phase only.

	      Turns on verbose output to stdout.  (The
				  logfile  is  not  affected  by
				  this option).

	      Specify the source location.   Possible  locations
	      are a local
				  directory,  a mounted DVD con‐
				  taining  an  SD  depot,  or  a
				  remote  machine and depot com‐
				  bination.  If	 source_location
				  is  a	 DVD, expects to install
				  from one DVD.	 If source_loca‐
				  tion	is  a remote machine and
				  depot combination, the  remote
				  machine  should  be  specified
				  first, followed by  the  abso‐
				  lute path to the remote depot,
				  separated by a colon	with  no
				  spaces; for example:

	      Print the usage statement.

	      Set		  swm(1M) options.

	      Read the list of	  sw_selections	   from	   soft‐
				  ware_file instead  of	 (or  in
				  addition to) the command line.

	      sw_selections	  Software   selections	 support
				  the same syntax as the SD com‐
				  mands plus the syntax outlined
				  in  below  (see  swinstall(1M)
				  for  details on SD's supported

   Software Selections
       In addition to the SD syntax,  the  following  syntax  is
       supported for


       Where version can be:

       Where op can be:


       The  (equals) relational operator lets you specify selec‐
       tions  with  the	 shell	wildcard  and  pattern-matching-

       The syntax causes that selection to be deselected even if
       it was listed on the command line as part of other selec‐

       The command returns a value when it is not successful:

	      Error during execution; update aborted.

   Standard Output:
       An   session  writes  messages  for  significant	 events,

	      ·	 Begin-session and end-session messages.
	      ·	 Major task messages.

       Errors are recorded in: and

       To update from the OE  depot  on	 an  HP-UX  11i	 OE  DVD
       mounted at enter:

	      The  example above updates the HP-UX 11i Operating
	      Environment (OE).

       To install all bundles and  products  in	 sw_server  that
       match  and  update software that is installed on the sys‐

	      Which is equivalent to:

	      The syntax selects all software in the source that
	      matches what is already installed on the system.

       To  select  only	 software in HPUX11i-OE that matches the
       software on the target system:

	      The syntax selects only software in the  specified
	      bundle  that  matches what is already installed on
	      the system.

       To update to HPUX11i-OE and include  the	 HP-UX	Bastille
       Security Configuration bundle:

       To  interactively  select software for an update, use the

       To update the operating environment (OE),  explicitly  to
       the MCOE:

       To  update all the software that is part of the OE except

       To select all of HPUX11i-OE except  for	Perl,  which  is
       part of HPUX11i-OE, you could specify the following:

	      The  only exception to this is if the selection is
	      in the Operating Environment's  required	contents
	      list,  in which case it cannot be deselected with‐
	      out deselecting all of the Operating  Environment.
	      Note that deselections have precedence over selec‐
	      tions.  Thus the	order  is  not	important.   The
	      example  above  would be the same as the following

       was developed by HP.

       The command.

       The    log file.

       The    log file.

       swm(1M), swinstall(1M).

       These manuals are available  on	the  HP-UX  11i	 Instant
       Information CD and at



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