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     XLIST(S)		      XENIX System V		      XLIST(S)

	  xlist, fxlist - Gets name list entries from files.

	  #include <a.out.h>

	  int xlist(filename, xl)
	  char *filename;
	  struct xlist xl[ ];

	  #include <a.out.h>
	  #include <stdio.h>
	  int fxlist(fp, xl)
	  FILE *fp;
	  struct xlist xl[ ];

	  fxlist performs the same function as xlist, except that
	  fxlist accepts a pointer to a previously opened file intead
	  of a filename.

	  xlist examines the name list in the given executable output
	  file and selectively extracts a list of values.  The name
	  list structure xl consists of an array of xlist structures
	  containing names, types, values, and segment values (if
	  applicable). The list is terminated by either a pointer to a
	  null name or a null pointer.	Each name is looked up in the
	  name list of the file. If the name is found, the type and
	  value of the name are inserted into the next two fields. The
	  segment value (if it exists) is inserted in the third field.
	  If the name is not found, both entries are set to zero. See
	  a.out(F) for a discussion of the xlist structure.

	  x.out and a.out formats are understood, as well as 8086
	  relocatable and x.out segmented formats.

	  If the symbol table is in a.out format, and if the symbol
	  name given to xlist is longer than eight characters, only
	  the first eight characters are used for comparison.  In all
	  other cases, the name given to xlist must be the same length
	  as a name list entry in order to match.

	  If two or more symbols happen to match the name given to
	  xlist, then the type and value used will be those of the
	  last symbol found.

     See Also

	  xlist returns -1 and sets all type entries to zero if the
	  file cannot be read, is not an object file, or contains an

     Page 1					      (printed 8/7/87)

     XLIST(S)		      XENIX System V		      XLIST(S)

	  invalid name list. Otherwise, xlist returns zero.  A return
	  value of zero does not indicate that any or all of the given
	  symbols were found.

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