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Sending and receiving electronic mail has become one of the easiest tasks you can do on your computer. Administering mail, on the other hand, is another matter. Running a mail server is a complex task that even experienced sysadmins sometimes grumble about. If you're already busy running a site, fiddling with a mail server may be more than you want to take on.

Fortunately, you don't have to do it. By using polarhome's POP3/IMAP service, we take on the chore of handling mail for you, leaving you with more time to spend on content creation, list moderation or whatever else you enjoy doing. . Aside from some very simple setup, your only mail-related task will be reading it. read guidelines at http://www.polarhome.com/service/ports.html

Mail features
polarhome's POP3/IMAP service provides a number of convenience features beyond just delivery of mail. The first is accessibility. As its name implies, you can read mail with any POP3/IMAP-compatible mail-reader. Microsoft Outlook Express, Netscape Messenger and Eudora are popular choices, and there are dozens of others. In addition, polarhome POP3/IMAP includes a webmail interface, which means that you can read mail directly from a browser, without any mail reader software at all. Mobile phones and handheld devices are also supported!

No virus, no spam policy
In addition, polarhome's mail services helps you filter out spam. Using the most current Anti-Spam technologies, polarhome POP3/IMAP service keeps you virtually spam-free (reduces your spam with at least 95%). When a message arrives for you it has already passed many layers of scrutiny. First, the sender's IP address was checked against the local blacklist and lists at mail-abuse.org, the most recognized and complete list of spammers. Next, the message passes through a virus detection engine that is updated every few hours. Lastly, the message is looked at by SpamAssassin, which calculates the likelyhood that the message is or is not spam, and flags the spam if it has made it this far. Collaborative spam identification databases (DCC, Pyzor, Razor2) are used to check/report already detected spam. SpamAssassin checks messages against Vipul's Razor and Pyzor's -- databases of known spam kept at the bleeding edge of freshness. Also DCC - Distributed Checksum Clearinghouse is also used. The flags SpamAssassin uses allow you to quickly and easily identify spam and filter it in your mail software. No longer will you even need to delete it; you can make that automatic. (polarhome mail service does not deliver mail that is 100% recognized as spam)

How effective is polarhome's anti spam filter?
Please, check the statistics at http://www.polarhome.com/mailscanner-mrtg/

Finally, unlike some email providers, we don't add advertisements to your mail.

The Horde based webmail is reachable here. (preferred)
Mail is readable through Usermin installations on every Unix-like hosts too. Use admin panel to access.

Do not forget, polarhome is just a non commercial, community effort, therefore even if polarhome does all to provide services on professional level, users should not expect more than "AS-IS".

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