A little about the author and the purpose of the pages

The author:

I am a 42 year old computer professional, who have worked with VMS since 1987 (VMS 4.4).

I like VMS very much and have over the years learned a bit about it.

I have experience both as a system-manager and a programmer on VMS. I have participated in INFO-VAX/comp.os.vms and other VMS related mail-lists/news-groups for many years.

In recent years I have mostly been working with VMS as a hobbyist. Professionally I have moved on to other types of work.

(picture of me)

Purpose of pages:

The purpose of these pages is to help VMS system managers and programmers all over the world to easily to find the information they need.

The primary is to provide links to other ressources. The secondary is to provide actual information

These pages was started long before the OpenVMS web site was started, but I still think there is a need for an alternate non-commercial site for VMS information.


There will probably always be some invalid links due to the dynamic nature of WWW, and there will probably also always be errors in the information I provide, because I am not perfect. But I try to keep things as correct as possible and update the pages regularly (regularly does *not* mean often - I have a job and a personal life to take care of also).

The pages are maintained in my spare-time and have nothing to do with my job and the information present is in no way the opinion of my employer.


All pages should have a notice at the bottom stating that corrections for errors and suggestions about new topics are welcome.

And I really mean it. If you email me something, then I will absolutely take it serious. I may not include it rigth away, because I may be busy at work, but if I find it relevant, then I will include it sometime, when I have the time.

So please send your comments to me via email.