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You can send your questions to:

OpenVMS/VAX support -
General support     - (if other mail does not answer)

Please, do not forget that has a shell policy
described at

Useful OpenVMS documentation:

OpenVMS HELP manual pages (by Conan The Librarian)
Information about the VMS operating system
VIM on OpenVMS Information Page
OpenSSL on OpenVMS Information Page
HOWTO from OpenVMS to Linux (or another way around)
WASD web server documentation
WASD web server statistics

OpenVMS is a beautiful mainframe operating system, that Windows infected world try to ignore.
Not so many professionals know that 90% of world Lottery companies and lot of others...
as stock exchanges, banks, military and scientific organisations run on OpenVMS, just because
of stability, security, scalability and reliability that OpenVMS provides by default.

It is worth to try... even if can not show the full power of OpenVMS, the old and slow hardware can not hide the beauty that lies behind.