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   Invoking the HELP utility
   The HELP utility displays information about requested topics.  From
   DCL command level (in response to the $ prompt), you can display a list
   of topics for which help information is available by typing HELP and
   pressing the Return key.  The system responds by displaying a brief
   description of how to use HELP, followed by a list of topics for which
   help is available, followed by the prompt "Topic?".

   You can exit from the HELP facility by typing Ctrl/Z (that is, pressing
   the Ctrl and Z keys simultaneously) in response to any prompt.

   Specifying topic names
   To display information on a particular topic, respond to the prompt
   by typing the name of the topic and pressing the Return key.

   If you are not sure of the name of the topic for which you need help,
   type the name HINTS.

   To display information on all available topics, type an asterisk (*).

   To display all the information on a topic, type the topic name
   immediately follwed by an ellipsis (...), for example, SHOW...

   You  can  specify  percent signs  (%) and  asterisks  (*)  in the
   keyword as wild card (i.e., match all) characters.  Abbreviations
   result in all matches being displayed.

   Subtopic information
   The information displayed by HELP on a particular topic includes a
   description of the topic and a list of subtopics that further describe
   the topic.  To display subtopic information, type one of the subtopic
   names from the list in response to the subtopic prompt. For example,
   the subtopic prompt for the ACCOUNTING topic is:

   ACCOUNTING Subtopic?

   Special responses to prompts
   If you press the Return key in response to the subtopic prompt instead of
   typing a subtopic name, the "Topic?" prompt reappears,  enabling you to
   enter another topic name.  If you press the Return key in response to the
   "Topic?" prompt, you will exit from HELP.

   You can type a question mark (?) in response to any of the prompts to
   to redisplay the most recently requested text and a list of topic or
   subtopic names.  For example, if you type ? in response to the subtopic
   prompt, a list of subtopics is displayed followed by the subtopic prompt.
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