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 *Conan The Librarian (sorry for the slow response - running on an old VAX)

    Compaq Module Management System (MMS)  is a tool that  updates  files
    by comparing the revision times of files you specify in a description
    file.  If a "source" file (for example, an object  module)  is  newer
    than its "target" (for example, an executable image), MMS updates the
    source by executing commands that you also supply in the  description
    file.   If some of the sources need updating, MMS updates them before
    building the target.  If the target is newer than its sources, it  is
    already up-to-date and MMS does not rebuild it.


      $ MMS [qualifier...] [target,...]

    If you do not specify a target on the command line, MMS processes the
    first target in the description file.

    MMS can also generate a description file from a list of sources files.


      $ MMS/GENERATE [qualifier...] source[,source...]


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