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 *Conan The Librarian (sorry for the slow response - running on an old VAX)

   The Remote Procedure Call (RPC) service provides connections between
   individual procedures in an application across heterogeneous systems
   in a transparent way.

               o  The process or daemon which maintains the local
 	         endpoint map for RPC servers and looks up endpoints
 		 for RPC clients is called DCE Daemon (DCED). It allows
                  client/server RPC applications to register their specific
                  endpoints.  Registering endpoints allows remote clients of
                  the application to find the server application's entry
                  point on the system.

 		 The DCE daemon can be started or stopped with the
 		 which are located in SYS$COMMON:[SYSMGR].

               o  The rpccp control program accesses DCE$RPCCP.EXE, the RPC
                  control program. RPCCP also supports showing the elements
                  of the local endpoint map and removing elements from it.


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