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On most systems you can follow these instructions:

  1. You need these packages: mplayer, scantv, libgtk2-perl (debian) or perl-Gtk2, perl-Glib, perl-ExtUtils-Depends, perl-ExtUtils-PkgConfig (Red Hat), perl-modules (debian) and perl. You can download perl-Gtk2 packages at here.
  2. Untar archive file as root:
    localhost:/usr/local# tar -xvzf mplayerTV-0.1.9.tar.gz
  3. Run install:
    localhost:/usr/local/mplayerTV-0.1.9# ./install
  4. Run mplayerTV as general user:
    me@localhost:~$ mplayerTV

Under debian you can use .deb packages:
dpkg -i mplayertv_0.1.9-1_all.deb libmplayer-perl_0.03-1_all.deb

Under rpm based systems:
rpm -i mplayertv-0.1.9-1.noarch.rpm libmplayer-perl-0.03-1.noarch.rpm


First set your video: Norm (PAL, NTSC, etc.), Input (probably Television), Channel list (europe-east, us-cable, etc.). Now you can run scantv. If you see something like this in a new terminal window: "xterm: Can't execvp scantv: No such file or directory" then scantv is not in path or not installed. Otherwise you see scantv scans a frequency range.

You must set video output driver (xv or sdl are good choice), TV driver (v4l or v4l2 under Linux) and set mplayer path. Pre-exec line executed previous mplayer and post-exec after mplayer. My pre-exec:
amixer set Line 90%,90% unmute cap
and my post-exec:
amixer set Line 90%,90% mute cap.

External volume control examples:
aumix -l%s%d%
or with ALSA:
amixer set Line %d%%s
where %d is absolute value of volume and %s is '+' or '-' character. External volume control program started by mplayerTV when user change channel. You can set volume for each channel at configure dialog.

Command line options

Usage: mplayerTV [-w] [-h] [-v] [-c] [-d] [-D]


In "watch it" mode mplayerTV immediately starts mplayer.

If mplayerTV does'nt start mplayer try run mplayerTV in terminal with -d or -D options.

TO DO...

This program is under development. If you have any question send email to me.

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