[Polarhome] polarhome logo contest

root root@gate.polarhome.com
Mon, 22 Jul 2002 15:30:45 +0200 (CEST)


quite often I got suggestions from users to change the look and feel of 
the web site... change the logo, to separate polarfox from polarhome, 
improve information search etc.

It has been implemented site search and FAQ service that make easier to 
find some information.
Menus are multilingual and domain dependent. Frames gives fast page load 
and non graphical browser compatibility.

BUT now it is the time to change the logo and the background.
Graphics is always collective pain. Whatever you produce there will be 
somebody that does not like it.
It is a human behaviour.

Therefore, polarhome decided to solve it in democratic way. 
Let the community produce and choose what it want to see at polarhome 

It is an open contest and it will be open until end of  August 2002. 
Everybody can send some polarhome logo ( and background suggestion)

The logo have to be:
- image size about 250x60 px 
- with transparent background
- creative
- imaginative
- descriptive
- nice, that the community can be proud of

Send your application to contest@polarhome.com

I will try to have the graphics published as they arrive
at http://www.polarhome.com/contest/

Offensive content will not be accepted at all.

At the end the community will vote, and during September graphics changes 
will be implemented.

It is not decided yet what will be the reward/first price... but it might 
be some dedicated port, webmaster title/function or shell access. 

Unfortunately, polarhome doesn't have much more to offer.