Information about free VMS software

Hunter Goatleys archives:

The best place to look for free VMS software is Hunter Goatleys archives.

MadGoat software:

VMS freeware CD:

Compaq has made a special CD with VMS freeware, which is available from :

DECUS tapes/CD's:

DECUS creates a halfyearly tape/CD with various free VMS software, which are available from:


All postings to VMSNET.SOURCES are archived and available from:

DECWindows stuff:

A lot of DECWindows stuff (mostly general X stuff ported to VMS by Patrick Moreau) is available via FTP from:


CGI Scripts:

This is a list of CGI scripts for the OSU HTTP-server.

Arnes collection:

This is a collection of various small demo programs written by Arne Vajh°j, which shows how do do a lot of things on a VMS system. There are a few ready to run packages, but most of it are demo programs.

VMS page:

Link to VMS page.


Please email suggestions about new topics and error reports to Arne Vajh°j (


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