[Polarhome] email spoof attack

Zoltan Arpadffy zoli at polarhome.com
Thu Mar 4 23:06:18 CET 2004


Beginning yesterday, a potentially harmful virus is being spread via
email spoof attacks. These emails appear to be from official
polarhome.com sources as staff, management etc, due to the "spoofing" of
email addresses. The content in the body of the email describes account
suspension or other random texts, however, in all cases, there is a
password protected zip file attachment with a virus inside. Please do
not open the attached zip file. Delete the email at once.  

We also recommend that you update your virus definitions for your virus
software as soon as possible and ensure you keep them updated. If you do
not have anti virus software this would be an excellent time to begin
using it. There are a few free programs for personal use available
including AVG (http://www.grisoft.com/) and AntiVir

All of polarhome.com's mail services scan and remove viruses. If you
need protection against the latest viruses check out polarhome's suite
of mail services. If you currently use polarhome's mail services the
virus emails where blocked as soon as the virus signature was known. 

For a full list of our mail services go to:

polarhome apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause you.  

Regards, Z

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