Open tickets in Polarhome (19)  
Id Summary State Type Priority Queue Requester Owners Created Updated Assigned Resolved
65minix public key ssh auth does not work AcceptedIssue1. LowPolarhomezoli (at) polarhome (dot) com 12/12/1501/11/16  
81Number of available processes on debian/redhatUnconfirmedIssue1. LowPolarhometange (at) polarhome (dot) com 09/16/18   
80Filehandle and process limit on redhatUnconfirmedIssue1. LowPolarhometange (at) polarhome (dot) com 09/16/18   
55no smtp service on minixAcceptedIssue1. LowPolarhomeZoltan Arpadffy 07/19/14   
40POP3/IMAP does not work on QNXAcceptedIssue1. LowPolarhomeZoltan Arpadffy 08/19/11   
54What sort of help do you need?AcceptedInformation1. 07/19/1407/19/14  
46telnet does not work on OpenBSDAcceptedInformation1. LowPolarhomeZoltan Arpadffy 08/24/11   
38migrate main website to some CMSUnconfirmedIssue2. MediumPolarhomeZoltan Arpadffy 08/19/1108/19/11  
82Cleanup minix:/home/0/opt/usermin-1.590UnconfirmedIssue2. MediumPolarhometange (at) polarhome (dot) com 09/16/18   
88AIX host not availableUnconfirmedIssue2. MediumPolarhomelaxnak (at) arcor (dot) de 06/22/21   
92Shell Account Not ActivatedAssignedIssue3. HighPolarhomenullc@hurd.polarhome.comZoltan Arpadffy03/04/2203/04/2203/04/22 
83Hurd downUnconfirmedIssue3. HighPolarhometange (at) polarhome (dot) com 11/11/18   
90Lot of hosts downUnconfirmedIssue3. HighPolarhomejuliensavard17 (at) gmail (dot) com 10/11/2111/10/21  
84minix downUnconfirmedIssue3. HighPolarhometange (at) polarhome (dot) com 11/11/18   
78Debian-ppc downUnconfirmedBug3. HighPolarhometange (at) polarhome (dot) com 09/16/18   
75Openindiana is downUnconfirmedBug3. HighPolarhometange (at) polarhome (dot) com 09/16/1811/11/18  
76Dragonfly is downUnconfirmedBug3. HighPolarhometange (at) polarhome (dot) com 09/16/18   
77Beaglebone is downUnconfirmedBug3. HighPolarhometange (at) polarhome (dot) com 09/16/18   
79Ubuntu downUnconfirmedBug3. HighPolarhometange (at) polarhome (dot) com 09/16/18