Open tickets in Polarhome (10)  
Id Summary State Type Priority Queue Requester Owners Created Updated Assigned Resolved
38migrate main website to some CMSUnconfirmedIssue2. MediumPolarhomeZoltan Arpadffy 08/19/1108/19/11  
40POP3/IMAP does not work on QNXAcceptedIssue1. LowPolarhomeZoltan Arpadffy 08/19/11   
46telnet does not work on OpenBSDAcceptedInformation1. LowPolarhomeZoltan Arpadffy 08/24/11   
54What sort of help do you need?AcceptedInformation1. 07/19/1407/19/14  
55no smtp service on minixAcceptedIssue1. LowPolarhomeZoltan Arpadffy 07/19/14   
60GCC is broken on hpuxAcceptedIssue2. MediumPolarhomeZoltan Arpadffy 04/09/1502/08/16  
65minix public key ssh auth does not work AcceptedIssue1. LowPolarhomezoli (at) polarhome (dot) com 12/12/1501/11/16  
69Tru64 machine downUnconfirmedIssue1. LowPolarhomerdebath (at) tvisiontech (dot) co (dot) uk 07/16/16   
70/var folder FULLUnconfirmedBug3. HighPolarhomeszolnoki (dot) tibor (at) gmail (dot) com 09/08/1609/08/16  
71can not get using perlUnconfirmedIssue2. MediumPolarhomekrieglt (at) gmx (dot) de 12/22/1603/26/17