Open tickets in Polarhome (18)  
Id Summary State Type Priority Queue Requester Owners Created Updated Assigned Resolved
38migrate main website to some CMSUnconfirmedIssue2. MediumPolarhomeZoltan Arpadffy 08/19/1108/19/11  
40POP3/IMAP does not work on QNXAcceptedIssue1. LowPolarhomeZoltan Arpadffy 08/19/11   
46telnet does not work on OpenBSDAcceptedInformation1. LowPolarhomeZoltan Arpadffy 08/24/11   
54What sort of help do you need?AcceptedInformation1. 07/19/1407/19/14  
55no smtp service on minixAcceptedIssue1. LowPolarhomeZoltan Arpadffy 07/19/14   
65minix public key ssh auth does not work AcceptedIssue1. LowPolarhomezoli (at) polarhome (dot) com 12/12/1501/11/16  
75Openindiana is downUnconfirmedBug3. HighPolarhometange (at) polarhome (dot) com 09/16/1811/11/18  
76Dragonfly is downUnconfirmedBug3. HighPolarhometange (at) polarhome (dot) com 09/16/18   
77Beaglebone is downUnconfirmedBug3. HighPolarhometange (at) polarhome (dot) com 09/16/18   
78Debian-ppc downUnconfirmedBug3. HighPolarhometange (at) polarhome (dot) com 09/16/18   
79Ubuntu downUnconfirmedBug3. HighPolarhometange (at) polarhome (dot) com 09/16/18   
80Filehandle and process limit on redhatUnconfirmedIssue1. LowPolarhometange (at) polarhome (dot) com 09/16/18   
81Number of available processes on debian/redhatUnconfirmedIssue1. LowPolarhometange (at) polarhome (dot) com 09/16/18   
82Cleanup minix:/home/0/opt/usermin-1.590UnconfirmedIssue2. MediumPolarhometange (at) polarhome (dot) com 09/16/18   
83Hurd downUnconfirmedIssue3. HighPolarhometange (at) polarhome (dot) com 11/11/18   
84minix downUnconfirmedIssue3. HighPolarhometange (at) polarhome (dot) com 11/11/18   
88AIX host not availableUnconfirmedIssue2. MediumPolarhomelaxnak (at) arcor (dot) de 06/22/21   
90Lot of hosts downUnconfirmedIssue3. HighPolarhomejuliensavard17 (at) gmail (dot) com 10/11/2111/10/21