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Algorithm::DiffOld(3) User Contributed Perl DocumentationAlgorithm::DiffOld(3)

       Algorithm::DiffOld - Compute `intelligent' differences between two
       files / lists but use the old (<=0.59) interface.

       This has been provided as part of the Algorithm::Diff package by Ned
       Konz.  This particular module is ONLY for people who HAVE to have the
       old interface, which uses a comparison function rather than a key
       generating function.

       Because each of the lines in one array have to be compared with each of
       the lines in the other array, this does M*N comparisions. This can be
       very slow. I clocked it at taking 18 times as long as the stock version
       of Algorithm::Diff for a 4000-line file. It will get worse
       quadratically as array sizes increase.

	 use Algorithm::DiffOld qw(diff LCS traverse_sequences);

	 @lcs	 = LCS( \@seq1, \@seq2, $comparison_function );

	 $lcsref = LCS( \@seq1, \@seq2, $comparison_function );

	 @diffs = diff( \@seq1, \@seq2, $comparison_function );

	 traverse_sequences( \@seq1, \@seq2,
			    { MATCH => $callback,
			      DISCARD_A => $callback,
			      DISCARD_B => $callback,
			    $comparison_function );

       Each of the main routines should be passed a comparison function. If
       you aren't passing one in, use Algorithm::Diff instead.

       These functions should return a true value when two items should
       compare as equal.

       For instance,

	 @lcs	 = LCS( \@seq1, \@seq2, sub { my ($a, $b) = @_; $a eq $b } );

       but if that is all you're doing with your comparison function, just use
       Algorithm::Diff and let it do this (this is its default).


	 sub someFunkyComparisonFunction
	       my ($a, $b) = @_;
	       $a =~ m{$b};

	 @diffs = diff( \@lines, \@patterns, \&someFunkyComparisonFunction );

       which would allow you to diff an array @lines which consists of text
       lines with an array @patterns which consists of regular expressions.

       This is actually the reason I wrote this version -- there is no way to
       do this with a key generation function as in the stock Algorithm::Diff.

perl v5.16.3			  2006-07-30		 Algorithm::DiffOld(3)

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