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: (1)                - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
. (1)                - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
[ (1)                - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
411toppm(1)         - convert Sony Mavica .411 image to PPM
7z(1)               - A file archiver with highest compression ratio
7za(1)              - A file archiver with highest compression ratio
7zr(1)              - A file archiver with highest compression ratio
a2p(1)              - Awk to Perl translator
a2ps(1)             - format files for printing on a PostScript printer
a64l(3)             - convert between long and base-64
aaxine(1)           - an ASCII art video player
ab(8)               - Apache HTTP server benchmarking tool
abiword(1)          - flexible cross-platform word processor
abort(3)            - cause abnormal process termination
abort(7)            - abort the current transaction
abs(3)              - compute the absolute value of an integer
ac(1)               - print statistics about users' connect time
accept(2)           - accept a connection on a socket
accept4(2)          - accept a connection on a socket
access(2)           - check real user's permissions for a file
access(5)           - Postfix SMTP server access table
access.conf(5)      - the login access control table file
acct(2)             - switch process accounting on or off
acct(5)             - process accounting file
accton(8)           - turns process accounting on or off
acecad(4)           - Acecad Flair input driver
acl(5)              - Access Control Lists
acl_add_perm(3)     - add a permission to an ACL permission set
acl_calc_mask(3)    - calculate the file group class mask
acl_check(3)        - check an ACL for validity
acl_clear_perms(3)  - clear all permissions from an ACL permission set
acl_cmp(3)          - compare two ACLs
acl_copy_entry(3)   - copy an ACL entry
acl_copy_ext(3)     - copy an ACL from internal to external representation
acl_copy_int(3)     - copy an ACL from external to internal representation
acl_create_entry(3) - create a new ACL entry
acl_delete_def_file(3) - delete a default ACL by filename
acl_delete_entry(3) - delete an ACL entry
acl_delete_perm(3)  - delete a permission from an ACL permission set
acl_dup(3)          - duplicate an ACL
acl_entries(3)      - return the number of entries in an ACL
acl_equiv_mode(3)   - check for an equivalent ACL
acl_error(3)        - convert an ACL error code to a text message
acl_extended_fd(3)  - test for information in the ACL by file descriptor
acl_extended_file(3) - test for information in ACLs by file name
acl_free(3)         - release memory allocated to an ACL data object
acl_from_mode(3)    - create an ACL from file permission bits
acl_from_text(3)    - create an ACL from text
acl_get_entry(3)    - get an ACL entry
acl_get_fd(3)       - get an ACL by file descriptor
acl_get_file(3)     - get an ACL by filename
acl_get_perm(3)     - test for a permission in an ACL permission set
acl_get_permset(3)  - retrieve the permission set from an ACL entry
acl_get_qualifier(3) - retrieve the qualifier from an ACL entry
acl_get_tag_type(3) - get the tag type of an ACL entry
acl_init(3)         - initialize ACL working storage
aclocal-1.11(1)     - manual page for aclocal 1.11.1
aclocal(1)          - manual page for aclocal 1.11.1
acl_set_fd(3)       - set an ACL by file descriptor
acl_set_file(3)     - set an ACL by filename
acl_set_permset(3)  - set the permission set in an ACL entry
acl_set_qualifier(3) - set the qualifier of an ACL entry
acl_set_tag_type(3) - set the tag type of an ACL entry
acl_size(3)         - get the size of the external representation of an ACL
acl_to_any_text(3)  - convert an ACL to text
acl_to_text(3)      - convert an ACL to text
acl_valid(3)        - validate an ACL
Acme::Damn(3pm)     - 'Unbless' Perl objects.
aconnect(1)         - ALSA sequencer connection manager
acos(3)             - arc cosine function
acosf(3)            - arc cosine function
acosh(3)            - inverse hyperbolic cosine function
acoshf(3)           - inverse hyperbolic cosine function
acoshl(3)           - inverse hyperbolic cosine function
acosl(3)            - arc cosine function
acpi(1)             - Shows battery status and other ACPI information
acpid(8)            - Advanced Configuration and Power Interface event daemon
acpi_listen(8)      - ACPI event listener
actctrl(8)          - configure IBM Active 2000 ISDN adaptor
active(5)           - List of newsgroups carried by the server
active.times(5)     - List of local creation times of newsgroups
actsync(8)          - Synchronize newsgroups
actsyncd(8)         - Synchronize newsgroups
acyclic(1)          - make directed graph acyclic
addch(3x)           - add a character (with attributes) to a curses window, then advance the cursor
addchnstr(3x)       - add a string of characters (and attributes) to a curses window
addchstr(3x)        - add a string of characters (and attributes) to a curses window
adddebug(1)         - Modifies Makefile(s) to add debug info
addftinfo(1)        - add information to troff font files for use with groff
addgnupghome(8)     - Create .gnupg home directories
add_key(2)          - Add a key to the kernel's key management facility
addmntent(3)        - get file system descriptor file entry
addnstr(3x)         - add a string of characters to a curses window and advance cursor
addnwstr(3x)        - add a string of wide characters to a curses window and advance cursor
addpart(8)          - simple wrapper around the "add partition" ioctl
addr2line(1)        - convert addresses into file names and line numbers.
addseverity(3)      - introduce new severity classes
addstr(3x)          - add a string of characters to a curses window and advance cursor
adduser(8)          - create a new user or update default new user information
add_wch(3x)         - add a complex character and rendition to a curses window, then advance the cursor
add_wchnstr(3x)     - add an array of complex characters (and attributes) to a curses window
add_wchstr(3x)      - add an array of complex characters (and attributes) to a curses window
addwstr(3x)         - add a string of wide characters to a curses window and advance cursor
adjtime(3)          - correct the time to synchronize the system clock
adjtimex(2)         - tune kernel clock
adjtimex(8)         - display or set the kernel time variables
adr_parse(1)        - a simple utility to convert Opera bookmarks to XBEL
adsl-connect(8)     - Shell script to manage a PPPoE link
adsl-setup(8)       - Shell script to configure Roaring Penguin PPPoE client
adsl-start(8)       - Shell script to bring up a PPPoE link
adsl-status(8)      - Shell script to report on status of PPPoE link
adsl-stop(8)        - Shell script to shut down a PPPoE link
afio(1)             - manipulate archives and files
afmtodit(1)         - create font files for use with groff - Tps
afs5log(1)          - AFS token initializer
afs_syscall(2)      - unimplemented system calls
after(n)            - Execute a command after a time delay
agetty(8)           - alternative Linux getty
aio_cancel(3)       - cancel an outstanding asynchronous I/O request
aio_error(3)        - get error status of asynchronous I/O operation
aio_fsync(3)        - asynchronous file synchronization
aio_read(3)         - asynchronous read
aio_return(3)       - get return status of asynchronous I/O operation
aio_suspend(3)      - wait for asynchronous I/O operation or timeout
aio_write(3)        - asynchronous write
aiptek(4)           - Aiptek USB Digital Tablet Input Driver for Linux
airbase-ng(1)       - multi-purpose tool aimed at attacking clients as opposed to the Access Point(AP) itself
aircrack-ng(1)      - a 802.11 WEP / WPA-PSK key cracker
airdecap-ng(1)      - decrypt a WEP/WPA crypted pcap file
airdecloak-ng(1)    - Removes wep cloaked framed from a pcap file.
airdriver-ng(1)     - automatically install/uninstall and patch drivers and 802.11 stacks
aireplay-ng(1)      - inject packets into a wireless network to generate traffic
airmon-ng(1)        - bash script designed to turn wireless cards into monitor mode.
airodump-ng(1)      - a wireless packet capture tool for aircrack-ng
airserv-ng(1)       - a wireless card server
airsnort(1)         - WEP key cracking tool
airtun-ng(1)        - a virtual tunnel interface creator for aircrack-ng
alarm(1)            - set the alarm power time and or date of a Toshiba laptop
alarm(2)            - set an alarm clock for delivery of a signal
album(5)            - flphoto album file format
alias(1)            - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
aliases(5)          - aliases file for sendmail
allcm(1)            - force the most important Computer-Modern-fonts to be calculated
allec(1)            - force the most important Computer-Modern-fonts to be calculated
allneeded(1)        - force the calculation of all fonts now needed
alloca(3)           - allocate memory that is automatically freed
alloc_hugepages(2)  - allocate or free huge pages
AllPlanes(3)        - Display macros and functions
alphasort(3)        - scan a directory for matching entries
alsactl(1)          - advanced controls for ALSA soundcard driver
alsactl_init(7)     - alsa control management - initialization
alsamixer(1)        - soundcard mixer for ALSA soundcard driver, with ncurses interface
alter_aggregate(7)  - (unknown subject)
alter_conversion(7) - (unknown subject)
alter_database(7)   - (unknown subject)
alter_domain(7)     - (unknown subject)
alter_foreign_data_wrapper(7) - (unknown subject)
alter_function(7)   - (unknown subject)
alter_group(7)      - (unknown subject)
alter_index(7)      - (unknown subject)
alter_language(7)   - (unknown subject)
alter_operator(7)   - (unknown subject)
alter_operator_class(7) - (unknown subject)
alter_operator_family(7) - (unknown subject)
alter_role(7)       - (unknown subject)
alter_schema(7)     - (unknown subject)
alter_sequence(7)   - (unknown subject)
alter_server(7)     - (unknown subject)
alter_table(7)      - (unknown subject)
alter_tablespace(7) - (unknown subject)
alter_text_search_configuration(7) - (unknown subject)
alter_text_search_dictionary(7) - (unknown subject)
alter_text_search_parser(7) - (unknown subject)
alter_text_search_template(7) - (unknown subject)
alter_trigger(7)    - (unknown subject)
alter_type(7)       - (unknown subject)
alter_user(7)       - (unknown subject)
alter_user_mapping(7) - (unknown subject)
alter_view(7)       - (unknown subject)
amidi(1)            - read from and write to ALSA RawMIDI ports
amixer(1)           - command-line mixer for ALSA soundcard driver
amstex(1)           - structured text formatting and typesetting
analyze(7)          - collect statistics about a database
animate(1)          - animates an image or image sequence on any X server.
anjuta(1)           - GNOME Integrated Development Environment
anjuta-launcher(1)  - GNOME Integrated Development Environment
antiword(1)         - show the text and images of MS Word documents
anvil(8)            - Postfix session count and request rate control
any2djvu(1)         - Convert .ps/.ps.gz/.pdf to .djvu
AnyDBM_File(3pm)    - provide framework for multiple DBMs
anytopnm(1)         - convert an arbitrary type of image file to PBM, PGM, or PPM
aoss(1)             - Wrapper script to facilitate use of the ALSA OSS compatibility library.
ao_string_tokenize(3) - tokenize an input string
Apache2::Access(3pm) - A Perl API for Apache request object: Access, Authentication and Authorization.
Apache2::Build(3pm) - Methods for locating and parsing bits of Apache source code
Apache2::CmdParms(3pm) - Perl API for Apache command parameters object
Apache2::Command(3pm) - Perl API for accessing Apache module command information
Apache2::compat(3pm) - - 1.0 backward compatibility functions deprecated in 2.0
Apache2::Connection(3pm) - Perl API for Apache connection object
Apache2::ConnectionUtil(3pm) - Perl API for Apache connection utils
Apache2::Const(3pm) - Perl Interface for Apache Constants
Apache2::Directive(3pm) - Perl API for manipulating the Apache configuration tree
Apache2::Filter(3pm) - Perl API for Apache 2.0 Filtering
Apache2::FilterRec(3pm) - Perl API for manipulating the Apache filter record
Apache2::HookRun(3pm) - Perl API for Invoking Apache HTTP phases
Apache2::Log(3pm)   - Perl API for Apache Logging Methods
Apache2::Module(3pm) - Perl API for creating and working with Apache modules
Apache2::MPM(3pm)   - Perl API for accessing Apache MPM information
Apache2::PerlSections(3pm) - write Apache configuration files in Perl
Apache2::porting(3pm) - - a helper module for mod_perl 1.0 to mod_perl 2.0 porting
Apache2::Process(3pm) - Perl API for Apache process record
Apache2::Reload(3pm) - Reload Perl Modules when Changed on Disk
Apache2::RequestIO(3pm) - Perl API for Apache request record IO
Apache2::RequestRec(3pm) - Perl API for Apache request record accessors
Apache2::RequestUtil(3pm) - Perl API for Apache request record utils
Apache2::Resource(3pm) - Limit resources used by httpd children
Apache2::Response(3pm) - Perl API for Apache HTTP request response methods
Apache2::ServerRec(3pm) - Perl API for Apache server record accessors
Apache2::ServerUtil(3pm) - Perl API for Apache server record utils
Apache2::SizeLimit(3pm) - Because size does matter.
Apache2::Status(3pm) - Embedded interpreter status information
Apache2::SubProcess(3pm) - - Executing SubProcesses under mod_perl
Apache2::SubRequest(3pm) - Perl API for Apache subrequests
Apache2::URI(3pm)   - Perl API for manipulating URIs
Apache2::Util(3pm)  - Perl API for Misc Apache Utility functions
apachectl(8)        - Apache HTTP Server Control Interface
Apache::Reload(3pm) - Reload changed modules
Apache::SOAP(3pm)   - mod_perl-based SOAP server with minimum configuration
Apache::Test(3pm)   - wrapper with helpers for testing Apache
Apache::TestConfig(3pm) - Configuration file for Apache::Test
Apache::TestConfigData(3pm) - Configuration file for Apache::Test
Apache::TestMB(3pm) - Subclass of Module::Build to support Apache::Test
Apache::TestMM(3pm) - Provide MakeMaker Wrapper Methods
Apache::TestReport(3pm) - A parent class for generating bug/success reports
Apache::TestRequest(3pm) - Send requests to your Apache test server
Apache::TestRun(3pm) - Run the test suite
Apache::TestRunPerl(3pm) - Run mod_perl-requiring Test Suite
Apache::TestRunPHP(3pm) - configure and run a PHP-based test suite
Apache::TestSmoke(3pm) - Special Tests Sequence Failure Finder
Apache::TestTrace(3pm) - Helper output generation functions
Apache::TestUtil(3pm) - Utility functions for writing tests
Apache::XMLRPC::Lite(3pm) - mod_perl-based XML-RPC server with minimum configuration
apcsmart(8)         - Driver for American Power Conversion Smart Protocol UPS equipment
aplay(1)            - command-line sound recorder and player for ALSA soundcard driver
aplaymidi(1)        - play Standard MIDI Files
apm(1)              - interface with the APM subsystem
apmd(8)             - Advanced Power Management(APM) daemon
apmsleep(1)         - go into suspend or standby mode and wake-up later
AppConfig(3pm)      - Perl5 module for reading configuration files and parsing command line arguments.
AppConfig::Args(3pm) - Perl5 module for reading command line arguments.
AppConfig::CGI(3pm) - Perl5 module for processing CGI script parameters.
AppConfig::File(3pm) - Perl5 module for reading configuration files.
AppConfig::Getopt(3pm) - Perl5 module for processing command line arguments via delegation to Getopt::Long.
AppConfig::State(3pm) - application configuration state
AppConfig::Sys(3pm) - Perl5 module defining platform-specific information and methods for other AppConfig::* modules.
append(n)           - Append to variable
appletviewer-java-1.6.0-openjdk(1) - The Java Applet Viewer
applyfilter(8)      - apply filter settings to news spool
applygnupgdefaults(8) - Run gpgconf - apply-defaults for all users.
apply(n)            - Apply an anonymous function
App::Prove(3pm)     - Implements the `prove' command.
App::Prove::State(3pm) - State storage for the `prove' command.
App::Prove::State::Result(3pm) - Individual test suite results.
App::Prove::State::Result::Test(3pm) - Individual test results.
APR(3pm)            - Perl Interface for Apache Portable Runtime (libapr and libaprutil Libraries)
APR::Base64(3pm)    - Perl API for APR base64 encoding/decoding functionality
APR::Brigade(3pm)   - Perl API for manipulating APR Bucket Brigades
APR::Bucket(3pm)    - Perl API for manipulating APR Buckets
APR::BucketAlloc(3pm) - Perl API for Bucket Allocation
APR::BucketType(3pm) - Perl API for APR bucket types
APR::Const(3pm)     - Perl Interface for APR Constants
APR::Date(3pm)      - Perl API for APR date manipulating functions
APR::Error(3pm)     - Perl API for APR/Apache/mod_perl exceptions
APR::Finfo(3pm)     - Perl API for APR fileinfo structure
APR::IpSubnet(3pm)  - Perl API for accessing APRs ip_subnet structures
apropos(1)          - search the whatis database for strings
APR::OS(3pm)        - Perl API for Platform-specific APR API
APR::PerlIO(3pm)    - - Perl IO layer for APR
APR::Pool(3pm)      - Perl API for APR pools
APR::SockAddr(3pm)  - Perl API for APR socket address structure
APR::Socket(3pm)    - Perl API for APR sockets
APR::Status(3pm)    - Perl Interface to the APR_STATUS_IS_* macros
APR::String(3pm)    - Perl API for manipulating APR UUIDs
APR::Table(3pm)     - Perl API for manipulating APR opaque string-content tables
APR::ThreadMutex(3pm) - Perl API for APR thread mutexes
APR::ThreadRWLock(3pm) - Perl API for APR thread read/write locks
APR::URI(3pm)       - Perl API for URI manipulations
APR::Util(3pm)      - Perl API for Various APR Utilities
APR::UUID(3pm)      - Perl API for manipulating APR UUIDs
apt-java-1.6.0-openjdk(1) - annotation processing tool
apxs(8)             - APache eXtenSion tool
ar(1)               - create, modify, and extract from archives
arbitron(8)         - arbitron mailboxes
arch(1)             - print machine architecture
archive(8)          - Usenet article archiver
Archive::Cpio(3pm)  - module for manipulations of cpio archives
Archive::Extract(3pm) - A generic archive extracting mechanism
Archive::Tar(3pm)   - module for manipulations of tar archives
Archive::Tar::File(3pm) - a subclass for in-memory extracted file from Archive::Tar
Archive::Zip(3pm)   - Provide an interface to ZIP archive files.
Archive::Zip::FAQ(3pm) - Answers to a few frequently asked questions about Archive::Zip
Archive::Zip::MemberRead(3pm) - A wrapper that lets you read Zip archive members as if they were files.
Archive::Zip::Tree(3pm) - (DEPRECATED) methods for adding/extracting trees using Archive::Zip
arch_prctl(2)       - set architecture-specific thread state
arecord(1)          - command-line sound recorder and player for ALSA soundcard driver
arecordmidi(1)      - record Standard MIDI Files
argz(3)             - functions to handle an argz list
argz_add(3)         - functions to handle an argz list
argz_add_sep(3)     - functions to handle an argz list
argz_append(3)      - functions to handle an argz list
argz_count(3)       - functions to handle an argz list
argz_create(3)      - functions to handle an argz list
argz_create_sep(3)  - functions to handle an argz list
argz_delete(3)      - functions to handle an argz list
argz_extract(3)     - functions to handle an argz list
argz_insert(3)      - functions to handle an argz list
argz_next(3)        - functions to handle an argz list
argz_replace(3)     - functions to handle an argz list
argz_stringify(3)   - functions to handle an argz list
aria2c(1)           - The ultra fast download utility
arj(1)              - Archiver for .arj files
arjdisp(1)          - ARJ simple graphical interface
arj-register(1)     - Register the ARJ archiver
ark(1)              - KDE archiving tool
arm2hpdl(1)         - Add HP download header/trailer to an ARM ELF binary.
armscii-8(7)        - Armenian Character Set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
arp(7)              - Linux ARP kernel module.
arp(8)              - manipulate the system ARP cache
arpaname(1)         - translate IP addresses to the corresponding ARPA names
arpd(8)             - userspace arp daemon.
arping(8)           - send ARP REQUEST to a neighbour host
arpsnmp(8)          - keep track of ethernet/ip address pairings
arpwatch(8)         - keep track of ethernet/ip address pairings
array(n)            - Manipulate array variables
as(1)               - the portable GNU assembler.
as86(1)             - Assembler for 8086..80386 processors
ascii(7)            - the ASCII character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
asciitopgm(1)       - convert ASCII graphics into a PGM
asctime(3)          - transform date and time to broken-down time or ASCII
asctime_r(3)        - transform date and time to broken-down time or ASCII
aseqdump(1)         - show the events received at an ALSA sequencer port
aseqnet(1)          - ALSA sequencer connectors over network
asfxload(1)         - load a SoundFont file on the Emux WaveTable
asin(3)             - arc sine function
asinf(3)            - arc sine function
asinh(3)            - inverse hyperbolic sine function
asinhf(3)           - inverse hyperbolic sine function
asinhl(3)           - inverse hyperbolic sine function
asinl(3)            - arc sine function
asn1_array2tree(3)  - API function
asn1_bit_der(3)     - API function
asn1_check_version(3) - API function
asn1_copy_node(3)   - API function
asn1_create_element(3) - API function
asn1_delete_element(3) - API function
asn1_delete_structure(3) - API function
asn1_der_coding(3)  - API function
asn1_der_decoding(3) - API function
asn1_der_decoding_element(3) - API function
asn1_der_decoding_startEnd(3) - API function
asn1_expand_any_defined_by(3) - API function
asn1_expand_octet_string(3) - API function
asn1_find_node(3)   - API function
asn1_find_structure_from_oid(3) - API function
ASN1_generate_nconf(3) - ASN1 generation functions
ASN1_generate_v3(3) - ASN1 generation functions
asn1_get_bit_der(3) - API function
asn1_get_length_ber(3) - API function
asn1_get_length_der(3) - API function
asn1_get_octet_der(3) - API function
asn1_get_tag_der(3) - API function
asn1_length_der(3)  - API function
asn1_number_of_elements(3) - API function
ASN1_OBJECT_free(3) - object allocation functions
ASN1_OBJECT_new(3)  - object allocation functions
asn1_octet_der(3)   - API function
asn1parse(1)        - ASN.1 parsing tool
asn1_parser2array(3) - API function
asn1_parser2tree(3) - API function
asn1_perror(3)      - API function
asn1_print_structure(3) - API function
asn1_read_tag(3)    - API function
asn1_read_value(3)  - API function
asn1_strerror(3)    - API function
ASN1_STRING_cmp(3)  - ASN1_STRING utility functions
ASN1_STRING_data(3) - ASN1_STRING utility functions
ASN1_STRING_dup(3)  - ASN1_STRING utility functions
ASN1_STRING_free(3) - ASN1_STRING allocation functions
ASN1_STRING_length(3) - ASN1_STRING utility functions
ASN1_STRING_length_set(3) - ASN1_STRING utility functions
ASN1_STRING_new(3)  - ASN1_STRING allocation functions
ASN1_STRING_print_ex(3) - ASN1_STRING output routines.
ASN1_STRING_print_ex_fp(3) - ASN1_STRING output routines.
ASN1_STRING_set(3)  - ASN1_STRING utility functions
ASN1_STRING_type(3) - ASN1_STRING utility functions
ASN1_STRING_type_new(3) - ASN1_STRING allocation functions
asn1_write_value(3) - API function
aspell(1)           - interactive spell checker
aspell-import(1)    - import old personal dictionaries into GNU Aspell
asprintf(3)         - print to allocated string
assert(3)           - abort the program if assertion is false
assert_perror(3)    - test errnum and abort
assume_default_colors(3x) - use terminal's default colors
astribank_allow(8)  - License Xorcom Astribank(xpp) capabilities.
astribank_hexload(8) - Xorcom Astribank(xpp) firmware loader
astribank_is_starting(8) - Mark / check is a Xorcom Astribank(xpp) is starting
astribank_tool(8)   - Xorcom Astribank(xpp) control tool
at(1)               - queue, examine or delete jobs for later execution
at_allow(5)         - determine who can submit jobs via at or batch
atan2(3)            - arc tangent function of two variables
atan2f(3)           - arc tangent function of two variables
atan2l(3)           - arc tangent function of two variables
atan(3)             - arc tangent function
atanf(3)            - arc tangent function
atanh(3)            - inverse hyperbolic tangent function
atanhf(3)           - inverse hyperbolic tangent function
atanhl(3)           - inverse hyperbolic tangent function
atanl(3)            - arc tangent function
atd(8)              - run jobs queued for later execution
at_deny(5)          - determine who can submit jobs via at or batch
aterm(1)            - (unknown subject)
atexit(3)           - register a function to be called at normal process termination
ati(4)              - ATI video driver
atktopbm(1)         - convert Andrew Toolkit raster object to PBM
atobm(1)            - bitmap editor and converter utilities for the X Window System
atof(3)             - convert a string to a double
atoi(3)             - convert a string to an integer
atol(3)             - convert a string to an integer
atoll(3)            - convert a string to an integer
atomic_add(9)       - thread/SMP safe arithmetic on atomic data
atomic_dec(9)       - thread/SMP safe arithmetic on atomic data
atomic_inc(9)       - thread/SMP safe arithmetic on atomic data
atomic_read(9)      - thread/SMP safe arithmetic on atomic data
atomic_set(9)       - thread/SMP safe arithmetic on atomic data
atomic_sub(9)       - thread/SMP safe arithmetic on atomic data
atoq(3)             - convert a string to an integer
atq(1)              - queue, examine or delete jobs for later execution
atrm(1)             - queue, examine or delete jobs for later execution
atrun(8)            - run jobs queued for later execution
attemptckalloc(3)   - allocate or free heap memory
attemptckrealloc(3) - allocate or free heap memory
attr(5)             - Extended attributes
attr_get(3)         - get the value of a user attribute of a filesystem object
attr_get(3x)        - curses character and window attribute control routines
attr_getf(3)        - get the value of a user attribute of a filesystem object
Attribute::Handlers(3pm) - Simpler definition of attribute handlers
Attribute::Params::Validate(3pm) - Validate method/function parameters using attributes
attributes(3pm)     - get/set subroutine or variable attributes
attr_list(3)        - list the names of the user attributes of a filesystem object
attr_listf(3)       - list the names of the user attributes of a filesystem object
attr_multi(3)       - manipulate multiple user attributes on a filesystem object at once
attr_multif(3)      - manipulate multiple user attributes on a filesystem object at once
attr_off(3x)        - curses character and window attribute control routines
attroff(3x)         - curses character and window attribute control routines
attr_on(3x)         - curses character and window attribute control routines
attron(3x)          - curses character and window attribute control routines
attr_remove(3)      - remove a user attribute of a filesystem object
attr_removef(3)     - remove a user attribute of a filesystem object
attrs(3pm)          - set/get attributes of a subroutine(deprecated)
attr_set(3)         - set the value of a user attribute of a filesystem object
attr_set(3x)        - curses character and window attribute control routines
attrset(3x)         - curses character and window attribute control routines
attr_setf(3)        - set the value of a user attribute of a filesystem object
audacious2(1)       - an advanced audio player.
audacity(1)         - Graphical cross-platform audio editor
audit_add_rule_data(3) - Add new audit rule
audit_add_watch(3)  - create a rule layout for a watch
audit_delete_rule_data(3) - Delete audit rule
audit_detect_machine(3) - Detects the current machine type
audit_encode_nv_string(3) - encode a name/value pair in a string
audit_getloginuid(3) - Get a program's loginuid value
audit_get_reply(3)  - Get the audit system's reply
audit_log_acct_message(3) - log a user account message
audit_log_user_avc_message(3) - log a user avc message
audit_log_user_command(3) - log a user command
audit_log_user_comm_message(3) - log a user message from a console app
audit_log_user_message(3) - log a general user message
audit_log_user_semanage_message(3) - log a semanage message
audit_open(3)       - Open a audit netlink socket connection
audit_request_rules_list_data(3) - Request list of current audit rules
audit_request_signal_info(3) - Request signal info for the audit system
audit_request_status(3) - Request status of the audit system
audit_set_backlog_limit(3) - Set the audit backlog limit
audit_set_enabled(3) - Enable or disable auditing
audit_set_failure(3) - Set audit failure flag
audit_setloginuid(3) - Set a program's loginuid value
audit_set_pid(3)    - Set audit daemon process ID
audit_set_rate_limit(3) - Set audit rate limit
audit_update_watch_perms(3) - update permissions field of watch command
audtool2(1)         - a small tool to modify behavior of a running audacious2 instance.
aumix(1)            - adjust audio mixer
ausearch_add_expression(3) - build up search expression
ausearch_add_interpreted_item(3) - build up search rule
ausearch_add_item(3) - build up search rule
ausearch_add_regex(3) - use regular expression search rule
ausearch_add_timestamp_item(3) - build up search rule
ausearch_clear(3)   - clear search paramters
ausearch_next_event(3) - find the next event that meets search criteria
ausearch_set_stop(3) - set the cursor position
auth_destroy(3)     - library routines for remote procedure calls
Authen::PAM(3pm)    - Perl interface to PAM library
Authen::PAM::FAQ(3pm) - Frequently-Asked Questions about Authen::PAM.
Authen::SASL(3pm)   - SASL Authentication framework
Authen::SASL::Perl(3pm) - - Perl implementation of the SASL Authentication framework
Authen::SASL::Perl::ANONYMOUS(3pm) - Anonymous Authentication class
Authen::SASL::Perl::CRAM_MD5(3pm) - CRAM MD5 Authentication class
Authen::SASL::Perl::DIGEST_MD5(3pm) - Digest MD5 Authentication class
Authen::SASL::Perl::EXTERNAL(3pm) - External Authentication class
Authen::SASL::Perl::GSSAPI(3pm) - GSSAPI(Kerberosv5) Authentication class
Authen::SASL::Perl::LOGIN(3pm) - Login Authentication class
Authen::SASL::Perl::PLAIN(3pm) - Plain Login Authentication class
Authen::Smb(3pm)    - Perl extension to authenticate against an SMB server
authnone_create(3)  - library routines for remote procedure calls
authunix_create(3)  - library routines for remote procedure calls
authunix_create_default(3) - library routines for remote procedure calls
autoconf(1)         - Generate configuration scripts
autodie(3pm)        - Replace functions with ones that succeed or die with lexical scope
autodie::exception(3pm) - Exceptions from autodying functions.
autodie::exception::system(3pm) - Exceptions from autodying system().
autodie::hints(3pm) - Provide hints about user subroutines to autodie
auto_execok(n)      - standard library of Tcl procedures
autofs(5)           - Format of the automounter maps
autogen(1)          - The Automated Program Generator
autoheader(1)       - Create a template header for configure
auto_import(n)      - standard library of Tcl procedures
AutoLoader(3pm)     - load subroutines only on demand
auto_load(n)        - standard library of Tcl procedures
autom4te(1)         - Generate files and scripts thanks to M4
automake-1.11(1)    - manual page for automake 1.11.1
automake(1)         - manual page for automake 1.11.1
auto.master(5)      - Master Map for automounter
auto_mkindex(n)     - standard library of Tcl procedures
auto_mkindex_old(n) - standard library of Tcl procedures
automount(8)        - manage autofs mount points
autoopts-config(1)  - script to get information about installed version of autoopts
autopoint(1)        - copies standard gettext infrastructure
auto_qualify(n)     - standard library of Tcl procedures
autoreconf(1)       - Update generated configuration files
auto_reset(n)       - standard library of Tcl procedures
autoscan(1)         - Generate a preliminary
AutoSplit(3pm)      - split a package for autoloading
autoupdate(1)       - Update a to a newer Autoconf
autouse(3pm)        - postpone load of modules until a function is used
avahi-autoipd(8)    - IPv4LL network address configuration daemon
avahi-autoipd.action(8) - avahi-autoipd action script
avahi-browse(1)     - Browse for mDNS/DNS-SD services using the Avahi daemon
avahi-browse-domains(1) - Browse for mDNS/DNS-SD services using the Avahi daemon
avahi-daemon(8)     - The Avahi mDNS/DNS-SD daemon
avahi-daemon.conf(5) - avahi-daemon configuration file
avahi.hosts(5)      - avahi-daemon static host name file
avahi-publish(1)    - Register an mDNS/DNS-SD service or host name or address mapping using the Avahi daemon
avahi-publish-address(1) - Register an mDNS/DNS-SD service or host name or address mapping using the Avahi daemon
avahi-publish-service(1) - Register an mDNS/DNS-SD service or host name or address mapping using the Avahi daemon
avahi-resolve(1)    - Resolve one or more mDNS/DNS host name(s) to IP address(es) (and vice versa) using the Avahi daemon
avahi-resolve-address(1) - Resolve one or more mDNS/DNS host name(s) to IP address(es) (and vice versa) using the Avahi daemon
avahi-resolve-host-name(1) - Resolve one or more mDNS/DNS host name(s) to IP address(es) (and vice versa) using the Avahi daemon
avahi.service(5)    - avahi-daemon static service file
avahi-set-host-name(1) - Change mDNS host name
avmcapictrl(8)      - Add, reset or remove active AVM cards and load firmware
awk(1)              - pattern scanning and processing language
ayttm(1)            - Universal Instant Messaging client
b2m(1)              - convert old Emacs Rmail Babyl format to mbox format
B(3pm)              - The Perl Compiler
b43-fwcutter(1)     - manual page for b43-fwcutter
backend(7)          - cups backend transmission interfaces
backend-spec(7)     - interface between jw and its backends
backtrace(3)        - support for application self-debugging
backtrace_symbols(3) - support for application self-debugging
backtrace_symbols_fd(3) - support for application self-debugging
badblocks(8)        - search a device for bad blocks
baobab(1)           - A graphical tool to analyse disk usage
barrybackup(1)      - Barry Project's backup program for the BlackBerry handheld
base(3pm)           - Establish an ISA relationship with base classes at compile time
base64(1)           - base64 encode/decode data and print to standard output
basename(1)         - strip directory and suffix from filenames
basename(3)         - parse pathname components
bash(1)             - GNU Bourne-Again SHell
bashbug(1)          - report a bug in bash
batch(1)            - queue, examine or delete jobs for later execution
batcher(8)          - Article batching for InterNetNews
baudrate(3x)        - curses environment query routines
bc(1)               - An arbitrary precision calculator language
bcc(1)              - Bruce's C compiler
bccmd(8)            - Utility for the CSR BCCMD interface
bcharge(1)          - program to set BlackBerry handhelds to 500mA
bcm43xx-fwcutter(1) - manual page for bcm43xx-fwcutter
bcmp(3)             - compare byte sequences
bcmxcp(8)           - Driver for UPS'es supporting the serial BCM/XCP protocol
bcmxcp_usb(8)       - Experimental driver for UPS'es supporting the BCM/XCP protocol over USB
bcomps(1)           - biconnected components filter for graphs
B::Concise(3pm)     - Walk Perl syntax tree, printing concise info about ops
bcopy(3)            - copy byte sequence
B::Debug(3pm)       - Walk Perl syntax tree, printing debug info about ops
B::Deparse(3pm)     - Perl compiler backend to produce perl code
bdflush(2)          - start, flush, or tune buffer-dirty-flush daemon
be16toh(3)          - convert values between host and big-/little-endian byte order
be32toh(3)          - convert values between host and big-/little-endian byte order
be64toh(3)          - convert values between host and big-/little-endian byte order
beep(3x)            - curses bell and screen flash routines
begin(7)            - start a transaction block
belkin(8)           - Driver for Belkin serial UPS equipment
belkinunv(8)        - Driver for Belkin "Universal UPS" and compatible
bell(n)             - Ring a display's bell
Benchmark(3pm)      - benchmark running times of Perl code
ber_alloc_t(3)      - OpenLDAP LBER simplified Basic Encoding Rules library routines for encoding
ber_bvarray_add(3)  - OpenLDAP LBER types and allocation functions
ber_bvarray_free(3) - OpenLDAP LBER types and allocation functions
ber_bvdup(3)        - OpenLDAP LBER types and allocation functions
ber_bvecadd(3)      - OpenLDAP LBER types and allocation functions
ber_bvecfree(3)     - OpenLDAP LBER types and allocation functions
ber_bvfree(3)       - OpenLDAP LBER types and allocation functions
ber_bvstr(3)        - OpenLDAP LBER types and allocation functions
ber_bvstrdup(3)     - OpenLDAP LBER types and allocation functions
ber_dupbv(3)        - OpenLDAP LBER types and allocation functions
ber_first_element(3) - OpenLDAP LBER simplified Basic Encoding Rules library routines for decoding
ber_flush(3)        - OpenLDAP LBER simplified Basic Encoding Rules library routines for encoding
ber_free(3)         - OpenLDAP LBER types and allocation functions
ber_get_bitstring(3) - OpenLDAP LBER simplified Basic Encoding Rules library routines for decoding
ber_get_boolean(3)  - OpenLDAP LBER simplified Basic Encoding Rules library routines for decoding
ber_get_enum(3)     - OpenLDAP LBER simplified Basic Encoding Rules library routines for decoding
ber_get_int(3)      - OpenLDAP LBER simplified Basic Encoding Rules library routines for decoding
ber_get_next(3)     - OpenLDAP LBER simplified Basic Encoding Rules library routines for decoding
ber_get_null(3)     - OpenLDAP LBER simplified Basic Encoding Rules library routines for decoding
ber_get_stringa(3)  - OpenLDAP LBER simplified Basic Encoding Rules library routines for decoding
ber_get_stringb(3)  - OpenLDAP LBER simplified Basic Encoding Rules library routines for decoding
BerkeleyDB(3pm)     - Perl extension for Berkeley DB version 2, 3 or 4
ber_next_element(3) - OpenLDAP LBER simplified Basic Encoding Rules library routines for decoding
ber_peek_tag(3)     - OpenLDAP LBER simplified Basic Encoding Rules library routines for decoding
ber_printf(3)       - OpenLDAP LBER simplified Basic Encoding Rules library routines for encoding
ber_put_enum(3)     - OpenLDAP LBER simplified Basic Encoding Rules library routines for encoding
ber_put_int(3)      - OpenLDAP LBER simplified Basic Encoding Rules library routines for encoding
ber_put_null(3)     - OpenLDAP LBER simplified Basic Encoding Rules library routines for encoding
ber_put_ostring(3)  - OpenLDAP LBER simplified Basic Encoding Rules library routines for encoding
ber_put_seq(3)      - OpenLDAP LBER simplified Basic Encoding Rules library routines for encoding
ber_put_set(3)      - OpenLDAP LBER simplified Basic Encoding Rules library routines for encoding
ber_put_string(3)   - OpenLDAP LBER simplified Basic Encoding Rules library routines for encoding
ber_scanf(3)        - OpenLDAP LBER simplified Basic Encoding Rules library routines for decoding
ber_skip_tag(3)     - OpenLDAP LBER simplified Basic Encoding Rules library routines for decoding
ber_start_set(3)    - OpenLDAP LBER simplified Basic Encoding Rules library routines for encoding
ber_str2bv(3)       - OpenLDAP LBER types and allocation functions
bestfcom(8)         - Driver for Best Power Fortress/Ferrups
bestfortress(8)     - Driver for old Best Fortress UPS equipment
bestuferrups(8)     - Driver for Best Power Micro - Ferrups
bestups(8)          - Driver for Best Power / SOLA (Phoenixtec protocol) UPS equipment
BF_cbc_encrypt(3)   - Blowfish encryption
BF_cfb64_encrypt(3) - Blowfish encryption
bf_compact(1)       - shell script to compact a bogofilter directory
bf_copy(1)          - shell script to copy a bogofilter working directory
BF_decrypt(3)       - Blowfish encryption
BF_ecb_encrypt(3)   - Blowfish encryption
BF_encrypt(3)       - Blowfish encryption
BF_ofb64_encrypt(3) - Blowfish encryption
BF_options(3)       - Blowfish encryption
BF_set_key(3)       - Blowfish encryption
bf_tar(1)           - shell script to write a tar file of a bogofilter directory to stdout
bfuse(1)            - Create a FUSE filesystem out of BlackBerry databases.
bg(1)               - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
bgerror(n)          - Command invoked to process background errors
bgpd(8)             - a BGPv4, BGPv4+, BGPv4 - routing engine for use with Quagga routing software
bibtex(1)           - make a bibliography for(La)TeX
bidentify(1)        - Barry Project's program to identify BlackBerry handhelds
bigint(3pm)         - Transparent BigInteger support for Perl
bignum(3pm)         - Transparent BigNumber support for Perl
bigrat(3pm)         - Transparent BigNumber/BigRational support for Perl
binary(n)           - Insert and extract fields from binary strings
bind(1)             - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
bind(2)             - bind a name to a socket
bind(n)             - Arrange for X events to invoke Tcl scripts
bindresvport(3)     - bind a socket to a privileged IP port
bindtags(n)         - Determine which bindings apply to a window, and order of evaluation
bindtextdomain(3)   - set directory containing message catalogs
bind_textdomain_codeset(3) - set encoding of message translations
binsrch(3)          - (unknown subject)
bio(3)              - I/O abstraction
BIO_append_filename(3) - FILE bio
BIO_callback_ctrl(3) - BIO control operations
BIO_ctrl(3)         - BIO control operations
BIO_ctrl_get_read_request(3) - BIO pair BIO
BIO_ctrl_get_write_guarantee(3) - BIO pair BIO
BIO_ctrl_pending(3) - BIO control operations
BIO_ctrl_reset_read_request(3) - BIO pair BIO
BIO_ctrl_wpending(3) - BIO control operations
BIO_debug_callback(3) - BIO callback functions
BIO_destroy_bio_pair(3) - BIO pair BIO
BIO_do_accept(3)    - accept BIO
BIO_do_connect(3)   - connect BIO
BIO_eof(3)          - BIO control operations
BIO_f_base64(3)     - base64 BIO filter
BIO_f_buffer(3)     - buffering BIO
BIO_f_cipher(3)     - cipher BIO filter
BIO_find_type(3)    - BIO chain traversal
BIO_flush(3)        - BIO control operations
BIO_f_md(3)         - message digest BIO filter
BIO_f_null(3)       - null filter
BIO_free(3)         - BIO allocation and freeing functions
BIO_free_all(3)     - BIO allocation and freeing functions
BIO_f_ssl(3)        - SSL BIO
BIO_get_accept_port(3) - accept BIO
BIO_get_bind_mode(3) - accept BIO
BIO_get_callback(3) - BIO callback functions
BIO_get_callback_arg(3) - BIO callback functions
BIO_get_cipher_ctx(3) - cipher BIO filter
BIO_get_cipher_status(3) - cipher BIO filter
BIO_get_close(3)    - BIO control operations
BIO_get_conn_hostname(3) - connect BIO
BIO_get_conn_int_port(3) - connect BIO
BIO_get_conn_ip(3)  - connect BIO
BIO_get_conn_port(3) - connect BIO
BIO_get_fd(3)       - file descriptor BIO
BIO_get_fp(3)       - FILE bio
BIO_get_info_callback(3) - BIO control operations
BIO_get_md(3)       - message digest BIO filter
BIO_get_md_ctx(3)   - message digest BIO filter
BIO_get_mem_data(3) - memory BIO
BIO_get_mem_ptr(3)  - memory BIO
BIO_get_num_renegotiates(3) - SSL BIO
BIO_get_read_request(3) - BIO pair BIO
BIO_get_retry_BIO(3) - BIO retry functions
BIO_get_retry_reason(3) - BIO retry functions
BIO_gets(3)         - BIO I/O functions
BIO_get_ssl(3)      - SSL BIO
BIO_get_write_buf_size(3) - BIO pair BIO
BIO_get_write_guarantee(3) - BIO pair BIO
BIO_int_ctrl(3)     - BIO control operations
BIO_make_bio_pair(3) - BIO pair BIO
BIO_new(3)          - BIO allocation and freeing functions
BIO_new_bio_pair(3) - BIO pair BIO
BIO_new_buffer_ssl_connect(3) - SSL BIO
BIO_new_CMS(3)      - CMS streaming filter BIO
BIO_new_fd(3)       - file descriptor BIO
BIO_new_file(3)     - FILE bio
BIO_new_fp(3)       - FILE bio
BIO_new_mem_buf(3)  - memory BIO
BIO_new_socket(3)   - socket BIO
BIO_new_ssl(3)      - SSL BIO
BIO_new_ssl_connect(3) - SSL BIO
BIO_next(3)         - BIO chain traversal
BIO_pending(3)      - BIO control operations
BIO_pop(3)          - add and remove BIOs from a chain.
BIO_ptr_ctrl(3)     - BIO control operations
BIO_push(3)         - add and remove BIOs from a chain.
BIO_puts(3)         - BIO I/O functions
bioradtopgm(1)      - convert a Biorad confocal file into a PGM image
BIO_read(3)         - BIO I/O functions
BIO_read_filename(3) - FILE bio
BIO_reset(3)        - BIO control operations
BIO_retry_type(3)   - BIO retry functions
BIO_rw_filename(3)  - FILE bio
BIO_s_accept(3)     - accept BIO
BIO_s_bio(3)        - BIO pair BIO
BIO_s_connect(3)    - connect BIO
biosdecode(8)       - BIOS information decoder
BIO_seek(3)         - BIO control operations
BIO_set(3)          - BIO allocation and freeing functions
BIO_set_accept_bios(3) - accept BIO
BIO_set_accept_port(3) - accept BIO
BIO_set_bind_mode(3) - accept BIO
BIO_set_callback(3) - BIO callback functions
BIO_set_callback_arg(3) - BIO callback functions
BIO_set_cipher(3)   - cipher BIO filter
BIO_set_close(3)    - BIO control operations
BIO_set_conn_hostname(3) - connect BIO
BIO_set_conn_int_port(3) - connect BIO
BIO_set_conn_ip(3)  - connect BIO
BIO_set_conn_port(3) - connect BIO
BIO_set_fd(3)       - file descriptor BIO
BIO_set_fp(3)       - FILE bio
BIO_set_info_callback(3) - BIO control operations
BIO_set_md(3)       - message digest BIO filter
BIO_set_mem_buf(3)  - memory BIO
BIO_set_mem_eof_return(3) - memory BIO
BIO_set_nbio(3)     - connect BIO
BIO_set_nbio_accept(3) - accept BIO
BIO_set_ssl(3)      - SSL BIO
BIO_set_ssl_mode(3) - SSL BIO
BIO_set_ssl_renegotiate_bytes(3) - SSL BIO
BIO_set_ssl_renegotiate_timeout(3) - SSL BIO
BIO_set_write_buf_size(3) - BIO pair BIO
BIO_s_fd(3)         - file descriptor BIO
BIO_s_file(3)       - FILE bio
BIO_should_io_special(3) - BIO retry functions
BIO_should_read(3)  - BIO retry functions
BIO_should_retry(3) - BIO retry functions
BIO_should_write(3) - BIO retry functions
BIO_shutdown_wr(3)  - BIO pair BIO
BIO_s_mem(3)        - memory BIO
BIO_s_null(3)       - null data sink
BIO_ssl_copy_session_id(3) - SSL BIO
BIO_ssl_shutdown(3) - SSL BIO
BIO_s_socket(3)     - socket BIO
BIO_tell(3)         - BIO control operations
BIO_vfree(3)        - BIO allocation and freeing functions
BIO_wpending(3)     - BIO control operations
BIO_write(3)        - BIO I/O functions
BIO_write_filename(3) - FILE bio
bison(1)            - GNU Project parser generator (yacc replacement)
bitmap(1)           - bitmap editor and converter utilities for the X Window System
BitmapBitOrder(3)   - image format functions and macros
bitmap(n)           - Images that display two colors
BitmapPad(3)        - image format functions and macros
BitmapUnit(3)       - image format functions and macros
Bit::Vector(3pm)    - Efficient bit vector, set of integers and "big int" math library
Bit::Vector::Overload(3pm) - Overloaded operators add-on for Bit::Vector
Bit::Vector::String(3pm) - Generic string import/export for Bit::Vector
bjavaloader(1)      - Barry Project's program to manage BlackBerry applications
bjdwp(1)            - Command line USB Blackberry Java Debug Wire Protocol
bkgd(3x)            - curses window background manipulation routines
bkgdset(3x)         - curses window background manipulation routines
bkgrnd(3x)          - curses window complex background manipulation routines
bkgrndset(3x)       - curses window complex background manipulation routines
BlackPixel(3)       - Display macros and functions
BlackPixelOfScreen(3) - screen information functions and macros
blazer(8)           - Driver for Megatec/Q1 protocol serial/USB based UPS equipment
blib(3pm)           - Use MakeMaker's uninstalled version of a package
B::Lint(3pm)        - Perl lint
B::Lint::Debug(3pm) - Adds debugging stringification to B::
blkid(8)            - command-line utility to locate/print block device attributes
blockdev(8)         - call block device ioctls from the command line
blowfish(3)         - Blowfish encryption
bluefish(1)         - editor for experienced web designers and programmers
bluetooth-applet(1) - GNOME applet for prompting the user for a Bluetooth passkey(PIN)
bluetoothd(8)       - Bluetooth daemon
bluetooth-properties(1) - GTK dialog for managing properties of the Linux Bluetooth stack
bluetooth-sendto(1) - GTK application for transfering files over Bluetooth
bluetooth-wizard(1) - GTK wizard for setting up devices with the Linux Bluetooth stack
bmp2tiff(1)         - create a TIFF file from a Microsoft Windows Device Independent Bitmap image file
bmptopnm(1)         - convert a BMP file into a PBM, PGM, or PNM image
bmptoppm(1)         - replaced by bmptopnm
bmtoa(1)            - bitmap editor and converter utilities for the X Window System
bn(3)               - multiprecision integer arithmetics
BN_add(3)           - arithmetic operations on BIGNUMs
BN_add_word(3)      - arithmetic functions on BIGNUMs with integers
bn_add_words(3)     - BIGNUM library internal functions
BN_bin2bn(3)        - format conversions
BN_BLINDING_convert(3) - blinding related BIGNUM functions.
BN_BLINDING_convert_ex(3) - blinding related BIGNUM functions.
BN_BLINDING_create_param(3) - blinding related BIGNUM functions.
BN_BLINDING_free(3) - blinding related BIGNUM functions.
BN_BLINDING_get_flags(3) - blinding related BIGNUM functions.
BN_BLINDING_get_thread_id(3) - blinding related BIGNUM functions.
BN_BLINDING_invert(3) - blinding related BIGNUM functions.
BN_BLINDING_invert_ex(3) - blinding related BIGNUM functions.
BN_BLINDING_new(3)  - blinding related BIGNUM functions.
BN_BLINDING_set_flags(3) - blinding related BIGNUM functions.
BN_BLINDING_set_thread_id(3) - blinding related BIGNUM functions.
BN_BLINDING_update(3) - blinding related BIGNUM functions.
BN_bn2bin(3)        - format conversions
BN_bn2dec(3)        - format conversions
BN_bn2hex(3)        - format conversions
BN_bn2mpi(3)        - format conversions
bn_check_top(3)     - BIGNUM library internal functions
BN_clear(3)         - allocate and free BIGNUMs
BN_clear_bit(3)     - bit operations on BIGNUMs
BN_clear_free(3)    - allocate and free BIGNUMs
BN_cmp(3)           - BIGNUM comparison and test functions
bn_cmp_words(3)     - BIGNUM library internal functions
BN_copy(3)          - copy BIGNUMs
BN_CTX_end(3)       - use temporary BIGNUM variables
BN_CTX_free(3)      - allocate and free BN_CTX structures
BN_CTX_get(3)       - use temporary BIGNUM variables
BN_CTX_init(3)      - allocate and free BN_CTX structures
BN_CTX_new(3)       - allocate and free BN_CTX structures
BN_CTX_start(3)     - use temporary BIGNUM variables
BN_dec2bn(3)        - format conversions
BN_div(3)           - arithmetic operations on BIGNUMs
BN_div_recp(3)      - modular multiplication using reciprocal
BN_div_word(3)      - arithmetic functions on BIGNUMs with integers
bn_div_words(3)     - BIGNUM library internal functions
bn_dump(3)          - BIGNUM library internal functions
BN_dup(3)           - copy BIGNUMs
BN_exp(3)           - arithmetic operations on BIGNUMs
bn_expand2(3)       - BIGNUM library internal functions
bn_expand(3)        - BIGNUM library internal functions
bn_fix_top(3)       - BIGNUM library internal functions
BN_free(3)          - allocate and free BIGNUMs
BN_from_montgomery(3) - Montgomery multiplication
BN_gcd(3)           - arithmetic operations on BIGNUMs
BN_generate_prime(3) - generate primes and test for primality
BN_get_word(3)      - BIGNUM assignment operations
BN_hex2bn(3)        - format conversions
BN_init(3)          - allocate and free BIGNUMs
bn_internal(3)      - BIGNUM library internal functions
BN_is_bit_set(3)    - bit operations on BIGNUMs
BN_is_odd(3)        - BIGNUM comparison and test functions
BN_is_one(3)        - BIGNUM comparison and test functions
BN_is_prime(3)      - generate primes and test for primality
BN_is_prime_fasttest(3) - generate primes and test for primality
BN_is_word(3)       - BIGNUM comparison and test functions
BN_is_zero(3)       - BIGNUM comparison and test functions
BN_lshift1(3)       - bit operations on BIGNUMs
BN_lshift(3)        - bit operations on BIGNUMs
BN_mask_bits(3)     - bit operations on BIGNUMs
BN_mod(3)           - arithmetic operations on BIGNUMs
BN_mod_add(3)       - arithmetic operations on BIGNUMs
BN_mod_exp(3)       - arithmetic operations on BIGNUMs
BN_mod_inverse(3)   - compute inverse modulo n
BN_mod_mul(3)       - arithmetic operations on BIGNUMs
BN_mod_mul_montgomery(3) - Montgomery multiplication
BN_mod_mul_reciprocal(3) - modular multiplication using reciprocal
BN_mod_sqr(3)       - arithmetic operations on BIGNUMs
BN_mod_sub(3)       - arithmetic operations on BIGNUMs
BN_mod_word(3)      - arithmetic functions on BIGNUMs with integers
BN_MONT_CTX_copy(3) - Montgomery multiplication
BN_MONT_CTX_free(3) - Montgomery multiplication
BN_MONT_CTX_init(3) - Montgomery multiplication
BN_MONT_CTX_new(3)  - Montgomery multiplication
BN_MONT_CTX_set(3)  - Montgomery multiplication
BN_mpi2bn(3)        - format conversions
BN_mul(3)           - arithmetic operations on BIGNUMs
bn_mul_add_words(3) - BIGNUM library internal functions
bn_mul_comba4(3)    - BIGNUM library internal functions
bn_mul_comba8(3)    - BIGNUM library internal functions
bn_mul_high(3)      - BIGNUM library internal functions
bn_mul_low_normal(3) - BIGNUM library internal functions
bn_mul_low_recursive(3) - BIGNUM library internal functions
bn_mul_normal(3)    - BIGNUM library internal functions
bn_mul_part_recursive(3) - BIGNUM library internal functions
bn_mul_recursive(3) - BIGNUM library internal functions
BN_mul_word(3)      - arithmetic functions on BIGNUMs with integers
bn_mul_words(3)     - BIGNUM library internal functions
BN_new(3)           - allocate and free BIGNUMs
BN_nnmod(3)         - arithmetic operations on BIGNUMs
BN_num_bits(3)      - get BIGNUM size
BN_num_bits_word(3) - get BIGNUM size
BN_num_bytes(3)     - get BIGNUM size
BN_one(3)           - BIGNUM assignment operations
bn_print(3)         - BIGNUM library internal functions
BN_print(3)         - format conversions
BN_print_fp(3)      - format conversions
BN_pseudo_rand(3)   - generate pseudo-random number
BN_rand(3)          - generate pseudo-random number
BN_RECP_CTX_free(3) - modular multiplication using reciprocal
BN_RECP_CTX_init(3) - modular multiplication using reciprocal
BN_RECP_CTX_new(3)  - modular multiplication using reciprocal
BN_RECP_CTX_set(3)  - modular multiplication using reciprocal
BN_rshift1(3)       - bit operations on BIGNUMs
BN_rshift(3)        - bit operations on BIGNUMs
BN_set_bit(3)       - bit operations on BIGNUMs
bn_set_high(3)      - BIGNUM library internal functions
bn_set_low(3)       - BIGNUM library internal functions
bn_set_max(3)       - BIGNUM library internal functions
BN_set_word(3)      - BIGNUM assignment operations
BN_sqr(3)           - arithmetic operations on BIGNUMs
bn_sqr_comba4(3)    - BIGNUM library internal functions
bn_sqr_comba8(3)    - BIGNUM library internal functions
bn_sqr_normal(3)    - BIGNUM library internal functions
bn_sqr_recursive(3) - BIGNUM library internal functions
bn_sqr_words(3)     - BIGNUM library internal functions
BN_sub(3)           - arithmetic operations on BIGNUMs
BN_sub_word(3)      - arithmetic functions on BIGNUMs with integers
bn_sub_words(3)     - BIGNUM library internal functions
BN_swap(3)          - exchange BIGNUMs
BN_to_montgomery(3) - Montgomery multiplication
BN_ucmp(3)          - BIGNUM comparison and test functions
BN_value_one(3)     - BIGNUM assignment operations
bn_wexpand(3)       - BIGNUM library internal functions
BN_zero(3)          - BIGNUM assignment operations
body_checks(5)      - Postfix built-in content inspection
bogofilter(1)       - fast Bayesian spam filter
bogolexer(1)        - Utility program for separating email messages into tokens
bogotune(1)         - find optimum parameter settings for bogofilter
bogoupgrade(1)      - upgrades bogofilter database to current version
bogoutil(1)         - Dumps, loads, and maintains bogofilter database files
bonobo-activation-server(1) - GNOME component tracker
boolstuff(3)        - Disjunctive Normal Form boolean expression C++ library
boot(7)             - General description of boot sequence
bootlogd(8)         - record boot messages
bootparam(7)        - Introduction to boot time parameters of the Linux kernel
bootparamd(8)       - boot parameter server
border(3x)          - create curses borders, horizontal and vertical lines
border_set(3x)      - create curses borders or lines using complex characters and renditions
bottom_panel(3x)    - panel stack extension for curses
bounce(5)           - Postfix bounce message template format
bounce(8)           - Postfix delivery status reports
box(3x)             - create curses borders, horizontal and vertical lines
box_set(3x)         - create curses borders or lines using complex characters and renditions
brasero(1)          - Simple and easy to use CD/DVD burning application for the Gnome Desktop
break(1)            - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
break(2)            - unimplemented system calls
break(n)            - Abort looping command
brecsum(1)          - Generate SHA1 sums of raw Blackberry database records.
breset(1)           - Reset Blackberry devices via software.
brk(2)              - change data segment size
brltty(1)           - refreshable braille display driver for Linux/Unix
brushtopbm(1)       - convert a doodle brush file into a PBM image
bs11nread(1)        - Barry Project's program to read database serialization files.
BSD::Resource(3pm)  - BSD process resource limit and priority functions
bsd_signal(3)       - signal handling with BSD semantics
bsearch(3)          - binary search of a sorted array
B::Showlex(3pm)     - Show lexical variables used in functions or files
bsqldb(1)           - batch SQL script processor using db-lib
bsqlodbc(1)         - batch SQL script processor using ODBC
bstring(3)          - byte string operations
B::Terse(3pm)       - Walk Perl syntax tree, printing terse info about ops
btool(1)            - Barry Project's program to interface with BlackBerry handheld
btowc(3)            - convert single byte to wide character
btree(3)            - btree database access method
buffchan(8)         - Buffered file-writing backend for INN
buffer(1)           - very fast reblocking program
buffer(3)           - simple character arrays structure
buffindexed.conf(5) - Configuration for the buffindexed overview method
BUF_MEM_free(3)     - simple character arrays structure
BUF_MEM_grow(3)     - simple character arrays structure
BUF_MEM_new(3)      - simple character arrays structure
BUF_strdup(3)       - simple character arrays structure
bug-buddy(1)        - graphical bug reporting tool
build-classpath(1)  - build a Java CLASSPATH with the named JARs
build-jar-repository(1) - create a symbolic link to a JAR
builtin(1)          - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
builtins(1)         - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
Bundle::Apache2(3pm) - Install Apache mod_perl2 and related modules
Bundle::ApacheTest(3pm) - A bundle to install all Apache-Test related modules
Bundle::DBD::mysql(3pm) - A bundle to install Perl drivers for MySQL
Bundle::DBI(3pm)    - A bundle to install DBI and required modules.
Bundle::LWP(3pm)    - install all libwww-perl related modules
Bundle::Net::LDAP(3pm) - A bundle for Net::LDAP
bunzip2(1)          - a block-sorting file compressor, v1.0.4
busy(n)             - confine pointer and keyboard events to a window sub-tree
button(n)           - Create and manipulate button widgets
B::Xref(3pm)        - Generates cross reference reports for Perl programs
byacc(1)            - GNU Project parser generator
byteorder(3)        - convert values between host and network byte order
bytes(3pm)          - Perl pragma to force byte semantics rather than character semantics
bzadmin(6)          - a text based client for BZFlag
bzcat(1)            - decompresses files to stdout
bzdiff(1)           - compare bzip2 compressed files
bzero(3)            - write zero-valued bytes
bzflag(6)           - a tank battle game
bzfquery(6)         - Contact a bzflag server and print the game status
bzfs(6)             - BZFlag game server
bzgrep(1)           - search possibly bzip2 compressed files for a regular expression
bzip2(1)            - a block-sorting file compressor, v1.0.4
bzip2recover(1)     - recovers data from damaged bzip2 files
bzme(1)             - recompress gziped, ziped, ... files into bzip2
bzmore(1)           - file perusal filter for crt viewing of bzip2 compressed text
bzw(5)              - BZFlag world file format
bzz(1)              - DjVu general purpose compression utility.
c2ph(1)             - Dump C structures as generated from `cc - g - S' stabs
c44(1)              - DjVuPhoto encode.
ca(1)               - sample minimal CA application
cabextract(1)       - program to extract files from Microsoft cabinet (.cab) archives
cabs(3)             - absolute value of a complex number
cabsf(3)            - absolute value of a complex number
cabsl(3)            - absolute value of a complex number
cacheflush(2)       - flush contents of instruction and/or data cache
cachemgr.cgi(8)     - squid HTTP proxy manager interface
cacos(3)            - complex arc cosine
cacosf(3)           - complex arc cosine
cacosh(3)           - complex arc hyperbolic cosine
cacoshf(3)          - complex arc hyperbolic cosine
cacoshl(3)          - complex arc hyperbolic cosine
cacosl(3)           - complex arc cosine
Cairo(3pm)          - Perl interface to the cairo library
cal(1)              - displays a calendar
caller(1)           - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
callgrind_annotate(1) - post-processing tool for the Callgrind
callgrind_control(1) - observe and control programs being run by Callgrind
calloc(3)           - Allocate and free dynamic memory
callrpc(3)          - library routines for remote procedure calls
cameratopam(1)      - convert raw camera image to PAM
cancel-cups(1)      - cancel jobs
can_change_color(3x) - curses color manipulation routines
canonical(5)        - Postfix canonical table format
canonicalize_file_name(3) - return the canonicalized filename
canvas(n)           - Create and manipulate canvas widgets
capabilities(7)     - overview of Linux capabilities
cap_clear(3)        - capability data object manipulation
cap_clear_flag(3)   - capability data object manipulation
cap_compare(3)      - capability data object manipulation
cap_copy_ext(3)     - capability state external representation translation
cap_copy_int(3)     - capability state external representation translation
cap_dup(3)          - capability data object storage management
cap_free(3)         - capability data object storage management
cap_from_name(3)    - capability state textual representation translation
cap_from_text(3)    - capability state textual representation translation
capget(2)           - set/get capabilities of thread(s)
cap_get_fd(3)       - capability manipulation on files
cap_get_file(3)     - capability manipulation on files
cap_get_flag(3)     - capability data object manipulation
capgetp(3)          - capability manipulation on processes
cap_get_pid(3)      - capability manipulation on processes
cap_get_proc(3)     - capability manipulation on processes
capiinfo(8)         - Show supported features of all installed CAPI2.0 controllers
cap_init(3)         - capability data object storage management
capiplugin(8)       - Plugin for pppd (Point-to-Point Protocol daemon)            - friendlier interface for OpenSSL certificate programs
capset(2)           - set/get capabilities of thread(s)
cap_set_fd(3)       - capability manipulation on files
cap_set_file(3)     - capability manipulation on files
cap_set_flag(3)     - capability data object manipulation
capsetp(3)          - capability manipulation on processes
cap_set_proc(3)     - capability manipulation on processes
capsh(1)            - capability shell wrapper
cap_size(3)         - capability state external representation translation
captoinfo(1m)       - convert a termcap description into a terminfo description
cap_to_name(3)      - capability state textual representation translation
cap_to_text(3)      - capability state textual representation translation
card(1)             - print reference card of program options
cardos-tool(1)      - displays information about Card OS-based security tokens or format them
carg(3)             - calculate the argument
cargf(3)            - calculate the argument
cargl(3)            - calculate the argument
Carp(3pm)           - warn of errors (from perspective of caller)
Carp::Clan(3pm)     - Report errors from perspective of caller of a "clan" of modules
Carp::Heavy(3pm)    - heavy machinery, no user serviceable parts inside
case(n)             - Evaluate one of several scripts, depending on a given value
casin(3)            - complex arc sine
casinf(3)           - complex arc sine
casinh(3)           - complex arc sine hyperbolic
casinhf(3)          - complex arc sine hyperbolic
casinhl(3)          - complex arc sine hyperbolic
casinl(3)           - complex arc sine
cat(1)              - concatenate files and print on the standard output
catan(3)            - complex arc tangents
catanf(3)           - complex arc tangents
catanh(3)           - complex arc tangents hyperbolic
catanhf(3)          - complex arc tangents hyperbolic
catanhl(3)          - complex arc tangents hyperbolic
catanl(3)           - complex arc tangents
catch(n)            - Evaluate script and trap exceptional returns
catclose(3)         - open/close a message catalog
catgets(3)          - get message from a message catalog
catopen(3)          - open/close a message catalog
cbc_crypt(3)        - fast DES encryption
cbreak(3x)          - curses input options
cbrt(3)             - cube root function
cbrtf(3)            - cube root function
cbrtl(3)            - cube root function
ccache-swig(1)      - a fast compiler cache
ccmake(1)           - Curses Interface for CMake.
ccomps(1)           - connected components filter for graphs
ccos(3)             - complex cosine function
ccosf(3)            - complex cosine function
ccosh(3)            - complex hyperbolic cosine
ccoshf(3)           - complex hyperbolic cosine
ccoshl(3)           - complex hyperbolic cosine
ccosl(3)            - complex cosine function
ccp(1)              - A program that parses and upgrades configuration files
cd(1)               - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
cdda2ogg(1)         - extract audio CD audio tracks and encode them
cd(n)               - Change working directory
cdp(1)              - an interactive text-mode program for controlling and playing audio CD Roms under Linux.
cdparanoia(1)       - (unknown subject)
cdrdao(1)           - reads and writes CDs in disc-at-once mode
cdt(3)              - container data types
cdxa2mpeg(1)        - manual page for cdxa2mpeg 0.7.23
ceil(3)             - ceiling function: smallest integral value not less than argument
ceilf(3)            - ceiling function: smallest integral value not less than argument
ceill(3)            - ceiling function: smallest integral value not less than argument
CellsOfScreen(3)    - screen information functions and macros
cerf(3)             - complex error function
cerfc(3)            - complex error function
cerfcf(3)           - complex error function
cerfcl(3)           - complex error function
cerff(3)            - complex error function
cerfl(3)            - complex error function
certmgr(1)          - Mono Certificate Manager (CLI version)
certtool(1)         - Manipulate certificates and keys.
cervisia(1)         - Graphical CVS frontend
cexp2(3)            - base-2 exponent of a complex number
cexp2f(3)           - base-2 exponent of a complex number
cexp2l(3)           - base-2 exponent of a complex number
cexp(3)             - complex exponential function
cexpf(3)            - complex exponential function
cexpl(3)            - complex exponential function
cfdisk(8)           - Curses based disk partition table manipulator for Linux
cfgetispeed(3)      - get and set terminal attributes, line control, get and set baud rate
cfgetospeed(3)      - get and set terminal attributes, line control, get and set baud rate
c++filt(1)          - Demangle C++ and Java symbols.
cfmakeraw(3)        - get and set terminal attributes, line control, get and set baud rate
cfree(3)            - free allocated memory
cfsetispeed(3)      - get and set terminal attributes, line control, get and set baud rate
cfsetospeed(3)      - get and set terminal attributes, line control, get and set baud rate
cfsetspeed(3)       - get and set terminal attributes, line control, get and set baud rate
cftp(1)             - Conch command-line SFTP client
cg_annotate(1)      - post-processing tool for Cachegrind
CGI(3pm)            - Handle Common Gateway Interface requests and responses
CGI::Apache(3pm)    - Backward compatibility module for
CGI::Carp(3pm)      - CGI routines for writing to the HTTPD (or other) error log
CGI::Cookie(3pm)    - Interface to Netscape Cookies
CGI::Pretty(3pm)    - module to produce nicely formatted HTML code
CGI::Push(3pm)      - Simple Interface to Server Push
CGI::Switch(3pm)    - Backward compatibility module for defunct CGI::Switch
CGI::Util(3pm)      - Internal utilities used by CGI module
cgraph(3)           - abstract graph library
chacl(1)            - change the access control list of a file or directory
chage(1)            - change user password expiry information
chan(n)             - Read, write and manipulate channels
charmap(5)          - character symbols to define character encodings
charnames(3pm)      - define character names for `\N{named}' string literal escapes
charsets(7)         - programmer's view of character sets and internationalization
chat(8)             - Automated conversational script with a modem
chattr(1)           - change file attributes on a Linux file system
chbg(1)             - root background image changer & manager for X
chcon(1)            - change file security context
chdir(2)            - change working directory
cheatmake(1)        - fool make into not rebuilding certain files
checkbutton(n)      - Create and manipulate checkbutton widgets
checkgroups(8)      - update group descriptions
checkpoint(7)       - force a transaction log checkpoint
check-regexp(1)     - test regular expressions from the command line
checkXML(1)         - An XML lint tool for KDE DocBook XML documents.
chem(1)             - groff preprocessor for producing chemical structure diagrams
chfn(1)             - change your finger information
chgat(3x)           - curses character and window attribute control routines
chgrp(1)            - change group ownership
chkconfig(8)        - updates and queries runlevel information for system services
chk_cyrus(8)        - perform a consistency check of the cyrus mailstore
chktrust(1)         - Check the trust of a PE executable.
chmod(1)            - change file mode bits
chmod(2)            - change permissions of a file
choptest(8c)        - page chopping test program
chown(1)            - change file owner and group
chown(2)            - change ownership of a file
chown32(2)          - change ownership of a file
chpasswd(8)         - update passwords in batch mode
chromium-browser(1) - the web browser from Google
chromium-bsu(6)     - slick scrolling space shooter
chroot(1)           - run command or interactive shell with special root directory
chroot(2)           - change root directory
chrt(1)             - manipulate real-time attributes of a process
chsh(1)             - change your login shell
chvt(1)             - change foreground virtual terminal
ci(1)               - check in RCS revisions
c-icap(8)           - ICAP filtering server
cidr_table(5)       - format of Postfix CIDR tables
cifs.upcall3(8)     - Userspace upcall helper for Common Internet File System(CIFS)
cifs.upcall(8)      - Userspace upcall helper for Common Internet File System(CIFS)
cimag(3)            - get imaginary part of a complex number
cimagf(3)           - get imaginary part of a complex number
cimagl(3)           - get imaginary part of a complex number
ciphers(1)          - SSL cipher display and cipher list tool.
ciptool(1)          - Bluetooth Common ISDN Access Profile(CIP)
circo(1)            - filter for circular layout of graphs
cirrus(4)           - Cirrus Logic video driver
cisco-decrypt(1)    - decrypts an obfuscated Cisco vpn client pre-shared key
cistopbm(1)         - convert Compuserve RLE image to PBM
citron(4)           - Citron Infrared Touch Driver(CiTouch)
cjb2(1)             - Simple DjVuBitonal encoder.
cjpeg(1)            - compress an image file to a JPEG file
ckalloc(3)          - allocate or free heap memory
ckeygen(1)          - connect to SSH servers
ckfree(3)           - allocate or free heap memory
ckpasswd(8)         - nnrpd password authenticator
ckrealloc(3)        - allocate or free heap memory
cksum(1)            - checksum and count the bytes in a file
clamconf(1)         - Clam AntiVirus configuration utility
clamd(8)            - an anti-virus daemon
clamd.conf(5)       - Configuration file for Clam AntiVirus Daemon
clamdscan(1)        - scan files and directories for viruses using Clam AntiVirus Daemon
clamdtop(1)         - monitor the Clam AntiVirus Daemon
clamscan(1)         - scan files and directories for viruses
Class::Data::Inheritable(3pm) - Inheritable, overridable class data
classes.conf(5)     - class configuration file for cups
Class::ISA(3pm)     - - report the search path for a class's ISA tree
Class::Singleton(3pm) - Implementation of a "Singleton" class
Class::Struct(3pm)  - declare struct-like datatypes as Perl classes
cleanup(8)          - canonicalize and enqueue Postfix message
cleanup_digikamdb(1) - Cleanup the digiKam databases to reduce their sizes and increase access speed
clear(1)            - clear the terminal screen
clear(3x)           - clear all or part of a curses window
clearenv(3)         - clear the environment
clearerr(3)         - check and reset stream status
clearerr_unlocked(3) - nonlocking stdio functions
clearok(3x)         - curses output options
cli(9)              - disable/enable interrupts
client.conf(5)      - client configuration file for cups
ClientWhitePointOfCCC(3) - Color Conversion Context macros
clipboard(n)        - Manipulate Tk clipboard
clisp(1)            - ANSI Common Lisp compiler, interpreter and debugger.
clnt_broadcast(3)   - library routines for remote procedure calls
clnt_call(3)        - library routines for remote procedure calls
clnt_control(3)     - library routines for remote procedure calls
clnt_create(3)      - library routines for remote procedure calls
clnt_destroy(3)     - library routines for remote procedure calls
clnt_freeres(3)     - library routines for remote procedure calls
clnt_geterr(3)      - library routines for remote procedure calls
clnt_pcreateerror(3) - library routines for remote procedure calls
clnt_perrno(3)      - library routines for remote procedure calls
clnt_perror(3)      - library routines for remote procedure calls
clntraw_create(3)   - library routines for remote procedure calls
clnt_spcreateerror(3) - library routines for remote procedure calls
clnt_sperrno(3)     - library routines for remote procedure calls
clnt_sperror(3)     - library routines for remote procedure calls
clnttcp_create(3)   - library routines for remote procedure calls
clntudp_bufcreate(3) - library routines for remote procedure calls
clntudp_create(3)   - library routines for remote procedure calls
clock(3)            - Determine processor time
clockdiff(8)        - measure clock difference between hosts
clock_getcpuclockid(3) - obtain ID of a process CPU-time clock
clock_getres(2)     - clock and time functions
clock_getres(3)     - clock and time functions
clock_gettime(2)    - clock and time functions
clock_gettime(3)    - clock and time functions
clock_nanosleep(2)  - high-resolution sleep with specifiable clock
clock(n)            - Obtain and manipulate dates and times
clock_settime(2)    - clock and time functions
clock_settime(3)    - clock and time functions
clog10(3)           - base-10 logarithm of a complex number
clog10f(3)          - base-10 logarithm of a complex number
clog10l(3)          - base-10 logarithm of a complex number
clog2(3)            - base-2 logarithm of a complex number
clog2f(3)           - base-2 logarithm of a complex number
clog2l(3)           - base-2 logarithm of a complex number
clog(3)             - natural logarithm of a complex number
clogf(3)            - natural logarithm of a complex number
clogl(3)            - natural logarithm of a complex number
__clone2(2)         - create a child process
clone2(2)           - create a child process
clone(2)            - create a child process
clone(8)            - UPS driver clone
close(2)            - close a file descriptor
close(7)            - close a cursor
closedir(3)         - close a directory
closelog(3)         - send messages to the system logger
close(n)            - Close an open channel
clrtobot(3x)        - clear all or part of a curses window
clrtoeol(3x)        - clear all or part of a curses window
cluster(7)          - cluster a table according to an index
clusterdb(1)        - cluster a PostgreSQL database
clvmd(8)            - cluster LVM daemon
cmake(1)            - Cross-Platform Makefile Generator.
cmakecommands(1)    - Reference of available CMake commands.
cmakecompat(1)      - Reference of CMake compatibility commands.
cmake-gui(1)        - CMake GUI.
cmakemodules(1)     - Reference of available CMake modules.
cmakepolicies(1)    - Reference of CMake policies.
cmakeprops(1)       - Reference of CMake properties.
cmakevars(1)        - Reference of CMake variables.
cmirrord(8)         - cluster mirror log daemon
cmp(1)              - compare two files byte by byte
cms(1)              - CMS utility
CMS_add0_cert(3)    - CMS certificate and CRL utility functions
CMS_add0_crl(3)     - CMS certificate and CRL utility functions
CMS_add0_recipient_key(3) - add recipients to a CMS enveloped data structure
CMS_add1_cert(3)    - CMS certificate and CRL utility functions
CMS_add1_ReceiptRequest(3) - CMS signed receipt request functions.
CMS_add1_recipient_cert(3) - add recipients to a CMS enveloped data structure
CMS_compress(3)     - create a CMS CompressedData structure
CMS_decrypt(3)      - decrypt content from a CMS envelopedData structure
CMS_encrypt(3)      - create a CMS envelopedData structure
CMS_final(3)        - finalise a CMS_ContentInfo structure
cmsg(3)             - Access ancillary data
CMSG_ALIGN(3)       - Access ancillary data
CMS_get0_eContentType(3) - get and set CMS content types
CMS_get0_RecipientInfos(3) - CMS envelopedData RecipientInfo routines
CMS_get0_SignerInfos(3) - CMS signedData signer functions.
CMS_get0_type(3)    - get and set CMS content types
CMS_get1_certs(3)   - CMS certificate and CRL utility functions
CMS_get1_crls(3)    - CMS certificate and CRL utility functions
CMS_get1_ReceiptRequest(3) - CMS signed receipt request functions.
CMSG_FIRSTHDR(3)    - Access ancillary data
CMSG_NXTHDR(3)      - Access ancillary data
CMSG_SPACE(3)       - Access ancillary data
CMS_ReceiptRequest_create0(3) - CMS signed receipt request functions.
CMS_ReceiptRequest_get0_values(3) - CMS signed receipt request functions.
CMS_RecipientInfo_decrypt(3) - CMS envelopedData RecipientInfo routines
CMS_RecipientInfo_kekri_get0_id(3) - CMS envelopedData RecipientInfo routines
CMS_RecipientInfo_kekri_id_cmp(3) - CMS envelopedData RecipientInfo routines
CMS_RecipientInfo_ktri_cert_cmp(3) - CMS envelopedData RecipientInfo routines
CMS_RecipientInfo_ktri_get0_signer_id(3) - CMS envelopedData RecipientInfo routines
CMS_RecipientInfo_set0_key(3) - CMS envelopedData RecipientInfo routines
CMS_RecipientInfo_set0_pkey(3) - CMS envelopedData RecipientInfo routines
CMS_RecipientInfo_type(3) - CMS envelopedData RecipientInfo routines
CMS_set1_eContentType(3) - get and set CMS content types
CMS_set1_signer_certs(3) - CMS signedData signer functions.
CMS_sign(3)         - create a CMS SignedData structure
CMS_sign_add1_signer(3) - add a signer to a CMS_ContentInfo signed data structure.
CMS_SignerInfo_cert_cmp(3) - CMS signedData signer functions.
CMS_SignerInfo_get0_signer_id(3) - CMS signedData signer functions.
CMS_SignerInfo_sign(3) - add a signer to a CMS_ContentInfo signed data structure.
CMS_sign_receipt(3) - create a CMS signed receipt
CMS_uncompress(3)   - uncompress a CMS CompressedData structure
CMS_verify(3)       - verify a CMS SignedData structure
CMS_verify_receipt(3) - verify a CMS signed receipt
cmuwmtopbm(1)       - convert a CMU window manager bitmap into a PBM image
cnfsheadconf(8)     - Read and write CNFS headers
cnfsstat(8)         - Show usage of CNFS buffers
cntlist(5)          - file listing number of times each tagged sense occurs in a semantic concordance, sorted most to least frequently tagged
co(1)               - check out RCS revisions
col(1)              - filter reverse line feeds from input
colcrt(1)           - filter nroff output for CRT previewing
color_content(3x)   - curses color manipulation routines
COLOR_PAIR(3x)      - curses color manipulation routines
color_set(3x)       - curses character and window attribute control routines
colors(n)           - symbolic color names recognized by Tk
colorsvn(1)         - Subversion output colorizer.
colrm(1)            - remove columns from a file
column(1)           - columnate lists
columns(1)          - Columnize Input Text
com_err(3)          - common error display routine
comgt(1)            - Option GlobeTrotter GPRS/EDGE/3G/HSDPA and Vodafone 3G/GPRS datacard control tool
comm(1)             - compare two sorted files line by line
command(1)          - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
comment(7)          - define or change the comment of an object
commit(7)           - commit the current transaction
commit_prepared(7)  - (unknown subject)
compare(1)          - mathematically and visually annotate the difference between an image and its reconstruction.
compface(1)         - compress and expand 48x48x1 face image files
compgen(1)          - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
compile_et(1)       - error table compiler
complete(1)         - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
complex(5)          - basics of complex mathematics
complex(7)          - basics of complex mathematics
compopt(1)          - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
Compose(5)          - X client mappings for multi-key input sequences
composite(1)        - overlaps one image over another.
compress(1)         - compress and expand data
Compress::Raw::Bzip2(3pm) - Low-Level Interface to bzip2 compression library
Compress::Raw::Zlib(3pm) - Low-Level Interface to zlib compression library
Compress::Zlib(3pm) - Interface to zlib compression library
concat(n)           - Join lists together
conch(1)            - Conch SSH client
Config(3pm)         - access Perl configuration information
config(5)           - OpenSSL CONF library configuration files
config_data(1)      - Query or change configuration of Perl modules
Config::Extensions(3pm) - hash lookup of which core extensions were built.
configFileLoad(3)   - parse a configuration file
Config::General(3pm) - Generic Config Module
Config::General::Extended(3pm) - Extended access to Config files
Config::General::Interpolated(3pm) - Parse variables within Config files
config.guess(1)     - guess the build system triplet
Config::IniFiles(3pm) - A module for reading .ini-style configuration files.
config.sub(1)       - validate and canonicalize a configuration triplet
Configure(3)        - (unknown subject)
Configure::Writer(3) - (unknown subject)
config-util(5)      - Common PAM configuration file for configuration utilities
CONF_modules_finish(3) - OpenSSL configuration cleanup functions
CONF_modules_free(3) - OpenSSL configuration cleanup functions
CONF_modules_load(3) - OpenSSL configuration functions
CONF_modules_load_file(3) - OpenSSL configuration functions
CONF_modules_unload(3) - OpenSSL configuration cleanup functions
confstr(3)          - get configuration dependent string variables
conj(3)             - calculate the complex conjugate
conjf(3)            - calculate the complex conjugate
conjl(3)            - calculate the complex conjugate
conjure(1)          - interprets and executes scripts written in the Magick Scripting Language(MSL).
connect(2)          - initiate a connection on a socket
ConnectionNumber(3) - Display macros and functions
console.apps(5)     - specify console-accessible privileged applications
console_codes(4)    - Linux console escape and control sequences
console.handlers(5) - file specifying handlers of console lock and unlock events
consolehelper(8)    - A wrapper that helps console users run system programs
consolehelper-gtk(8) - A helper program for consolehelper
console_ioctl(4)    - ioctl's for console terminal and virtual consoles
console(n)          - Control the console on systems without a real console
console.perms(5)    - permissions control file for users at the system console
consoletype(1)      - print type of the console connected to standard input
constant(3pm)       - Perl pragma to declare constants
continue(1)         - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
continue(n)         - Skip to the next iteration of a loop
controlchan(8)      - channel-fed control message handler
control.ctl(5)      - Specify handling of Usenet control messages
convcard(1)         - converts a vCard version 2.1 in a vCard version 3.0 and vice versa
convdate(1)         - Convert to/from RFC 2822 dates and seconds since epoch
convert(1)          - convert between image formats as well as resize an image, blur, crop, despeckle, dither, draw on, flip, join, re-sample, and ...
Convert::ASN1(3pm)  - ASN.1 Encode/Decode library
Convert::BinHex(3pm) - extract data from Macintosh BinHex files
convertquota(8)     - convert quota from old file format to new one
Convert::TNEF(3pm)  - Perl module to read TNEF files
Convert::UUlib(3pm) - Perl interface to the uulib library (a.k.a. uudeview/uuenview).
cooledit(1)         - Full featured text editor for the X Window System, Version 11.
coolman(1)          - Man page reader for the X Window System based on the Coolwidget library.
copy(7)             - copy data between a file and a table
copydir(1)          - copy, mirror directory trees via a minimal set of changes, locally or over FTP, or over a secure tcp connection.
copysign(3)         - copy sign of a number
copysignf(3)        - copy sign of a number
copysignl(3)        - copy sign of a number
copywin(3x)         - overlay and manipulate overlapped curses windows
CORE(3pm)           - Pseudo-namespace for Perl's core routines
core(5)             - core dump file
corelist(1)         - a commandline frontend to Module::CoreList
cos(3)              - cosine function
cosf(3)             - cosine function
cosh(3)             - hyperbolic cosine function
coshf(3)            - hyperbolic cosine function
coshl(3)            - hyperbolic cosine function
cosl(3)             - cosine function
cp1251(7)           - the CP 1251 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
cp(1)               - copy files and directories
cpack(1)            - Packaging driver provided by CMake.
cpaldjvu(1)         - DjVuDocument encoder for low-color images.
cpan(1)             - easily interact with CPAN from the command line
cpan2dist(1)        - The CPANPLUS distribution creator
CPAN(3pm)           - query, download and build perl modules from CPAN sites
CPAN::API::HOWTO(3pm) - a recipe book for programming with
CPAN::Distroprefs(3pm) - - read and match distroprefs
CPAN::FirstTime(3pm) - Utility for CPAN::Config file Initialization
CPAN::Kwalify(3pm)  - Interface between and
CPAN::Nox(3pm)      - Wrapper around without using any XS module
cpanp(1)            - The CPANPLUS launcher
CPANPLUS(3pm)       - API & CLI access to the CPAN mirrors
CPANPLUS::Backend(3pm) - (unknown subject)
CPANPLUS::Backend::RV(3pm) - (unknown subject)
CPANPLUS::Config(3pm) - (unknown subject)
CPANPLUS::Configure(3pm) - (unknown subject)
CPANPLUS::Dist(3pm) - (unknown subject)
CPANPLUS::Dist::Autobundle(3pm) - (unknown subject)
CPANPLUS::Dist::Base(3pm) - Base class for custom distribution classes
CPANPLUS::Dist::MM(3pm) - (unknown subject)
CPANPLUS::Dist::Sample(3pm) - - Sample code to create your own Dist::* plugin
CPANPLUS::Error(3pm) - (unknown subject)
CPANPLUS::FAQ(3pm)  - (unknown subject)
CPANPLUS::Hacking(3pm) - (unknown subject)
CPANPLUS::Internals(3pm) - (unknown subject)
CPANPLUS::Internals::Extract(3pm) - (unknown subject)
CPANPLUS::Internals::Fetch(3pm) - (unknown subject)
CPANPLUS::Internals::Report(3pm) - (unknown subject)
CPANPLUS::Internals::Search(3pm) - (unknown subject)
CPANPLUS::Internals::Source(3pm) - (unknown subject)
CPANPLUS::Internals::Source::Memory(3pm) - In memory implementation
CPANPLUS::Internals::Source::SQLite(3pm) - SQLite implementation
CPANPLUS::Internals::Utils(3pm) - (unknown subject)
CPANPLUS::Module(3pm) - (unknown subject)
CPANPLUS::Module::Author(3pm) - (unknown subject)
CPANPLUS::Module::Author::Fake(3pm) - (unknown subject)
CPANPLUS::Module::Checksums(3pm) - (unknown subject)
CPANPLUS::Module::Fake(3pm) - (unknown subject)
CPANPLUS::Selfupdate(3pm) - (unknown subject)
CPANPLUS::Shell(3pm) - (unknown subject)
CPANPLUS::Shell::Classic(3pm) - emulation for CPANPLUS
CPANPLUS::Shell::Default(3pm) - (unknown subject)
CPANPLUS::Shell::Default::Plugins::CustomSource(3pm) - (unknown subject)
CPANPLUS::Shell::Default::Plugins::HOWTO(3pm) - - documentation on how to write your own plugins
CPANPLUS::Shell::Default::Plugins::Remote(3pm) - (unknown subject)
CPANPLUS::Shell::Default::Plugins::Source(3pm) - (unknown subject)
cpansign(1)         - CPAN signature management utility
CPAN::Version(3pm)  - utility functions to compare CPAN versions
cpio(1)             - copy files to and from archives
cpio-filter(1)      - transform a cpio archive
cpow(3)             - complex power function
cpowf(3)            - complex power function
cpowl(3)            - complex power function
cpp(1)              - The C Preprocessor
cpqarrayd(1)        - Arraycontoller monitoringdaemon
cproj(3)            - project into Riemann Sphere
cprojf(3)           - project into Riemann Sphere
cprojl(3)           - project into Riemann Sphere
CPU_ALLOC(3)        - macros for manipulating CPU sets
CPU_ALLOC_SIZE(3)   - macros for manipulating CPU sets
CPU_AND(3)          - macros for manipulating CPU sets
CPU_AND_S(3)        - macros for manipulating CPU sets
CPU_CLR(3)          - macros for manipulating CPU sets
CPU_CLR_S(3)        - macros for manipulating CPU sets
CPU_COUNT(3)        - macros for manipulating CPU sets
CPU_COUNT_S(3)      - macros for manipulating CPU sets
CPU_EQUAL(3)        - macros for manipulating CPU sets
CPU_EQUAL_S(3)      - macros for manipulating CPU sets
CPU_FREE(3)         - macros for manipulating CPU sets
cpufreqd(8)         - intelligently monitor and manipulate CPU frequency
cpufreqd.conf(5)    - configuration file for cpufreqd(1)
cpufreqd-get(1)     - Issues "get" commands to cpufreqd.
cpufreqd-set(1)     - Issues "set" commands to cpufreqd.
cpuid(4)            - x86 CPUID access device
CPU_ISSET(3)        - macros for manipulating CPU sets
CPU_ISSET_S(3)      - macros for manipulating CPU sets
CPU_OR(3)           - macros for manipulating CPU sets
CPU_OR_S(3)         - macros for manipulating CPU sets
CPU_SET(3)          - macros for manipulating CPU sets
cpuset(7)           - confine processes to processor and memory node subsets
CPU_SET_S(3)        - macros for manipulating CPU sets
CPU_XOR(3)          - macros for manipulating CPU sets
CPU_XOR_S(3)        - macros for manipulating CPU sets
CPU_ZERO(3)         - macros for manipulating CPU sets
CPU_ZERO_S(3)       - macros for manipulating CPU sets
cqtest(8c)          - copy quality checking test program
crack-attack(6)     - multiplayer OpenGL puzzle game like "Tetris Attack"
crafty(6)           - chess engine
crafty.rc(5)        - run control for crafty(6)
crda(8)             - send to the kernel a wireless regulatory domain for a given ISO / IEC 3166 alpha2
creal(3)            - get real part of a complex number
crealf(3)           - get real part of a complex number
creall(3)           - get real part of a complex number
creat(2)            - open and possibly create a file or device
create_aggregate(7) - (unknown subject)
create_cast(7)      - (unknown subject)
create_constraint_trigger(7) - (unknown subject)
create_conversion(7) - (unknown subject)
create_cvsignore(1) - Create preliminary .cvsignore in the current directory
create_database(7)  - (unknown subject)
createdb(1)         - create a new PostgreSQL database
create_domain(7)    - (unknown subject)
create_foreign_data_wrapper(7) - (unknown subject)
create_function(7)  - (unknown subject)
create_group(7)     - (unknown subject)
create_index(7)     - (unknown subject)
createlang(1)       - define a new PostgreSQL procedural language
create_language(7)  - (unknown subject)
create_makefile(1)  - Creates and Makefile from a
create_makefiles(1) - Recreates all Makefiles beneath a directory
create_operator(7)  - (unknown subject)
create_operator_class(7) - (unknown subject)
create_operator_family(7) - (unknown subject)
create_role(7)      - (unknown subject)
create_rule(7)      - (unknown subject)
create_schema(7)    - (unknown subject)
create_sequence(7)  - (unknown subject)
create_server(7)    - (unknown subject)
create_table(7)     - (unknown subject)
create_table_as(7)  - (unknown subject)
create_tablespace(7) - (unknown subject)
create_text_search_configuration(7) - (unknown subject)
create_text_search_dictionary(7) - (unknown subject)
create_text_search_parser(7) - (unknown subject)
create_text_search_template(7) - (unknown subject)
create_trigger(7)   - (unknown subject)
create_type(7)      - (unknown subject)
createuser(1)       - define a new PostgreSQL user account
create_user(7)      - (unknown subject)
create_user_mapping(7) - (unknown subject)
create_view(7)      - (unknown subject)
credentials(7)      - process identifiers
crl(1)              - CRL utility
crl2pkcs7(1)        - Create a PKCS#7 structure from a CRL and certificates.
cron(8)             - daemon to execute scheduled commands
crond(8)            - daemon to execute scheduled commands
crontab(1)          - maintain crontab files for individual users
crontab(5)          - tables for driving cron (ISC Cron V4.1)
crypt(3)            - password and data encryption
crypt_gensalt(3)    - password and data encryption
crypt_gensalt_ra(3) - password and data encryption
crypt_gensalt_rn(3) - password and data encryption
crypto(3)           - OpenSSL cryptographic library
CRYPTO_destroy_dynlockid(3) - OpenSSL thread support
cryptoflex-tool(1)  - utility for manipulating Schlumberger Cryptoflex data structures
CRYPTO_get_ex_data(3) - internal application specific data functions
CRYPTO_get_new_dynlockid(3) - OpenSSL thread support
CRYPTO_lock(3)      - OpenSSL thread support
CRYPTO_num_locks(3) - OpenSSL thread support
Crypt::OpenSSL::RSA(3pm) - RSA encoding and decoding, using the openSSL libraries
CRYPTO_set_dynlock_create_callback(3) - OpenSSL thread support
CRYPTO_set_dynlock_destroy_callback(3) - OpenSSL thread support
CRYPTO_set_dynlock_lock_callback(3) - OpenSSL thread support
CRYPTO_set_ex_data(3) - internal application specific data functions
CRYPTO_set_locking_callback(3) - OpenSSL thread support
CRYPTO_THREADID_cmp(3) - OpenSSL thread support
CRYPTO_THREADID_cpy(3) - OpenSSL thread support
CRYPTO_THREADID_current(3) - OpenSSL thread support
CRYPTO_THREADID_get_callback(3) - OpenSSL thread support
CRYPTO_THREADID_hash(3) - OpenSSL thread support
CRYPTO_THREADID_set_callback(3) - OpenSSL thread support
Crypt::PasswdMD5(3pm) - Provides interoperable MD5-based crypt() functions
crypt_r(3)          - password and data encryption
crypt_ra(3)         - password and data encryption
crypt_rn(3)         - password and data encryption
cryptsetup(8)       - setup cryptographic volumes for dm-crypt (including LUKS extension)
Crypt::SSLeay(3pm)  - OpenSSL support for LWP
crypttab(5)         - encrypted block device table
csepdjvu(1)         - DjVu encoder for separated data files.
csh(1)              - C shell with file name completion and command line editing
csharp(1)           - Interactive C# Shell
csin(3)             - complex sine function
csinf(3)            - complex sine function
csinh(3)            - complex hyperbolic sine
csinhf(3)           - complex hyperbolic sine
csinhl(3)           - complex hyperbolic sine
csinl(3)            - complex sine function
cspctl(1)           - Sound Blaster 16 ASP/CSP control program
csplit(1)           - split a file into sections determined by context lines
csqrt(3)            - complex square root
csqrtf(3)           - complex square root
csqrtl(3)           - complex square root
ctags(1)            - generate tag file for Emacs, vi
ctan(3)             - complex tangent function
ctanf(3)            - complex tangent function
ctangle(1)          - translate CWEB to C and/or TeX
ctanh(3)            - complex hyperbolic tangent
ctanhf(3)           - complex hyperbolic tangent
ctanhl(3)           - complex hyperbolic tangent
ctanl(3)            - complex tangent function
ctermid(3)          - get controlling terminal name
ctest(1)            - Testing driver provided by CMake.
ctie(1)             - merge or apply CWEB change files
ctime(3)            - transform date and time to broken-down time or ASCII
ctime_r(3)          - transform date and time to broken-down time or ASCII
ctl_cyrusdb(8)      - perform operations common to all Cyrus databases
ctl_deliver(8)      - perform operations on the duplicate delivery database
ctlinnd(8)          - Control the main InterNetNews daemon
ctl_mboxlist(8)     - perform operations on the mailbox list database
ctrlaltdel(8)       - set the function of the Ctrl-Alt-Del combination
ctstat(8)           - unified linux network statistics
cube3d(1)           - (unknown subject)
cue2toc(1)          - convert CUE to TOC format
cupsaccept(8)       - accept/reject jobs sent to a destination
cupsaddsmb(8)       - export printers to samba for windows clients
cups-calibrate(8)   - ESP CUPS Printer Calibration Tool
cups-config(1)      - get cups api, compiler, directory, and link information.
cupsctl(8)          - configure cupsd.conf options
cupsd(8)            - cups scheduler
cupsd.conf(5)       - server configuration file for cups
cups-deviced(8)     - cups device daemon
cupsdisable(8)      - stop/start printers and classes
cups-driverd(8)     - cups driver daemon
cupsenable(8)       - stop/start printers and classes
cupsfilter(8)       - convert a file to another format using cups filters
cups-genppd(8)      - generate Gutenprint PPD files for use with CUPS
cups-genppdupdate(8) - update CUPS+Gutenprint PPD files
cups-lpd(8)         - receive print jobs and report printer status to lpd clients
cups-polld(8)       - cups printer polling daemon
cupsreject(8)       - accept/reject jobs sent to a destination
cups-snmp.conf(5)   - snmp configuration file for cups
cupstestdsc(1)      - test conformance of postscript files
cupstestppd(1)      - test conformance of ppd files
curl(1)             - transfer a URL
curlftpfs(1)        - mount a ftp host as a local directory
current_field(3x)   - set and get form page number
current_item(3x)    - set and get current_menu_item
curs_addch(3x)      - add a character (with attributes) to a curses window, then advance the cursor
curs_addchstr(3x)   - add a string of characters (and attributes) to a curses window
curs_addstr(3x)     - add a string of characters to a curses window and advance cursor
curs_add_wch(3x)    - add a complex character and rendition to a curses window, then advance the cursor
curs_add_wchstr(3x) - add an array of complex characters (and attributes) to a curses window
curs_addwstr(3x)    - add a string of wide characters to a curses window and advance cursor
curs_attr(3x)       - curses character and window attribute control routines
curs_beep(3x)       - curses bell and screen flash routines
curs_bkgd(3x)       - curses window background manipulation routines
curs_bkgrnd(3x)     - curses window complex background manipulation routines
curs_border(3x)     - create curses borders, horizontal and vertical lines
curs_border_set(3x) - create curses borders or lines using complex characters and renditions
curs_clear(3x)      - clear all or part of a curses window
curs_color(3x)      - curses color manipulation routines
curs_delch(3x)      - delete character under the cursor in a curses window
curs_deleteln(3x)   - delete and insert lines in a curses window
Curses(3pm)         - terminal screen handling and optimization
Curses::UI(3pm)     - A curses based OO user interface framework
Curses::UI::Buttonbox(3pm) - Create and manipulate button widgets
Curses::UI::Calendar(3pm) - Create and manipulate calendar widgets
Curses::UI::Checkbox(3pm) - Create and manipulate checkbox widgets
Curses::UI::Color(3pm) - Color support module
Curses::UI::Common(3pm) - Common methods for Curses::UI
Curses::UI::Container(3pm) - Create and manipulate container widgets
Curses::UI::Dialog::Basic(3pm) - Create and manipulate basic dialogs
Curses::UI::Dialog::Calendar(3pm) - Create and manipulate calendar dialogs
Curses::UI::Dialog::Dirbrowser(3pm) - Create and manipulate filebrowser dialogs
Curses::UI::Dialog::Error(3pm) - Create and manipulate error dialogs
Curses::UI::Dialog::Filebrowser(3pm) - Create and manipulate filebrowser dialogs
Curses::UI::Dialog::Progress(3pm) - Create and manipulate progress dialogs
Curses::UI::Dialog::Question(3pm) - Pose a simple question to the user
Curses::UI::Dialog::Status(3pm) - Create and manipulate status dialogs
Curses::UI::Label(3pm) - Create and manipulate label widgets
Curses::UI::Listbox(3pm) - Create and manipulate listbox widgets
Curses::UI::Menubar(3pm) - Create and manipulate menubar widgets
Curses::UI::Notebook(3pm) - Create and manipulate notebook widgets.
Curses::UI::PasswordEntry(3pm) - Create and manipulate passwordentry widgets
Curses::UI::Popupmenu(3pm) - Create and manipulate popupbox widgets
Curses::UI::Progressbar(3pm) - Create and manipulate progressbar widgets
Curses::UI::Radiobuttonbox(3pm) - Create and manipulate radiobuttonbox widgets
Curses::UI::Searchable(3pm) - Add 'less'-like search abilities to a widget
Curses::UI::TextEditor(3pm) - Create and manipulate texteditor widgets
Curses::UI::TextEntry(3pm) - Create and manipulate textentry widgets
Curses::UI::TextViewer(3pm) - Create and manipulate textviewer widgets
Curses::UI::Tutorial(3pm) - Tutorial for the Curses::UI framework
Curses::UI::Widget(3pm) - The base class for all widgets
Curses::UI::Window(3pm) - Create and manipulate Window widgets
curses_version(3x)  - miscellaneous curses extensions
curs_extend(3x)     - miscellaneous curses extensions
curs_getcchar(3x)   - Get a wide character string and rendition from a cchar_t or set a cchar_t from a wide-character string
curs_getch(3x)      - get (or push back) characters from curses terminal keyboard
curs_getstr(3x)     - accept character strings from curses terminal keyboard
curs_get_wch(3x)    - get (or push back) a wide character from curses terminal keyboard
curs_get_wstr(3x)   - get an array of wide characters from a curses terminal keyboard
curs_getyx(3x)      - get curses cursor and window coordinates
curs_inch(3x)       - get a character and attributes from a curses window
curs_inchstr(3x)    - get a string of characters (and attributes) from a curses window
curs_initscr(3x)    - curses screen initialization and manipulation routines
curs_inopts(3x)     - curses input options
curs_insch(3x)      - insert a character before cursor in a curses window
curs_insstr(3x)     - insert string before cursor in a curses window
curs_instr(3x)      - get a string of characters from a curses window
curs_ins_wch(3x)    - insert a complex character and rendition into a window
curs_ins_wstr(3x)   - insert a wide-character string into a curses window
curs_in_wch(3x)     - extract a complex character and rendition from a window
curs_in_wchstr(3x)  - get an array of complex characters and renditions from a curses window
curs_inwstr(3x)     - get a string of wchar_t characters from a curses window
curs_kernel(3x)     - low-level curses routines
curs_legacy(3x)     - get curses cursor and window coordinates
curs_memleaks(3x)   - curses memory-leak checking
curs_mouse(3x)      - mouse interface through curses
curs_move(3x)       - move curses window cursor
curs_opaque(3x)     - curses window properties
cursors(n)          - mouse cursors available in Tk
curs_outopts(3x)    - curses output options
curs_overlay(3x)    - overlay and manipulate overlapped curses windows
curs_pad(3x)        - create and display curses pads
curs_print(3x)      - ship binary data to printer
curs_printw(3x)     - print formatted output in curses windows
curs_refresh(3x)    - refresh curses windows and lines
curs_scanw(3x)      - convert formatted input from a curses window
curs_scr_dump(3x)   - read(write) a curses screen from(to) a file
curs_scroll(3x)     - scroll a curses window
curs_set(3x)        - low-level curses routines
curs_slk(3x)        - curses soft label routines
curs_termattrs(3x)  - curses environment query routines
curs_termcap(3x)    - direct curses interface to the terminfo capability database
curs_terminfo(3x)   - curses interfaces to terminfo database
curs_threads(3x)    - curses thread support
curs_touch(3x)      - curses refresh control routines
curs_trace(3x)      - curses debugging routines
curs_util(3x)       - miscellaneous curses utility routines
curs_window(3x)     - create curses windows
cuserid(3)          - get username
cut(1)              - remove sections from each line of files
cvs(1)              - Concurrent Versions System
cvs(5)              - Concurrent Versions System support files
cvsbug(8)           - send problem report(PR) about CVS to a central support site
cvscheck(1)         - Offline status report for files in a checked-out CVS module.
cvslastchange(1)    - Display the last change committed to CVS for a file
cvslastlog(1)       - Prints the log entry for the last commit for a file.
cvsps(1)            - create patchset information from CVS
cvsrevertlast(1)    - Revert files in CVS by one version
cvt(1)              - calculate VESA CVT mode lines
cvtbatch(8)         - convert Usenet batch file to INN format
cvt_cyrusdb(8)      - convert a database file between cyrus database formats
Cwd(3pm)            - get pathname of current working directory
cweave(1)           - translate CWEB to C and/or TeX
cweb(1)             - translate CWEB to C and/or TeX
cxpm(1)             - Check an XPM (X PixMap) file - XPM 1, 2, or 3.
cxxmetric(1)        - Simple source metrics for C and C++
cycbuff.conf(5)     - Configuration file for INN CNFS storage method
cyradm(1)           - Cyrus administration shell, alter ego of Cyrus::IMAP::Shell
cyr_dbtool(8)       - manage Cyrus databases
cyr_df(8)           - report Cyrus spool partition disk space usage
cyr_expire(8)       - expire messages and duplicate delivery database entries
cyr_synclog(8)      - add entries to the replication log
cyrus.conf(5)       - Cyrus configuration file
Cyrus::IMAP(3pm)    - Interface to Cyrus imclient library
Cyrus::IMAP::Admin(3pm) - Cyrus administrative interface Perl module
Cyrus::IMAP::IMSP(3pm) - Perl module for Cyrus IMSP user options
Cyrus::IMAP::Shell(3pm) - Perl version of cyradm
cyrus-master(8)     - master Cyrus process
Cyrus::SIEVE::managesieve(3pm) - Perl extension for blah blah blah
cytune(8)           - Tune driver parameters for Cyclades-Z multiport serial card
d2i_509_CRL_fp(3)   - PKCS#10 certificate request functions.
d2i_DHparams(3)     - PKCS#3 DH parameter functions.
d2i_DSAPrivateKey(3) - DSA key encoding and parsing functions.
d2i_DSA_PUBKEY(3)   - DSA key encoding and parsing functions.
d2i_DSAPublicKey(3) - DSA key encoding and parsing functions.
d2i_DSA_SIG(3)      - DSA key encoding and parsing functions.
d2i_Netscape_RSA(3) - RSA public and private key encoding functions.
d2i_PKCS8PrivateKey(3) - PKCS#8 format private key functions
d2i_PKCS8PrivateKey_bio(3) - PKCS#8 format private key functions
d2i_PKCS8PrivateKey_fp(3) - PKCS#8 format private key functions
d2i_RSAPrivateKey(3) - RSA public and private key encoding functions.
d2i_RSA_PUBKEY(3)   - RSA public and private key encoding functions.
d2i_RSAPublicKey(3) - RSA public and private key encoding functions.
d2i_SSL_SESSION(3)  - convert SSL_SESSION object from/to ASN1 representation
d2i_X509(3)         - X509 encode and decode functions
d2i_X509_ALGOR(3)   - AlgorithmIdentifier functions.
d2i_X509_bio(3)     - X509 encode and decode functions
d2i_X509_CRL(3)     - PKCS#10 certificate request functions.
d2i_X509_CRL_bio(3) - PKCS#10 certificate request functions.
d2i_X509_fp(3)      - X509 encode and decode functions
d2i_X509_NAME(3)    - X509_NAME encoding functions
d2i_X509_REQ(3)     - PKCS#10 certificate request functions.
d2i_X509_REQ_bio(3) - PKCS#10 certificate request functions.
d2i_X509_REQ_fp(3)  - PKCS#10 certificate request functions.
d2i_X509_SIG(3)     - DigestInfo functions.
daemon(3)           - run in the background
dahdi_cfg(8)        - configures DAHDI kernel modules from /etc/dahdi/system.conf
dahdi_diag(8)       - Dump DAHDI channel parameters
dahdi_genconf(8)    - Generate configuration for dahdi channels.
dahdi_hardware(8)   - Shows Dahdi hardware devices.
dahdi_monitor(8)    - checks the rx/tx levels of DAHDI channels
dahdi_registration(8) - Handle registration of Xorcom XPD modules in dahdi.
dahdi_scan(8)       - Print Configuration of DAHDI Spans
dahdi_test(8)       - Test if the DAHDI timer provides timely response
dahdi_tool(8)       - Shows status of DAHDI interfaces
dansguardian(8)     - web content filter
dash(1)             - command interpreter(shell)
dasher(1)           - graphical predictive text entry system
data_ahead(3x)      - test for off-screen data in given forms
data_behind(3x)     - test for off-screen data in given forms
datacopy(1)         - move table data between two servers
Data::Dump(3pm)     - Pretty printing of data structures
Data::Dumper(3pm)   - stringified perl data structures, suitable for both printing and `eval'
Data::Dump::Trace(3pm) - Helpers to trace function and method calls
date(1)             - print or set the system date and time
Date::Calc(3pm)     - Gregorian calendar date calculations
Date::Calc::Object(3pm) - Object-oriented add-on for Date::Calc with overloaded operators
Date::Calc::PP(3pm) - pure-Perl plug-in for Date::Calc
Date::Calendar(3pm) - Calendar objects for different holiday schemes
Date::Calendar::Profiles(3pm) - Some sample profiles for Date::Calendar and Date::Calendar::Year
Date::Calendar::Year(3pm) - Implements embedded "year" objects for Date::Calendar
Date::Format(3pm)   - Date formating subroutines
Date::Language(3pm) - Language specific date formating and parsing
Date::Language::Hungarian(3pm) - Magyar format for Date::Format
Date::Manip(3pm)    - Date manipulation routines
Date::Manip::Base(3pm) - Base methods for date manipulation
Date::Manip::Calc(3pm) - describes date calculations
Date::Manip::Changes5(3pm) - backward incompatible changes in Date::Manip 5.xx
Date::Manip::Changes5to6(3pm) - describes differences between 5.xx and 6.00
Date::Manip::Changes6(3pm) - backward incompatible changes in Date::Manip 6.xx
Date::Manip::Config(3pm) - Date::Manip configuration
Date::Manip::Date(3pm) - Methods for working with dates
Date::Manip::Delta(3pm) - Methods for working with deltas
Date::Manip::Examples(3pm) - examples of how to use Date::Manip
Date::Manip::Holidays(3pm) - describes holidays and events
Date::Manip::Lang(3pm) - date manipulation routines (language initialization)
Date::Manip::Lang::catalan(3pm) - Catalan language support.
Date::Manip::Lang::danish(3pm) - Danish language support.
Date::Manip::Lang::dutch(3pm) - Dutch language support.
Date::Manip::Lang::english(3pm) - English language support.
Date::Manip::Lang::french(3pm) - French language support.
Date::Manip::Lang::german(3pm) - German language support.
Date::Manip::Lang::index(3pm) - An index of languages supported by Date::Manip
Date::Manip::Lang::italian(3pm) - Italian language support.
Date::Manip::Lang::polish(3pm) - Polish language support.
Date::Manip::Lang::portugue(3pm) - Portuguese language support.
Date::Manip::Lang::romanian(3pm) - Romanian language support.
Date::Manip::Lang::russian(3pm) - Russian language support.
Date::Manip::Lang::spanish(3pm) - Spanish language support.
Date::Manip::Lang::swedish(3pm) - Swedish language support.
Date::Manip::Lang::turkish(3pm) - Turkish language support.
Date::Manip::Migration5to6(3pm) - how to upgrade from 5.xx to 6.00
Date::Manip::Misc(3pm) - Miscellaneous information about Date::Manip
Date::Manip::Obj(3pm) - Base class for Date::Manip objects
Date::Manip::Objects(3pm) - A description of the various Date::Manip objects
Date::Manip::Offset::off000(3pm) - Support for the +00:00:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off001(3pm) - Support for the +00:04:52 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off002(3pm) - Support for the +00:06:04 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off003(3pm) - Support for the +00:08:28 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off004(3pm) - Support for the +00:09:21 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off005(3pm) - Support for the +00:10:28 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off006(3pm) - Support for the +00:12:12 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off007(3pm) - Support for the +00:13:36 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off008(3pm) - Support for the +00:17:30 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off009(3pm) - Support for the +00:19:32 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off010(3pm) - Support for the +00:20:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off011(3pm) - Support for the +00:24:36 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off012(3pm) - Support for the +00:26:56 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off013(3pm) - Support for the +00:29:32 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off014(3pm) - Support for the +00:29:44 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off015(3pm) - Support for the +00:34:08 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off016(3pm) - Support for the +00:34:39 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off017(3pm) - Support for the +00:35:08 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off018(3pm) - Support for the +00:37:48 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off019(3pm) - Support for the +00:38:04 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off020(3pm) - Support for the +00:38:48 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off021(3pm) - Support for the +00:40:44 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off022(3pm) - Support for the +00:43:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off023(3pm) - Support for the +00:49:56 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off024(3pm) - Support for the +00:50:20 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off025(3pm) - Support for the +00:52:04 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off026(3pm) - Support for the +00:52:44 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off027(3pm) - Support for the +00:52:56 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off028(3pm) - Support for the +00:53:28 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off029(3pm) - Support for the +00:57:44 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off030(3pm) - Support for the +00:58:04 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off031(3pm) - Support for the +01:00:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off032(3pm) - Support for the +01:00:12 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off033(3pm) - Support for the +01:00:14 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off034(3pm) - Support for the +01:01:08 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off035(3pm) - Support for the +01:01:12 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off036(3pm) - Support for the +01:05:20 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off037(3pm) - Support for the +01:08:24 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off038(3pm) - Support for the +01:12:12 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off039(3pm) - Support for the +01:14:20 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off040(3pm) - Support for the +01:16:20 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off041(3pm) - Support for the +01:19:20 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off042(3pm) - Support for the +01:19:32 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off043(3pm) - Support for the +01:20:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off044(3pm) - Support for the +01:22:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off045(3pm) - Support for the +01:24:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off046(3pm) - Support for the +01:29:12 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off047(3pm) - Support for the +01:30:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off048(3pm) - Support for the +01:33:16 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off049(3pm) - Support for the +01:34:52 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off050(3pm) - Support for the +01:35:36 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off051(3pm) - Support for the +01:36:24 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off052(3pm) - Support for the +01:39:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off053(3pm) - Support for the +01:39:52 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off054(3pm) - Support for the +01:41:16 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off055(3pm) - Support for the +01:43:40 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off056(3pm) - Support for the +01:44:24 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off057(3pm) - Support for the +01:49:52 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off058(3pm) - Support for the +01:50:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off059(3pm) - Support for the +01:50:16 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off060(3pm) - Support for the +01:52:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off061(3pm) - Support for the +01:53:08 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off062(3pm) - Support for the +01:55:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off063(3pm) - Support for the +01:55:20 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off064(3pm) - Support for the +01:55:52 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off065(3pm) - Support for the +01:56:56 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off066(3pm) - Support for the +01:57:28 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off067(3pm) - Support for the +02:00:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off068(3pm) - Support for the +02:00:16 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off069(3pm) - Support for the +02:02:04 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off070(3pm) - Support for the +02:04:12 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off071(3pm) - Support for the +02:04:24 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off072(3pm) - Support for the +02:05:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off073(3pm) - Support for the +02:09:40 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off074(3pm) - Support for the +02:10:08 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off075(3pm) - Support for the +02:10:20 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off076(3pm) - Support for the +02:13:28 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off077(3pm) - Support for the +02:16:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off078(3pm) - Support for the +02:16:24 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off079(3pm) - Support for the +02:17:52 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off080(3pm) - Support for the +02:20:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off081(3pm) - Support for the +02:20:40 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off082(3pm) - Support for the +02:20:56 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off083(3pm) - Support for the +02:22:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off084(3pm) - Support for the +02:23:44 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off085(3pm) - Support for the +02:25:12 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off086(3pm) - Support for the +02:27:16 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off087(3pm) - Support for the +02:30:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off088(3pm) - Support for the +02:30:20 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off089(3pm) - Support for the +02:30:48 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off090(3pm) - Support for the +02:34:48 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off091(3pm) - Support for the +02:35:20 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off092(3pm) - Support for the +02:35:32 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off093(3pm) - Support for the +02:36:24 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off094(3pm) - Support for the +02:37:08 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off095(3pm) - Support for the +02:44:45 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off096(3pm) - Support for the +02:52:36 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off097(3pm) - Support for the +02:53:04 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off098(3pm) - Support for the +02:57:36 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off099(3pm) - Support for the +02:57:40 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off100(3pm) - Support for the +02:58:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off101(3pm) - Support for the +02:59:16 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off102(3pm) - Support for the +03:00:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off103(3pm) - Support for the +03:00:48 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off104(3pm) - Support for the +03:00:56 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off105(3pm) - Support for the +03:01:28 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off106(3pm) - Support for the +03:06:52 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off107(3pm) - Support for the +03:10:04 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off108(3pm) - Support for the +03:11:56 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off109(3pm) - Support for the +03:19:24 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off110(3pm) - Support for the +03:20:36 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off111(3pm) - Support for the +03:21:04 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off112(3pm) - Support for the +03:22:20 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off113(3pm) - Support for the +03:25:24 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off114(3pm) - Support for the +03:25:44 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off115(3pm) - Support for the +03:26:08 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off116(3pm) - Support for the +03:30:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off117(3pm) - Support for the +03:30:48 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off118(3pm) - Support for the +03:41:12 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off119(3pm) - Support for the +03:41:48 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off120(3pm) - Support for the +03:41:52 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off121(3pm) - Support for the +03:48:40 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off122(3pm) - Support for the +03:50:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off123(3pm) - Support for the +03:53:32 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off124(3pm) - Support for the +03:54:20 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off125(3pm) - Support for the +04:00:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off126(3pm) - Support for the +04:02:24 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off127(3pm) - Support for the +04:21:52 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off128(3pm) - Support for the +04:27:12 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off129(3pm) - Support for the +04:28:12 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off130(3pm) - Support for the +04:30:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off131(3pm) - Support for the +04:30:48 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off132(3pm) - Support for the +04:35:12 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off133(3pm) - Support for the +04:36:48 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off134(3pm) - Support for the +04:37:12 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off135(3pm) - Support for the +04:49:40 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off136(3pm) - Support for the +04:53:36 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off137(3pm) - Support for the +04:54:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off138(3pm) - Support for the +04:58:24 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off139(3pm) - Support for the +05:00:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off140(3pm) - Support for the +05:03:56 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off141(3pm) - Support for the +05:07:48 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off142(3pm) - Support for the +05:19:24 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off143(3pm) - Support for the +05:19:32 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off144(3pm) - Support for the +05:30:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off145(3pm) - Support for the +05:31:40 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off146(3pm) - Support for the +05:41:16 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off147(3pm) - Support for the +05:45:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off148(3pm) - Support for the +05:48:48 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off149(3pm) - Support for the +05:50:20 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off150(3pm) - Support for the +05:53:20 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off151(3pm) - Support for the +05:53:28 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off152(3pm) - Support for the +05:58:36 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off153(3pm) - Support for the +06:00:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off154(3pm) - Support for the +06:01:40 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off155(3pm) - Support for the +06:06:36 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off156(3pm) - Support for the +06:11:20 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off157(3pm) - Support for the +06:24:36 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off158(3pm) - Support for the +06:24:40 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off159(3pm) - Support for the +06:27:40 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off160(3pm) - Support for the +06:30:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off161(3pm) - Support for the +06:42:04 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off162(3pm) - Support for the +06:46:46 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off163(3pm) - Support for the +06:50:24 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off164(3pm) - Support for the +06:55:25 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off165(3pm) - Support for the +06:57:20 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off166(3pm) - Support for the +06:59:40 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off167(3pm) - Support for the +07:00:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off168(3pm) - Support for the +07:02:52 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off169(3pm) - Support for the +07:06:20 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off170(3pm) - Support for the +07:06:40 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off171(3pm) - Support for the +07:07:12 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off172(3pm) - Support for the +07:07:32 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off173(3pm) - Support for the +07:17:20 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off174(3pm) - Support for the +07:20:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off175(3pm) - Support for the +07:21:20 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off176(3pm) - Support for the +07:30:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off177(3pm) - Support for the +07:34:20 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off178(3pm) - Support for the +07:36:36 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off179(3pm) - Support for the +07:38:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off180(3pm) - Support for the +07:39:40 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off181(3pm) - Support for the +07:43:24 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off182(3pm) - Support for the +07:57:36 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off183(3pm) - Support for the +08:00:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off184(3pm) - Support for the +08:04:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off185(3pm) - Support for the +08:05:52 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off186(3pm) - Support for the +08:06:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off187(3pm) - Support for the +08:20:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off188(3pm) - Support for the +08:22:20 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off189(3pm) - Support for the +08:23:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off190(3pm) - Support for the +08:26:44 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off191(3pm) - Support for the +08:27:52 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off192(3pm) - Support for the +08:30:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off193(3pm) - Support for the +08:35:28 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off194(3pm) - Support for the +08:38:40 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off195(3pm) - Support for the +08:43:20 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off196(3pm) - Support for the +08:45:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off197(3pm) - Support for the +08:47:44 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off198(3pm) - Support for the +08:57:56 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off199(3pm) - Support for the +09:00:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off200(3pm) - Support for the +09:14:20 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off201(3pm) - Support for the +09:18:59 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off202(3pm) - Support for the +09:22:48 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off203(3pm) - Support for the +09:25:48 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off204(3pm) - Support for the +09:30:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off205(3pm) - Support for the +09:30:48 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off206(3pm) - Support for the +09:35:28 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off207(3pm) - Support for the +09:39:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off208(3pm) - Support for the +09:39:52 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off209(3pm) - Support for the +09:43:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off210(3pm) - Support for the +09:45:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off211(3pm) - Support for the +09:48:32 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off212(3pm) - Support for the +09:48:40 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off213(3pm) - Support for the +09:49:16 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off214(3pm) - Support for the +09:55:56 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off215(3pm) - Support for the +10:00:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off216(3pm) - Support for the +10:03:12 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off217(3pm) - Support for the +10:04:52 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off218(3pm) - Support for the +10:07:08 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off219(3pm) - Support for the +10:12:08 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off220(3pm) - Support for the +10:30:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off221(3pm) - Support for the +10:32:52 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off222(3pm) - Support for the +10:34:36 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off223(3pm) - Support for the +10:36:20 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off224(3pm) - Support for the +10:39:48 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off225(3pm) - Support for the +10:51:56 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off226(3pm) - Support for the +11:00:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off227(3pm) - Support for the +11:05:48 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off228(3pm) - Support for the +11:06:28 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off229(3pm) - Support for the +11:07:40 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off230(3pm) - Support for the +11:09:20 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off231(3pm) - Support for the +11:11:52 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off232(3pm) - Support for the +11:12:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off233(3pm) - Support for the +11:13:16 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off234(3pm) - Support for the +11:24:48 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off235(3pm) - Support for the +11:30:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off236(3pm) - Support for the +11:32:04 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off237(3pm) - Support for the +11:39:04 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off238(3pm) - Support for the +11:49:56 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off239(3pm) - Support for the +11:53:40 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off240(3pm) - Support for the +11:56:52 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off241(3pm) - Support for the +12:00:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off242(3pm) - Support for the +12:13:21 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off243(3pm) - Support for the +12:13:48 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off244(3pm) - Support for the +12:15:20 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off245(3pm) - Support for the +12:19:20 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off246(3pm) - Support for the +12:20:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off247(3pm) - Support for the +12:30:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off248(3pm) - Support for the +12:33:04 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off249(3pm) - Support for the +12:37:12 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off250(3pm) - Support for the +12:45:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off251(3pm) - Support for the +12:58:21 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off252(3pm) - Support for the +13:00:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off253(3pm) - Support for the +13:45:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off254(3pm) - Support for the +14:00:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off255(3pm) - Support for the +14:00:24 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off256(3pm) - Support for the +14:41:05 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off257(3pm) - Support for the +15:02:19 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off258(3pm) - Support for the - 00:00:52 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off259(3pm) - Support for the - 00:01:15 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off260(3pm) - Support for the - 00:06:04 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off261(3pm) - Support for the - 00:14:44 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off262(3pm) - Support for the - 00:16:08 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off263(3pm) - Support for the - 00:20:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off264(3pm) - Support for the - 00:21:16 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off265(3pm) - Support for the - 00:21:24 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off266(3pm) - Support for the - 00:22:48 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off267(3pm) - Support for the - 00:25:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off268(3pm) - Support for the - 00:25:21 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off269(3pm) - Support for the - 00:27:04 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off270(3pm) - Support for the - 00:30:20 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off271(3pm) - Support for the - 00:32:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off272(3pm) - Support for the - 00:36:32 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off273(3pm) - Support for the - 00:43:08 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off274(3pm) - Support for the - 00:44:30 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off275(3pm) - Support for the - 00:52:48 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off276(3pm) - Support for the - 00:53:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off277(3pm) - Support for the - 00:54:52 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off278(3pm) - Support for the - 01:00:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off279(3pm) - Support for the - 01:01:36 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off280(3pm) - Support for the - 01:02:20 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off281(3pm) - Support for the - 01:03:48 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off282(3pm) - Support for the - 01:06:36 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off283(3pm) - Support for the - 01:07:36 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off284(3pm) - Support for the - 01:09:44 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off285(3pm) - Support for the - 01:14:40 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off286(3pm) - Support for the - 01:27:24 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off287(3pm) - Support for the - 01:27:48 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off288(3pm) - Support for the - 01:27:52 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off289(3pm) - Support for the - 01:30:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off290(3pm) - Support for the - 01:34:04 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off291(3pm) - Support for the - 01:42:40 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off292(3pm) - Support for the - 01:54:32 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off293(3pm) - Support for the - 02:00:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off294(3pm) - Support for the - 02:09:40 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off295(3pm) - Support for the - 02:19:36 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off296(3pm) - Support for the - 02:22:52 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off297(3pm) - Support for the - 02:26:08 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off298(3pm) - Support for the - 02:30:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off299(3pm) - Support for the - 02:30:52 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off300(3pm) - Support for the - 02:34:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off301(3pm) - Support for the - 02:34:04 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off302(3pm) - Support for the - 03:00:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off303(3pm) - Support for the - 03:06:28 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off304(3pm) - Support for the - 03:12:48 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off305(3pm) - Support for the - 03:13:56 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off306(3pm) - Support for the - 03:26:56 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off307(3pm) - Support for the - 03:29:20 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off308(3pm) - Support for the - 03:30:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off309(3pm) - Support for the - 03:30:52 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off310(3pm) - Support for the - 03:32:36 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off311(3pm) - Support for the - 03:38:28 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off312(3pm) - Support for the - 03:38:48 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off313(3pm) - Support for the - 03:40:36 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off314(3pm) - Support for the - 03:40:40 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off315(3pm) - Support for the - 03:40:52 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off316(3pm) - Support for the - 03:44:20 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off317(3pm) - Support for the - 03:44:40 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off318(3pm) - Support for the - 03:44:44 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off319(3pm) - Support for the - 03:45:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off320(3pm) - Support for the - 03:48:28 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off321(3pm) - Support for the - 03:50:40 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off322(3pm) - Support for the - 03:51:24 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off323(3pm) - Support for the - 03:52:40 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off324(3pm) - Support for the - 03:53:48 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off325(3pm) - Support for the - 03:58:28 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off326(3pm) - Support for the - 03:59:48 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off327(3pm) - Support for the - 04:00:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off328(3pm) - Support for the - 04:00:04 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off329(3pm) - Support for the - 04:01:40 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off330(3pm) - Support for the - 04:02:40 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off331(3pm) - Support for the - 04:04:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off332(3pm) - Support for the - 04:04:20 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off333(3pm) - Support for the - 04:04:56 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off334(3pm) - Support for the - 04:05:36 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off335(3pm) - Support for the - 04:06:04 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off336(3pm) - Support for the - 04:06:08 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off337(3pm) - Support for the - 04:07:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off338(3pm) - Support for the - 04:07:12 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off339(3pm) - Support for the - 04:08:52 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off340(3pm) - Support for the - 04:10:52 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off341(3pm) - Support for the - 04:12:16 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off342(3pm) - Support for the - 04:14:24 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off343(3pm) - Support for the - 04:15:36 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off344(3pm) - Support for the - 04:16:48 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off345(3pm) - Support for the - 04:18:28 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off346(3pm) - Support for the - 04:19:04 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off347(3pm) - Support for the - 04:19:08 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off348(3pm) - Support for the - 04:19:44 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off349(3pm) - Support for the - 04:20:52 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off350(3pm) - Support for the - 04:21:12 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off351(3pm) - Support for the - 04:21:40 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off352(3pm) - Support for the - 04:23:08 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off353(3pm) - Support for the - 04:24:25 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off354(3pm) - Support for the - 04:25:24 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off355(3pm) - Support for the - 04:27:24 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off356(3pm) - Support for the - 04:27:40 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off357(3pm) - Support for the - 04:27:44 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off358(3pm) - Support for the - 04:30:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off359(3pm) - Support for the - 04:31:12 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off360(3pm) - Support for the - 04:32:36 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off361(3pm) - Support for the - 04:33:12 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off362(3pm) - Support for the - 04:34:04 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off363(3pm) - Support for the - 04:35:08 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off364(3pm) - Support for the - 04:35:16 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off365(3pm) - Support for the - 04:35:44 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off366(3pm) - Support for the - 04:36:52 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off367(3pm) - Support for the - 04:39:28 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off368(3pm) - Support for the - 04:39:36 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off369(3pm) - Support for the - 04:40:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off370(3pm) - Support for the - 04:40:24 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off371(3pm) - Support for the - 04:42:46 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off372(3pm) - Support for the - 04:44:32 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off373(3pm) - Support for the - 04:49:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off374(3pm) - Support for the - 04:49:20 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off375(3pm) - Support for the - 04:54:16 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off376(3pm) - Support for the - 04:56:02 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off377(3pm) - Support for the - 04:56:20 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off378(3pm) - Support for the - 05:00:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off379(3pm) - Support for the - 05:07:12 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off380(3pm) - Support for the - 05:08:12 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off381(3pm) - Support for the - 05:08:36 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off382(3pm) - Support for the - 05:09:24 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off383(3pm) - Support for the - 05:14:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off384(3pm) - Support for the - 05:17:32 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off385(3pm) - Support for the - 05:18:08 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off386(3pm) - Support for the - 05:19:20 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off387(3pm) - Support for the - 05:19:36 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off388(3pm) - Support for the - 05:25:32 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off389(3pm) - Support for the - 05:29:28 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off390(3pm) - Support for the - 05:29:36 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off391(3pm) - Support for the - 05:30:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off392(3pm) - Support for the - 05:32:11 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off393(3pm) - Support for the - 05:36:20 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off394(3pm) - Support for the - 05:39:24 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off395(3pm) - Support for the - 05:40:16 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off396(3pm) - Support for the - 05:43:02 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off397(3pm) - Support for the - 05:44:38 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off398(3pm) - Support for the - 05:45:08 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off399(3pm) - Support for the - 05:45:12 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off400(3pm) - Support for the - 05:45:23 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off401(3pm) - Support for the - 05:46:25 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off402(3pm) - Support for the - 05:46:30 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off403(3pm) - Support for the - 05:47:03 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off404(3pm) - Support for the - 05:47:04 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off405(3pm) - Support for the - 05:48:52 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off406(3pm) - Support for the - 05:49:07 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off407(3pm) - Support for the - 05:50:07 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off408(3pm) - Support for the - 05:50:27 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off409(3pm) - Support for the - 05:50:36 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off410(3pm) - Support for the - 05:52:48 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off411(3pm) - Support for the - 05:53:04 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off412(3pm) - Support for the - 05:56:48 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off413(3pm) - Support for the - 05:57:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off414(3pm) - Support for the - 05:58:24 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off415(3pm) - Support for the - 05:58:28 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off416(3pm) - Support for the - 06:00:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off417(3pm) - Support for the - 06:02:04 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off418(3pm) - Support for the - 06:06:28 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off419(3pm) - Support for the - 06:18:16 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off420(3pm) - Support for the - 06:28:36 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off421(3pm) - Support for the - 06:36:36 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off422(3pm) - Support for the - 06:40:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off423(3pm) - Support for the - 06:41:16 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off424(3pm) - Support for the - 06:45:12 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off425(3pm) - Support for the - 06:45:39 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off426(3pm) - Support for the - 06:57:40 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off427(3pm) - Support for the - 06:58:36 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off428(3pm) - Support for the - 06:59:56 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off429(3pm) - Support for the - 07:00:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off430(3pm) - Support for the - 07:04:20 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off431(3pm) - Support for the - 07:05:40 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off432(3pm) - Support for the - 07:11:20 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off433(3pm) - Support for the - 07:17:28 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off434(3pm) - Support for the - 07:17:44 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off435(3pm) - Support for the - 07:23:52 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off436(3pm) - Support for the - 07:28:18 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off437(3pm) - Support for the - 07:33:52 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off438(3pm) - Support for the - 07:39:28 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off439(3pm) - Support for the - 07:44:49 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off440(3pm) - Support for the - 07:48:04 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off441(3pm) - Support for the - 07:52:58 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off442(3pm) - Support for the - 08:00:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off443(3pm) - Support for the - 08:00:56 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off444(3pm) - Support for the - 08:12:28 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off445(3pm) - Support for the - 08:30:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off446(3pm) - Support for the - 08:40:20 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off447(3pm) - Support for the - 08:57:41 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off448(3pm) - Support for the - 08:59:48 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off449(3pm) - Support for the - 09:00:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off450(3pm) - Support for the - 09:00:12 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off451(3pm) - Support for the - 09:17:40 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off452(3pm) - Support for the - 09:18:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off453(3pm) - Support for the - 09:18:55 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off454(3pm) - Support for the - 09:30:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off455(3pm) - Support for the - 09:58:16 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off456(3pm) - Support for the - 09:59:36 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off457(3pm) - Support for the - 10:00:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off458(3pm) - Support for the - 10:29:20 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off459(3pm) - Support for the - 10:30:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off460(3pm) - Support for the - 10:31:26 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off461(3pm) - Support for the - 10:39:04 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off462(3pm) - Support for the - 10:40:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off463(3pm) - Support for the - 11:00:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off464(3pm) - Support for the - 11:01:38 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off465(3pm) - Support for the - 11:19:40 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off466(3pm) - Support for the - 11:20:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off467(3pm) - Support for the - 11:22:48 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off468(3pm) - Support for the - 11:24:20 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off469(3pm) - Support for the - 11:24:56 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off470(3pm) - Support for the - 11:26:56 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off471(3pm) - Support for the - 11:30:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off472(3pm) - Support for the - 11:46:38 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off473(3pm) - Support for the - 11:49:28 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off474(3pm) - Support for the - 12:00:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off475(3pm) - Support for the - 13:00:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off476(3pm) - Support for the - 14:00:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off477(3pm) - Support for the - 14:17:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off478(3pm) - Support for the - 14:21:00 offset
Date::Manip::Offset::off479(3pm) - Support for the - 15:56:00 offset
Date::Manip::Problems(3pm) - problems and bugs
Date::Manip::Recur(3pm) - methods for working with recurring events
Date::Manip::TZ(3pm) - an interface to the time zone data
Date::Manip::TZ::a00(3pm) - Support for the A time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::afabid00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Abidjan time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::afaccr00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Accra time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::afaddi00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Addis_Ababa time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::afalgi00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Algiers time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::afasma00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Asmara time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::afbama00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Bamako time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::afbang00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Bangui time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::afbanj00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Banjul time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::afbiss00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Bissau time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::afblan00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Blantyre time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::afbraz00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Brazzaville time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::afbuju00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Bujumbura time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::afcair00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Cairo time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::afcasa00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Casablanca time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::afceut00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Ceuta time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::afcona00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Conakry time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::afdaka00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Dakar time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::afdar_00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Dar_es_Salaam time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::afdjib00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Djibouti time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::afdoua00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Douala time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::afel_a00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/El_Aaiun time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::affree00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Freetown time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::afgabo00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Gaborone time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::afhara00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Harare time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::afjoha00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Johannesburg time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::afkamp00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Kampala time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::afkhar00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Khartoum time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::afkiga00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Kigali time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::afkins00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Kinshasa time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::aflago00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Lagos time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::aflibr00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Libreville time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::aflome00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Lome time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::afluan00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Luanda time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::aflubu00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Lubumbashi time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::aflusa00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Lusaka time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::afmala00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Malabo time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::afmapu00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Maputo time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::afmase00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Maseru time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::afmbab00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Mbabane time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::afmoga00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Mogadishu time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::afmonr00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Monrovia time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::afnair00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Nairobi time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::afndja00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Ndjamena time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::afniam00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Niamey time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::afnoua00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Nouakchott time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::afouag00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Ouagadougou time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::afport00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Porto-Novo time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::afsao_00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Sao_Tome time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::aftrip00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Tripoli time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::aftuni00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Tunis time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::afwind00(3pm) - Support for the Africa/Windhoek time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amadak00(3pm) - Support for the America/Adak time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amanch00(3pm) - Support for the America/Anchorage time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amangu00(3pm) - Support for the America/Anguilla time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amanti00(3pm) - Support for the America/Antigua time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amarag00(3pm) - Support for the America/Araguaina time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amarub00(3pm) - Support for the America/Aruba time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amasun00(3pm) - Support for the America/Asuncion time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amatik00(3pm) - Support for the America/Atikokan time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::ambahi00(3pm) - Support for the America/Bahia time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::ambarb00(3pm) - Support for the America/Barbados time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::ambele00(3pm) - Support for the America/Belem time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::ambeli00(3pm) - Support for the America/Belize time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amblan00(3pm) - Support for the America/Blanc-Sablon time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amboa_00(3pm) - Support for the America/Boa_Vista time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::ambogo00(3pm) - Support for the America/Bogota time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::ambois00(3pm) - Support for the America/Boise time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::ambuen00(3pm) - Support for the America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amcamb00(3pm) - Support for the America/Cambridge_Bay time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amcamp00(3pm) - Support for the America/Campo_Grande time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amcanc00(3pm) - Support for the America/Cancun time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amcara00(3pm) - Support for the America/Caracas time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amcata00(3pm) - Support for the America/Argentina/Catamarca time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amcaye00(3pm) - Support for the America/Cayenne time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amcaym00(3pm) - Support for the America/Cayman time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amcent00(3pm) - Support for the America/North_Dakota/Center time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amchic00(3pm) - Support for the America/Chicago time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amchih00(3pm) - Support for the America/Chihuahua time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amcord00(3pm) - Support for the America/Argentina/Cordoba time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amcost00(3pm) - Support for the America/Costa_Rica time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amcuia00(3pm) - Support for the America/Cuiaba time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amcura00(3pm) - Support for the America/Curacao time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amdanm00(3pm) - Support for the America/Danmarkshavn time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amdaws00(3pm) - Support for the America/Dawson time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amdaws01(3pm) - Support for the America/Dawson_Creek time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amdenv00(3pm) - Support for the America/Denver time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amdetr00(3pm) - Support for the America/Detroit time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amdomi00(3pm) - Support for the America/Dominica time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amedmo00(3pm) - Support for the America/Edmonton time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::ameiru00(3pm) - Support for the America/Eirunepe time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amel_s00(3pm) - Support for the America/El_Salvador time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amfort00(3pm) - Support for the America/Fortaleza time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amglac00(3pm) - Support for the America/Glace_Bay time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amgodt00(3pm) - Support for the America/Godthab time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amgoos00(3pm) - Support for the America/Goose_Bay time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amgran00(3pm) - Support for the America/Grand_Turk time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amgren00(3pm) - Support for the America/Grenada time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amguad00(3pm) - Support for the America/Guadeloupe time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amguat00(3pm) - Support for the America/Guatemala time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amguay00(3pm) - Support for the America/Guayaquil time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amguya00(3pm) - Support for the America/Guyana time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amhali00(3pm) - Support for the America/Halifax time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amhava00(3pm) - Support for the America/Havana time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amherm00(3pm) - Support for the America/Hermosillo time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amindi00(3pm) - Support for the America/Indiana/Indianapolis time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::aminuv00(3pm) - Support for the America/Inuvik time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amiqal00(3pm) - Support for the America/Iqaluit time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amjama00(3pm) - Support for the America/Jamaica time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amjuju00(3pm) - Support for the America/Argentina/Jujuy time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amjune00(3pm) - Support for the America/Juneau time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amknox00(3pm) - Support for the America/Indiana/Knox time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amla_p00(3pm) - Support for the America/La_Paz time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amla_r00(3pm) - Support for the America/Argentina/La_Rioja time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amlima00(3pm) - Support for the America/Lima time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amlos_00(3pm) - Support for the America/Los_Angeles time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amloui00(3pm) - Support for the America/Kentucky/Louisville time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::ammace00(3pm) - Support for the America/Maceio time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::ammana00(3pm) - Support for the America/Managua time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::ammana01(3pm) - Support for the America/Manaus time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::ammare00(3pm) - Support for the America/Indiana/Marengo time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::ammart00(3pm) - Support for the America/Martinique time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::ammata00(3pm) - Support for the America/Matamoros time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::ammaza00(3pm) - Support for the America/Mazatlan time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::ammend00(3pm) - Support for the America/Argentina/Mendoza time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::ammeno00(3pm) - Support for the America/Menominee time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::ammeri00(3pm) - Support for the America/Merida time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::ammexi00(3pm) - Support for the America/Mexico_City time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::ammiqu00(3pm) - Support for the America/Miquelon time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::ammonc00(3pm) - Support for the America/Moncton time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::ammont00(3pm) - Support for the America/Kentucky/Monticello time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::ammont01(3pm) - Support for the America/Monterrey time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::ammont02(3pm) - Support for the America/Montevideo time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::ammont03(3pm) - Support for the America/Montreal time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::ammont04(3pm) - Support for the America/Montserrat time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amnass00(3pm) - Support for the America/Nassau time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amnew_00(3pm) - Support for the America/New_York time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amnew_01(3pm) - Support for the America/North_Dakota/New_Salem time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amnipi00(3pm) - Support for the America/Nipigon time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amnome00(3pm) - Support for the America/Nome time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amnoro00(3pm) - Support for the America/Noronha time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amojin00(3pm) - Support for the America/Ojinaga time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::ampana00(3pm) - Support for the America/Panama time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::ampang00(3pm) - Support for the America/Pangnirtung time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::ampara00(3pm) - Support for the America/Paramaribo time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::ampete00(3pm) - Support for the America/Indiana/Petersburg time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amphoe00(3pm) - Support for the America/Phoenix time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amport00(3pm) - Support for the America/Port-au-Prince time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amport01(3pm) - Support for the America/Port_of_Spain time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amport02(3pm) - Support for the America/Porto_Velho time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::ampuer00(3pm) - Support for the America/Puerto_Rico time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amrain00(3pm) - Support for the America/Rainy_River time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amrank00(3pm) - Support for the America/Rankin_Inlet time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amreci00(3pm) - Support for the America/Recife time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amregi00(3pm) - Support for the America/Regina time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amreso00(3pm) - Support for the America/Resolute time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amrio_00(3pm) - Support for the America/Argentina/Rio_Gallegos time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amrio_01(3pm) - Support for the America/Rio_Branco time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amsalt00(3pm) - Support for the America/Argentina/Salta time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amsan_00(3pm) - Support for the America/Argentina/San_Juan time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amsan_01(3pm) - Support for the America/Argentina/San_Luis time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amsant00(3pm) - Support for the America/Santa_Isabel time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amsant01(3pm) - Support for the America/Santarem time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amsant02(3pm) - Support for the America/Santiago time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amsant03(3pm) - Support for the America/Santo_Domingo time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amsao_00(3pm) - Support for the America/Sao_Paulo time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amscor00(3pm) - Support for the America/Scoresbysund time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amst_j00(3pm) - Support for the America/St_Johns time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amst_k00(3pm) - Support for the America/St_Kitts time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amst_l00(3pm) - Support for the America/St_Lucia time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amst_t00(3pm) - Support for the America/St_Thomas time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amst_v00(3pm) - Support for the America/St_Vincent time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amswif00(3pm) - Support for the America/Swift_Current time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amtegu00(3pm) - Support for the America/Tegucigalpa time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amtell00(3pm) - Support for the America/Indiana/Tell_City time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amthul00(3pm) - Support for the America/Thule time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amthun00(3pm) - Support for the America/Thunder_Bay time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amtiju00(3pm) - Support for the America/Tijuana time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amtoro00(3pm) - Support for the America/Toronto time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amtort00(3pm) - Support for the America/Tortola time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amtucu00(3pm) - Support for the America/Argentina/Tucuman time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amushu00(3pm) - Support for the America/Argentina/Ushuaia time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amvanc00(3pm) - Support for the America/Vancouver time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amveva00(3pm) - Support for the America/Indiana/Vevay time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amvinc00(3pm) - Support for the America/Indiana/Vincennes time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amwhit00(3pm) - Support for the America/Whitehorse time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amwina00(3pm) - Support for the America/Indiana/Winamac time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amwinn00(3pm) - Support for the America/Winnipeg time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amyaku00(3pm) - Support for the America/Yakutat time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::amyell00(3pm) - Support for the America/Yellowknife time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::ancase00(3pm) - Support for the Antarctica/Casey time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::andavi00(3pm) - Support for the Antarctica/Davis time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::andumo00(3pm) - Support for the Antarctica/DumontDUrville time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::anmaws00(3pm) - Support for the Antarctica/Mawson time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::anmcmu00(3pm) - Support for the Antarctica/McMurdo time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::anpalm00(3pm) - Support for the Antarctica/Palmer time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::anroth00(3pm) - Support for the Antarctica/Rothera time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::ansyow00(3pm) - Support for the Antarctica/Syowa time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::anvost00(3pm) - Support for the Antarctica/Vostok time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::asaden00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Aden time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::asalma00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Almaty time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::asamma00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Amman time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::asanad00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Anadyr time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::asaqta00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Aqtau time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::asaqto00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Aqtobe time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::asashg00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Ashgabat time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::asbagh00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Baghdad time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::asbahr00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Bahrain time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::asbaku00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Baku time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::asbang00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Bangkok time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::asbeir00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Beirut time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::asbish00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Bishkek time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::asbrun00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Brunei time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::aschoi00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Choibalsan time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::aschon00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Chongqing time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::ascolo00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Colombo time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::asdama00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Damascus time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::asdhak00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Dhaka time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::asdili00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Dili time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::asduba00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Dubai time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::asdush00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Dushanbe time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::asgaza00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Gaza time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::asharb00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Harbin time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::asho_c00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Ho_Chi_Minh time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::ashong00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Hong_Kong time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::ashovd00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Hovd time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::asirku00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Irkutsk time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::asjaka00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Jakarta time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::asjaya00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Jayapura time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::asjeru00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Jerusalem time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::askabu00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Kabul time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::askamc00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Kamchatka time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::askara00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Karachi time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::askash00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Kashgar time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::askath00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Kathmandu time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::askolk00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Kolkata time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::askras00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Krasnoyarsk time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::askual00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Kuala_Lumpur time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::askuch00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Kuching time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::askuwa00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Kuwait time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::asmaca00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Macau time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::asmaga00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Magadan time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::asmaka00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Makassar time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::asmani00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Manila time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::asmusc00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Muscat time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::asnico00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Nicosia time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::asnovo00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Novokuznetsk time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::asnovo01(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Novosibirsk time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::asomsk00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Omsk time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::asoral00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Oral time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::asphno00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Phnom_Penh time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::aspont00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Pontianak time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::aspyon00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Pyongyang time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::asqata00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Qatar time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::asqyzy00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Qyzylorda time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::asrang00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Rangoon time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::asriya00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Riyadh time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::assakh00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Sakhalin time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::assama00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Samarkand time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::asseou00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Seoul time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::asshan00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Shanghai time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::assing00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Singapore time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::astaip00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Taipei time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::astash00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Tashkent time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::astbil00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Tbilisi time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::astehr00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Tehran time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::asthim00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Thimphu time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::astoky00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Tokyo time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::asulaa00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Ulaanbaatar time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::asurum00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Urumqi time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::asvien00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Vientiane time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::asvlad00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Vladivostok time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::asyaku00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Yakutsk time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::asyeka00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Yekaterinburg time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::asyere00(3pm) - Support for the Asia/Yerevan time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::atazor00(3pm) - Support for the Atlantic/Azores time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::atberm00(3pm) - Support for the Atlantic/Bermuda time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::atcana00(3pm) - Support for the Atlantic/Canary time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::atcape00(3pm) - Support for the Atlantic/Cape_Verde time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::atfaro00(3pm) - Support for the Atlantic/Faroe time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::atmade00(3pm) - Support for the Atlantic/Madeira time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::atreyk00(3pm) - Support for the Atlantic/Reykjavik time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::atsout00(3pm) - Support for the Atlantic/South_Georgia time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::atstan00(3pm) - Support for the Atlantic/Stanley time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::atst_h00(3pm) - Support for the Atlantic/St_Helena time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::auadel00(3pm) - Support for the Australia/Adelaide time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::aubris00(3pm) - Support for the Australia/Brisbane time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::aubrok00(3pm) - Support for the Australia/Broken_Hill time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::aucurr00(3pm) - Support for the Australia/Currie time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::audarw00(3pm) - Support for the Australia/Darwin time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::aueucl00(3pm) - Support for the Australia/Eucla time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::auhoba00(3pm) - Support for the Australia/Hobart time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::aulind00(3pm) - Support for the Australia/Lindeman time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::aulord00(3pm) - Support for the Australia/Lord_Howe time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::aumelb00(3pm) - Support for the Australia/Melbourne time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::aupert00(3pm) - Support for the Australia/Perth time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::ausydn00(3pm) - Support for the Australia/Sydney time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::b00(3pm) - Support for the B time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::c00(3pm) - Support for the C time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::cet00(3pm) - Support for the CET time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::d00(3pm) - Support for the D time zone
Date::Manip::TZdata(3pm) - - Internal module for working with the tzdata files
Date::Manip::TZ::e00(3pm) - Support for the E time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::eet00(3pm) - Support for the EET time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::etgmt00(3pm) - Support for the Etc/GMT time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::etgmtm00(3pm) - Support for the Etc/GMT-1 time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::etgmtm01(3pm) - Support for the Etc/GMT-10 time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::etgmtm02(3pm) - Support for the Etc/GMT-11 time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::etgmtm03(3pm) - Support for the Etc/GMT-12 time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::etgmtm04(3pm) - Support for the Etc/GMT-13 time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::etgmtm05(3pm) - Support for the Etc/GMT-14 time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::etgmtm06(3pm) - Support for the Etc/GMT-2 time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::etgmtm07(3pm) - Support for the Etc/GMT-3 time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::etgmtm08(3pm) - Support for the Etc/GMT-4 time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::etgmtm09(3pm) - Support for the Etc/GMT-5 time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::etgmtm10(3pm) - Support for the Etc/GMT-6 time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::etgmtm11(3pm) - Support for the Etc/GMT-7 time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::etgmtm12(3pm) - Support for the Etc/GMT-8 time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::etgmtm13(3pm) - Support for the Etc/GMT-9 time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::etgmtp00(3pm) - Support for the Etc/GMT+1 time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::etgmtp01(3pm) - Support for the Etc/GMT+10 time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::etgmtp02(3pm) - Support for the Etc/GMT+11 time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::etgmtp03(3pm) - Support for the Etc/GMT+12 time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::etgmtp04(3pm) - Support for the Etc/GMT+2 time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::etgmtp05(3pm) - Support for the Etc/GMT+3 time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::etgmtp06(3pm) - Support for the Etc/GMT+4 time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::etgmtp07(3pm) - Support for the Etc/GMT+5 time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::etgmtp08(3pm) - Support for the Etc/GMT+6 time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::etgmtp09(3pm) - Support for the Etc/GMT+7 time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::etgmtp10(3pm) - Support for the Etc/GMT+8 time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::etgmtp11(3pm) - Support for the Etc/GMT+9 time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::euamst00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Amsterdam time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::euando00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Andorra time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::euathe00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Athens time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::eubelg00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Belgrade time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::euberl00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Berlin time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::eubrus00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Brussels time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::eubuch00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Bucharest time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::eubuda00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Budapest time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::euchis00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Chisinau time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::eucope00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Copenhagen time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::eudubl00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Dublin time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::eugibr00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Gibraltar time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::euhels00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Helsinki time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::euista00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Istanbul time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::eukali00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Kaliningrad time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::eukiev00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Kiev time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::eulisb00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Lisbon time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::eulond00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/London time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::euluxe00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Luxembourg time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::eumadr00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Madrid time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::eumalt00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Malta time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::eumins00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Minsk time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::eumona00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Monaco time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::eumosc00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Moscow time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::euoslo00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Oslo time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::eupari00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Paris time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::euprag00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Prague time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::euriga00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Riga time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::eurome00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Rome time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::eusama00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Samara time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::eusimf00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Simferopol time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::eusofi00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Sofia time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::eustoc00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Stockholm time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::eutall00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Tallinn time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::eutira00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Tirane time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::euuzhg00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Uzhgorod time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::euvadu00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Vaduz time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::euvien00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Vienna time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::euviln00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Vilnius time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::euvolg00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Volgograd time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::euwars00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Warsaw time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::euzapo00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Zaporozhye time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::euzuri00(3pm) - Support for the Europe/Zurich time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::f00(3pm) - Support for the F time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::g00(3pm) - Support for the G time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::h00(3pm) - Support for the H time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::i00(3pm) - Support for the I time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::inanta00(3pm) - Support for the Indian/Antananarivo time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::inchag00(3pm) - Support for the Indian/Chagos time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::inchri00(3pm) - Support for the Indian/Christmas time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::incoco00(3pm) - Support for the Indian/Cocos time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::incomo00(3pm) - Support for the Indian/Comoro time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::inkerg00(3pm) - Support for the Indian/Kerguelen time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::inmahe00(3pm) - Support for the Indian/Mahe time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::inmald00(3pm) - Support for the Indian/Maldives time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::inmaur00(3pm) - Support for the Indian/Mauritius time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::inmayo00(3pm) - Support for the Indian/Mayotte time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::inreun00(3pm) - Support for the Indian/Reunion time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::k00(3pm) - Support for the K time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::l00(3pm) - Support for the L time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::m00(3pm) - Support for the M time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::met00(3pm) - Support for the MET time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::n00(3pm) - Support for the N time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::o00(3pm) - Support for the O time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::p00(3pm) - Support for the P time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::paapia00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Apia time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::paauck00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Auckland time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::pachat00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Chatham time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::paeast00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Easter time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::paefat00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Efate time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::paende00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Enderbury time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::pafaka00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Fakaofo time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::pafiji00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Fiji time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::pafuna00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Funafuti time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::pagala00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Galapagos time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::pagamb00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Gambier time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::paguad00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Guadalcanal time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::paguam00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Guam time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::pahono00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Honolulu time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::pakiri00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Kiritimati time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::pakosr00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Kosrae time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::pakwaj00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Kwajalein time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::pamaju00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Majuro time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::pamarq00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Marquesas time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::pamidw00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Midway time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::panaur00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Nauru time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::paniue00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Niue time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::panorf00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Norfolk time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::panoum00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Noumea time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::papago00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Pago_Pago time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::papala00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Palau time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::papitc00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Pitcairn time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::papona00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Ponape time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::paport00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Port_Moresby time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::pararo00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Rarotonga time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::pasaip00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Saipan time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::patahi00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Tahiti time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::patara00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Tarawa time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::patong00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Tongatapu time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::patruk00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Truk time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::pawake00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Wake time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::pawall00(3pm) - Support for the Pacific/Wallis time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::q00(3pm) - Support for the Q time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::r00(3pm) - Support for the R time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::s00(3pm) - Support for the S time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::t00(3pm) - Support for the T time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::u00(3pm) - Support for the U time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::ut00(3pm) - Support for the UT time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::v00(3pm) - Support for the V time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::w00(3pm) - Support for the W time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::wet00(3pm) - Support for the WET time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::x00(3pm) - Support for the X time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::y00(3pm) - Support for the Y time zone
Date::Manip::TZ::z00(3pm) - Support for the Z time zone
Date::Manip::Zones(3pm) - Time zone information
Date::Parse(3pm)    - Parse date strings into time values
DateTime(3pm)       - A date and time object
DateTime::Duration(3pm) - Duration objects for date math
DateTime::Format::Strptime(3pm) - Parse and format strp and strf time patterns
DateTime::Helpers(3pm) - Helper functions for other DateTime modules
DateTime::Infinite(3pm) - Infinite past and future DateTime objects
DateTime::LeapSecond(3pm) - leap seconds table and utilities
DateTime::Locale(3pm) - Localization support for
DateTime::Locale::aa(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::aa_DJ(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::aa_ER(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::aa_ER_SAAHO(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::aa_ET(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::af(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::af_NA(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::af_ZA(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ak(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ak_GH(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::am(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::am_ET(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ar(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ar_AE(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ar_BH(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ar_DZ(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ar_EG(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ar_IQ(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ar_JO(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ar_KW(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ar_LB(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ar_LY(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ar_MA(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ar_OM(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ar_QA(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ar_SA(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ar_SD(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ar_SY(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ar_TN(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ar_YE(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::as(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::as_IN(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::az(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::az_AZ(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::az_Cyrl(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::az_Cyrl_AZ(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::az_Latn(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::az_Latn_AZ(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::Base(3pm) - Base class for individual locale objects
DateTime::Locale::be(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::be_BY(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::bg(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::bg_BG(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::bn(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::bn_BD(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::bn_IN(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::bo(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::bo_CN(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::bo_IN(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::bs(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::bs_BA(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::byn(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::byn_ER(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ca(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ca_ES(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::Catalog(3pm) - Provides a list of all valid locale names
DateTime::LocaleCatalog(3pm) - renamed to DateTime::Locale::Catalog
DateTime::Locale::cch(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::cch_NG(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::cop(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::cs(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::cs_CZ(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::cy(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::cy_GB(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::da(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::da_DK(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::de(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::de_AT(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::de_BE(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::de_CH(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::de_DE(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::de_LI(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::de_LU(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::dv(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::dv_MV(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::dz(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::dz_BT(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ee(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ee_GH(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ee_TG(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::el(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::el_CY(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::el_GR(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::el_POLYTON(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::en(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::en_AS(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::en_AU(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::en_BE(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::en_BW(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::en_BZ(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::en_CA(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::en_Dsrt(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::en_Dsrt_US(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::en_GB(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::en_GU(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::en_HK(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::en_IE(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::en_IN(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::en_JM(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::en_MH(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::en_MP(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::en_MT(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::en_NA(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::en_NZ(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::en_PH(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::en_PK(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::en_SG(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::en_Shaw(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::en_TT(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::en_UM(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::en_US(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::en_US_POSIX(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::en_VI(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::en_ZA(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::en_ZW(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::eo(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::es(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::es_AR(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::es_BO(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::es_CL(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::es_CO(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::es_CR(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::es_DO(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::es_EC(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::es_ES(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::es_GT(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::es_HN(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::es_MX(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::es_NI(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::es_PA(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::es_PE(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::es_PR(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::es_PY(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::es_SV(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::es_US(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::es_UY(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::es_VE(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::et(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::et_EE(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::eu(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::eu_ES(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::fa(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::fa_AF(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::fa_IR(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::fi(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::fi_FI(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::fil(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::fil_PH(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::fo(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::fo_FO(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::fr(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::fr_BE(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::fr_CA(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::fr_CH(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::fr_FR(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::fr_LU(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::fr_MC(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::fr_SN(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::fur(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::fur_IT(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ga(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::gaa(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::gaa_GH(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ga_IE(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::gez(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::gez_ER(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::gez_ET(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::gl(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::gl_ES(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::gsw(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::gsw_CH(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::gu(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::gu_IN(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::gv(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::gv_GB(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ha(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ha_Arab(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ha_Arab_NG(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ha_Arab_SD(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ha_GH(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ha_Latn(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ha_Latn_GH(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ha_Latn_NE(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ha_Latn_NG(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ha_NE(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ha_NG(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ha_SD(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::haw(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::haw_US(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::he(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::he_IL(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::hi(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::hi_IN(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::hr(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::hr_HR(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::hu(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::hu_HU(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::hy(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::hy_AM(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::hy_AM_REVISED(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ia(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::id(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::id_ID(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ig(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ig_NG(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ii(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ii_CN(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::is(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::is_IS(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::it(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::it_CH(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::it_IT(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::iu(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ja(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ja_JP(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ka(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ka_GE(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::kaj(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::kaj_NG(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::kam(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::kam_KE(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::kcg(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::kcg_NG(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::kfo(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::kfo_CI(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::kk(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::kk_Cyrl(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::kk_Cyrl_KZ(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::kk_KZ(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::kl(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::kl_GL(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::km(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::km_KH(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::kn(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::kn_IN(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ko(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::kok(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::kok_IN(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ko_KR(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::kpe(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::kpe_GN(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::kpe_LR(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ku(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ku_Arab(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ku_Arab_IQ(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ku_Arab_IR(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ku_Arab_SY(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ku_IQ(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ku_IR(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ku_Latn(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ku_Latn_TR(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ku_SY(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ku_TR(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::kw(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::kw_GB(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ky(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ky_KG(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ln(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ln_CD(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ln_CG(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::lo(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::lo_LA(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::lt(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::lt_LT(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::lv(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::lv_LV(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::mk(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::mk_MK(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ml(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ml_IN(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::mn(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::mn_CN(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::mn_Cyrl(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::mn_Cyrl_MN(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::mn_MN(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::mn_Mong(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::mn_Mong_CN(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::mo(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::mr(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::mr_IN(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ms(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ms_BN(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ms_MY(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::mt(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::mt_MT(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::my(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::my_MM(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::nb(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::nb_NO(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::nds(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::nds_DE(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ne(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ne_IN(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ne_NP(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::nl(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::nl_BE(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::nl_NL(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::nn(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::nn_NO(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::no(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::nr(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::nr_ZA(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::nso(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::nso_ZA(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ny(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ny_MW(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::oc(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::oc_FR(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::om(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::om_ET(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::om_KE(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::or(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::or_IN(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::pa(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::pa_Arab(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::pa_Arab_PK(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::pa_Guru(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::pa_Guru_IN(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::pa_IN(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::pa_PK(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::pl(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::pl_PL(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ps(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ps_AF(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::pt(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::pt_BR(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::pt_PT(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ro(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ro_MD(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::root(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ro_RO(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ru(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ru_RU(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ru_UA(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::rw(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::rw_RW(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::sa(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::sa_IN(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::se(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::se_FI(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::se_NO(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::sh(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::sh_BA(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::sh_CS(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::sh_YU(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::si(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::sid(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::sid_ET(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::si_LK(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::sk(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::sk_SK(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::sl(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::sl_SI(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::so(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::so_DJ(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::so_ET(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::so_KE(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::so_SO(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::sq(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::sq_AL(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::sr(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::sr_BA(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::sr_CS(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::sr_Cyrl(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::sr_Cyrl_BA(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::sr_Cyrl_CS(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::sr_Cyrl_ME(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::sr_Cyrl_RS(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::sr_Cyrl_YU(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::sr_Latn(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::sr_Latn_BA(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::sr_Latn_CS(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::sr_Latn_ME(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::sr_Latn_RS(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::sr_Latn_YU(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::sr_ME(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::sr_RS(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::sr_YU(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ss(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ss_SZ(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ss_ZA(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::st(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::st_LS(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::st_ZA(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::sv(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::sv_FI(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::sv_SE(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::sw(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::sw_KE(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::sw_TZ(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::syr(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::syr_SY(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ta(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ta_IN(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::te(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::te_IN(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::tg(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::tg_Cyrl(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::tg_Cyrl_TJ(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::tg_TJ(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::th(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::th_TH(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ti(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ti_ER(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ti_ET(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::tig(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::tig_ER(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::tl(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::tn(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::tn_ZA(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::to(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::to_TO(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::tr(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::tr_TR(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::trv(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::trv_TW(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ts(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ts_ZA(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::tt(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::tt_RU(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ug(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ug_Arab(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ug_Arab_CN(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ug_CN(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::uk(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::uk_UA(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ur(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ur_IN(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ur_PK(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::uz(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::uz_AF(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::uz_Arab(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::uz_Arab_AF(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::uz_Cyrl(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::uz_Cyrl_UZ(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::uz_Latn(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::uz_Latn_UZ(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::uz_UZ(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ve(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::ve_ZA(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::vi(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::vi_VN(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::wal(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::wal_ET(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::wo(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::wo_Latn(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::wo_Latn_SN(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::wo_SN(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::xh(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::xh_ZA(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::yo(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::yo_NG(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::zh(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::zh_CN(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::zh_Hans(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::zh_Hans_CN(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::zh_Hans_HK(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::zh_Hans_MO(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::zh_Hans_SG(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::zh_Hant(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::zh_Hant_HK(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::zh_Hant_MO(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::zh_Hant_TW(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::zh_HK(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::zh_MO(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::zh_SG(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::zh_TW(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::zu(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::Locale::zu_ZA(3pm) - (unknown subject)
DateTime::TimeZone(3pm) - Time zone object base class and factory
DateTime::TimeZone::Catalog(3pm) - Provides a list of all valid time zone names
DateTime::TimeZone::Floating(3pm) - A time zone that is always local
DateTime::TimeZone::Local(3pm) - Determine the local system's time zone
DateTime::TimeZone::Local::Unix(3pm) - Determine the local system's time zone on Unix
DateTime::TimeZone::Local::VMS(3pm) - Determine the local system's time zone on VMS
DateTime::TimeZone::Local::Win32(3pm) - Determine the local system's time zone on Windows
DateTime::TimeZone::OffsetOnly(3pm) - A DateTime::TimeZone object that just contains an offset
DateTime::TimeZone::OlsonDB(3pm) - An object to represent an Olson time zone database
DateTime::TimeZone::UTC(3pm) - The UTC time zone
davfs2.conf(5)      - Configuration file for mount.davfs
daylight(3)         - initialize time conversion information
db(3)               - database access methods
DB(3pm)             - programmatic interface to the Perl debugging API
DBD::DBM(3pm)       - a DBI driver for DBM & MLDBM files
DBD::File(3pm)      - Base class for writing DBI drivers
DBD::Gofer(3pm)     - A stateless-proxy driver for communicating with a remote DBI
DBD::Gofer::Policy::Base(3pm) - Base class for DBD::Gofer policies
DBD::Gofer::Policy::classic(3pm) - The 'classic' policy for DBD::Gofer
DBD::Gofer::Policy::pedantic(3pm) - The 'pedantic' policy for DBD::Gofer
DBD::Gofer::Policy::rush(3pm) - The 'rush' policy for DBD::Gofer
DBD::Gofer::Transport::Base(3pm) - base class for DBD::Gofer client transports
DBD::Gofer::Transport::null(3pm) - DBD::Gofer client transport for testing
DBD::Gofer::Transport::pipeone(3pm) - DBD::Gofer client transport for testing
DBD::Gofer::Transport::stream(3pm) - DBD::Gofer transport for stdio streaming
DBD::mysql(3pm)     - MySQL driver for the Perl5 Database Interface(DBI)
DBD::mysql::INSTALL(3pm) - How to install and configure DBD::mysql
DBD::Sponge(3pm)    - Create a DBI statement handle from Perl data
DBD::SQLite(3pm)    - Self-contained RDBMS in a DBI Driver
DBD::SQLite::Cookbook(3pm) - The DBD::SQLite Cookbook
DBE(3)              - Double Buffer Extension
DB_File(3pm)        - Perl5 access to Berkeley DB version 1.x
DBI(3pm)            - Database independent interface for Perl
DBI::Const::GetInfo::ANSI(3pm) - ISO/IEC SQL/CLI Constants for GetInfo
DBI::Const::GetInfo::ODBC(3pm) - ODBC Constants for GetInfo
DBI::Const::GetInfoReturn(3pm) - Data and functions for describing GetInfo results
DBI::Const::GetInfoType(3pm) - Data describing GetInfo type codes
DBI::DBD(3pm)       - Perl DBI Database Driver Writer's Guide
DBI::DBD::Metadata(3pm) - Generate the code and data for some DBI metadata methods
DBI::FAQ(3pm)       - - The Frequently Asked Questions for the Perl5 Database Interface
DBI::Gofer::Execute(3pm) - Executes Gofer requests and returns Gofer responses
DBI::Gofer::Request(3pm) - Encapsulate a request from DBD::Gofer to DBI::Gofer::Execute
DBI::Gofer::Response(3pm) - Encapsulate a response from DBI::Gofer::Execute to DBD::Gofer
DBI::Gofer::Serializer::Base(3pm) - base class for Gofer serialization
DBI::Gofer::Serializer::DataDumper(3pm) - Gofer serialization using DataDumper
DBI::Gofer::Serializer::Storable(3pm) - Gofer serialization using Storable
DBI::Gofer::Transport::Base(3pm) - Base class for Gofer transports
DBI::Gofer::Transport::pipeone(3pm) - DBD::Gofer server-side transport for pipeone
DBI::Gofer::Transport::stream(3pm) - DBD::Gofer server-side transport for stream
dbilogstrip(1)      - filter to normalize DBI trace logs for diff'ing
dbiprof(1)          - command-line client for DBI::ProfileData
DBI::Profile(3pm)   - Performance profiling and benchmarking for the DBI
DBI::ProfileData(3pm) - manipulate DBI::ProfileDumper data dumps
DBI::ProfileDumper(3pm) - profile DBI usage and output data to a file
DBI::ProfileSubs(3pm) - Subroutines for dynamic profile Path
DBI::PurePerl(3pm)  - - a DBI emulation using pure perl (no C/XS compilation required)
DBI::SQL::Nano(3pm) - a very tiny SQL engine
DBI::Util::CacheMemory(3pm) - a very fast but very minimal subset of Cache::Memory
DBIx::Simple(3pm)   - Easy-to-use OO interface to DBI
DBIx::Simple::Comparison(3pm) - DBIx::Simple in DBI jargon
DBIx::Simple::Examples(3pm) - Examples of how to use DBIx::Simple
dblatex(1)          - convert DocBook to LaTeX, DVI, PostScript, and PDF
DBM_Filter(3pm)     - - Filter DBM keys/values
DBM_Filter::compress(3pm) - filter for DBM_Filter
DBM_Filter::encode(3pm) - filter for DBM_Filter
DBM_Filter::int32(3pm) - filter for DBM_Filter
DBM_Filter::null(3pm) - filter for DBM_Filter
DBM_Filter::utf8(3pm) - filter for DBM_Filter
dbmmanage(1)        - Manage user authentication files in DBM format
dbopen(3)           - database access methods
dbus-binding-tool(1) - C language GLib bindings generation utility.
dbus-cleanup-sockets(1) - clean up leftover sockets in a directory
dbus-daemon(1)      - Message bus daemon
dbus-launch(1)      - Utility to start a message bus from a shell script
dbus-monitor(1)     - debug probe to print message bus messages
dbus-send(1)        - Send a message to a message bus
dbus-uuidgen(1)     - Utility to generate UUIDs
dc(1)               - an arbitrary precision calculator
dcgettext(3)        - translate message
dcngettext(3)       - translate message and choose plural form
dcraw(1)            - command-line decoder for raw digital photos
dc_server(1)        - Distributed session cache server
dd(1)               - convert and copy a file
ddate(1)            - converts Gregorian dates to Discordian dates
ddbugtopbm(1)       - convert Diddle or DiddleBug sketches to PBM files
dde(n)              - Execute a Dynamic Data Exchange command
ddjvu(1)            - Command line DjVu decoder.
ddns-confgen(8)     - ddns key generation tool
ddp(7)              - Linux AppleTalk protocol implementation
deallocate(7)       - deallocate a prepared statement
deallocvt(1)        - deallocate unused virtual consoles
debugfs(8)          - ext2/ext3/ext4 file system debugger
debugfs.reiser4(8)  - the program for debugging reiser4 filesystem.
debugreiserfs(8)    - The debugging tool for the ReiserFS filesystem.
declare(1)          - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
declare(7)          - define a cursor
decrypt(1)          - 802.11b packet decryption tool
DefaultColormap(3)  - Display macros and functions
DefaultColormapOfScreen(3) - screen information functions and macros
default_colors(3x)  - use terminal's default colors
DefaultDepth(3)     - Display macros and functions
DefaultDepthOfScreen(3) - screen information functions and macros
DefaultGC(3)        - Display macros and functions
DefaultGCOfScreen(3) - screen information functions and macros       - PulseAudio Sound Server Startup Script
DefaultRootWindow(3) - Display macros and functions
DefaultScreen(3)    - Display macros and functions
DefaultScreenOfDisplay(3) - Display macros and functions
DefaultVisual(3)    - Display macros and functions
DefaultVisualOfScreen(3) - screen information functions and macros
defer(8)            - Postfix delivery status reports
define_key(3x)      - define a keycode
defncopy(1)         - extract procedures and views from a Microsoft server.
def_prog_mode(3x)   - low-level curses routines
def_shell_mode(3x)  - low-level curses routines
delay_output(3x)    - miscellaneous curses utility routines
delch(3x)           - delete character under the cursor in a curses window
del_curterm(3x)     - curses interfaces to terminfo database
delete(7)           - delete rows of a table
deleteln(3x)        - delete and insert lines in a curses window
deliver(8)          - deliver mail to an IMAP mailbox
deliverquota-maildrop(8) - deliver to a maildir with a quota
del_panel(3x)       - panel stack extension for curses
delpart(8)          - simple wrapper around the "del partition" ioctl
delscreen(3x)       - curses screen initialization and manipulation routines
deluge(1)           - a bittorrent client
deluge-console(1)   - a bittorrent client curses interface
deluged(1)          - a bittorrent client daemon
deluge-gtk(1)       - a bittorrent client gtk interface
deluge-web(1)       - a bittorrent client ajax web interface
delwin(3x)          - create curses windows
demangle(1)         - Undo C++ name mangling for symbols
demo(1)             - (unknown subject)
depmod(8)           - program to generate modules.dep and map files.
depmod.conf(5)      - Configuration file/directory for depmod
derwin(3x)          - create curses windows
des(3)              - DES encryption
DES_cbc_cksum(3)    - DES encryption
DES_cfb64_encrypt(3) - DES encryption
DES_cfb_encrypt(3)  - DES encryption
DES_crypt(3)        - DES encryption
des_crypt(3)        - fast DES encryption
DES_ecb2_encrypt(3) - DES encryption
DES_ecb3_encrypt(3) - DES encryption
DES_ecb_encrypt(3)  - DES encryption
DES_ede2_cbc_encrypt(3) - DES encryption
DES_ede2_cfb64_encrypt(3) - DES encryption
DES_ede2_ofb64_encrypt(3) - DES encryption
DES_ede3_cbc_encrypt(3) - DES encryption
DES_ede3_cbcm_encrypt(3) - DES encryption
DES_ede3_cfb64_encrypt(3) - DES encryption
DES_ede3_ofb64_encrypt(3) - DES encryption
DES_enc_read(3)     - DES encryption
DES_enc_write(3)    - DES encryption
DES_fcrypt(3)       - DES encryption
DES_is_weak_key(3)  - DES encryption
DES_key_sched(3)    - DES encryption
des_modes(7)        - the variants of DES and other crypto algorithms of OpenSSL
DES_ncbc_encrypt(3) - DES encryption
DES_ofb64_encrypt(3) - DES encryption
DES_ofb_encrypt(3)  - DES encryption
DES_pcbc_encrypt(3) - DES encryption
DES_quad_cksum(3)   - DES encryption
DES_random_key(3)   - DES encryption
des_read_2passwords(3) - Compatibility user interface functions
des_read_password(3) - Compatibility user interface functions
des_read_pw(3)      - Compatibility user interface functions
des_read_pw_string(3) - Compatibility user interface functions
DES_set_key(3)      - DES encryption
DES_set_key_checked(3) - DES encryption
DES_set_key_unchecked(3) - DES encryption
DES_set_odd_parity(3) - DES encryption
des_setparity(3)    - fast DES encryption
DES_string_to_2keys(3) - DES encryption
DES_string_to_key(3) - DES encryption
destroy(n)          - Destroy one or more windows
DES_xcbc_encrypt(3) - DES encryption
detectloader(8)     - Detect what type of loader you have on your disk.
devdump(1)          - Utility programs for dumping and verifying iso9660 images.
Devel::DProf(3pm)   - a Perl code profiler
Devel::InnerPackage(3pm) - find all the inner packages of a package
Devel::Peek(3pm)    - A data debugging tool for the XS programmer
Devel::PPPort(3pm)  - Perl/Pollution/Portability
Devel::SelfStubber(3pm) - generate stubs for a SelfLoading module
Devel::StackTrace(3pm) - Stack trace and stack trace frame objects
df(1)               - report file system disk space usage
dfutool(1)          - Device Firmware Upgrade utility
dgettext(3)         - translate message
dgst(1)             - message digests
dh(3)               - Diffie-Hellman key agreement
DH_check(3)         - generate and check Diffie-Hellman parameters
dhclient(8)         - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Client
dhclient.conf(5)    - DHCP client configuration file
dhclient.leases(5)  - DHCP client lease database
dhclient-script(8)  - DHCP client network configuration script
DH_compute_key(3)   - perform Diffie-Hellman key exchange
dhcpcd(8)           - an RFC 2131 compliant DHCP client
dhcpcd.conf(5)      - dhcpcd configuration file
dhcpcd-run-hooks(8) - DHCP client configuration script
dhcpd(8)            - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Server
dhcpd.conf(5)       - dhcpd configuration file
dhcpd.leases(5)     - DHCP client lease database
dhcp-eval(5)        - ISC DHCP conditional evaluation
dhcp-options(5)     - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol options
dhcpxd(8)           - Client for the DHCP protocol defined in RFC2131, RFC2132
DH_free(3)          - allocate and free DH objects
DH_generate_key(3)  - perform Diffie-Hellman key exchange
DH_generate_parameters(3) - generate and check Diffie-Hellman parameters
DH_get_default_method(3) - select DH method
DH_get_ex_data(3)   - add application specific data to DH structures
DH_get_ex_new_index(3) - add application specific data to DH structures
DH_new(3)           - allocate and free DH objects
DH_new_method(3)    - select DH method
DH_OpenSSL(3)       - select DH method
dhparam(1)          - DH parameter manipulation and generation
DHparams_print(3)   - print cryptographic parameters
DHparams_print_fp(3) - print cryptographic parameters
DH_set_default_method(3) - select DH method
DH_set_ex_data(3)   - add application specific data to DH structures
DH_set_method(3)    - select DH method
DH_size(3)          - get Diffie-Hellman prime size
dia(1)              - a diagram drawing program
diagnostics(3pm)    - produce verbose warning diagnostics
dialog(1)           - display dialog boxes from shell scripts
dialrules(5f)       - dial string processing rules
dialtest(8c)        - dial string processing rules test program
dict(n)             - Manipulate dictionaries
diff(1)             - compare files line by line
diff3(1)            - compare three files line by line
diff-jars(1)        - output the differences between two JAR files
diffpp(1)           - pretty-print diff outputs with GNU enscript
diffstat(1)         - make histogram from diff-output
difftime(3)         - calculate time difference
dig(1)              - DNS lookup utility
Digest(3pm)         - Modules that calculate message digests
Digest::base(3pm)   - Digest base class
Digest::file(3pm)   - Calculate digests of files
Digest::HMAC(3pm)   - Keyed-Hashing for Message Authentication
Digest::HMAC_MD5(3pm) - Keyed-Hashing for Message Authentication
Digest::HMAC_SHA1(3pm) - Keyed-Hashing for Message Authentication
Digest::MD5(3pm)    - Perl interface to the MD5 Algorithm
Digest::SHA1(3pm)   - Perl interface to the SHA-1 algorithm
Digest::SHA(3pm)    - Perl extension for SHA-1/224/256/384/512
digitaglinktree(1)  - Export tag structure of photos in digikam to the filesystem.
dijkstra(1)         - single-source distance filter
dir(1)              - list directory contents
dir2slideshow(1)    - Creates an input file for dvd-slideshow from pictures in a directory.
dircolors(1)        - color setup for ls
dir_colors(5)       - configuration file for dircolors(1)
dirfd(3)            - get directory stream file descriptor
DirHandle(3pm)      - supply object methods for directory handles
dirmngr(1)          - CRL and OCSP daemon
dirmngr-client(1)   - CRL and OCSP daemon
dirname(1)          - strip last component from file name
dirname(3)          - parse pathname components
dirs(1)             - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
dirsplit(1)         - splits directory into multiple with equal size
disable_bh(9)       - split-half interrupt handling
disable-cups(8)     - stop/start printers and classes
discard(7)          - discard session state
discard(8)          - Postfix discard mail delivery agent
disco(1)            - Mono's Web Service Discovery Tool
disown(1)           - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
display(1)          - displays an image or image sequence on any X server.
display-aa(7)       - (unknown subject)
display-auto(7)     - (unknown subject)
DisplayCells(3)     - Display macros and functions
display-directx(7)  - (unknown subject)
display-fbdev(7)    - (unknown subject)
display-file(7)     - (unknown subject)
display-glide(7)    - (unknown subject)
DisplayHeight(3)    - image format functions and macros
DisplayHeightMM(3)  - image format functions and macros
display-mansync(7)  - (unknown subject)
display-memory(7)   - (unknown subject)
display-monotext(7) - (unknown subject)
display-multi(7)    - (unknown subject)
DisplayOfCCC(3)     - Color Conversion Context macros
DisplayOfScreen(3)  - screen information functions and macros
display-palemu(7)   - (unknown subject)
DisplayPlanes(3)    - Display macros and functions
display-quartz(7)   - (unknown subject)
DisplayString(3)    - Display macros and functions
display-sub(7)      - (unknown subject)
display-svgalib(7)  - (unknown subject)
display-tele(7)     - (unknown subject)
display-terminfo(7) - (unknown subject)
display-tile(7)     - (unknown subject)
display-trueemu(7)  - (unknown subject)
display-vcsa(7)     - (unknown subject)
display-vgl(7)      - (unknown subject)
DisplayWidth(3)     - image format functions and macros
DisplayWidthMM(3)   - image format functions and macros
display-x(7)        - (unknown subject)
dispswitch(1)       - select the video output on a Toshiba laptop
distcache(8)        - Distributed session caching
distrib.pats(5)     - Default values for the Distribution: header
distributions(5)    - Recommended values for the Distribution: header
ditroff(7)          - classical device independent roff
div(3)              - compute quotient and remainder of an integer division
divertctrl(8)       - set/query ISDN diversion services for(E)DSS1 protocol
djpeg(1)            - decompress a JPEG file to an image file
djview3(1)          - Standalone DjVu viewer
djvm(1)             - Manipulate bundled multi-page DjVu documents.
djvmcvt(1)          - Convert multi-page DjVu documents.
djvu(1)             - DjVu and DjVuLibre.
djvudigital(1)      - creates DjVu files from PS or PDF files.
djvudump(1)         - Display internal structure of DjVu files.
djvuextract(1)      - Extract chunks from DjVu image files.
djvumake(1)         - Assemble DjVu image files.
djvups(1)           - Convert DjVu documents to PostScript.
djvused(1)          - Multi-purpose DjVu document editor.
djvuserve(1)        - Generate indirect DjVu documents on the fly.
djvutoxml(1)        - DjVuLibre XML Tools.
djvutxt(1)          - Extract the hidden text from DjVu documents.
djvuxml(1)          - DjVuLibre XML Tools.
djvuxmlparser(1)    - DjVuLibre XML Tools.
dkms(8)             - Dynamic Kernel Module Support
dladdr(3)           - programming interface to dynamic linking loader
dlclose(3)          - programming interface to dynamic linking loader
dlerror(3)          - programming interface to dynamic linking loader
dl_iterate_phdr(3)  - walk through list of shared objects
dlopen(3)           - programming interface to dynamic linking loader
dlsym(3)            - programming interface to dynamic linking loader
dlvsym(3)           - programming interface to dynamic linking loader
dmesg(1)            - print or control the kernel ring buffer
dmevent_tool(8)     - A utility used to load a DSO into dmeventd and(un)register devices with it for monitoring
dmidecode(8)        - DMI table decoder
dmp(1)              - translate Troff output to low-level MetaPost input
dmraid(8)           - discover, configure and activate software(ATA)RAID
dmsetup(8)          - low level logical volume management
dn_comp(3)          - resolver routines
dn_expand(3)        - resolver routines
dngettext(3)        - translate message and choose plural form
dnsdomainname(1)    - show the system's DNS domain name
dns-helper(1)       - Non-blocking name resolver interface.
dnssec-dsfromkey(8) - DNSSEC DS RR generation tool
dnssec-keyfromlabel(8) - DNSSEC key generation tool
dnssec-keygen(8)    - DNSSEC key generation tool
dnssec-revoke(8)    - Set the REVOKED bit on a DNSSEC key
dnssec-settime(8)   - Set the key timing metadata for a DNSSEC key
dnssec-signzone(8)  - DNSSEC zone signing tool
docbook2dvi(1)      - (Jade Wrapper) converts SGML files to other formats
docbook2html(1)     - (Jade Wrapper) converts SGML files to other formats
docbook2man(1)      - (Jade Wrapper) converts SGML files to other formats - convert DocBook RefEntries to man pages
docbook2ps(1)       - (Jade Wrapper) converts SGML files to other formats
docbook2rtf(1)      - (Jade Wrapper) converts SGML files to other formats
docbook2tex(1)      - (Jade Wrapper) converts SGML files to other formats
docbook2texi(1)     - (Jade Wrapper) converts SGML files to other formats - convert DocBook Booksto Texinfo documents
docheckgroups(8)    - Process checkgroups and output a list of changes
DoesBackingStore(3) - screen information functions and macros
DoesSaveUnders(3)   - screen information functions and macros
doexec(1)           - run an executable with an arbitrary argv[0]
domain(8)           - nnrpd domain resolver
domainname(1)       - show or set the system's NIS/YP domain name
doneq(5f)           - outbound job description
dosfsck(8)          - check and repair MS-DOS file systems
dosfslabel(8)       - set or get a MS-DOS filesystem label
dot(1)              - filter for drawing directed graphs
dotty(1)            - A Customizable Graph Editor
doupdate(3x)        - refresh curses windows and lines
doxygen(1)          - documentation system for various programming languages
doxytag(1)          - generates a tag file and/or a search index for a set of HTML files
DPMSCapable(3)      - returns the DPMS capability of the X server
DPMSDisable(3)      - disables DPMS on the specified display
DPMSEnable(3)       - enables DPMS on the specified display
DPMSForceLevel(3)   - forces a DPMS capable display into the specified power level
DPMSGetTimeouts(3)  - retrieves the timeout values used by the X server for DPMS timings
DPMSGetVersion(3)   - returns the version of the DPMS extension implemented by the X server
DPMSInfo(3)         - returns information about the current DPMS state
DPMSQueryExtension(3) - queries the X server to determine the availability of the DPMS Extension
DPMSSetTimeouts(3)  - permits applications to set the timeout values used by the X server for DPMS timings
dprintf(3)          - print to a file descriptor
dprofpp(1)          - display perl profile data
drand48(3)          - generate uniformly distributed pseudo-random numbers
drand48_r(3)        - generate uniformly distributed pseudo-random numbers reentrantly
drem(3)             - floating-point remainder function
dremf(3)            - floating-point remainder function
dreml(3)            - floating-point remainder function
drop_aggregate(7)   - (unknown subject)
drop_cast(7)        - (unknown subject)
drop_conversion(7)  - (unknown subject)
drop_database(7)    - (unknown subject)
dropdb(1)           - remove a PostgreSQL database
drop_domain(7)      - (unknown subject)
drop_foreign_data_wrapper(7) - (unknown subject)
drop_function(7)    - (unknown subject)
drop_group(7)       - (unknown subject)
drop_index(7)       - (unknown subject)
droplang(1)         - remove a PostgreSQL procedural language
drop_language(7)    - (unknown subject)
drop_operator(7)    - (unknown subject)
drop_operator_class(7) - (unknown subject)
drop_operator_family(7) - (unknown subject)
drop_owned(7)       - (unknown subject)
drop_role(7)        - (unknown subject)
drop_rule(7)        - (unknown subject)
drop_schema(7)      - (unknown subject)
drop_sequence(7)    - (unknown subject)
drop_server(7)      - (unknown subject)
drop_table(7)       - (unknown subject)
drop_tablespace(7)  - (unknown subject)
drop_text_search_configuration(7) - (unknown subject)
drop_text_search_dictionary(7) - (unknown subject)
drop_text_search_parser(7) - (unknown subject)
drop_text_search_template(7) - (unknown subject)
drop_trigger(7)     - (unknown subject)
drop_type(7)        - (unknown subject)
dropuser(1)         - remove a PostgreSQL user account
drop_user(7)        - (unknown subject)
drop_user_mapping(7) - (unknown subject)
drop_view(7)        - (unknown subject)
drv(7)              - cups driver interface for ppd compiler files
dsa(1)              - DSA key processing
dsa(3)              - Digital Signature Algorithm
DSA_do_sign(3)      - raw DSA signature operations
DSA_do_verify(3)    - raw DSA signature operations
DSA_dup_DH(3)       - create a DH structure out of DSA structure
DSA_free(3)         - allocate and free DSA objects
DSA_generate_key(3) - generate DSA key pair
DSA_generate_parameters(3) - generate DSA parameters
DSA_get_default_method(3) - select DSA method
DSA_get_ex_data(3)  - add application specific data to DSA structures
DSA_get_ex_new_index(3) - add application specific data to DSA structures
DSA_new(3)          - allocate and free DSA objects
DSA_new_method(3)   - select DSA method
DSA_OpenSSL(3)      - select DSA method
dsaparam(1)         - DSA parameter manipulation and generation
DSAparams_print(3)  - print cryptographic parameters
DSAparams_print_fp(3) - print cryptographic parameters
DSA_print(3)        - print cryptographic parameters
DSA_print_fp(3)     - print cryptographic parameters
DSA_set_default_method(3) - select DSA method
DSA_set_ex_data(3)  - add application specific data to DSA structures
DSA_set_method(3)   - select DSA method
DSA_SIG_free(3)     - allocate and free DSA signature objects
DSA_sign(3)         - DSA signatures
DSA_SIG_new(3)      - allocate and free DSA signature objects
DSA_sign_setup(3)   - DSA signatures
DSA_size(3)         - get DSA signature size
DSA_verify(3)       - DSA signatures
dsp56k(4)           - DSP56001 interface device
du(1)               - estimate file space usage
dummy-ups(8)        - Driver for multi purpose UPS emulation
dump(8)             - ext2/3 filesystem backup
dumpcap(1)          - Dump network traffic
dumpe2fs(8)         - dump ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystem information
dumpkeys(1)         - dump keyboard translation tables
Dumpvalue(3pm)      - provides screen dump of Perl data.
dund(1)             - BlueZ Bluetooth dial-up networking daemon
dup2(2)             - duplicate a file descriptor
dup(2)              - duplicate a file descriptor
dup3(2)             - duplicate a file descriptor
dup_field(3x)       - create and destroy form fields
dupwin(3x)          - create curses windows
dv2sub(1)           - extract info or subtitles from DV stream
dvbsnoop(1)         - DVB and MPEG stream analyzer
dvdauthor(1)        - assembles multiple mpeg program streams into a suitable DVD filesystem
dvddirdel(1)        - Deletes a previously authored DVD directory structure in DIR
dvd-menu(1)         - Creates a DVD navigation menu with buttons.
dvd-slideshow(1)    - Creates a slideshow movie in DVD video format from a list of pictures and effects.
dvdstyler(1)        - cross platform DVD authoring system for Video DVD production
dvdunauthor(1)      - Removes DVD-Video file structure
dvgrab(1)           - Capture DV or MPEG-2 Transport Stream(HDV) video and audio data from FireWire
dvi2fax(1)          - convert a TeX DVI file to G3 fax format
dvicopy(1)          - produce modified copy of DVI file
dvigif(1)           - A DVI-to-PNG translator
dvihp(1)            - convert a TeX DVI file to Hewlett-Packard PCL
dvipdf(1)           - Convert TeX DVI file to PDF using ghostscript and dvips
dvipdft(1)          - create thumbnail images for use with dvipdfm
dvipng(1)           - A DVI-to-PNG translator
dvips(1)            - convert a TeX DVI file to PostScript
dvired(1)           - print dvi-files
dvitomp(1)          - convert a TeX DVI file to a MetaPost MPXFILE
dvitype(1)          - translate a dvi file for humans
dwell-click-applet(1) - Useful to select click type when using dwell click
DynaLoader(3pm)     - Dynamically load C libraries into Perl code
dynamic_field_info(3x) - retrieve field characteristics
dysize(3)           - get number of days for a given year
e2freefrag(8)       - report free space fragmentation information
e2fsck(8)           - check a Linux ext2/ext3/ext4 file system
e2fsck.conf(5)      - Configuration file for e2fsck
e2image(8)          - Save critical ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystem metadata to a file
e2label(8)          - Change the label on an ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystem
e2pall(1)           - convert all EPS files in a LaTeX document to PDF
e2undo(8)           - Replay an undo log for an ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystem
eaccess(3)          - check effective user's permissions for a file
ebb(1)              - extract a bounding box from JPEG, PNG, and PDF files
ebrowse(1)          - create a class hierarchy database
ec(1)               - EC key processing
ecb_crypt(3)        - fast DES encryption
ecdsa(3)            - Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm
echo(1)             - display a line of text
echo(3x)            - curses input options
echochar(3x)        - add a character (with attributes) to a curses window, then advance the cursor
echo_wchar(3x)      - add a complex character and rendition to a curses window, then advance the cursor
ecparam(1)          - EC parameter manipulation and generation
ecpg(1)             - embedded SQL C preprocessor
ecvt(3)             - convert a floating-point number to a string
ecvt_r(3)           - convert a floating-point number to a string
ed(1)               - text editor
edata(3)            - end of program segments
edit-faxcover(1)    - edit
editmap(8)          - query and edit single records in database maps for sendmail
edquota(8)          - edit user quotas
efax(1)             - send/receive faxes with Class 1, 2 or 2.0 fax modem
efix(1)             - convert between fax, text, bit-map and gray-scale formats
egrep(1)            - print lines matching a pattern
eiconctrl(8)        - configure Eicon active ISDN card
eject(1)            - eject removable media
ekiga(1)            - SIP and H.323 Voice over IP and Videoconferencing for UN*X
elf(5)              - format of Executable and Linking Format(ELF) files
elfedit(1)          - Update the ELF header of ELF files.
elks(1)             - Embedded Linux Kernel Subset emulator
elksemu(1)          - Embedded Linux Kernel Subset emulator
emacs(1)            - GNU project Emacs
emacsclient(1)      - tells a running Emacs to visit a file
Email::Simple(3pm)  - simple parsing of RFC2822 message format and headers
Email::Simple::Creator(3pm) - private helper for building Email::Simple objects
Email::Simple::Header(3pm) - the header of an Email::Simple message
empathy(1)          - GNOME instant messaging client using Telepathy
enable(1)           - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
enable-cups(8)      - stop/start printers and classes
enable_X11_numlock(1) - Enable X11 numlock
enblend(1)          - combine images using a multiresolution spline
enc(1)              - symmetric cipher routines
enc2xs(1)           - - Perl Encode Module Generator
enchant(1)          - a spellchecker
Encode(3pm)         - character encodings
Encode::Alias(3pm)  - alias definitions to encodings
Encode::Byte(3pm)   - Single Byte Encodings
Encode::CJKConstants(3pm) - - Internally used by Encode::??::ISO_2022_*
Encode::CN(3pm)     - China-based Chinese Encodings
Encode::CN::HZ(3pm) - - internally used by Encode::CN
Encode::Config(3pm) - - internally used by Encode
Encode::Detect(3pm) - An Encode::Encoding subclass that detects the encoding of data
Encode::Detect::Detector(3pm) - Detects the encoding of data
Encode::EBCDIC(3pm) - EBCDIC Encodings
Encode::Encoder(3pm) - - Object Oriented Encoder
Encode::Encoding(3pm) - Encode Implementation Base Class
Encode::GSM0338(3pm) - - ESTI GSM 03.38 Encoding
Encode::Guess(3pm)  - - Guesses encoding from data
Encode::JP(3pm)     - Japanese Encodings
Encode::JP::H2Z(3pm) - - internally used by Encode::JP::2022_JP*
Encode::JP::JIS7(3pm) - - internally used by Encode::JP
encode_keychange(1) - produce the KeyChange string for SNMPv3
Encode::KR::2022_KR(3pm) - - internally used by Encode::KR
Encode::KR(3pm)     - Korean Encodings
Encode::MIME::Header(3pm) - - MIME 'B' and 'Q' header encoding
Encode::MIME::Name(3pm) - - internally used by Encode
Encode::PerlIO(3pm) - - a detailed document on Encode and PerlIO
Encode::Supported(3pm) - - Encodings supported by Encode
Encode::Symbol(3pm) - Symbol Encodings
Encode::TW(3pm)     - Taiwan-based Chinese Encodings
Encode::Unicode(3pm) - - Various Unicode Transformation Formats
Encode::Unicode::UTF7(3pm) - - UTF-7 encoding
encoding(3pm)       - allows you to write your script in non-ascii or non-utf8
encoding(n)         - Manipulate encodings
encoding::warnings(3pm) - Warn on implicit encoding conversions
encrypt(3)          - encrypt 64-bit messages
encrypt_r(3)        - encrypt 64-bit messages
end(3)              - end of program segments
end(7)              - commit the current transaction
endaliasent(3)      - read an alias entry
endfsent(3)         - handle fstab entries
endgrent(3)         - get group file entry
endhostent(3)       - get network host entry
endian(3)           - convert values between host and big-/little-endian byte order
endmntent(3)        - get file system descriptor file entry
endnetent(3)        - get network entry
endnetgrent(3)      - handle network group entries
endprotoent(3)      - get protocol entry
endpwent(3)         - get password file entry
endrpcent(3)        - get RPC entry
endservent(3)       - get service entry
endspent(3)         - get shadow password file entry
endttyent(3)        - get ttys file entry
endusershell(3)     - get permitted user shells
endutent(3)         - access utmp file entries
endutxent(3)        - access utmp file entries
endwin(3x)          - curses screen initialization and manipulation routines
enfuse(1)           - poor man's HDR
engine(3)           - ENGINE cryptographic module support
English(3pm)        - use nice English (or awk) names for ugly punctuation variables
enscript(1)         - convert text files to PostScript, HTML, RTF, ANSI, and overstrikes
entry(n)            - Create and manipulate entry widgets
env(1)              - run a program in a modified environment
Env(3pm)            - perl module that imports environment variables as scalars or arrays
environ(5)          - user environment
environ(7)          - user environment
envsubst(1)         - substitutes environment variables in shell format strings
envy24control(1)    - GUI control tool for Envy24(ice1712) based soundcards, under ALSA.
envz(3)             - environment string support
envz_add(3)         - environment string support
envz_entry(3)       - environment string support
envz_get(3)         - environment string support
envz_merge(3)       - environment string support
envz_remove(3)      - environment string support
envz_strip(3)       - environment string support
eof(n)              - Check for end of file condition on channel
epiphany(1)         - simple to use web browser for GNOME
eplain(1)           - extended plain TeX
epoll(4)            - I/O event notification facility
epoll(7)            - I/O event notification facility
epoll_create1(2)    - open an epoll file descriptor
epoll_create(2)     - open an epoll file descriptor
epoll_ctl(2)        - control interface for an epoll descriptor
epoll_pwait(2)      - wait for an I/O event on an epoll file descriptor
epoll_wait(2)       - wait for an I/O event on an epoll file descriptor
eps2eps(1)          - Ghostscript PostScript "distiller"
epsffit(1)          - fit encapsulated PostScript file(EPSF) into constrained size
epstopdf(1)         - convert an EPS file to PDF
eqn(1)              - format equations for troff or MathML
eqn2graph(1)        - convert an EQN equation into a cropped image
erand48(3)          - generate uniformly distributed pseudo-random numbers
erand48_r(3)        - generate uniformly distributed pseudo-random numbers reentrantly
erase(3x)           - clear all or part of a curses window
erasechar(3x)       - curses environment query routines
erasewchar(3x)      - curses environment query routines
erf(3)              - error function
erfc(3)             - complementary error function
erfcf(3)            - complementary error function
erfcl(3)            - complementary error function
erff(3)             - error function
erfl(3)             - error function
err(3)              - formatted error messages
ERR_add_error_data(3) - record an error
ERR_clear_error(3)  - clear the error queue
ERR_error_string(3) - obtain human-readable error message
ERR_error_string_n(3) - obtain human-readable error message
ERR_free_strings(3) - load and free error strings
ERR_func_error_string(3) - obtain human-readable error message
ERR_get_error(3)    - obtain error code and data
ERR_get_error_line(3) - obtain error code and data
ERR_get_error_line_data(3) - obtain error code and data
ERR_GET_FUNC(3)     - get library, function and reason code
ERR_GET_LIB(3)      - get library, function and reason code
ERR_get_next_error_library(3) - load arbitrary error strings
ERR_GET_REASON(3)   - get library, function and reason code
ERR_lib_error_string(3) - obtain human-readable error message
ERR_load_crypto_strings(3) - load and free error strings
ERR_load_strings(3) - load arbitrary error strings
ERR_load_UI_strings(3) - New User Interface
errno(3)            - number of last error
Errno(3pm)          - System errno constants
error(3)            - glibc error reporting functions
Error(3pm)          - Error/exception handling in an OO-ish way
error(8)            - Postfix error/retry mail delivery agent
error_at_line(3)    - glibc error reporting functions
error_message_count(3) - glibc error reporting functions
error(n)            - Generate an error
error_on_per_line(3) - glibc error reporting functions
error_print_progname(3) - glibc error reporting functions
Error::Simple(3pm)  - the simple error sub-class of Error
ERR_PACK(3)         - load arbitrary error strings
ERR_peek_error(3)   - obtain error code and data
ERR_peek_error_line(3) - obtain error code and data
ERR_peek_error_line_data(3) - obtain error code and data
ERR_peek_last_error(3) - obtain error code and data
ERR_peek_last_error_line(3) - obtain error code and data
ERR_peek_last_error_line_data(3) - obtain error code and data
ERR_pop_to_mark(3)  - set marks and pop errors until mark
ERR_print_errors(3) - print error messages
ERR_print_errors_fp(3) - print error messages
ERR_put_error(3)    - record an error
ERR_reason_error_string(3) - obtain human-readable error message
ERR_remove_state(3) - free a thread's error queue
ERR_set_mark(3)     - set marks and pop errors until mark
errstr(1)           - lookup error codes
errx(3)             - formatted error messages
escputil(1)         - maintain Epson Stylus inkjet printers
esdcompat(1)        - PulseAudio ESD wrapper script
esd-config(1)       - The Enlightened Sound Daemon
espeak(1)           - A multi-lingual software speech synthesizer.
etags(1)            - generate tag file for Emacs, vi
etapro(8)           - Driver for ETA UPS equipment
Eterm(1)            - the Enlightened terminal emulator for the X Window System
etex(1)             - extended TeX
etext(3)            - end of program segments
ether_aton(3)       - Ethernet address manipulation routines
ether_aton_r(3)     - Ethernet address manipulation routines
ether_hostton(3)    - Ethernet address manipulation routines
ether_line(3)       - Ethernet address manipulation routines
ether_ntoa(3)       - Ethernet address manipulation routines
ether_ntoa_r(3)     - Ethernet address manipulation routines
ether_ntohost(3)    - Ethernet address manipulation routines
ethers(5)           - Ethernet address to IP number database
ether-wake(8)       - A tool to send a Wake-On-LAN "Magic Packet"
ethtool(8)          - Display or change ethernet card settings
euidaccess(3)       - check effective user's permissions for a file
eval(1)             - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
eval(n)             - Evaluate a Tcl script
evdev(4)            - Generic Linux input driver
eventfd2(2)         - create a file descriptor for event notification
eventfd(2)          - create a file descriptor for event notification
eventfd(3)          - create a file descriptor for event notification
eventfd_read(3)     - create a file descriptor for event notification
eventfd_write(3)    - create a file descriptor for event notification
eventlogadm3(8)     - push records into the Samba event log store
EventMaskOfScreen(3) - screen information functions and macros
event(n)            - Miscellaneous event facilities: define virtual events and generate events
everups(8)          - Driver for Ever UPS models
evince(1)           - GNOME document viewer
evp(3)              - high-level cryptographic functions
EVP_BytesToKey(3)   - password based encryption routine
EVP_CIPHER_asn1_to_param(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_CIPHER_block_size(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_CIPHER_CTX_block_size(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_CIPHER_CTX_cipher(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_CIPHER_CTX_cleanup(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_CIPHER_CTX_ctrl(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_CIPHER_CTX_flags(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_CIPHER_CTX_get_app_data(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_CIPHER_CTX_init(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_CIPHER_CTX_iv_length(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_CIPHER_CTX_key_length(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_CIPHER_CTX_mode(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_CIPHER_CTX_nid(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_CIPHER_CTX_set_app_data(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_CIPHER_CTX_set_key_length(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_CIPHER_CTX_set_padding(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_CIPHER_CTX_type(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_CipherFinal(3)  - EVP cipher routines
EVP_CipherFinal_ex(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_CIPHER_flags(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_CipherInit(3)   - EVP cipher routines
EVP_CipherInit_ex(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_CIPHER_iv_length(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_CIPHER_key_length(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_CIPHER_mode(3)  - EVP cipher routines
EVP_CIPHER_nid(3)   - EVP cipher routines
EVP_CIPHER_param_to_asn1(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_CIPHER_type(3)  - EVP cipher routines
EVP_CipherUpdate(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_DecryptFinal(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_DecryptFinal_ex(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_DecryptInit(3)  - EVP cipher routines
EVP_DecryptInit_ex(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_DecryptUpdate(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_DigestFinal_ex(3) - EVP digest routines
EVP_DigestInit(3)   - EVP digest routines
EVP_DigestInit_ex(3) - EVP digest routines
EVP_DigestSignFinal(3) - EVP signing functions
EVP_DigestSignInit(3) - EVP signing functions
EVP_DigestSignUpdate(3) - EVP signing functions
EVP_DigestUpdate(3) - EVP digest routines
EVP_DigestVerifyFinal(3) - EVP signature verification functions
EVP_DigestVerifyInit(3) - EVP signature verification functions
EVP_DigestVerifyUpdate(3) - EVP signature verification functions
EVP_dss1(3)         - EVP digest routines
EVP_dss(3)          - EVP digest routines
EVP_EncryptFinal(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_EncryptFinal_ex(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_EncryptInit(3)  - EVP cipher routines
EVP_EncryptInit_ex(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_EncryptUpdate(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_get_cipherbyname(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_get_cipherbynid(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_get_cipherbyobj(3) - EVP cipher routines
EVP_get_digestbyname(3) - EVP digest routines
EVP_get_digestbynid(3) - EVP digest routines
EVP_get_digestbyobj(3) - EVP digest routines
EVP_MAX_MD_SIZE(3)  - EVP digest routines
EVP_md2(3)          - EVP digest routines
EVP_md5(3)          - EVP digest routines
EVP_MD_block_size(3) - EVP digest routines
EVP_mdc2(3)         - EVP digest routines
EVP_MD_CTX_block_size(3) - EVP digest routines
EVP_MD_CTX_cleanup(3) - EVP digest routines
EVP_MD_CTX_copy(3)  - EVP digest routines
EVP_MD_CTX_copy_ex(3) - EVP digest routines
EVP_MD_CTX_create(3) - EVP digest routines
EVP_MD_CTX_destroy(3) - EVP digest routines
EVP_MD_CTX_init(3)  - EVP digest routines
EVP_MD_CTX_md(3)    - EVP digest routines
EVP_MD_CTX_size(3)  - EVP digest routines
EVP_MD_CTX_type(3)  - EVP digest routines
EVP_md_null(3)      - EVP digest routines
EVP_MD_pkey_type(3) - EVP digest routines
EVP_MD_size(3)      - EVP digest routines
EVP_MD_type(3)      - EVP digest routines
EVP_OpenFinal(3)    - EVP envelope decryption
EVP_OpenInit(3)     - EVP envelope decryption
EVP_OpenUpdate(3)   - EVP envelope decryption
EVP_PKEVP_PKEY_CTX_set_app_data(3) - key and parameter generation functions
EVP_PKEY_assign_DH(3) - EVP_PKEY assignment functions.
EVP_PKEY_assign_DSA(3) - EVP_PKEY assignment functions.
EVP_PKEY_assign_EC_KEY(3) - EVP_PKEY assignment functions.
EVP_PKEY_assign_RSA(3) - EVP_PKEY assignment functions.
EVP_PKEY_cmp(3)     - public key parameter and comparison functions
EVP_PKEY_cmp_parameters(3) - public key parameter and comparison functions
EVP_PKEY_copy_parameters(3) - public key parameter and comparison functions
EVP_PKEY_ctrl(3)    - algorithm specific control operations
EVP_PKEY_ctrl_str(3) - algorithm specific control operations
EVP_PKEY_CTX_ctrl(3) - algorithm specific control operations
EVP_PKEY_CTX_dup(3) - public key algorithm context functions.
EVP_PKEY_CTX_free(3) - public key algorithm context functions.
EVP_PKEY_CTX_get_app_data(3) - key and parameter generation functions
EVP_PKEY_CTX_get_cb(3) - key and parameter generation functions
EVP_PKEY_CTX_get_keygen_info(3) - key and parameter generation functions
EVP_PKEY_CTX_new(3) - public key algorithm context functions.
EVP_PKEY_CTX_new_id(3) - public key algorithm context functions.
EVP_PKEY_CTX_set_cb(3) - key and parameter generation functions
EVP_PKEY_decrypt(3) - decrypt using a public key algorithm
EVP_PKEY_decrypt_init(3) - decrypt using a public key algorithm
EVP_PKEY_derive(3)  - derive public key algorithm shared secret.
EVP_PKEY_derive_init(3) - derive public key algorithm shared secret.
EVP_PKEY_derive_set_peer(3) - derive public key algorithm shared secret.
EVP_PKEY_encrypt(3) - encrypt using a public key algorithm
EVP_PKEY_encrypt_init(3) - encrypt using a public key algorithm
EVP_PKEY_free(3)    - private key allocation functions.
EVP_PKEY_get1_DH(3) - EVP_PKEY assignment functions.
EVP_PKEY_get1_DSA(3) - EVP_PKEY assignment functions.
EVP_PKEY_get1_EC_KEY(3) - EVP_PKEY assignment functions.
EVP_PKEY_get1_RSA(3) - EVP_PKEY assignment functions.
EVP_PKEY_get_default_digest(3) - get default signature digest
EVP_PKEY_get_default_digest_nid(3) - get default signature digest
EVP_PKEY_keygen(3)  - key and parameter generation functions
EVP_PKEY_keygen_init(3) - key and parameter generation functions
EVP_PKEY_missing_parameters(3) - public key parameter and comparison functions
EVP_PKEY_new(3)     - private key allocation functions.
EVP_PKEY_paramgen(3) - key and parameter generation functions
EVP_PKEY_paramgen_init(3) - key and parameter generation functions
EVP_PKEY_print_params(3) - public key algorithm printing routines.
EVP_PKEY_print_private(3) - public key algorithm printing routines.
EVP_PKEY_print_public(3) - public key algorithm printing routines.
EVP_PKEY_set1_DH(3) - EVP_PKEY assignment functions.
EVP_PKEY_set1_DSA(3) - EVP_PKEY assignment functions.
EVP_PKEY_set1_EC_KEY(3) - EVP_PKEY assignment functions.
EVP_PKEY_set1_RSA(3) - EVP_PKEY assignment functions.
EVP_PKEY_sign(3)    - sign using a public key algorithm
EVP_PKEY_sign_init(3) - sign using a public key algorithm
EVP_PKEY_type(3)    - EVP_PKEY assignment functions.
EVP_PKEY_verify(3)  - signature verification using a public key algorithm
EVP_PKEY_verify_init(3) - signature verification using a public key algorithm
EVP_PKEY_verifyrecover(3) - recover signature using a public key algorithm
EVP_PKEY_verifyrecover_init(3) - recover signature using a public key algorithm
EVP_ripemd160(3)    - EVP digest routines
EVP_SealFinal(3)    - EVP envelope encryption
EVP_SealInit(3)     - EVP envelope encryption
EVP_SealUpdate(3)   - EVP envelope encryption
EVP_sha1(3)         - EVP digest routines
EVP_sha(3)          - EVP digest routines
EVP_SignFinal(3)    - EVP signing functions
EVP_SignInit(3)     - EVP signing functions
EVP_SignUpdate(3)   - EVP signing functions
EVP_VerifyFinal(3)  - EVP signature verification functions
EVP_VerifyInit(3)   - EVP signature verification functions
EVP_VerifyUpdate(3) - EVP signature verification functions
ex(1)               - Vi IMproved, a programmers text editor
exa(4)              - new 2D acceleration architecture for X.Org
Exception::Class(3pm) - A module that allows you to declare real exception classes in Perl
Exception::Class::Base(3pm) - Base class for exception classes created by Exception::Class
exec(1)             - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
exec(3)             - execute a file
execl(3)            - execute a file
execle(3)           - execute a file
execlp(3)           - execute a file
exec(n)             - Invoke subprocesses
execute(7)          - execute a prepared statement
execv(3)            - execute a file
execve(2)           - execute program
execvp(3)           - execute a file
exiftool(1)         - Read and write meta information in files
exit(1)             - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
_exit(2)            - terminate the calling process
exit(2)             - terminate the calling process
_Exit(2)            - terminate the calling process
exit(3)             - cause normal process termination
exit_group(2)       - exit all threads in a process
exit(n)             - End the application
exo-csource(1)      - C code generation utility for arbitrary data
exo-open(1)         - Open URLs and launch preferred applications
exp10(3)            - base-10 exponential function
exp10f(3)           - base-10 exponential function
exp10l(3)           - base-10 exponential function
exp2(3)             - base-2 exponential function
exp2f(3)            - base-2 exponential function
exp2l(3)            - base-2 exponential function
exp(3)              - base-e exponential function
expand(1)           - convert tabs to spaces
expf(3)             - base-e exponential function
expire(8)           - Usenet article and history expiration program
expire.ctl(5)       - Configuration file for article expiration
expireover(8)       - Expire entries from the news overview database
expirerm(8)         - Remove articles that have been expired
expl(3)             - base-e exponential function
explain(7)          - show the execution plan of a statement
expm1(3)            - exponential minus 1
expm1f(3)           - exponential minus 1
expm1l(3)           - exponential minus 1
Exporter(3pm)       - Implements default import method for modules
Exporter::Heavy(3pm) - Exporter guts
exportfs(8)         - maintain list of NFS exported file systems
exports(5)          - NFS file systems being exported (for Kernel based NFS)
expr(1)             - evaluate expressions
expr(n)             - Evaluate an expression
extcheck-java-1.6.0-openjdk(1) - A utility to detect jar conflicts
extend_dmalloc(1)   - Analyze return-addresses from dmalloc logfiles.
extlinux(1)         - install the SYSLINUX bootloader on a ext2/ext3 filesystem
extractrc(1)        - Extract message strings from UI and GUI-RC files
extractres(1)       - filter to extract resources from a PostScript document
ExtUtils::CBuilder(3pm) - Compile and link C code for Perl modules
ExtUtils::CBuilder::Platform::Windows(3pm) - Builder class for Windows platforms
ExtUtils::Command(3pm) - utilities to replace common UNIX commands in Makefiles etc.
ExtUtils::Command::MM(3pm) - Commands for the MM's to use in Makefiles
ExtUtils::Constant(3pm) - generate XS code to import C header constants
ExtUtils::Constant::Base(3pm) - base class for ExtUtils::Constant objects
ExtUtils::Constant::Utils(3pm) - helper functions for ExtUtils::Constant
ExtUtils::Constant::XS(3pm) - generate C code for XS modules' constants.
ExtUtils::Embed(3pm) - Utilities for embedding Perl in C/C++ applications
ExtUtils::Install(3pm) - install files from here to there
ExtUtils::Installed(3pm) - Inventory management of installed modules
ExtUtils::Liblist(3pm) - determine libraries to use and how to use them
ExtUtils::MakeMaker(3pm) - Create a module Makefile
ExtUtils::MakeMaker::Config(3pm) - Wrapper around
ExtUtils::MakeMaker::FAQ(3pm) - Frequently Asked Questions About MakeMaker
ExtUtils::MakeMaker::Tutorial(3pm) - Writing a module with MakeMaker
ExtUtils::Manifest(3pm) - utilities to write and check a MANIFEST file
ExtUtils::Miniperl(3pm) - write the C code for perlmain.c
ExtUtils::Mkbootstrap(3pm) - make a bootstrap file for use by DynaLoader
ExtUtils::Mksymlists(3pm) - write linker options files for dynamic extension
ExtUtils::MM(3pm)   - OS adjusted ExtUtils::MakeMaker subclass
ExtUtils::MM_AIX(3pm) - AIX specific subclass of ExtUtils::MM_Unix
ExtUtils::MM_Any(3pm) - Platform-agnostic MM methods
ExtUtils::MM_BeOS(3pm) - methods to override UN*X behaviour in ExtUtils::MakeMaker
ExtUtils::MM_Cygwin(3pm) - methods to override UN*X behaviour in ExtUtils::MakeMaker
ExtUtils::MM_Darwin(3pm) - special behaviors for OS X
ExtUtils::MM_DOS(3pm) - DOS specific subclass of ExtUtils::MM_Unix
ExtUtils::MM_MacOS(3pm) - once produced Makefiles for MacOS Classic
ExtUtils::MM_NW5(3pm) - methods to override UN*X behaviour in ExtUtils::MakeMaker
ExtUtils::MM_OS2(3pm) - methods to override UN*X behaviour in ExtUtils::MakeMaker
ExtUtils::MM_QNX(3pm) - QNX specific subclass of ExtUtils::MM_Unix
ExtUtils::MM_Unix(3pm) - methods used by ExtUtils::MakeMaker
ExtUtils::MM_UWIN(3pm) - U/WIN specific subclass of ExtUtils::MM_Unix
ExtUtils::MM_VMS(3pm) - methods to override UN*X behaviour in ExtUtils::MakeMaker
ExtUtils::MM_VOS(3pm) - VOS specific subclass of ExtUtils::MM_Unix
ExtUtils::MM_Win32(3pm) - methods to override UN*X behaviour in ExtUtils::MakeMaker
ExtUtils::MM_Win95(3pm) - method to customize MakeMaker for Win9X
ExtUtils::MY(3pm)   - ExtUtils::MakeMaker subclass for customization
ExtUtils::Packlist(3pm) - manage .packlist files
ExtUtils::ParseXS(3pm) - converts Perl XS code into C code
ExtUtils::testlib(3pm) - add blib/* directories to @INC
ExtUtils::XSSymSet(3pm) - keep sets of symbol names palatable to the VMS linker
exuberant-ctags(1)  - Generate tag files for source code
eyuvtoppm(1)        - convert a Berkeley YUV file to a PPM file
fabs(3)             - absolute value of floating-point number
fabsf(3)            - absolute value of floating-point number
fabsl(3)            - absolute value of floating-point number
faccessat(2)        - check user's permissions of a file relative to a directory file descriptor
factor(1)           - factor numbers
fadvise64(2)        - predeclare an access pattern for file data
fadvise64_64(2)     - predeclare an access pattern for file data
faillog(5)          - login failure logging file
faillog(8)          - display faillog records or set login failure limits
fallocate(1)        - preallocate space to a file.
fallocate(2)        - manipulate file space
false(1)            - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
fan(1)              - turn the fan on/off on a Toshiba Pentium(tm) laptop
fancontrol(8)       - automated software based fan speed regulation
fastrm(1)           - Quickly remove a list of files
Fatal(3pm)          - Replace functions with equivalents which succeed or die
fax(1)              - make, send, receive, view or print a fax
fax2ps(1)           - convert a TIFF facsimile to compressed
fax2tiff(1)         - create a TIFF Class F fax file from raw fax data
faxabort(8c)        - tell a  server to abort a receive
faxaddmodem(8c)     - configure a modem for use with
faxadduser(8c)      - add a fax user to the permissions file
faxalter(1)         - alter parameters of a  job queued for transmission
faxanswer(8c)       - tell a  server to answer the telephone
faxconfig(8c)       - dynamically change  configuration parameters
faxcover(1)         - generate a  cover page for an outgoing facsimile
faxcron(8c)         - routine maintenance script
faxdeluser(8c)      - delete a fax user from the permissions file
faxgetty(8c)        - front-door process
faxinfo(8c)         - print information about a received facsimile
faxlock(8c)         - tell a  server to switch to LOCKWAIT state
faxmail(1)          - mail-to-fax gateway application
faxmodem(8c)        - dynamically add a modem to a  server system
faxq(8c)            - queue manager process
faxqclean(8c)       - queue cleaner process
faxquit(8c)         - tell a  server to terminate
faxrcvd(8c)         - notification script for received facsimile
faxrm(1)            - remove a  job or document from a server
faxsend(8c)         - facsimile transmit program
faxsetup(8c)        - setup a machine for use with
faxstat(1)          - display  status
faxstate(8c)        - control ``modem state'' of a device used by
faxwatch(8c)        - monitor low-level  server actions
fbdev(4)            - video driver for framebuffer device
fbdevhw(4)          - os-specific submodule for framebuffer device access
fblocked(n)         - Test whether the last input operation exhausted all available input
fbset(8)            - show and modify frame buffer device settings
__fbufsize(3)       - interfaces to stdio FILE structure
fc(1)               - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
FcAtomicCreate(3)   - create an FcAtomic object
FcAtomicDeleteNew(3) - delete new file
FcAtomicDestroy(3)  - destroy an FcAtomic object
FcAtomicLock(3)     - lock a file
FcAtomicNewFile(3)  - return new temporary file name
FcAtomicOrigFile(3) - return original file name
FcAtomicReplaceOrig(3) - replace original with new
FcAtomicUnlock(3)   - unlock a file
FcBlanksAdd(3)      - Add a character to an FcBlanks
FcBlanksCreate(3)   - Create an FcBlanks
FcBlanksDestroy(3)  - Destroy and FcBlanks
FcBlanksIsMember(3) - Query membership in an FcBlanks
fc-cache(1)         - build font information cache files
FcCacheCopySet(3)   - Returns a copy of the fontset from cache
FcCacheDir(3)       - Return directory of cache
FcCacheNumFont(3)   - Returns the number of fonts in cache.
FcCacheNumSubdir(3) - Return the number of subdirectories in cache.
FcCacheSubdir(3)    - Return the i'th subdirectory.
fc-cat(1)           - read font information cache files
FcCharSetAddChar(3) - Add a character to a charset
FcCharSetCopy(3)    - Copy a charset
FcCharSetCount(3)   - Count entries in a charset
FcCharSetCoverage(3) - DEPRECATED return coverage for a Unicode page
FcCharSetCreate(3)  - Create an empty character set
FcCharSetDestroy(3) - Destroy a character set
FcCharSetEqual(3)   - Compare two charsets
FcCharSetFirstPage(3) - Start enumerating charset contents
FcCharSetHasChar(3) - Check a charset for a char
FcCharSetIntersect(3) - Intersect charsets
FcCharSetIntersectCount(3) - Intersect and count charsets
FcCharSetIsSubset(3) - Test for charset inclusion
FcCharSetMerge(3)   - Merge charsets
FcCharSetNew(3)     - DEPRECATED alias for FcCharSetCreate
FcCharSetNextPage(3) - Continue enumerating charset contents
FcCharSetSubtract(3) - Subtract charsets
FcCharSetSubtractCount(3) - Subtract and count charsets
FcCharSetUnion(3)   - Add charsets
FcConfigAppFontAddDir(3) - Add fonts from directory to font database
FcConfigAppFontAddFile(3) - Add font file to font database
FcConfigAppFontClear(3) - Remove all app fonts from font database
FcConfigBuildFonts(3) - Build font database
FcConfigCreate(3)   - Create a configuration
FcConfigDestroy(3)  - Destroy a configuration
FcConfigEnableHome(3) - controls use of the home directory.
FcConfigFilename(3) - Find a config file
FcConfigGetBlanks(3) - Get config blanks
FcConfigGetCache(3) - DEPRECATED used to return per-user cache filename
FcConfigGetCacheDirs(3) - return the list of directories searched for cache files
FcConfigGetConfigDirs(3) - Get config directories
FcConfigGetConfigFiles(3) - Get config files
FcConfigGetCurrent(3) - Return current configuration
FcConfigGetFontDirs(3) - Get font directories
FcConfigGetFonts(3) - Get config font set
FcConfigGetRescanInterval(3) - Get config rescan interval
FcConfigHome(3)     - return the current home directory.
FcConfigParseAndLoad(3) - load a configuration file
FcConfigReference(3) - Increment config reference count
FcConfigSetCurrent(3) - Set configuration as default
FcConfigSetRescanInterval(3) - Set config rescan interval
FcConfigSubstitute(3) - Execute substitutions
FcConfigSubstituteWithPat(3) - Execute substitutions
FcConfigUptoDate(3) - Check timestamps on config files
FcDefaultSubstitute(3) - Perform default substitutions in a pattern
FcDirCacheLoad(3)   - load a directory cache
FcDirCacheLoadFile(3) - load a cache file
FcDirCacheRead(3)   - read or construct a directory cache
FcDirCacheUnlink(3) - Remove all caches related to dir
FcDirCacheUnload(3) - unload a cache file
FcDirCacheValid(3)  - check directory cache
FcDirSave(3)        - DEPRECATED: formerly used to save a directory cache
FcDirScan(3)        - scan a font directory without caching it
FcFileIsDir(3)      - check whether a file is a directory
FcFileScan(3)       - scan a font file
FcFini(3)           - finalize fonconfig library
FcFontList(3)       - List fonts
FcFontMatch(3)      - Return best font
FcFontRenderPrepare(3) - Prepare pattern for loading font file
FcFontSetAdd(3)     - Add to a font set
FcFontSetCreate(3)  - Create a font set
FcFontSetDestroy(3) - Destroy a font set
FcFontSetList(3)    - List fonts from a set of font sets
FcFontSetMatch(3)   - Return the best font from a set of font sets
FcFontSetPrint(3)   - Print a set of patterns to stdout
FcFontSetSort(3)    - Add to a font set
FcFontSetSortDestroy(3) - DEPRECATED destroy a font set
FcFontSort(3)       - Return list of matching fonts
FcFreeTypeCharIndex(3) - map Unicode to glyph id
FcFreeTypeCharSet(3) - compute unicode coverage
FcFreeTypeCharSetAndSpacing(3) - compute unicode coverage and spacing type
FcFreeTypeQuery(3)  - compute pattern from font file (and index)
FcFreeTypeQueryFace(3) - compute pattern from FT_Face
FcGetLangs(3)       - Get list of languages
FcGetVersion(3)     - library version number
fchdir(2)           - change working directory
fchmod(2)           - change permissions of a file
fchmodat(2)         - change permissions of a file relative to a directory file descriptor
fchown(2)           - change ownership of a file
fchown32(2)         - change ownership of a file
fchownat(2)         - change ownership of a file relative to a directory file descriptor
FcInit(3)           - initialize fontconfig library
FcInitBringUptoDate(3) - reload configuration files if needed
FcInitLoadConfig(3) - load configuration
FcInitLoadConfigAndFonts(3) - load configuration and font data
FcInitReinitialize(3) - re-initialize library
FcIsLower(3)        - check for lower case ASCII character
FcIsUpper(3)        - check for upper case ASCII character
FcLangGetCharSet(3) - Get character map for a language
FcLangSetAdd(3)     - add a language to a langset
FcLangSetCompare(3) - compare language sets
FcLangSetContains(3) - check langset subset relation
FcLangSetCopy(3)    - copy a langset object
FcLangSetCreate(3)  - create a langset object
FcLangSetDestroy(3) - destroy a langset object
FcLangSetEqual(3)   - test for matching langsets
FcLangSetGetLangs(3) - get the list of languages in the langset
FcLangSetHash(3)    - return a hash value for a langset
FcLangSetHasLang(3) - test langset for language support
fc-list(1)          - list available fonts
fclose(3)           - close a stream
fcloseall(3)        - close all open streams
fc-match(1)         - match available fonts
FcMatrixCopy(3)     - Copy a matrix
FcMatrixEqual(3)    - Compare two matrices
FcMatrixInit(3)     - initialize an FcMatrix structure
FcMatrixMultiply(3) - Multiply matrices
FcMatrixRotate(3)   - Rotate a matrix
FcMatrixScale(3)    - Scale a matrix
FcMatrixShear(3)    - Shear a matrix
FcNameConstant(3)   - Get the value for a symbolic constant
FcNameGetConstant(3) - Lookup symbolic constant
FcNameGetObjectType(3) - Lookup an object type
FcNameParse(3)      - Parse a pattern string
FcNameRegisterConstants(3) - Register symbolic constants
FcNameRegisterObjectTypes(3) - Register object types
FcNameUnparse(3)    - Convert a pattern back into a string that can be parsed
FcNameUnregisterConstants(3) - Unregister symbolic constants
FcNameUnregisterObjectTypes(3) - Unregister object types
fcntl(2)            - manipulate file descriptor
Fcntl(3pm)          - load the C Fcntl.h defines
fcntl64(2)          - manipulate file descriptor
FcObjectSetAdd(3)   - Add to an object set
FcObjectSetBuild(3) - Build object set from args
FcObjectSetCreate(3) - Create an object set
FcObjectSetDestroy(3) - Destroy an object set
fconfigure(n)       - Set and get options on a channel
fcopy(n)            - Copy data from one channel to another
FcPatternAdd(3)     - Add a value to a pattern
FcPatternAdd-Type(3) - Add a typed value to a pattern
FcPatternAddWeak(3) - Add a value to a pattern with weak binding
FcPatternBuild(3)   - Create patterns from arguments
FcPatternCreate(3)  - Create a pattern
FcPatternDel(3)     - Delete a property from a pattern
FcPatternDestroy(3) - Destroy a pattern
FcPatternDuplicate(3) - Copy a pattern
FcPatternEqual(3)   - Compare patterns
FcPatternEqualSubset(3) - Compare portions of patterns
FcPatternFilter(3)  - Filter the objects of pattern
FcPatternFormat(3)  - Format a pattern into a string according to a format specifier
FcPatternGet(3)     - Return a value from a pattern
FcPatternGet-Type(3) - Return a typed value from a pattern
FcPatternHash(3)    - Compute a pattern hash value
FcPatternPrint(3)   - Print a pattern for debugging
FcPatternReference(3) - Increment pattern reference count
FcPatternRemove(3)  - Remove one object of the specified type from the pattern
fc-query(1)         - query font files
fc-scan(1)          - scan font files or directories
FcStrBasename(3)    - last component of filename
FcStrCmp(3)         - compare UTF-8 strings
FcStrCmpIgnoreCase(3) - compare UTF-8 strings ignoring case
FcStrCopy(3)        - duplicate a string
FcStrCopyFilename(3) - create a complete path from a filename
FcStrDirname(3)     - directory part of filename
FcStrDowncase(3)    - create a lower case translation of a string
FcStrFree(3)        - free a string
FcStrListCreate(3)  - create a string iterator
FcStrListDone(3)    - destroy a string iterator
FcStrListNext(3)    - get next string in iteration
FcStrPlus(3)        - concatenate two strings
FcStrSetAdd(3)      - add to a string set
FcStrSetAddFilename(3) - add a filename to a string set
FcStrSetCreate(3)   - create a string set
FcStrSetDel(3)      - delete from a string set
FcStrSetDestroy(3)  - destroy a string set
FcStrSetEqual(3)    - check sets for equality
FcStrSetMember(3)   - check set for membership
FcStrStr(3)         - locate UTF-8 substring
FcStrStrIgnoreCase(3) - locate UTF-8 substring ignoring ASCII case
FcToLower(3)        - convert upper case ASCII to lower case
FcUcs4ToUtf8(3)     - convert UCS4 to UTF-8
FcUtf16Len(3)       - count UTF-16 encoded chars
FcUtf16ToUcs4(3)    - convert UTF-16 to UCS4
FcUtf8Len(3)        - count UTF-8 encoded chars
FcUtf8ToUcs4(3)     - convert UTF-8 to UCS4
FcValueDestroy(3)   - Free a value
FcValueEqual(3)     - Test two values for equality
FcValuePrint(3)     - Print a value to stdout
FcValueSave(3)      - Copy a value
fcvt(3)             - convert a floating-point number to a string
fcvt_r(3)           - convert a floating-point number to a string
fd(4)               - floppy disk device
fdatasync(2)        - synchronize a file's in-core state with storage device
FD_CLR(3)           - synchronous I/O multiplexing
fdf2tex(1)          - Convert PDF formular data(FDF) into something(Con)TeX(t) can handle
fdformat(8)         - Low-level formats a floppy disk
fdim(3)             - positive difference
fdimf(3)            - positive difference
fdiml(3)            - positive difference
fdisk(8)            - Partition table manipulator for Linux
FD_ISSET(3)         - synchronous I/O multiplexing
fdlist(1)           - Floppy disk mount utility
fdmount(1)          - Floppy disk mount utility
fdmountd(1)         - Floppy disk mount utility
fdopen(3)           - stream open functions
fdopendir(3)        - open a directory
fdp(1)              - filter for drawing undirected graphs
fdrawcmd(1)         - send raw commands to the floppy disk controller
FD_SET(3)           - synchronous I/O multiplexing
fdumount(1)         - Floppy disk mount utility
FD_ZERO(3)          - synchronous I/O multiplexing
feature(3pm)        - Perl pragma to enable new syntactic features
feature_test_macros(7) - feature test macros
feclearexcept(3)    - floating-point rounding and exception handling
fedisableexcept(3)  - floating-point rounding and exception handling
feenableexcept(3)   - floating-point rounding and exception handling
fegetenv(3)         - floating-point rounding and exception handling
fegetexcept(3)      - floating-point rounding and exception handling
fegetexceptflag(3)  - floating-point rounding and exception handling
fegetround(3)       - floating-point rounding and exception handling
feholdexcept(3)     - floating-point rounding and exception handling
fenv(3)             - floating-point rounding and exception handling
feof(3)             - check and reset stream status
feof_unlocked(3)    - nonlocking stdio functions
feraiseexcept(3)    - floating-point rounding and exception handling
ferror(3)           - check and reset stream status
ferror_unlocked(3)  - nonlocking stdio functions
fesetenv(3)         - floating-point rounding and exception handling
fesetexceptflag(3)  - floating-point rounding and exception handling
fesetround(3)       - floating-point rounding and exception handling
fetch(7)            - retrieve rows from a query using a cursor
fetchnews(8)        - fetch news via NNTP
fetestexcept(3)     - floating-point rounding and exception handling
feupdateenv(3)      - floating-point rounding and exception handling
fexecve(3)          - execute program specified via file descriptor
fflush(3)           - flush a stream
fflush_unlocked(3)  - nonlocking stdio functions
ffmpeg(1)           - FFmpeg video converter
ffmpegthumbnailer(1) - fast and lightweight video thumbnailer
ffplay(1)           - FFplay media player
ffprobe(1)          - FFprobe media prober
ffs(3)              - find first bit set in a word
ffserver(1)         - FFserver video server
ffsl(3)             - find first bit set in a word
ffsll(3)            - find first bit set in a word
fg(1)               - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
fgconsole(1)        - print the number of the active VT.
fgetc(3)            - input of characters and strings
fgetc_unlocked(3)   - nonlocking stdio functions
fgetgrent(3)        - get group file entry
fgetgrent_r(3)      - get group file entry reentrantly
fgetpos(3)          - reposition a stream
fgetpwent(3)        - get password file entry
fgetpwent_r(3)      - get passwd file entry reentrantly
fgets(3)            - input of characters and strings
fgetspent(3)        - get shadow password file entry
fgetspent_r(3)      - get shadow password file entry
fgets_unlocked(3)   - nonlocking stdio functions
fgetwc(3)           - read a wide character from a FILE stream
fgetwc_unlocked(3)  - nonlocking stdio functions
fgetws(3)           - read a wide-character string from a FILE stream
fgetws_unlocked(3)  - nonlocking stdio functions
fgetxattr(2)        - retrieve an extended attribute value
fgrep(1)            - print lines matching a pattern
fiascotopnm(1)      - Convert compressed FIASCO image to PGM, or PPM
field_arg(3x)       - data type validation for fields
field_back(3x)      - color and attribute control for form fields
field_buffer(3x)    - field buffer control
field_count(3x)     - make and break connections between fields and forms
field_fore(3x)      - color and attribute control for form fields
field_index(3x)     - set and get form page number
field_info(3x)      - retrieve field characteristics
field_init(3x)      - set hooks for automatic invocation by applications
field_just(3x)      - retrieve field characteristics
field_opts(3x)      - set and get field options
field_opts_off(3x)  - set and get field options
field_opts_on(3x)   - set and get field options
field_pad(3x)       - color and attribute control for form fields
fields(3pm)         - compile-time class fields
field_status(3x)    - field buffer control
field_term(3x)      - set hooks for automatic invocation by applications
field_type(3x)      - data type validation for fields
field_userptr(3x)   - associate application data with a form field
fifo(4)             - first-in first-out special file, named pipe
fifo(7)             - first-in first-out special file, named pipe
fig2dev(1x)         - translates Fig code to various graphics languages
fig2ps2tex(1x)      - generate a TeX file for including a PostScript file
file(1)             - determine file type
File::BaseDir(3pm)  - Use the base directory specification
File::Basename(3pm) - Parse file paths into directory, filename and suffix.
FileCache(3pm)      - keep more files open than the system permits
filechan(8)         - file-writing backend for InterNetNews
File::CheckTree(3pm) - run many filetest checks on a tree
File::Compare(3pm)  - Compare files or filehandles
File::Copy(3pm)     - Copy files or filehandles
File::DesktopEntry(3pm) - Object to handle .desktop files
File::DosGlob(3pm)  - DOS like globbing and then some
fileevent(n)        - Execute a script when a channel becomes readable or writable
File::Fetch(3pm)    - A generic file fetching mechanism
File::Find(3pm)     - Traverse a directory tree.
File::FnMatch(3pm)  - simple filename and pathname matching
filefrag(8)         - report on file fragmentation
File::Glob(3pm)     - Perl extension for BSD glob routine
File::GlobMapper(3pm) - Extend File Glob to Allow Input and Output Files
FileHandle(3pm)     - supply object methods for filehandles
File::Listing(3pm)  - parse directory listing
File::MimeInfo(3pm) - Determine file type
File::MimeInfo::Applications(3pm) - Find programs to open a file by mimetype
File::MimeInfo::Cookbook(3pm) - various code snippets
File::MimeInfo::Magic(3pm) - Determine file type with magic
File::MimeInfo::Rox(3pm) - Open files by mimetype "Rox style"
filename(n)         - File name conventions supported by Tcl commands
file(n)             - Manipulate file names and attributes
fileno(3)           - check and reset stream status
fileno_unlocked(3)  - nonlocking stdio functions
File::Path(3pm)     - Create or remove directory trees
File::RandomAccess(3pm) - Random access reads of sequential file or scalar
File::Remove(3pm)   - Remove files and directories
File::Slurp(3pm)    - Efficient Reading/Writing of Complete Files
File::Spec(3pm)     - portably perform operations on file names
File::Spec::Cygwin(3pm) - methods for Cygwin file specs
File::Spec::Epoc(3pm) - methods for Epoc file specs
File::Spec::Functions(3pm) - portably perform operations on file names
File::Spec::Mac(3pm) - File::Spec for Mac OS(Classic)
File::Spec::OS2(3pm) - methods for OS/2 file specs
File::Spec::Unix(3pm) - File::Spec for Unix, base for other File::Spec modules
File::Spec::VMS(3pm) - methods for VMS file specs
File::Spec::Win32(3pm) - methods for Win32 file specs
File::stat(3pm)     - by-name interface to Perl's built-in stat() functions
File::Sync(3pm)     - Perl access to fsync() and sync() function calls
Filesys::Df(3pm)    - Perl extension for filesystem disk space information.
filesystems(5)      - Linux file-system types: minix, ext, ext2, ext3, Reiserfs, XFS, JFS, xia, msdos, umsdos, vfat, proc, nfs, iso9660, hpfs, sysv...
File::Tail(3pm)     - Perl extension for reading from continously updated files
File::Temp(3pm)     - return name and handle of a temporary file safely
filetest(3pm)       - Perl pragma to control the filetest permission operators
filezilla(1)        - FTP client
filter(3x)          - miscellaneous curses utility routines
filter(7)           - cups file conversion filter interface
Filter::Simple(3pm) - Simplified source filtering
Filter::Util::Call(3pm) - Perl Source Filter Utility Module
find(1)             - search for files in a directory hierarchy
find2perl(1)        - translate find command lines to Perl code
FindBin(3pm)        - Locate directory of original perl script
findchip(8)         - checks the FIR chipset.
findfs(8)           - Find a filesystem by label or UUID
findsmb3(1)         - list info about machines that respond to SMB name queries on a subnet
finite(3)           - BSD floating-point classification functions
finitef(3)          - BSD floating-point classification functions
finitel(3)          - BSD floating-point classification functions
fisql(1)            - interactive SQL shell
fitstopnm(1)        - convert a FITS file into a PNM image
fixdlsrps(1)        - filter to fix DviLaser/PS documents to work with PSUtils
fixfmps(1)          - filter to fix Framemaker documents so PSUtils work
fixincludes(1)      - Reduce the number of #includes in KDE source files
fixmacps(1)         - filter to fix Macintosh documents with saner version of md
fixproc(1)          - Fixes a process by performing the specified action.
fixps(1)            - sanitize PostScript files
fixpsditps(1)       - filter to fix Transcript psdit documents so PSUtils work
fixpspps(1)         - filter to fix PSPrint PostScript so PSUtils work
fixscribeps(1)      - filter to fix Scribe documents so PSUtils work
fixtpps(1)          - filter to fix Tpscript documents to work with PSUtils
fixwfwps(1)         - filter to fix Word for Windows documents so PSUtils work
fixwpps(1)          - filter to fix WP documents so PSUtils work
fixwwps(1)          - filter to fix Windows Write documents so PSUtils work
flac(1)             - Free Lossless Audio Codec
flash(3x)           - curses bell and screen flash routines
__flbf(3)           - interfaces to stdio FILE structure
fldcraw(1)          - command-line decoder for raw digital photos
flex(1)             - the fast lexical analyser generator
flex++(1)           - the fast lexical analyser generator
Flickr::API(3pm)    - Perl interface to the Flickr API
Flickr::API::Request(3pm) - A request to the Flickr API
Flickr::API::Response(3pm) - A response from the flickr API.
flickr_upload(1)    - Upload photos to `'
Flickr::Upload(3pm) - Upload images to `'
flistxattr(2)       - list extended attribute names
flock(1)            - Manage locks from shell scripts
flock(2)            - apply or remove an advisory lock on an open file
flockfile(3)        - lock FILE for stdio
floor(3)            - largest integral value not greater than argument
floorf(3)           - largest integral value not greater than argument
floorl(3)           - largest integral value not greater than argument
floppycontrol(1)    - floppy driver configuration utility
floppyd(1)          - floppy daemon for remote access to floppy drive
floppyd_installtest(1) - tests whether floppyd is installed and running
floppymeter(1)      - measure raw capacity and exact rotation speed of floppy drive
flphoto(1)          - manage, view, and print images
fluidsynth(1)       - a SoundFont synthesizer
flush(8)            - Postfix fast flush server
flushinp(3x)        - miscellaneous curses utility routines
_flushlbf(3)        - interfaces to stdio FILE structure
flush(n)            - Flush buffered output for a channel
fma(3)              - floating-point multiply and add
fmaf(3)             - floating-point multiply and add
fmal(3)             - floating-point multiply and add
fmax(3)             - determine maximum of two floating-point numbers
fmaxf(3)            - determine maximum of two floating-point numbers
fmaxl(3)            - determine maximum of two floating-point numbers
fmemopen(3)         - open memory as stream
fmin(3)             - determine minimum of two floating-point numbers
fminf(3)            - determine minimum of two floating-point numbers
fminl(3)            - determine minimum of two floating-point numbers
fmirror(1)          - Mirror directories from ftp servers
fmod(3)             - floating-point remainder function
fmodf(3)            - floating-point remainder function
fmodl(3)            - floating-point remainder function
fmt(1)              - simple optimal text formatter
fmtmsg(3)           - print formatted error messages
fmtutil(1)          - utility for maintaining TeX format files
fmtutil.cnf(5)      - configuration file for fmtutil
fmtutil-sys(1)      - utility for maintaining TeX format files system-wide
fnmatch(3)          - match filename or pathname
focus(n)            - Manage the input focus
fold(1)             - wrap each input line to fit in specified width
font2c(1)           - Write PostScript Type 0 or Type 1 font as C code
fontchooser(n)      - control font selection dialog
fontinst(1)         - utility to run TeX as fontinst
font(n)             - Create and inspect fonts.
fonts-conf(5)       - Font configuration files
foo2hiperc(1)       - Convert Ghostscript pbmraw or bitcmyk format into a HIPERC printer stream
foo2hiperc-wrapper(1) - Convert Postscript into a HIPERC printer stream
foo2hp(1)           - Convert Ghostscript pbmraw or bitcmyk format into a ZJS printer stream
foo2hp2600-wrapper(1) - Convert Postscript into a ZJS printer stream
foo2lava(1)         - Convert Ghostscript pbmraw or bitcmyk format into a LAVAFLOW or a OPL printer stream
foo2lava-wrapper(1) - Convert Postscript into a LAVAFLOW or OPL printer stream
foo2oak(1)          - Convert Ghostscript pbmraw, pgmraw or bitcmyk format into an OAKT printer stream
foo2oak-wrapper(1)  - Convert Postscript into an OAKT printer stream
foo2qpdl(1)         - Convert Ghostscript pbmraw or bitcmyk format into a QPDL printer stream
foo2qpdl-wrapper(1) - Convert Postscript into a QPDL printer stream
foo2slx(1)          - Convert Ghostscript pbmraw or bitcmyk format into a SLX printer stream
foo2slx-wrapper(1)  - Convert Postscript into a SLX printer stream
foo2xqx(1)          - Convert Ghostscript pbmraw into a XQX printer stream
foo2xqx-wrapper(1)  - Convert Postscript into a XQX printer stream
foo2zjs(1)          - Convert Ghostscript pbmraw or bitcmyk format into a ZJS printer stream
foo2zjs-pstops(1)   - Add PS code for foo2*-wrapper
foo2zjs-wrapper(1)  - Convert Postscript into a ZJS printer stream
foomatic-addpjloptions(8) - Format PJL option information the for foomatic database
foomatic-combo-xml(1) - <put a short description here>
foomatic-compiledb(1) - Compile the Foomatic printer/driver database
foomatic-configure(1) - the main configuration program of the foomatic printing system.
foomatic-getpjloptions(8) - <put a short description here>
foomatic-kitload(8) - installs a data kit into the foomatic database.
foomatic-perl-data(1) - generate Perl data structures from XML
foomatic-ppdfile(1) - Generate a PPD file for a given printer/driver combo
foomatic-ppd-options(1) - show the PPD options
foomatic-preferred-driver(8) - <put a short description here>
foomatic-printjob(1) - manage printer jobs in a spooler-independent fashion
foomatic-rip(1)     - Universal print filter/RIP wrapper
fopen(3)            - stream open functions
fopencookie(3)      - opening a custom stream
foreach(n)          - Iterate over all elements in one or more lists
fork(2)             - create a child process
forkpty(3)          - tty utility functions
forks(3pm)          - drop-in replacement for Perl threads using fork()
forks::Devel::Symdump(3pm) - dump symbol names or the symbol table
forks::shared(3pm)  - drop-in replacement for Perl threads::shared with forks()
forks::signals(3pm) - signal management for forks
form(3x)            - curses extension for programming forms
formail(1)          - mail(re)formatter
format(n)           - Format a string in the style of sprintf
form_cursor(3x)     - position a form window cursor
form_data(3x)       - test for off-screen data in given forms
form_driver(3x)     - command-processing loop of the form system
form_field(3x)      - make and break connections between fields and forms
form_field_attributes(3x) - color and attribute control for form fields
form_field_buffer(3x) - field buffer control
form_field_info(3x) - retrieve field characteristics
form_field_just(3x) - retrieve field characteristics
form_field_new(3x)  - create and destroy form fields
form_field_opts(3x) - set and get field options
form_fields(3x)     - make and break connections between fields and forms
form_fieldtype(3x)  - define validation-field types
form_field_userptr(3x) - associate application data with a form field
form_field_validation(3x) - data type validation for fields
form_hook(3x)       - set hooks for automatic invocation by applications
form_init(3x)       - set hooks for automatic invocation by applications
form_new(3x)        - create and destroy forms
form_new_page(3x)   - form pagination functions
form_opts(3x)       - set and get form options
form_opts_off(3x)   - set and get form options
form_opts_on(3x)    - set and get form options
form_page(3x)       - set and get form page number
form_post(3x)       - write or erase forms from associated subwindows
form_request_by_name(3x) - handle printable form request names
form_request_name(3x) - handle printable form request names
form_requestname(3x) - handle printable form request names
form_sub(3x)        - make and break form window and subwindow associations
form_term(3x)       - set hooks for automatic invocation by applications
form_userptr(3x)    - associate application data with a form item
form_win(3x)        - make and break form window and subwindow associations
for(n)              - 'For' loop
fortune(6)          - print a random, hopefully interesting, adage
forward(1)          - arbitrary socket forwarding over a secure or compressed channel
fpathconf(3)        - get configuration values for files
fpclassify(3)       - floating-point classification macros
__fpending(3)       - interfaces to stdio FILE structure
fpga_load(8)        - Xorcom Astribank(xpp) firmware tool
fpit(4)             - Fujitsu Stylistic input driver
fprintf(3)          - formatted output conversion
__fpurge(3)         - purge a stream
fpurge(3)           - purge a stream
fputc(3)            - output of characters and strings
fputc_unlocked(3)   - nonlocking stdio functions
fputs(3)            - output of characters and strings
fputs_unlocked(3)   - nonlocking stdio functions
fputwc(3)           - write a wide character to a FILE stream
fputwc_unlocked(3)  - nonlocking stdio functions
fputws(3)           - write a wide-character string to a FILE stream
fputws_unlocked(3)  - nonlocking stdio functions
frame(n)            - Create and manipulate frame widgets
fread(3)            - binary stream input/output
__freadable(3)      - interfaces to stdio FILE structure
__freading(3)       - interfaces to stdio FILE structure
fread_unlocked(3)   - nonlocking stdio functions
free(1)             - Display amount of free and used memory in the system
free(3)             - Allocate and free dynamic memory
freeaddrinfo(3)     - network address and service translation
freebcp(1)          - bulk loading utility for Sybase and Microsoft databases
freeciv-client(6)   - The clients for the Freeciv game
freeciv-gtk2(6)     - The clients for the Freeciv game
freeciv-server(6)   - The server for the Freeciv game
free_field(3x)      - create and destroy form fields
free_fieldtype(3x)  - define validation-field types
free_form(3x)       - create and destroy forms
freehostent(3)      - get network hostnames and addresses
free_hugepages(2)   - allocate or free huge pages
freeifaddrs(3)      - get interface addresses
free_irq(9)         - register an interrupt handler
free_item(3x)       - create and destroy menu items
free_menu(3x)       - create and destroy menus
freetds.conf(5)     - configuration file for FreeTDS
FreeType(3pm)       - Perl extension for blah blah blah
fremovexattr(2)     - remove an extended attribute
freopen(3)          - stream open functions
freshclam(1)        - update virus databases
freshclam.conf(5)   - Configuration file for Clam AntiVirus database update tool
frexp(3)            - convert floating-point number to fractional and integral components
frexpf(3)           - convert floating-point number to fractional and integral components
frexpl(3)           - convert floating-point number to fractional and integral components
frontend-spec(7)    - interface between jw and its frontends
frozen-bubble(6)    - arcade/reflex game
frozen-bubble-editor(6) - a level editor for Frozen Bubble
fs(5)               - Linux file-system types: minix, ext, ext2, ext3, Reiserfs, XFS, JFS, xia, msdos, umsdos, vfat, proc, nfs, iso9660, hpfs, sysv...
fsadm(8)            - utility to resize or check filesystem on a device
fscanf(3)           - input format conversion
fsck(8)             - check and repair a Linux file system
fsck.ext2(8)        - check a Linux ext2/ext3/ext4 file system
fsck.ext3(8)        - check a Linux ext2/ext3/ext4 file system
fsck.ext4(8)        - check a Linux ext2/ext3/ext4 file system
fsck.ext4dev(8)     - check a Linux ext2/ext3/ext4 file system
fsck.jfs(8)         - initiate replay of the JFS transaction log, and check and repair a JFS formatted device
fsck.minix(8)       - a file system consistency checker for Linux
fsck.msdos(8)       - check and repair MS-DOS file systems
fsck.reiser4(8)     - the program for checking and repairing reiser4 filesystem.
fsck.reiserfs(8)    - The checking tool for the ReiserFS filesystem.
fsck.vfat(8)        - check and repair MS-DOS file systems
fsck.xfs(8)         - do nothing, successfully
fseek(3)            - reposition a stream
fseeko(3)           - seek to or report file position
__fsetlocking(3)    - interfaces to stdio FILE structure
fsetpos(3)          - reposition a stream
fsetxattr(2)        - set an extended attribute value
fstab(5)            - static information about the filesystems
fstab-decode(8)     - run a command with fstab-encoded arguments
fstat(2)            - get file status
fstat64(2)          - get file status
fstatat(2)          - get file status relative to a directory file descriptor
fstatat64(2)        - get file status relative to a directory file descriptor
fstatfs(2)          - get file system statistics
fstatfs64(2)        - get file system statistics
fstatvfs(2)         - get file system statistics
fstopgm(1)          - convert a Usenix FaceSaver(tm) file into a PGM image
fsync(2)            - synchronize a file's in-core state with storage device
ftell(3)            - reposition a stream
ftello(3)           - seek to or report file position
ftime(3)            - return date and time
ftok(3)             - convert a pathname and a project identifier to a System V IPC key
ftp(1)              - ARPANET file transfer program
ftpcount(1)         - show current number of connections for each proftpd server configuration
ftpdctl(8)          - ProFTPD control program
ftpscrub(8)         - scrub the proftpd scoreboard file of stale entries
ftpshut(8)          - shut down all proftpd servers at a given time
ftptop(1)           - display running status on proftpd server connections
ftpusers(5)         - list of users that may not log in via the FTP daemon
ftpwho(1)           - show current process information for each FTP session
ftruncate(2)        - truncate a file to a specified length
ftruncate64(2)      - truncate a file to a specified length
ftrylockfile(3)     - lock FILE for stdio
fts(3)              - traverse a file hierarchy
fts_children(3)     - traverse a file hierarchy
fts_close(3)        - traverse a file hierarchy
fts_open(3)         - traverse a file hierarchy
fts_read(3)         - traverse a file hierarchy
fts_set(3)          - traverse a file hierarchy
ftw(3)              - file tree walk
fud(8)              - provide information about user mailboxes
full(4)             - always full device
funlockfile(3)      - lock FILE for stdio
funzip(1)           - filter for extracting from a ZIP archive in a pipe
fuser(1)            - identify processes using files or sockets
fusesmb(1)          - Mount network neighbourhood
fusesmb.conf(5)     - the configuration file for fusesmb
futex(2)            - Fast Userspace Locking system call
futex(4)            - Fast Userspace Locking
futex(7)            - Fast Userspace Locking
futimens(2)         - change file timestamps with nanosecond precision
futimens(3)         - change file timestamps with nanosecond precision
futimes(3)          - change file timestamps
futimesat(2)        - change timestamps of a file relative to a directory file descriptor
fvwm(1)             - F? Virtual Window Manager InSitu for X11
FvwmAnimate(1)      - the Fvwm Animate module
FvwmAuto(1)         - the FVWM auto-raise module
FvwmBacker(1)       - the FVWM background changer module
FvwmBanner(1)       - the FVWM Banner module
fvwm-bug(1)         - report a bug in FVWM
FvwmButtons(1)      - the FVWM buttonbox module
FvwmCommand(1)      - FVWM command external interface
fvwm-config(1)      - query an existing FVWM installation
FvwmConsole(1)      - an FVWM command input interface  - Command editor for FVWM command input interface
fvwm-convert-2.4(1) - convert FVWM 2.2.x configuration file to FVWM 2.4 syntax
fvwm-convert-2.6(1) - convert FVWM 2.4.x configuration file to FVWM 2.6.x style
FvwmCpp(1)          - the FVWM Cpp pre-processor
FvwmDebug(1)        - the FVWM module debugger
FvwmDragWell(1)     - A XDND drag well
FvwmEvent(1)        - the FVWM Event module
FvwmForm(1)         - input form module for Fvwm
FvwmGtkDebug(1)     - graphical interactive FVWM module debugger
FvwmIconBox(1)      - the FVWM icon box module
FvwmIconMan(1)      - an Fvwm Icon Manager
FvwmIdent(1)        - the FVWM identify-window module
FvwmM4(1)           - the FVWM M4 pre-processor
fvwm-menu-desktop(1) - builds GNOME and KDE menus and style commands for FVWM
fvwm-menu-directory(1) - builds a directory browsing menu for FVWM
fvwm-menu-headlines(1) - builds headlines menu definition for FVWM
fvwm-menu-xlock(1)  - builds xlock menu definition for FVWM
FvwmPager(1)        - the FVWM Pager module
FvwmPerl(1)         - the FVWM perl manipulator and preprocessor
fvwm-perllib(1)     - shows the documentation of the FVWM Perl library
FvwmProxy(1)        - the FVWM Proxy module
FvwmRearrange(1)    - rearrange FVWM windows
fvwm-root(1)        - Sets the root window of the current X display to image
FvwmSave(1)         - the FVWM desktop-layout saving module
FvwmSaveDesk(1)     - another FVWM desktop-layout saving module
FvwmScript(1)       - module to build graphic user interface
FvwmScroll(1)       - the FVWM scroll-bar module
FvwmTabs(1)         - a generic tabbing module for the FVWM window manager.
FvwmTaskBar(1)      - the FVWM taskbar module
FvwmTheme(1)        - an FVWM module for managing the appearance of FVWM and its modules
FvwmWharf(1)        - the AfterStep application "dock" module ported to Fvwm.
FvwmWindowMenu(1)   - open configurable fvwm menu listing current windows
FvwmWinList(1)      - the FVWM window list module
fwide(3)            - set and determine the orientation of a FILE stream
fwprintf(3)         - formatted wide-character output conversion
__fwritable(3)      - interfaces to stdio FILE structure
fwrite(3)           - binary stream input/output
fwrite_unlocked(3)  - nonlocking stdio functions
__fwriting(3)       - interfaces to stdio FILE structure
fxload(8)           - Firmware download to EZ-USB devices
fxotune(8)          - automatically tune DAHDI FXO channels
fxstest(8)          - Simple tests for DAHDI FXS adapters
fzdefaults.xml(5)   - Default options for FileZilla
fzputtygen(1)       - SFTP private key converter of FileZilla
fzsftp(1)           - SFTP connection handler of FileZilla
g++(1)              - GNU project C and C++ compiler
g3topbm(1)          - convert a Group 3 fax file into a PBM image
gacutil(1)          - Global Assembly Cache management utility.
gai_strerror(3)     - network address and service translation
gajim(1)            - a jabber client
gajim-remote(1)     - tool to communicate with a running instance of Gajim
gallery1-to-slideshow(1) - Creates an input file for dvd-slideshow from pictures in Gallery online photo album.
gamatronic(8)       - Driver for Gamatronic UPS equipment
gamma(3)            - (logarithm of the) gamma function
gamma4scanimage(1)  - create a gamma table for scanimage
gammaf(3)           - (logarithm of the) gamma function
gammal(3)           - (logarithm of the) gamma function
gawk(1)             - pattern scanning and processing language
gc(1)               - count graph components
gcalctool(1)        - a desktop calculator
gcc(1)              - GNU project C and C++ compiler
gcdmaster(1)        - Graphical front end to cdrdao for composing audio CDs
gcin(1)             - an input method server
gcin2tab(1)         - converts text input method table to gcin's .gtab format
gcin-gb-toggle(1)   - gcin's Chinese conversion toggle tool
gcin-kbm-toggle(1)  - gcin's virtual keyboard toggle tool
gcin-message(1)     - gcin's notification tool
gcin-setup(1)       - configuration tools of gcin
gcm-apply(1)        - GNOME Color Manager Apply Tool
gcm-import(1)       - GNOME Color Manager Import Tool
gcm-prefs(1)        - GNOME Color Manager Preferences Tool
gconf-editor(1)     - an editor for the GConf configuration system
gconfigger(1)       - Tool to change/read GNOME configuration entry.
gconftool-2(1)      - GNOME configuration tool
gcov(1)             - coverage testing tool
gctags(1)           - generate tag file for Emacs, vi
gcvt(3)             - convert a floating-point number to a string
gda-sql-4.0(1)      - an SQL console based on Libgda
gdb(1)              - The GNU Debugger
gdbm(3)             - The GNU database manager. Includes dbm and ndbm compatability. (Version .)
GDBM_File(3pm)      - Perl5 access to the gdbm library.
gdbserver(1)        - Remote Server for the GNU Debugger
gdbtui(1)           - The GNU Debugger
gdiffmk(1)          - mark differences between groff/nroff/troff files
gdtclft(3tcl)       - render images in various bitmap formats (GD, GD2, GIF, JPEG, PNG, WBMP, XBM)
gedit(1)            - text editor for the GNOME Desktop
gemtopbm(1)         - replaced by gemtopnm
gemtopnm(1)         - convert a GEM .img file into a PNM image
gencases(1)         - 802.11b weak IV generation tool
gendiff(1)          - utility to aid in error-free diff file generation
gendsa(1)           - generate a DSA private key from a set of parameters
generic(5)          - Postfix generic table format
genericups(8)       - Driver for contact - closure UPS equipment
genhdlist2(1)       - generates an hdlist and a synthesis file
genhostid(1)        - generate and set a hostid for the current host
genisoimage(1)      - create ISO9660/Joliet/HFS filesystem with optional Rock Ridge attributes
genisoimagerc(5)    - startup configuration file for genisoimage
genpkey(1)          - generate a private key
genrandom(8)        - generate a file containing random data
genromfs(8)         - create a romfs image
genrsa(1)           - generate an RSA private key
Geography::Countries(3pm) - 2-letter, 3-letter, and numerical codes for countries.
geoiplookup(1)      - look up country using IP Address or hostname
geoiplookup6(1)     - look up country using IP Address or hostname
geoipupdate(1)      - a program for updating the MaxMind GeoIP databases
GET(1)              - Simple command line user agent
getaddrinfo(3)      - network address and service translation
getafm(1)           - create an AFM file for a PostScript font.
getaliasbyname(3)   - read an alias entry
getaliasbyname_r(3) - read an alias entry
getaliasent(3)      - read an alias entry
getaliasent_r(3)    - read an alias entry
get_auditfail_action(3) - Get failure_action tunable value
getbegx(3x)         - get curses cursor and window coordinates
getbegy(3x)         - get curses cursor and window coordinates
getbegyx(3x)        - get curses cursor and window coordinates
getbkgd(3x)         - curses window background manipulation routines
getbkgrnd(3x)       - curses window complex background manipulation routines
getc(3)             - input of characters and strings
getcchar(3x)        - Get a wide character string and rendition from a cchar_t or set a cchar_t from a wide-character string
getch(3x)           - get (or push back) characters from curses terminal keyboard
getchar(3)          - input of characters and strings
getchar_unlocked(3) - nonlocking stdio functions
getcontext(2)       - get or set the user context
getcpu(2)           - determine CPU and NUMA node on which the calling thread is running
getc_unlocked(3)    - nonlocking stdio functions
get_current_dir_name(3) - Get current working directory
getcurx(3x)         - get curses cursor and window coordinates
getcury(3x)         - get curses cursor and window coordinates
getcwd(2)           - Get current working directory
getcwd(3)           - Get current working directory
getdate(3)          - convert a date-plus-time string to broken-down time
getdate_err(3)      - convert a date-plus-time string to broken-down time
getdate_r(3)        - convert a date-plus-time string to broken-down time
getdefs(1)          - AutoGen Definition Extraction Tool
getdelim(3)         - delimited string input
getdents(2)         - get directory entries
getdents64(2)       - get directory entries
getdirentries(3)    - get directory entries in a file system-independent format
getdomainname(2)    - get/set domain name
getdtablesize(2)    - get descriptor table size
getegid(2)          - get group identity
getegid32(2)        - get group identity
getent(1)           - get entries from administrative database
getenv(3)           - get an environment variable
geteuid(2)          - get user identity
geteuid32(2)        - get user identity
getfacl(1)          - get file access control lists
getfdprm(1)         - print the current format information
getfsent(3)         - handle fstab entries
getfsfile(3)        - handle fstab entries
getfsspec(3)        - handle fstab entries
getgid(2)           - get group identity
getgid32(2)         - get group identity
getgrent(3)         - get group file entry
getgrent_r(3)       - get group file entry reentrantly
getgrgid(3)         - get group file entry
getgrgid_r(3)       - get group file entry
getgrnam(3)         - get group file entry
getgrnam_r(3)       - get group file entry
getgrouplist(3)     - get list of groups to which a user belongs
getgroups(2)        - get/set list of supplementary group IDs
getgroups32(2)      - get/set list of supplementary group IDs
gethostbyaddr(3)    - get network host entry
gethostbyaddr_r(3)  - get network host entry
gethostbyname2(3)   - get network host entry
gethostbyname2_r(3) - get network host entry
gethostbyname(3)    - get network host entry
gethostbyname_r(3)  - get network host entry
gethostent(3)       - get network host entry
gethostent_r(3)     - get network host entry
gethostid(2)        - get or set the unique identifier of the current host
gethostid(3)        - get or set the unique identifier of the current host
gethostip(1)        - convert an IP address into various formats
gethostname(2)      - get/set hostname
geticonset(1x)      - gets the current Window Maker iconset
getifaddrs(3)       - get interface addresses
getipnodebyaddr(3)  - get network hostnames and addresses
getipnodebyname(3)  - get network hostnames and addresses
getitimer(2)        - get or set value of an interval timer
getkey(1)           - wait until a key is pressed
getkeycodes(8)      - print kernel scancode-to-keycode mapping table
getline(3)          - delimited string input
getlist(1)          - Get a list from an NNTP server
getloadavg(3)       - get system load averages
getlogin(3)         - get username
getlogin_r(3)       - get username
getmaxx(3x)         - get curses cursor and window coordinates
getmaxy(3x)         - get curses cursor and window coordinates
getmaxyx(3x)        - get curses cursor and window coordinates
get_mempolicy(2)    - Retrieve NUMA memory policy for a process
getmntent(3)        - get file system descriptor file entry
getmntent_r(3)      - get file system descriptor file entry
getmouse(3x)        - mouse interface through curses
get_myaddress(3)    - library routines for remote procedure calls
getnameinfo(3)      - address-to-name translation in protocol-independent manner
getnetbyaddr(3)     - get network entry
getnetbyaddr_r(3)   - get network entry(reentrant)
getnetbyname(3)     - get network entry
getnetbyname_r(3)   - get network entry(reentrant)
getnetent(3)        - get network entry
getnetent_r(3)      - get network entry(reentrant)
getnetgrent(3)      - handle network group entries
getnetgrent_r(3)    - handle network group entries
getnstr(3x)         - accept character strings from curses terminal keyboard
getn_wstr(3x)       - get an array of wide characters from a curses terminal keyboard
getopt(1)           - parse command options(enhanced)
getopt(3)           - Parse command-line options
getopt_long(3)      - Parse command-line options
Getopt::Long(3pm)   - Extended processing of command line options
getopt_long_only(3) - Parse command-line options
getopts(1)          - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
Getopt::Std(3pm)    - Process single-character switches with switch clustering
getpagesize(2)      - get memory page size
getparx(3x)         - get curses cursor and window coordinates
getpary(3x)         - get curses cursor and window coordinates
getparyx(3x)        - get curses cursor and window coordinates
getpass(3)          - get a password
getpeername(2)      - get name of connected peer socket
getpgid(2)          - set/get process group
getpgrp(2)          - set/get process group
getpid(2)           - get process identification
getpmsg(2)          - unimplemented system calls
getppid(2)          - get process identification
getpriority(2)      - get/set program scheduling priority
getprotobyname(3)   - get protocol entry
getprotobyname_r(3) - get protocol entry(reentrant)
getprotobynumber(3) - get protocol entry
getprotobynumber_r(3) - get protocol entry(reentrant)
getprotoent(3)      - get protocol entry
getprotoent_r(3)    - get protocol entry(reentrant)
getpt(3)            - open the pseudo-terminal master(PTM)
getpw(3)            - Re-construct password line entry
getpwent(3)         - get password file entry
getpwent_r(3)       - get passwd file entry reentrantly
getpwnam(3)         - get password file entry
getpwnam_r(3)       - get password file entry
getpwuid(3)         - get password file entry
getpwuid_r(3)       - get password file entry
getresgid(2)        - get real, effective and saved user/group IDs
getresgid32(2)      - get real, effective and saved user/group IDs
getresuid(2)        - get real, effective and saved user/group IDs
getresuid32(2)      - get real, effective and saved user/group IDs
getrlimit(2)        - get/set resource limits
getrpcbyname(3)     - get RPC entry
getrpcbyname_r(3)   - get RPC entry(reentrant)
getrpcbynumber(3)   - get RPC entry
getrpcbynumber_r(3) - get RPC entry(reentrant)
getrpcent(3)        - get RPC entry
getrpcent_r(3)      - get RPC entry(reentrant)
getrpcport(3)       - get RPC port number
getrusage(2)        - get resource usage
gets(3)             - input of characters and strings
getservbyname(3)    - get service entry
getservbyname_r(3)  - get service entry(reentrant)
getservbyport(3)    - get service entry
getservbyport_r(3)  - get service entry(reentrant)
getservent(3)       - get service entry
getservent_r(3)     - get service entry(reentrant)
getsid(2)           - get session ID
gets(n)             - Read a line from a channel
getsockname(2)      - get socket name
getsockopt(2)       - get and set options on sockets
getspent(3)         - get shadow password file entry
getspent_r(3)       - get shadow password file entry
getspnam(3)         - get shadow password file entry
getspnam_r(3)       - get shadow password file entry
getstr(3x)          - accept character strings from curses terminal keyboard
getstyle(1x)        - dumps the current Window Maker style related configuration or creates a theme pack.
getsubopt(3)        - parse suboption arguments from a string
getsyx(3x)          - low-level curses routines
gettext(1)          - translate message
gettext(3)          - translate message
gettextize(1)       - install or upgrade gettext infrastructure
get_thread_area(2)  - Get a Thread Local Storage(TLS) area
gettid(2)           - get thread identification
gettimeofday(2)     - get / set time
getttyent(3)        - get ttys file entry
getttynam(3)        - get ttys file entry
getuid(2)           - get user identity
getuid32(2)         - get user identity
getumask(3)         - get file creation mask
getusershell(3)     - get permitted user shells
getutent(3)         - access utmp file entries
getutent_r(3)       - access utmp file entries
getutid(3)          - access utmp file entries
getutid_r(3)        - access utmp file entries
getutline(3)        - access utmp file entries
getutline_r(3)      - access utmp file entries
getutmp(3)          - copy utmp structure to utmpx, and vice versa
getutmpx(3)         - copy utmp structure to utmpx, and vice versa
getutxent(3)        - access utmp file entries
getutxid(3)         - access utmp file entries
getutxline(3)       - access utmp file entries
getw(3)             - input and output of words(ints)
getwc(3)            - read a wide character from a FILE stream
get_wch(3x)         - get (or push back) a wide character from curses terminal keyboard
getwchar(3)         - read a wide character from standard input
getwchar_unlocked(3) - nonlocking stdio functions
getwc_unlocked(3)   - nonlocking stdio functions
getwd(3)            - Get current working directory
getwin(3x)          - miscellaneous curses utility routines
get_wstr(3x)        - get an array of wide characters from a curses terminal keyboard
getxattr(2)         - retrieve an extended attribute value
getyx(3x)           - get curses cursor and window coordinates
gfortran(1)         - GNU Fortran compiler
gftodvi(1)          - make proof sheets from generic font files
gftopk(1)           - convert generic font files to packed font files
gftype(1)           - translate a generic font file for humans to read
ggiAddEventMask(3)  - (unknown subject)
ggiAddFlags(3)      - (unknown subject)
ggiCheckGraphMode(3) - (unknown subject)
ggiCheckMode(3)     - (unknown subject)
ggiCheckSimpleMode(3) - (unknown subject)
ggiCheckTextMode(3) - (unknown subject)
ggiClose(3)         - (unknown subject)
ggi_color(3)        - (unknown subject)
ggi_colormap(3)     - (unknown subject)
ggi_colormap_region(3) - (unknown subject)
ggi_coord(3)        - (unknown subject)
ggiCopyBox(3)       - (unknown subject)
ggiCrossBlit(3)     - (unknown subject)
ggiDBGetBuffer(3)   - (unknown subject)
ggiDBGetNumBuffers(3) - (unknown subject)
ggi-demo(1)         - (unknown subject)
ggiDetachInput(3)   - (unknown subject)
ggidev-abs_3(3)     - (unknown subject)
ggidev-add_3(3)     - (unknown subject)
ggidev-assign_3(3)  - (unknown subject)
ggidev-assign_int_3(3) - (unknown subject)
ggidev-assign_unsigned_3(3) - (unknown subject)
ggidev-bits_3(3)    - (unknown subject)
ggidev-dec_3(3)     - (unknown subject)
ggidev-divmod_3(3)  - (unknown subject)
ggidev-eq0_3(3)     - (unknown subject)
ggidev-eq_3(3)      - (unknown subject)
ggidev-ge0_3(3)     - (unknown subject)
ggidev-ge_3(3)      - (unknown subject)
ggidev-gt0_3(3)     - (unknown subject)
ggidev-inc_3(3)     - (unknown subject)
ggidev-invert_3(3)  - (unknown subject)
ggidev-le0_3(3)     - (unknown subject)
ggidev-lshift_3(3)  - (unknown subject)
ggidev-lt0_3(3)     - (unknown subject)
ggidev-mul_3(3)     - (unknown subject)
ggidev-negate_3(3)  - (unknown subject)
ggidev-rshift_3(3)  - (unknown subject)
ggidev-sign_3(3)    - (unknown subject)
ggidev-sub_3(3)     - (unknown subject)
ggidev-triple-int(7) - (unknown subject)
ggi_directbuffer(3) - (unknown subject)
ggiDrawBox(3)       - (unknown subject)
ggiDrawHLine(3)     - (unknown subject)
ggiDrawLine(3)      - (unknown subject)
ggiDrawPixel(3)     - (unknown subject)
ggiDrawVLine(3)     - (unknown subject)
ggiEventPoll(3)     - (unknown subject)
ggiEventRead(3)     - (unknown subject)
ggiEventSelect(3)   - (unknown subject)
ggiEventSend(3)     - (unknown subject)
ggiEventsQueued(3)  - (unknown subject)
ggiExit(3)          - (unknown subject)
ggiFillscreen(3)    - (unknown subject)
ggiFlush(3)         - (unknown subject)
ggiFlushRegion(3)   - (unknown subject)
ggiFPrintMode(3)    - (unknown subject)
ggiGammaMax(3)      - (unknown subject)
ggiGetBox(3)        - (unknown subject)
ggiGetc(3)          - (unknown subject)
ggiGetCharSize(3)   - (unknown subject)
ggiGetDisplayFrame(3) - (unknown subject)
ggiGetEventMask(3)  - (unknown subject)
ggiGetFlags(3)      - (unknown subject)
ggiGetGamma(3)      - (unknown subject)
ggiGetGammaMap(3)   - (unknown subject)
ggiGetGCBackground(3) - (unknown subject)
ggiGetGCClipping(3) - (unknown subject)
ggiGetGCForeground(3) - (unknown subject)
ggiGetHLine(3)      - (unknown subject)
ggiGetInput(3)      - (unknown subject)
ggiGetMode(3)       - (unknown subject)
ggiGetOrigin(3)     - (unknown subject)
ggiGetPalette(3)    - (unknown subject)
ggiGetPixel(3)      - (unknown subject)
ggiGetPixelFormat(3) - (unknown subject)
ggiGetReadFrame(3)  - (unknown subject)
ggiGetVLine(3)      - (unknown subject)
ggiGetWriteFrame(3) - (unknown subject)
ggi_graphtype(3)    - (unknown subject)
ggiInit(3)          - (unknown subject)
ggiJoinInputs(3)    - (unknown subject)
ggiKbhit(3)         - (unknown subject)
ggiMapColor(3)      - (unknown subject)
ggi_mode(3)         - (unknown subject)
ggiOpen(3)          - (unknown subject)
ggiPackColors(3)    - (unknown subject)
ggiPanic(3)         - (unknown subject)
ggiParseMode(3)     - (unknown subject)
ggi_pixel(3)        - (unknown subject)
ggi_pixelformat(3)  - (unknown subject)
ggi_pixellinearbuffer(3) - (unknown subject)
ggi_pixelplanarbuffer(3) - (unknown subject)
ggiPrintMode(3)     - (unknown subject)
ggiPutBox(3)        - (unknown subject)
ggiPutc(3)          - (unknown subject)
ggiPutHLine(3)      - (unknown subject)
ggiPutPixel(3)      - (unknown subject)
ggiPuts(3)          - (unknown subject)
ggiPutVLine(3)      - (unknown subject)
ggiRemoveEventMask(3) - (unknown subject)
ggiRemoveFlags(3)   - (unknown subject)
ggiResourceAcquire(3) - (unknown subject)
ggiResourceMustAcquire(3) - (unknown subject)
ggiResourceRelease(3) - (unknown subject)
ggi_samplelinearbuffer(3) - (unknown subject)
ggi_sampleplanarbuffer(3) - (unknown subject)
ggiSetColorfulPalette(3) - (unknown subject)
ggiSetDisplayFrame(3) - (unknown subject)
ggiSetEventMask(3)  - (unknown subject)
ggiSetFlags(3)      - (unknown subject)
ggiSetGamma(3)      - (unknown subject)
ggiSetGammaMap(3)   - (unknown subject)
ggiSetGCBackground(3) - (unknown subject)
ggiSetGCClipping(3) - (unknown subject)
ggiSetGCForeground(3) - (unknown subject)
ggiSetGraphMode(3)  - (unknown subject)
ggiSetMode(3)       - (unknown subject)
ggiSetOrigin(3)     - (unknown subject)
ggiSetPalette(3)    - (unknown subject)
ggiSetReadFrame(3)  - (unknown subject)
ggiSetSimpleMode(3) - (unknown subject)
ggiSetTextMode(3)   - (unknown subject)
ggiSetWriteFrame(3) - (unknown subject)
ggiSPrintMode(3)    - (unknown subject)
ggiteleserver(1)    - (unknown subject)
ggiUnmapPixel(3)    - (unknown subject)
ggiUnpackPixels(3)  - (unknown subject)
ggz(6)              - GGZ Gaming Zone core client selector
ggz(7)              - The GGZ Gaming Zone
ggz-config(6)       - GGZ Gaming Zone configuration manager
ggz.h(3)            - (unknown subject)
ggz.modules(5)      - GGZ Gaming Zone module configuration file
ggzwrap(1)          - GGZ Gaming Zone game client wrapper
ggz-wrapper(6)      - GGZ Gaming Zone command line core client
gif2png(1)          - convert GIFs to PNGs
gif2tiff(1)         - create a TIFF file from a GIF87 format image file
giftopnm(1)         - convert a GIF file into a PNM image
giftrans(1)         - transform gif from gif87 to gif89, making one color transparent
gigolo(1)           - a simple frontend to easily connect to remote filesystems with GIO/GVfs
gimp(1)             - an image manipulation and paint program.
gimp-2.6(1)         - an image manipulation and paint program.
Gimp(3pm)           - (unknown subject)
Gimp::Compat(3pm)   - compatibility functions for older versions of Gimp.
Gimp::Config(3pm)   - config options found during configure time.
gimp-console(1)     - an image manipulation and paint program.
gimp-console-2.6(1) - an image manipulation and paint program.
Gimp::Data(3pm)     - Set and get state data.
Gimp::Feature(3pm)  - check for specific features to be present before registering the script.
Gimp::Fu(3pm)       - "easy to use" framework for Gimp scripts
Gimp::Lib(3pm)      - Interface to libgimp (as opposed to Gimp::Net)
Gimp::Module(3pm)   - run scripts embedded into the Gimp program.
Gimp::Net(3pm)      - Communication module for the gimp-perl server.
Gimp::OO(3pm)       - Pseudo-OO for Gimp functions.
Gimp::Pixel(3pm)    - how to operate on raw pixels.
Gimp::Pod(3pm)      - Evaluate pod documentation embedded in scripts.
gimprc-2.6(5)       - gimp configuration file
gimprc(5)           - gimp configuration file
gimptool-2.0(1)     - script to perform various GIMPy functions
Gimp::UI(3pm)       - interface to libgimpui, and more!
Gimp::Util(3pm)     - some handy routines for Gimp-Perl users
git(1)              - the stupid content tracker
Git(3pm)            - Perl interface to the Git version control system
git-add(1)          - Add file contents to the index
git-am(1)           - Apply a series of patches from a mailbox
git-annotate(1)     - Annotate file lines with commit information
git-apply(1)        - Apply a patch to files and/or to the index
git-archimport(1)   - Import an Arch repository into git
git-archive(1)      - Create an archive of files from a named tree
gitattributes(5)    - defining attributes per path
git-bisect(1)       - Find by binary search the change that introduced a bug
git-blame(1)        - Show what revision and author last modified each line of a file
git-branch(1)       - List, create, or delete branches
git-bundle(1)       - Move objects and refs by archive
git-cat-file(1)     - Provide content or type and size information for repository objects
git-check-attr(1)   - Display gitattributes information
git-checkout(1)     - Checkout a branch or paths to the working tree
git-checkout-index(1) - Copy files from the index to the working tree
git-check-ref-format(1) - Ensures that a reference name is well formed
git-cherry(1)       - Find commits not merged upstream
git-cherry-pick(1)  - Apply the change introduced by an existing commit
git-citool(1)       - Graphical alternative to git-commit
git-clean(1)        - Remove untracked files from the working tree
gitcli(7)           - git command line interface and conventions
git-clone(1)        - Clone a repository into a new directory
git-commit(1)       - Record changes to the repository
git-commit-tree(1)  - Create a new commit object
git-config(1)       - Get and set repository or global options
gitcore-tutorial(7) - A git core tutorial for developers
git-count-objects(1) - Count unpacked number of objects and their disk consumption
git-cvsexportcommit(1) - Export a single commit to a CVS checkout
git-cvsimport(1)    - Salvage your data out of another SCM people love to hate
gitcvs-migration(7) - git for CVS users
git-cvsserver(1)    - A CVS server emulator for git
git-daemon(1)       - A really simple server for git repositories
git-describe(1)     - Show the most recent tag that is reachable from a commit
git-diff(1)         - Show changes between commits, commit and working tree, etc
gitdiffcore(7)      - Tweaking diff output
git-diff-files(1)   - Compares files in the working tree and the index
git-diff-index(1)   - Compares content and mode of blobs between the index and repository
git-difftool(1)     - Show changes using common diff tools
git-diff-tree(1)    - Compares the content and mode of blobs found via two tree objects
git-fast-export(1)  - Git data exporter
git-fast-import(1)  - Backend for fast Git data importers
git-fetch(1)        - Download objects and refs from another repository
git-fetch-pack(1)   - Receive missing objects from another repository
git-filter-branch(1) - Rewrite branches
git-fmt-merge-msg(1) - Produce a merge commit message
git-for-each-ref(1) - Output information on each ref
git-format-patch(1) - Prepare patches for e-mail submission
git-fsck(1)         - Verifies the connectivity and validity of the objects in the database
git-fsck-objects(1) - Verifies the connectivity and validity of the objects in the database
git-gc(1)           - Cleanup unnecessary files and optimize the local repository
git-get-tar-commit-id(1) - Extract commit ID from an archive created using git-archive
gitglossary(7)      - A GIT Glossary
git-grep(1)         - Print lines matching a pattern
git-gui(1)          - A portable graphical interface to Git
git-hash-object(1)  - Compute object ID and optionally creates a blob from a file
git-help(1)         - display help information about git
githooks(5)         - Hooks used by git
git-http-backend(1) - Server side implementation of Git over HTTP
git-http-fetch(1)   - Download from a remote git repository via HTTP
git-http-push(1)    - Push objects over HTTP/DAV to another repository
gitignore(5)        - Specifies intentionally untracked files to ignore
git-imap-send(1)    - Send a collection of patches from stdin to an IMAP folder
git-index-pack(1)   - Build pack index file for an existing packed archive
git-init(1)         - Create an empty git repository or reinitialize an existing one
git-init-db(1)      - Creates an empty git repository
git-instaweb(1)     - Instantly browse your working repository in gitweb
gitk(1)             - The git repository browser
git-log(1)          - Show commit logs
git-lost-found(1)   - Recover lost refs that luckily have not yet been pruned
git-ls-files(1)     - Show information about files in the index and the working tree
git-ls-remote(1)    - List references in a remote repository
git-ls-tree(1)      - List the contents of a tree object
git-mailinfo(1)     - Extracts patch and authorship from a single e-mail message
git-mailsplit(1)    - Simple UNIX mbox splitter program
git-merge(1)        - Join two or more development histories together
git-merge-base(1)   - Find as good common ancestors as possible for a merge
git-merge-file(1)   - Run a three-way file merge
git-merge-index(1)  - Run a merge for files needing merging
git-merge-one-file(1) - The standard helper program to use with git-merge-index
git-mergetool(1)    - Run merge conflict resolution tools to resolve merge conflicts
git-mergetool--lib(1) - Common git merge tool shell scriptlets
git-merge-tree(1)   - Show three-way merge without touching index
git-mktag(1)        - Creates a tag object
git-mktree(1)       - Build a tree-object from ls-tree formatted text
gitmodules(5)       - defining submodule properties
git-mv(1)           - Move or rename a file, a directory, or a symlink
git-name-rev(1)     - Find symbolic names for given revs
git-notes(1)        - Add/inspect object notes
git-pack-objects(1) - Create a packed archive of objects
git-pack-redundant(1) - Find redundant pack files
git-pack-refs(1)    - Pack heads and tags for efficient repository access
git-parse-remote(1) - Routines to help parsing remote repository access parameters
git-patch-id(1)     - Compute unique ID for a patch
git-peek-remote(1)  - List the references in a remote repository
git-prune(1)        - Prune all unreachable objects from the object database
git-prune-packed(1) - Remove extra objects that are already in pack files
git-pull(1)         - Fetch from and merge with another repository or a local branch
git-push(1)         - Update remote refs along with associated objects
git-quiltimport(1)  - Applies a quilt patchset onto the current branch
git-read-tree(1)    - Reads tree information into the index
git-rebase(1)       - Forward-port local commits to the updated upstream head
git-receive-pack(1) - Receive what is pushed into the repository
git-reflog(1)       - Manage reflog information
git-relink(1)       - Hardlink common objects in local repositories
git-remote(1)       - manage set of tracked repositories
git-remote-helpers(1) - Helper programs to interact with remote repositories
git-repack(1)       - Pack unpacked objects in a repository
git-replace(1)      - Create, list, delete refs to replace objects
git-repo-config(1)  - Get and set repository or global options
gitrepository-layout(5) - Git Repository Layout
git-request-pull(1) - Generates a summary of pending changes
git-rerere(1)       - Reuse recorded resolution of conflicted merges
git-reset(1)        - Reset current HEAD to the specified state
git-revert(1)       - Revert an existing commit
git-rev-list(1)     - Lists commit objects in reverse chronological order
git-rev-parse(1)    - Pick out and massage parameters
git-rm(1)           - Remove files from the working tree and from the index
git-send-email(1)   - Send a collection of patches as emails
git-send-pack(1)    - Push objects over git protocol to another repository
git-shell(1)        - Restricted login shell for GIT-only SSH access
git-shortlog(1)     - Summarize 'git log' output
git-show(1)         - Show various types of objects
git-show-branch(1)  - Show branches and their commits
git-show-index(1)   - Show packed archive index
git-show-ref(1)     - List references in a local repository
git-sh-setup(1)     - Common git shell script setup code
git-stage(1)        - Add file contents to the staging area
git-stash(1)        - Stash the changes in a dirty working directory away
git-status(1)       - Show the working tree status
git-stripspace(1)   - Filter out empty lines
git-submodule(1)    - Initialize, update or inspect submodules
git-svn(1)          - Bidirectional operation between a Subversion repository and git
git-symbolic-ref(1) - Read and modify symbolic refs
git-tag(1)          - Create, list, delete or verify a tag object signed with GPG
git-tar-tree(1)     - Create a tar archive of the files in the named tree object
gittutorial-2(7)    - A tutorial introduction to git: part two
gittutorial(7)      - A tutorial introduction to git (for version 1.5.1 or newer)
git-unpack-file(1)  - Creates a temporary file with a blob's contents
git-unpack-objects(1) - Unpack objects from a packed archive
git-update-index(1) - Register file contents in the working tree to the index
git-update-ref(1)   - Update the object name stored in a ref safely
git-update-server-info(1) - Update auxiliary info file to help dumb servers
git-upload-archive(1) - Send archive back to git-archive
git-upload-pack(1)  - Send objects packed back to git-fetch-pack
git-var(1)          - Show a git logical variable
git-verify-pack(1)  - Validate packed git archive files
git-verify-tag(1)   - Check the GPG signature of tags
git-web--browse(1)  - git helper script to launch a web browser
git-whatchanged(1)  - Show logs with difference each commit introduces
gitworkflows(7)     - An overview of recommended workflows with git
git-write-tree(1)   - Create a tree object from the current index
gksu(1)             - GTK+ frontend for su and sudo
gksudo(1)           - GTK+ frontend for su and sudo
glchess(6)          - A 3D chess application
glibc(7)            - Overview of standard C libraries on Linux
glib-config(1)      - script to get information about the installed version of GLib
glib-genmarshal(1)  - C code marshaller generation utility for GLib closures
glib-gettextize(1)  - gettext internationalization utility
glib-mkenums(1)     - C language enum description generation utility
glines(6)           - GNOME port of the once-popular Colour Lines game
glint(4)            - GLINT/Permedia video driver
glob(3)             - find pathnames matching a pattern, free memory from glob()
glob(7)             - Globbing pathnames
global(n)           - Access global variables
globaltime(1)       - International multiclock timeconverter for the Xfce Desktop Environment. It is part of Orage
globfree(3)         - find pathnames matching a pattern, free memory from glob()
glob(n)             - Return names of files that match patterns
gml2gv(1)           - GML-DOT converter
gmtime(3)           - transform date and time to broken-down time or ASCII
gmtime_r(3)         - transform date and time to broken-down time or ASCII
gnect(6)            - four-in-a-row game for GNOME
gnibbles(6)         - A worm game for GNOME
gnobots2(6)         - Based on classic BSD Robots
gnome(1)            - The GNU Network Object Model Environment
Gnome2(3pm)         - Perl interface to the 2.x series of the GNOME libraries
Gnome2::About(3pm)  - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::App(3pm)    - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::AppBar(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::AppHelper(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::AuthenticationManager(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::Bonobo(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::Bonobo::Dock(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::Bonobo::DockItem(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::Canvas(3pm) - A structured graphics canvas
Gnome2::Canvas::Bpath(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::Canvas::Ellipse(3pm) - Ellipses as CanvasItems
Gnome2::Canvas::Group(3pm) - A group of Gnome2::CanvasItems
Gnome2::Canvas::index(3pm) - API Reference Pod Index
Gnome2::Canvas::Item(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::Canvas::Line(3pm) - Lines as CanvasItems
Gnome2::Canvas::PathDef(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::Canvas::Pixbuf(3pm) - Pixbufs as CanvasItems
Gnome2::Canvas::RE(3pm) - base class for rectangles and ellipses
Gnome2::Canvas::Rect(3pm) - Rectangles as CanvasItems
Gnome2::Canvas::RichText(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::Canvas::Shape(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::Canvas::Text(3pm) - Text as CanvasItems
Gnome2::Canvas::version(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::Canvas::Widget(3pm) - Gtk2::Widgets as CanvasItems
Gnome2::Client(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::ColorPicker(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::Config(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::Config::Iterator(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::DateEdit(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::Druid(3pm)  - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::DruidPage(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::DruidPageEdge(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::DruidPageStandard(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::Entry(3pm)  - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::enums(3pm)  - enumeration and flag values for Gnome2
Gnome2::FileEntry(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::FontPicker(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::GConf(3pm)  - Perl wrappers for the GConf configuration engine.
Gnome2::GConf::ChangeSet(3pm) - A set of configuration changes to be made
Gnome2::GConf::Client(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::GConf::Engine(3pm) - A Configuration Engine
Gnome2::GConf::Entry(3pm) - Container Objects for key/value pairs
Gnome2::GConf::index(3pm) - API Reference Pod Index
Gnome2::GConf::main(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::GConf::Schema(3pm) - Schema Objects for key description
Gnome2::GConf::Value(3pm) - Opaque datatype for generic values
Gnome2::GConf::version(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::Help(3pm)   - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::HRef(3pm)   - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::I18N(3pm)   - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::IconEntry(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::IconList(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::IconSelection(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::IconTextItem(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::IconTheme(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::index(3pm)  - API Reference Pod Index
Gnome2::main(3pm)   - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::ModuleInfo(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::PasswordDialog(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::PixmapEntry(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::PopupMenu(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::Print(3pm)  - Perl wrappers for the Gnome Print utilities.
Gnome2::Print::Config(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::Print::Config::Constants(3pm) - constants for use with Gnom2::Print::Config
Gnome2::Print::Context(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::Print::Dialog(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::Print::Font(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::Print::Font::Constants(3pm) - constants for use with Gnom2::Print::Font
Gnome2::Print::FontDialog(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::Print::FontFace(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::Print::FontPreview(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::Print::FontSelection(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::Print::GlyphList(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::Print::index(3pm) - API Reference Pod Index
Gnome2::Print::Job(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::Print::JobPreview(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::Print::main(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::Print::Paper(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::Print::PaperSelector(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::Print::Unit(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::Print::UnitSelector(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::Program(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::Score(3pm)  - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::Scores(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::Sound(3pm)  - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::Thumbnail(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::ThumbnailFactory(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::UIDefs(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::URL(3pm)    - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::Util(3pm)   - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::VFS(3pm)    - Perl interface to the 2.x series of the GNOME VFS library
Gnome2::VFS::Address(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::VFS::Application(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::VFS::ApplicationRegistry(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::VFS::Async(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::VFS::Async::Handle(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::VFS::Directory(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::VFS::Directory::Handle(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::VFS::DNSSD(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::VFS::DNSSD::Browse::Handle(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::VFS::DNSSD::Resolve::Handle(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::VFS::Drive(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::VFS::FileInfo(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::VFS::Handle(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::VFS::index(3pm) - API Reference Pod Index
Gnome2::VFS::main(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::VFS::Mime(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::VFS::Mime::Application(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::VFS::Mime::Monitor(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::VFS::Mime::Type(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::VFS::Monitor(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::VFS::Monitor::Handle(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::VFS::Resolve(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::VFS::Resolve::Handle(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::VFS::URI(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::VFS::Volume(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::VFS::VolumeMonitor(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::VFS::Xfer(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::Vte(3pm)    - Perl interface to the Virtual Terminal Emulation library
Gnome2::Vte::index(3pm) - API Reference Pod Index
Gnome2::Vte::main(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::Vte::Terminal(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::Window(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gnome2::WindowIcon(3pm) - (unknown subject)
gnome-about(1)      - The Gnome about box.
gnome-bug(1)        - Report a bug to the GNOME Bug Tracking System.
gnome-config(1)     - GNOME libraries and component information retrieval.
gnome-dictionary(1) - Look up words on dictionaries
gnome-doc(1)        - Documentation tool for GNOME
gnome-dump-metadata(1) - Dump the metadata database.
gnome-eject(1)      - Mount drives and volumes using HAL and read settings from the GNOME desktop configuration system gconf.
gnome-gen-mimedb(1) - Build the extension database for mime-magic.
gnome-mime(5)       - configuration files
gnome-mkstub(1)     - Documentation tool for GNOME
gnome-mount(1)      - Mount drives and volumes using HAL and read settings from the GNOME desktop configuration system gconf.
gnome-moz-remote(1) - remote control of browsers.
gnome-name-service(1) - Orbit name service
gnome-options(7)    - Standard Command Line Options for GNOME 2 Programs
gnome-panel(1)      - display the GNOME panel
gnome-phone-manager(1) - Manage your mobile phone
gnome-power-manager(1) - gnome power manager userspace daemon
gnome-power-preferences(1) - gnome power preferences gui
gnome-power-statistics(1) - gnome power statistics gui
gnome-pty-helper(1) - Helper setuid application
gnome-screensaver(1) - screen saver and locker
gnome-screensaver-command(1) - controls GNOME screensaver
gnome-screensaver-preferences(1) - configure GNOME Screensaver
gnome-screenshot(1) - capture the screen, a window, or an user-defined area and save the snapshot image to a file.
gnome-search-tool(1) - the GNOME Search Tool
gnome_segv(1)       - Graphical interface segfault for Gnome program.
gnome-session(1)    - Starts up the GNOME desktop environment
gnome-session-properties(1) - Configure what applications to start on login
gnome-session-save(1) - Saves or ends the current GNOME session
gnome-sudoku(6)     - puzzle game for the popular Japanese sudoku logic puzzle
gnome-system-log(1) - the GNOME System Log Viewer
gnome-umount(1)     - Mount drives and volumes using HAL and read settings from the GNOME desktop configuration system gconf.
gnome-wm(1)         - Launches the user selected window manager for the GNOME session
gnomine(6)          - The popular logic puzzle minesweeper
gnotravex(6)        - A simple puzzle game for GNOME
gnotski(6)          - Sliding block puzzles game for GNOME
gnuattach(1)        - Server and Clients for XEmacs
gnucap(1)           - GNU Circuit Analysis Package
gnucap-ibis(1)      - GNU Circuit Analysis Package IBIS translator
gnuclient(1)        - Server and Clients for XEmacs
gnu_dev_major(3)    - manage a device number
gnu_dev_makedev(3)  - manage a device number
gnu_dev_minor(3)    - manage a device number
gnudoit(1)          - Server and Clients for XEmacs
gnu_get_libc_release(3) - get glibc version and release
gnu_get_libc_version(3) - get glibc version and release
gnugo(6)            - The GNU program to play the game of Go
gnumeric(1)         - a GNOME spreadsheet application.
gnupg(7)            - The GNU Privacy Guard suite of programs
gnuplot(1)          - an interactive plotting program
gnuserv(1)          - Server and Clients for XEmacs
gnutls_alert_get(3) - Returns the last alert number received.
gnutls_alert_get_name(3) - Returns a string describing the alert number given
gnutls_alert_send(3) - send an alert message to the peer
gnutls_alert_send_appropriate(3) - send alert to peer depending on error code
gnutls_anon_allocate_client_credentials(3) - Used to allocate a credentials structure
gnutls_anon_allocate_server_credentials(3) - Used to allocate an gnutls_anon_server_credentials_t structure
gnutls_anon_free_client_credentials(3) - Used to free an allocated gnutls_anon_client_credentials_t structure
gnutls_anon_free_server_credentials(3) - Used to free an allocated gnutls_anon_server_credentials_t structure
gnutls_anon_set_params_function(3) - set the DH or RSA parameters callback
gnutls_anon_set_server_dh_params(3) - set the DH parameters for a server to use
gnutls_anon_set_server_params_function(3) - set the DH parameters callback
gnutls_auth_client_get_type(3) - Returns the type of credentials for the client authentication schema.
gnutls_auth_get_type(3) - Returns the type of credentials for the current authentication schema.
gnutls_auth_server_get_type(3) - Returns the type of credentials for the server authentication schema.
gnutls_bye(3)       - terminate the current TLS/SSL connection.
gnutls_certificate_activation_time_peers(3) - return the peer's certificate activation time
gnutls_certificate_allocate_credentials(3) - Used to allocate a gnutls_certificate_credentials_t structure
gnutls_certificate_client_get_request_status(3) - return the certificate request status
gnutls_certificate_client_set_retrieve_function(3) - Used to set a callback to retrieve the certificate
gnutls_certificate_expiration_time_peers(3) - return the peer's certificate expiration time
gnutls_certificate_free_ca_names(3) - Used to free all the CA names from a gnutls_certificate_credentials_t structure
gnutls_certificate_free_cas(3) - Used to free all the CAs from a gnutls_certificate_credentials_t structure
gnutls_certificate_free_credentials(3) - Used to free an allocated gnutls_certificate_credentials_t structure
gnutls_certificate_free_crls(3) - Used to free all the CRLs from a gnutls_certificate_credentials_t structure
gnutls_certificate_free_keys(3) - Used to free all the keys from a gnutls_certificate_credentials_t structure
gnutls_certificate_get_openpgp_keyring(3) - export keyring from a #gnutls_certificate_credentials_t
gnutls_certificate_get_ours(3) - return the raw certificate sent in the last handshake
gnutls_certificate_get_peers(3) - return the peer's raw certificate
gnutls_certificate_get_x509_cas(3) - Used to export all the CAs from a gnutls_certificate_credentials_t structure
gnutls_certificate_get_x509_crls(3) - Used to export all the CRLs from a gnutls_certificate_credentials_t structure
gnutls_certificate_send_x509_rdn_sequence(3) - order gnutls to send or not the x.509 rdn sequence
gnutls_certificate_server_set_request(3) - Used to set whether to request a client certificate
gnutls_certificate_server_set_retrieve_function(3) - Used to set a callback to retrieve the certificate
gnutls_certificate_set_dh_params(3) - set the DH parameters for a server to use
gnutls_certificate_set_openpgp_key(3) - Used to set keys in a gnutls_certificate_credentials_t structure
gnutls_certificate_set_openpgp_key_file2(3) - Used to set OpenPGP keys
gnutls_certificate_set_openpgp_key_file(3) - Used to set OpenPGP keys
gnutls_certificate_set_openpgp_key_mem2(3) - Used to set OpenPGP keys
gnutls_certificate_set_openpgp_key_mem(3) - Used to set OpenPGP keys
gnutls_certificate_set_openpgp_keyring_file(3) - Sets a keyring file for OpenPGP
gnutls_certificate_set_openpgp_keyring_mem(3) - Add keyring data for OpenPGP
gnutls_certificate_set_params_function(3) - set the DH or RSA parameters callback
gnutls_certificate_set_rsa_export_params(3) - set the RSA parameters for a server to use
gnutls_certificate_set_verify_flags(3) - set the flags to be used at certificate verification
gnutls_certificate_set_verify_limits(3) - set the upper limits to be used at certificate verification
gnutls_certificate_set_x509_crl(3) - Used to add CRLs in a gnutls_certificate_credentials_t structure
gnutls_certificate_set_x509_crl_file(3) - Used to add CRLs in a gnutls_certificate_credentials_t structure
gnutls_certificate_set_x509_crl_mem(3) - Used to add CRLs in a gnutls_certificate_credentials_t structure
gnutls_certificate_set_x509_key(3) - Used to set keys in a gnutls_certificate_credentials_t structure
gnutls_certificate_set_x509_key_file(3) - Used to set keys in a gnutls_certificate_credentials_t structure
gnutls_certificate_set_x509_key_mem(3) - Used to set keys in a gnutls_certificate_credentials_t structure
gnutls_certificate_set_x509_simple_pkcs12_file(3) - API function
gnutls_certificate_set_x509_simple_pkcs12_mem(3) - API function
gnutls_certificate_set_x509_trust(3) - Used to add trusted CAs in a gnutls_certificate_credentials_t structure
gnutls_certificate_set_x509_trust_file(3) - Used to add trusted CAs in a gnutls_certificate_credentials_t structure
gnutls_certificate_set_x509_trust_mem(3) - Used to add trusted CAs in a gnutls_certificate_credentials_t structure
gnutls_certificate_type_get(3) - Returns the currently used certificate type.
gnutls_certificate_type_get_id(3) - Returns the gnutls id of the specified in string type
gnutls_certificate_type_get_name(3) - Returns a string with the name of the specified certificate type
gnutls_certificate_type_list(3) - Get a list of supported certificate types
gnutls_certificate_type_set_priority(3) - Sets the priority on the certificate types supported by gnutls.
gnutls_certificate_verify_peers2(3) - return the peer's certificate verification status
gnutls_certificate_verify_peers(3) - return the peer's certificate verification status
gnutls_check_version(3) - checks the libgnutls version
gnutls_cipher_get(3) - Returns the currently used cipher.
gnutls_cipher_get_id(3) - Returns the gnutls id of the specified in string algorithm
gnutls_cipher_get_key_size(3) - Returns the length of the cipher's key size
gnutls_cipher_get_name(3) - Returns a string with the name of the specified cipher algorithm
gnutls_cipher_list(3) - Get a list of supported ciphers
gnutls_cipher_set_priority(3) - Sets the priority on the ciphers supported by gnutls.
gnutls_cipher_suite_get_name(3) - get name of the specified cipher suite
gnutls_cipher_suite_info(3) - API function
gnutls-cli(1)       - GNU TLS test client
gnutls-cli-debug(1) - GNU TLS test client, with verbose output
gnutls_compression_get(3) - Returns the currently used compression algorithm.
gnutls_compression_get_id(3) - Returns the gnutls id of the specified in string algorithm
gnutls_compression_get_name(3) - Returns a string with the name of the specified compression algorithm
gnutls_compression_list(3) - Get a list of supported compression methods
gnutls_compression_set_priority(3) - Sets the priority on the compression algorithms supported by gnutls.
gnutls_credentials_clear(3) - Clears all the credentials previously set
gnutls_credentials_set(3) - Sets the needed credentials for the specified authentication algorithm.
gnutls_crypto_bigint_register2(3) - register a bigint interface
gnutls_crypto_cipher_register2(3) - register a cipher interface
gnutls_crypto_digest_register2(3) - register a digest interface
gnutls_crypto_mac_register2(3) - register a mac interface
gnutls_crypto_pk_register2(3) - register a public key interface
gnutls_crypto_rnd_register2(3) - register a random generator
gnutls_crypto_single_cipher_register2(3) - register a cipher algorithm
gnutls_crypto_single_digest_register2(3) - register a digest algorithm
gnutls_crypto_single_mac_register2(3) - register a MAC algorithm
gnutls_db_check_entry(3) - check if the given db entry has expired
gnutls_db_get_ptr(3) - Returns the pointer which is sent to db functions
gnutls_db_remove_session(3) - remove the current session data from the database
gnutls_db_set_cache_expiration(3) - Set the expiration time for resumed sessions.
gnutls_db_set_ptr(3) - Set a pointer to be sent to db functions
gnutls_db_set_remove_function(3) - Set the function that will be used to remove data
gnutls_db_set_retrieve_function(3) - Set the function that will be used to get data
gnutls_db_set_store_function(3) - Set the function that will be used to put data
gnutls_deinit(3)    - clear all buffers associated with a session
gnutls_dh_get_group(3) - return the group of the DH authentication
gnutls_dh_get_peers_public_bits(3) - return the bits used in DH authentication
gnutls_dh_get_prime_bits(3) - return the bits used in DH authentication
gnutls_dh_get_pubkey(3) - return the peer's public key used in DH authentication
gnutls_dh_get_secret_bits(3) - return the bits used in DH authentication
gnutls_dh_params_cpy(3) - copy a DH parameters structure
gnutls_dh_params_deinit(3) - deinitialize the DH parameters
gnutls_dh_params_export_pkcs3(3) - export DH params to a pkcs3 structure
gnutls_dh_params_export_raw(3) - export the raw DH parameters
gnutls_dh_params_generate2(3) - generate new DH parameters
gnutls_dh_params_import_pkcs3(3) - import DH params from a pkcs3 structure
gnutls_dh_params_import_raw(3) - import DH parameters
gnutls_dh_params_init(3) - initialize the DH parameters
gnutls_dh_set_prime_bits(3) - Used to set the bits for a DH ciphersuite
gnutls_error_is_fatal(3) - Returns non-zero in case of a fatal error
gnutls_error_to_alert(3) - return an alert code based on the given error code
gnutls_extra_check_version(3) - checks the libgnutls-extra version
gnutls_ext_register(3) - Register a handler for a TLS extension
gnutls_fingerprint(3) - calculate the fingerprint of the given data
gnutls_free(3)      - Returns a free() like function
gnutls_global_deinit(3) - deinitialize the global data
gnutls_global_init(3) - initialize the global data to defaults.
gnutls_global_init_extra(3) - initializes the global state of gnutls-extra
gnutls_global_set_log_function(3) - set the logging function
gnutls_global_set_log_level(3) - set the logging level
gnutls_global_set_mem_functions(3) - set the memory allocation functions
gnutls_handshake(3) - This is the main function in the handshake protocol.
gnutls_handshake_get_last_in(3) - Returns the last handshake message received.
gnutls_handshake_get_last_out(3) - Returns the last handshake message sent.
gnutls_handshake_set_max_packet_length(3) - set the maximum size of the handshake
gnutls_handshake_set_post_client_hello_function(3) - set callback to be called after the client hello is received
gnutls_handshake_set_private_extensions(3) - Used to enable the private cipher suites
gnutls_hex2bin(3)   - convert hex string into binary buffer.
gnutls_hex_decode(3) - decode hex encoded data
gnutls_hex_encode(3) - convert raw data to hex encoded
gnutls_ia_allocate_client_credentials(3) - Used to allocate an gnutls_ia_server_credentials_t structure
gnutls_ia_allocate_server_credentials(3) - Used to allocate an gnutls_ia_server_credentials_t structure
gnutls_ia_enable(3) - Indicate willingness for TLS/IA application phases
gnutls_ia_endphase_send(3) - API function
gnutls_ia_extract_inner_secret(3) - API function
gnutls_ia_free_client_credentials(3) - Used to free an allocated #gnutls_ia_client_credentials_t structure
gnutls_ia_free_server_credentials(3) - Used to free an allocated #gnutls_ia_server_credentials_t structure
gnutls_ia_generate_challenge(3) - API function
gnutls_ia_get_client_avp_ptr(3) - Returns the pointer which is sent to TLS/IA callback
gnutls_ia_get_server_avp_ptr(3) - Returns the pointer which is sent to TLS/IA callback
gnutls_ia_handshake(3) - API function
gnutls_ia_handshake_p(3) - API function
gnutls_ia_permute_inner_secret(3) - API function
gnutls_ia_recv(3)   - read data from the TLS/IA protocol
gnutls_ia_send(3)   - API function
gnutls_ia_set_client_avp_function(3) - Used to set a AVP callback
gnutls_ia_set_client_avp_ptr(3) - Sets a pointer to be sent to TLS/IA callback
gnutls_ia_set_server_avp_function(3) - Used to set a AVP callback
gnutls_ia_set_server_avp_ptr(3) - Sets a pointer to be sent to TLS/IA callback
gnutls_ia_verify_endphase(3) - API function
gnutls_init(3)      - initialize the session to null (null encryption etc...).
gnutls_kx_get(3)    - Returns the key exchange algorithm.
gnutls_kx_get_id(3) - Returns the gnutls id of the specified in string algorithm
gnutls_kx_get_name(3) - Returns a string with the name of the specified key exchange algorithm
gnutls_kx_list(3)   - Get a list of supported key exchange methods
gnutls_kx_set_priority(3) - Sets the priority on the key exchange algorithms supported by gnutls.
gnutls_mac_get(3)   - Returns the currently used mac algorithm.
gnutls_mac_get_id(3) - Returns the gnutls id of the specified in string algorithm
gnutls_mac_get_key_size(3) - Returns the length of the MAC's key size
gnutls_mac_get_name(3) - Returns a string with the name of the specified mac algorithm
gnutls_mac_list(3)  - Get a list of supported MAC algorithms
gnutls_mac_set_priority(3) - Sets the priority on the mac algorithms supported by gnutls.
gnutls_malloc(3)    - Allocates and returns data
gnutls_openpgp_crt_check_hostname(3) - compare hostname with the key's hostname
gnutls_openpgp_crt_deinit(3) - deinitialize memory used by a #gnutls_openpgp_crt_t structure
gnutls_openpgp_crt_export(3) - export a RAW or BASE64 encoded key
gnutls_openpgp_crt_get_auth_subkey(3) - Gets the keyID of an authentication subkey
gnutls_openpgp_crt_get_creation_time(3) - Extract the timestamp
gnutls_openpgp_crt_get_expiration_time(3) - Extract the expire date
gnutls_openpgp_crt_get_fingerprint(3) - Gets the fingerprint
gnutls_openpgp_crt_get_key_id(3) - Gets the keyID
gnutls_openpgp_crt_get_key_usage(3) - This function returns the key's usage
gnutls_openpgp_crt_get_name(3) - Extracts the userID
gnutls_openpgp_crt_get_pk_algorithm(3) - return the key's PublicKey algorithm
gnutls_openpgp_crt_get_pk_dsa_raw(3) - export the DSA public key
gnutls_openpgp_crt_get_pk_rsa_raw(3) - export the RSA public key
gnutls_openpgp_crt_get_preferred_key_id(3) - Gets the preferred keyID
gnutls_openpgp_crt_get_revoked_status(3) - Gets the revoked status of the key
gnutls_openpgp_crt_get_subkey_count(3) - return the number of subkeys
gnutls_openpgp_crt_get_subkey_creation_time(3) - Extract the timestamp
gnutls_openpgp_crt_get_subkey_expiration_time(3) - Extract the expire date
gnutls_openpgp_crt_get_subkey_fingerprint(3) - Gets the fingerprint of a subkey
gnutls_openpgp_crt_get_subkey_id(3) - Gets the keyID
gnutls_openpgp_crt_get_subkey_idx(3) - Returns the subkey's index
gnutls_openpgp_crt_get_subkey_pk_algorithm(3) - return the subkey's PublicKey algorithm
gnutls_openpgp_crt_get_subkey_pk_dsa_raw(3) - export the DSA public key
gnutls_openpgp_crt_get_subkey_pk_rsa_raw(3) - export the RSA public key
gnutls_openpgp_crt_get_subkey_revoked_status(3) - Gets the revoked status of the key
gnutls_openpgp_crt_get_subkey_usage(3) - returns the key's usage
gnutls_openpgp_crt_get_version(3) - Extracts the version of the key.
gnutls_openpgp_crt_import(3) - import a RAW or BASE64 encoded key
gnutls_openpgp_crt_init(3) - initialize a #gnutls_openpgp_crt_t structure
gnutls_openpgp_crt_print(3) - Pretty print OpenPGP certificates
gnutls_openpgp_crt_set_preferred_key_id(3) - Sets the prefered keyID
gnutls_openpgp_crt_verify_ring(3) - Verify all signatures in the key
gnutls_openpgp_crt_verify_self(3) - Verify the self signature on the key
gnutls_openpgp_keyring_check_id(3) - Check if a key id exists in the keyring
gnutls_openpgp_keyring_deinit(3) - deinitializes memory used by a #gnutls_openpgp_keyring_t structure
gnutls_openpgp_keyring_get_crt(3) - export an openpgp certificate from a keyring
gnutls_openpgp_keyring_get_crt_count(3) - return the number of certificates
gnutls_openpgp_keyring_import(3) - Import a raw- or Base64-encoded keyring
gnutls_openpgp_keyring_init(3) - initializes a #gnutls_openpgp_keyring_t structure
gnutls_openpgp_privkey_deinit(3) - deinitializes memory used by a #gnutls_openpgp_privkey_t structure
gnutls_openpgp_privkey_export(3) - export a RAW or BASE64 encoded key
gnutls_openpgp_privkey_export_dsa_raw(3) - This function will export the DSA private key
gnutls_openpgp_privkey_export_rsa_raw(3) - This function will export the RSA private key
gnutls_openpgp_privkey_export_subkey_dsa_raw(3) - export the DSA private key
gnutls_openpgp_privkey_export_subkey_rsa_raw(3) - export the RSA private key
gnutls_openpgp_privkey_get_fingerprint(3) - Gets the fingerprint
gnutls_openpgp_privkey_get_key_id(3) - Gets the keyID
gnutls_openpgp_privkey_get_pk_algorithm(3) - return the key's PublicKey algorithm
gnutls_openpgp_privkey_get_preferred_key_id(3) - Gets the preferred keyID
gnutls_openpgp_privkey_get_revoked_status(3) - Get the revoked status of the key
gnutls_openpgp_privkey_get_subkey_count(3) - return the number of subkeys
gnutls_openpgp_privkey_get_subkey_creation_time(3) - Extract the timestamp
gnutls_openpgp_privkey_get_subkey_expiration_time(3) - Extract the expire date
gnutls_openpgp_privkey_get_subkey_fingerprint(3) - Gets the fingerprint of a subkey
gnutls_openpgp_privkey_get_subkey_id(3) - Gets the keyID
gnutls_openpgp_privkey_get_subkey_idx(3) - Returns the subkey's index
gnutls_openpgp_privkey_get_subkey_pk_algorithm(3) - return the subkey's PublicKey algorithm
gnutls_openpgp_privkey_get_subkey_revoked_status(3) - Get the revoked status of the key
gnutls_openpgp_privkey_import(3) - import a RAW or BASE64 encoded key
gnutls_openpgp_privkey_init(3) - initializes a #gnutls_openpgp_privkey_t structure
gnutls_openpgp_privkey_set_preferred_key_id(3) - Set the prefered keyID
gnutls_openpgp_privkey_sign_hash(3) - sign the given data using the private key params
gnutls_openpgp_send_cert(3) - order gnutls to send the openpgp fingerprint instead of the key
gnutls_openpgp_set_recv_key_function(3) - Used to set a key retrieval callback for PGP keys
gnutls_oprfi_enable_client(3) - API function
gnutls_oprfi_enable_server(3) - API function
gnutls_pem_base64_decode(3) - decode base64 encoded data
gnutls_pem_base64_decode_alloc(3) - decode base64 encoded data
gnutls_pem_base64_encode(3) - convert raw data to Base64 encoded
gnutls_pem_base64_encode_alloc(3) - convert raw data to Base64 encoded
gnutls_perror(3)    - prints a string to stderr with a description of an error
gnutls_pk_algorithm_get_name(3) - Get string with name of public key algorithm
gnutls_pkcs12_bag_decrypt(3) - This function will decrypt an encrypted bag
gnutls_pkcs12_bag_deinit(3) - This function deinitializes memory used by a gnutls_pkcs12_t structure
gnutls_pkcs12_bag_encrypt(3) - This function will encrypt a bag
gnutls_pkcs12_bag_get_count(3) - This function returns the bag's elements count
gnutls_pkcs12_bag_get_data(3) - This function returns the bag's data
gnutls_pkcs12_bag_get_friendly_name(3) - This function returns the friendly name of the bag element
gnutls_pkcs12_bag_get_key_id(3) - This function gets the key ID from the bag element
gnutls_pkcs12_bag_get_type(3) - This function returns the bag's type
gnutls_pkcs12_bag_init(3) - This function initializes a gnutls_pkcs12_bag_t structure
gnutls_pkcs12_bag_set_crl(3) - insert the CRL into the bag
gnutls_pkcs12_bag_set_crt(3) - This function inserts a certificate into the bag
gnutls_pkcs12_bag_set_data(3) - This function inserts data into the bag
gnutls_pkcs12_bag_set_friendly_name(3) - This function sets a friendly name into the bag element
gnutls_pkcs12_bag_set_key_id(3) - This function sets a key ID into the bag element
gnutls_pkcs12_deinit(3) - This function deinitializes memory used by a gnutls_pkcs12_t structure
gnutls_pkcs12_export(3) - This function will export the pkcs12 structure
gnutls_pkcs12_generate_mac(3) - This function generates the MAC of the PKCS12 structure
gnutls_pkcs12_get_bag(3) - This function returns a Bag from a PKCS12 structure
gnutls_pkcs12_import(3) - This function will import a DER or PEM encoded PKCS12 structure
gnutls_pkcs12_init(3) - This function initializes a gnutls_pkcs12_t structure
gnutls_pkcs12_set_bag(3) - This function inserts a Bag into a PKCS12 structure
gnutls_pkcs12_verify_mac(3) - This function verifies the MAC of the PKCS12 structure
gnutls_pkcs7_deinit(3) - deinitializes a #gnutls_pkcs7_t structure
gnutls_pkcs7_delete_crl(3) - deletes a CRL from a PKCS7 crl set
gnutls_pkcs7_delete_crt(3) - deletes a certificate from a PKCS7 certificate set
gnutls_pkcs7_export(3) - export the pkcs7 structure
gnutls_pkcs7_get_crl_count(3) - returns the number of CRLs in a PKCS7 crl set
gnutls_pkcs7_get_crl_raw(3) - returns a crl in a PKCS7 crl set
gnutls_pkcs7_get_crt_count(3) - return the number of certificates in a PKCS7 certificate set
gnutls_pkcs7_get_crt_raw(3) - get a certificate from a PKCS7 certificate set
gnutls_pkcs7_import(3) - import a DER or PEM encoded PKCS7
gnutls_pkcs7_init(3) - initialize a #gnutls_pkcs7_t structure
gnutls_pkcs7_set_crl(3) - add a parsed crl in a PKCS7 crl set
gnutls_pkcs7_set_crl_raw(3) - add a crl in a PKCS7 crl set
gnutls_pkcs7_set_crt(3) - add a parsed certificate in a PKCS7 certificate set
gnutls_pkcs7_set_crt_raw(3) - add a certificate in a PKCS7 certificate set
gnutls_pk_get_id(3) - Get #gnutls_pk_algorithm_t from a string
gnutls_pk_get_name(3) - Get name string with #gnutls_pk_algorithm_t algorithm
gnutls_pk_list(3)   - Get a list of supported public key algorithms
gnutls_prf(3)       - derive pseudo-random data using the TLS PRF
gnutls_prf_raw(3)   - access the TLS PRF directly
gnutls_priority_deinit(3) - deinitialize the priorities cache
gnutls_priority_init(3) - Sets priorities for the cipher suites supported by gnutls.
gnutls_priority_set(3) - Sets priorities for the cipher suites supported by gnutls.
gnutls_priority_set_direct(3) - Sets priorities for the cipher suites supported by gnutls.
gnutls_protocol_get_id(3) - Returns the gnutls id of the specified in string protocol
gnutls_protocol_get_name(3) - Returns a string with the name of the specified SSL/TLS version
gnutls_protocol_get_version(3) - Returns the version of the currently used protocol
gnutls_protocol_list(3) - Get a list of supported protocols
gnutls_protocol_set_priority(3) - Sets the priority on the protocol versions supported by gnutls.
gnutls_psk_allocate_client_credentials(3) - Used to allocate an gnutls_psk_server_credentials_t structure
gnutls_psk_allocate_server_credentials(3) - Used to allocate an gnutls_psk_server_credentials_t structure
gnutls_psk_client_get_hint(3) - return the PSK identity hint of the peer
gnutls_psk_free_client_credentials(3) - Used to free an allocated gnutls_psk_client_credentials_t structure
gnutls_psk_free_server_credentials(3) - Used to free an allocated gnutls_psk_server_credentials_t structure
gnutls_psk_netconf_derive_key(3) - derive PSK Netconf key from password
gnutls_psk_server_get_username(3) - return the username of the peer
gnutls_psk_set_client_credentials(3) - Used to set the username/password, in a gnutls_psk_client_credentials_t structure
gnutls_psk_set_client_credentials_function(3) - Used to set a callback to retrieve the username and key
gnutls_psk_set_params_function(3) - set the DH or RSA parameters callback
gnutls_psk_set_server_credentials_file(3) - Used to set the password files, in a gnutls_psk_server_credentials_t structure
gnutls_psk_set_server_credentials_function(3) - Used to set a callback to retrieve the user's PSK credentials
gnutls_psk_set_server_credentials_hint(3) - Set a identity hint, in a %gnutls_psk_server_credentials_t structure
gnutls_psk_set_server_dh_params(3) - set the DH parameters for a server to use
gnutls_psk_set_server_params_function(3) - set the DH parameters callback
gnutls_record_check_pending(3) - checks if there are any data to receive in gnutls buffers.
gnutls_record_disable_padding(3) - Used to disabled padding in TLS 1.0 and above
gnutls_record_get_direction(3) - return the direction of the last interrupted function call
gnutls_record_get_max_size(3) - returns the maximum record size
gnutls_record_recv(3) - reads data from the TLS record protocol
gnutls_record_send(3) - sends to the peer the specified data
gnutls_record_set_max_size(3) - sets the maximum record size
gnutls_register_md5_handler(3) - API function
gnutls_rehandshake(3) - renegotiate security parameters
gnutls_rsa_export_get_modulus_bits(3) - return the bits used in RSA-export key exchange
gnutls_rsa_export_get_pubkey(3) - return the peer's public key used in RSA-EXPORT authentication
gnutls_rsa_params_cpy(3) - copy an RSA parameters structure
gnutls_rsa_params_deinit(3) - deinitialize the RSA parameters
gnutls_rsa_params_export_pkcs1(3) - export RSA params to a pkcs1 structure
gnutls_rsa_params_export_raw(3) - export the RSA parameters
gnutls_rsa_params_generate2(3) - generate temporary RSA parameters
gnutls_rsa_params_import_pkcs1(3) - import RSA params from a pkcs1 structure
gnutls_rsa_params_import_raw(3) - set the RSA parameters
gnutls_rsa_params_init(3) - initialize the temporary RSA parameters
gnutls-serv(1)      - GNU TLS test server
gnutls_server_name_get(3) - Used to get the server name indicator send by a client
gnutls_server_name_set(3) - set a name indicator to be sent as an extension
gnutls_session_enable_compatibility_mode(3) - disable certain features in TLS in order to honour compatibility
gnutls_session_get_client_random(3) - get the session's client random value
gnutls_session_get_data2(3) - Returns all session parameters.
gnutls_session_get_data(3) - Returns all session parameters.
gnutls_session_get_id(3) - Returns session id.
gnutls_session_get_master_secret(3) - get the session's master secret value
gnutls_session_get_ptr(3) - Get the user pointer from the session structure
gnutls_session_get_server_random(3) - get the session's server random value
gnutls_session_is_resumed(3) - check whether this session is a resumed one
gnutls_session_set_data(3) - Sets all session parameters
gnutls_session_set_finished_function(3) - API function
gnutls_session_set_ptr(3) - Used to set the user pointer to the session structure
gnutls_set_default_export_priority(3) - Sets some default priority on the cipher suites supported by gnutls.
gnutls_set_default_priority(3) - Sets some default priority on the cipher suites supported by gnutls.
gnutls_sign_algorithm_get_name(3) - Returns a string with the name of the specified sign algorithm
gnutls_sign_callback_get(3) - API function
gnutls_sign_callback_set(3) - API function
gnutls_sign_get_id(3) - Returns the gnutls id of the specified in signature algorithm
gnutls_sign_get_name(3) - Get name string for a #gnutls_sign_algorithm_t
gnutls_sign_list(3) - Get a list of supported public key signature algorithms
gnutls_srp_allocate_client_credentials(3) - Used to allocate an gnutls_srp_server_credentials_t structure
gnutls_srp_allocate_server_credentials(3) - Used to allocate an gnutls_srp_server_credentials_t structure
gnutls_srp_base64_decode(3) - decode SRP-base64 encoded data
gnutls_srp_base64_decode_alloc(3) - decode SRP-base64 encoded data
gnutls_srp_base64_encode(3) - Encode raw data using SRP-Base64
gnutls_srp_base64_encode_alloc(3) - encode raw data using SRP-Base64
gnutls_srp_free_client_credentials(3) - Used to free an allocated gnutls_srp_client_credentials_t structure
gnutls_srp_free_server_credentials(3) - Used to free an allocated gnutls_srp_server_credentials_t structure
gnutls_srp_server_get_username(3) - return the username of the peer
gnutls_srp_set_client_credentials(3) - Used to set the username/password, in a gnutls_srp_client_credentials_t structure
gnutls_srp_set_client_credentials_function(3) - Used to set a callback to retrieve the username and password
gnutls_srp_set_prime_bits(3) - set the minimum bits for a SRP ciphersuite
gnutls_srp_set_server_credentials_file(3) - Used to set the password files, in a gnutls_srp_server_credentials_t structure
gnutls_srp_set_server_credentials_function(3) - Used to set a callback to retrieve the user's SRP credentials
gnutls_srp_verifier(3) - Used to calculate an SRP verifier
gnutls_strerror(3)  - Returns a string with a description of an error
gnutls_strerror_name(3) - API function
gnutls_transport_get_ptr2(3) - Used to return the first argument of the transport functions
gnutls_transport_get_ptr(3) - Used to return the first argument of the transport functions
gnutls_transport_set_errno(3) - API function
gnutls_transport_set_global_errno(3) - API function
gnutls_transport_set_lowat(3) - Used to set the lowat value in order for select to check for pending data.
gnutls_transport_set_ptr2(3) - Used to set first argument of the transport functions
gnutls_transport_set_ptr(3) - Used to set first argument of the transport functions
gnutls_transport_set_pull_function(3) - set a read like function
gnutls_transport_set_push_function(3) - set the function to send data
gnutls_x509_crl_check_issuer(3) - checks if CRL has given issuer
gnutls_x509_crl_deinit(3) - deinitializes a #gnutls_x509_crl_t structure
gnutls_x509_crl_export(3) - export the CRL
gnutls_x509_crl_get_authority_key_id(3) - get the CRL authority's identifier
gnutls_x509_crl_get_crt_count(3) - get number of revoked certificates in a CRL
gnutls_x509_crl_get_crt_serial(3) - get the serial number of a revoked certificate
gnutls_x509_crl_get_dn_oid(3) - returns the Certificate request issuer's distinguished name OIDs
gnutls_x509_crl_get_extension_data(3) - Get the specified extension data
gnutls_x509_crl_get_extension_info(3) - Get extension id and criticality
gnutls_x509_crl_get_extension_oid(3) - get the specified extension OID
gnutls_x509_crl_get_issuer_dn(3) - returns the CRL's issuer distinguished name
gnutls_x509_crl_get_issuer_dn_by_oid(3) - return the CRL's issuer distinguished name
gnutls_x509_crl_get_next_update(3) - return the CRL's nextUpdate time
gnutls_x509_crl_get_number(3) - get the CRL number(extension)
gnutls_x509_crl_get_signature(3) - Returns the CRL's signature
gnutls_x509_crl_get_signature_algorithm(3) - returns the CRL's signature algorithm
gnutls_x509_crl_get_this_update(3) - return the CRL's thisUpdate time
gnutls_x509_crl_get_version(3) - returns the CRL's version number
gnutls_x509_crl_import(3) - import a DER or PEM encoded CRL
gnutls_x509_crl_init(3) - initializes a #gnutls_x509_crl_t structure
gnutls_x509_crl_print(3) - Pretty print X.509 certificate revocation list
gnutls_x509_crl_set_authority_key_id(3) - Set the CRL's authority key id
gnutls_x509_crl_set_crt(3) - This function will set a revoked certificate's serial number
gnutls_x509_crl_set_crt_serial(3) - This function will set a revoked certificate's serial number
gnutls_x509_crl_set_next_update(3) - This function will set the CRL next update time
gnutls_x509_crl_set_number(3) - Set the CRL's number extension
gnutls_x509_crl_set_this_update(3) - This function will set the CRL's issuing time
gnutls_x509_crl_set_version(3) - This function will set the CRL version
gnutls_x509_crl_sign2(3) - This function will sign a CRL with a key
gnutls_x509_crl_sign(3) - This function will sign a CRL with a key
gnutls_x509_crl_verify(3) - This function verifies the given crl against a given trusted one
gnutls_x509_crq_deinit(3) - This function deinitializes memory used by a gnutls_x509_crq_t structure
gnutls_x509_crq_export(3) - Export the generated certificate request
gnutls_x509_crq_get_attribute_by_oid(3) - This function will get an attribute of the request
gnutls_x509_crq_get_attribute_data(3) - Get the specified attribute data
gnutls_x509_crq_get_attribute_info(3) - Get attribute id
gnutls_x509_crq_get_basic_constraints(3) - get certificate's basic constraints
gnutls_x509_crq_get_challenge_password(3) - This function will get the challenge password
gnutls_x509_crq_get_dn(3) - This function returns the Certificate request subject's distinguished name
gnutls_x509_crq_get_dn_by_oid(3) - This function returns the Certificate request subject's distinguished name
gnutls_x509_crq_get_dn_oid(3) - This function returns the Certificate request subject's distinguished name OIDs
gnutls_x509_crq_get_extension_by_oid(3) - get the specified extension
gnutls_x509_crq_get_extension_data(3) - Get the specified extension data
gnutls_x509_crq_get_extension_info(3) - Get extension id and criticality
gnutls_x509_crq_get_key_id(3) - Return unique ID of public key's parameters
gnutls_x509_crq_get_key_purpose_oid(3) - get Certificate's key purpose OIDs
gnutls_x509_crq_get_key_rsa_raw(3) - export the RSA public key
gnutls_x509_crq_get_key_usage(3) - return the certificate's key usage
gnutls_x509_crq_get_pk_algorithm(3) - This function returns the certificate request's PublicKey algorithm
gnutls_x509_crq_get_subject_alt_name(3) - Get certificate's alternative name
gnutls_x509_crq_get_subject_alt_othername_oid(3) - Get SAN otherName OID
gnutls_x509_crq_get_version(3) - This function returns the Certificate request's version number
gnutls_x509_crq_import(3) - This function will import a DER or PEM encoded Certificate request
gnutls_x509_crq_init(3) - This function initializes a gnutls_x509_crq_t structure
gnutls_x509_crq_print(3) - Pretty print PKCS 10 certificate request
gnutls_x509_crq_set_attribute_by_oid(3) - This function will set an attribute in the request
gnutls_x509_crq_set_basic_constraints(3) - Set the basicConstraints extension
gnutls_x509_crq_set_challenge_password(3) - This function will set a challenge password
gnutls_x509_crq_set_dn_by_oid(3) - This function will set the Certificate request subject's distinguished name
gnutls_x509_crq_set_key(3) - This function will associate the Certificate request with a key
gnutls_x509_crq_set_key_purpose_oid(3) - Sets the Certificate's key purpose OIDs
gnutls_x509_crq_set_key_rsa_raw(3) - associate Certificate request with a key
gnutls_x509_crq_set_key_usage(3) - Set the keyUsage extension
gnutls_x509_crq_set_subject_alt_name(3) - Set the subject Alternative Name
gnutls_x509_crq_set_version(3) - This function will set the Certificate request version
gnutls_x509_crq_sign2(3) - Sign a Certificate request with a key
gnutls_x509_crq_sign(3) - This function will sign a Certificate request with a key
gnutls_x509_crt_check_hostname(3) - compares the hostname with certificate's hostname
gnutls_x509_crt_check_issuer(3) - check if certificate has given issuer
gnutls_x509_crt_check_revocation(3) - This function checks if the given certificate is revoked
gnutls_x509_crt_cpy_crl_dist_points(3) - Copy the CRL dist points
gnutls_x509_crt_deinit(3) - This function deinitializes memory used by a gnutls_x509_crt_t structure
gnutls_x509_crt_export(3) - This function will export the certificate
gnutls_x509_crt_get_activation_time(3) - returns the Certificate's activation time
gnutls_x509_crt_get_authority_key_id(3) - This function returns the certificate authority's identifier
gnutls_x509_crt_get_basic_constraints(3) - This function returns the certificate basic constraints
gnutls_x509_crt_get_ca_status(3) - This function returns the certificate CA status
gnutls_x509_crt_get_crl_dist_points(3) - This function returns the CRL distribution points
gnutls_x509_crt_get_dn(3) - This function returns the Certificate's distinguished name
gnutls_x509_crt_get_dn_by_oid(3) - This function returns the Certificate's distinguished name
gnutls_x509_crt_get_dn_oid(3) - This function returns the Certificate's subject distinguished name OIDs
gnutls_x509_crt_get_expiration_time(3) - returns the Certificate's expiration time
gnutls_x509_crt_get_extension_by_oid(3) - This function returns the specified extension
gnutls_x509_crt_get_extension_data(3) - Get the specified extension data
gnutls_x509_crt_get_extension_info(3) - Get extension id and criticality
gnutls_x509_crt_get_extension_oid(3) - get the specified extension OID
gnutls_x509_crt_get_fingerprint(3) - This function returns the Certificate's fingerprint
gnutls_x509_crt_get_issuer(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_get_issuer_dn(3) - This function returns the Certificate's issuer distinguished name
gnutls_x509_crt_get_issuer_dn_by_oid(3) - This function returns the Certificate's issuer distinguished name
gnutls_x509_crt_get_issuer_dn_oid(3) - This function returns the Certificate's issuer distinguished name OIDs
gnutls_x509_crt_get_key_id(3) - Return unique ID of public key's parameters
gnutls_x509_crt_get_key_purpose_oid(3) - This function returns the Certificate's key purpose OIDs
gnutls_x509_crt_get_key_usage(3) - return the certificate's key usage
gnutls_x509_crt_get_pk_algorithm(3) - return the certificate's PublicKey algorithm
gnutls_x509_crt_get_pk_dsa_raw(3) - This function will export the DSA public key
gnutls_x509_crt_get_pk_rsa_raw(3) - This function will export the RSA public key
gnutls_x509_crt_get_proxy(3) - This function returns the proxy certificate info
gnutls_x509_crt_get_raw_dn(3) - This function returns the subject's DN DER encoded
gnutls_x509_crt_get_raw_issuer_dn(3) - This function returns the issuer's DN DER encoded
gnutls_x509_crt_get_serial(3) - This function returns the certificate's serial number
gnutls_x509_crt_get_signature(3) - Returns the Certificate's signature
gnutls_x509_crt_get_signature_algorithm(3) - This function returns the Certificate's signature algorithm
gnutls_x509_crt_get_subject(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_crt_get_subject_alt_name2(3) - Get certificate's alternative name, if any
gnutls_x509_crt_get_subject_alt_name(3) - Get certificate's alternative name, if any
gnutls_x509_crt_get_subject_alt_othername_oid(3) - Get SAN otherName OID
gnutls_x509_crt_get_subject_key_id(3) - This function returns the certificate's key identifier
gnutls_x509_crt_get_verify_algorithm(3) - get hash algorithm used to verify signature.
gnutls_x509_crt_get_version(3) - return the Certificate's version number
gnutls_x509_crt_import(3) - This function will import a DER or PEM encoded Certificate
gnutls_x509_crt_init(3) - This function initializes a gnutls_x509_crt_t structure
gnutls_x509_crt_list_import(3) - This function will import a PEM encoded certificate list
gnutls_x509_crt_list_verify(3) - This function verifies the given certificate list
gnutls_x509_crt_print(3) - Pretty print X.509 certificates
gnutls_x509_crt_set_activation_time(3) - Set the Certificate's activation time
gnutls_x509_crt_set_authority_key_id(3) - Set the certificate authority's key id
gnutls_x509_crt_set_basic_constraints(3) - Set the basicConstraints extension
gnutls_x509_crt_set_ca_status(3) - Set the basicConstraints extension
gnutls_x509_crt_set_crl_dist_points2(3) - Set the CRL dist points
gnutls_x509_crt_set_crl_dist_points(3) - Set the CRL dist points
gnutls_x509_crt_set_crq(3) - Associate the Certificate with a request
gnutls_x509_crt_set_crq_extensions(3) - Associate the Certificate with a request
gnutls_x509_crt_set_dn_by_oid(3) - Set the Certificate request subject's distinguished name
gnutls_x509_crt_set_expiration_time(3) - Set the Certificate's expiration time
gnutls_x509_crt_set_extension_by_oid(3) - Set an arbitrary extension
gnutls_x509_crt_set_issuer_dn_by_oid(3) - Set the Certificate request issuer's distinguished name
gnutls_x509_crt_set_key(3) - This function will associate the Certificate with a key
gnutls_x509_crt_set_key_purpose_oid(3) - Sets the Certificate's key purpose OIDs
gnutls_x509_crt_set_key_usage(3) - Set the keyUsage extension
gnutls_x509_crt_set_proxy(3) - Set the proxyCertInfo extension
gnutls_x509_crt_set_proxy_dn(3) - Set Proxy Certificate subject's distinguished name
gnutls_x509_crt_set_serial(3) - Set the certificate's serial number
gnutls_x509_crt_set_subject_alternative_name(3) - Set the subject Alternative Name
gnutls_x509_crt_set_subject_alt_name(3) - Set the subject Alternative Name
gnutls_x509_crt_set_subject_key_id(3) - Set the certificate's subject key id
gnutls_x509_crt_set_version(3) - Set the Certificate request version
gnutls_x509_crt_sign2(3) - Sign a certificate with a key
gnutls_x509_crt_sign(3) - Sign a certificate with a key
gnutls_x509_crt_verify(3) - This function verifies the given certificate against a given trusted one
gnutls_x509_crt_verify_data(3) - verify the given signed data.
gnutls_x509_crt_verify_hash(3) - verify the given signed digest
gnutls_x509_dn_deinit(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_dn_export(3) - This function will export the DN
gnutls_x509_dn_get_rdn_ava(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_dn_import(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_dn_init(3) - API function
gnutls_x509_dn_oid_known(3) - return true if the given OID is known
gnutls_x509_privkey_cpy(3) - copy a private key
gnutls_x509_privkey_deinit(3) - deinitializes a #gnutls_x509_privkey_t structure
gnutls_x509_privkey_export(3) - export the private key
gnutls_x509_privkey_export_dsa_raw(3) - export the DSA private key
gnutls_x509_privkey_export_pkcs8(3) - This function will export the private key to PKCS8 format
gnutls_x509_privkey_export_rsa_raw(3) - export the RSA private key
gnutls_x509_privkey_fix(3) - recalculate some parameters of the key.
gnutls_x509_privkey_generate(3) - generate a private key
gnutls_x509_privkey_get_key_id(3) - Return unique ID of the key's parameters
gnutls_x509_privkey_get_pk_algorithm(3) - returns the key's PublicKey algorithm
gnutls_x509_privkey_import(3) - import a DER or PEM encoded key
gnutls_x509_privkey_import_dsa_raw(3) - import a raw DSA key
gnutls_x509_privkey_import_pkcs8(3) - This function will import a DER or PEM PKCS8 encoded key
gnutls_x509_privkey_import_rsa_raw(3) - import a raw RSA key
gnutls_x509_privkey_init(3) - initialize a #gnutls_privkey_t structure
gnutls_x509_privkey_sign_data(3) - sign data using the private key
gnutls_x509_privkey_sign_hash(3) - sign hash using the private key
gnutls_x509_privkey_verify_data(3) - Verify the signed data using private key
gnutls_x509_rdn_get(3) - parse an RDN sequence and returns a string
gnutls_x509_rdn_get_by_oid(3) - parse an RDN sequence and returns a string
gnutls_x509_rdn_get_oid(3) - parse an RDN sequence and returns an OID.
goad-browser(1)     - Graphical GOAD browser
gobject-query(1)    - display a tree of types
gocr(1)             - command line text recognition tool
Goo::Cairo::Matrix(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Goo::Cairo::Pattern(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Goo::Canvas(3pm)    - (unknown subject)
Goo::Canvas::Bounds(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Goo::Canvas::Ellipse(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Goo::Canvas::EllipseModel(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Goo::Canvas::Group(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Goo::Canvas::GroupModel(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Goo::Canvas::Image(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Goo::Canvas::ImageModel(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Goo::Canvas::index(3pm) - API Reference Pod Index
Goo::Canvas::Item(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Goo::Canvas::ItemModel(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Goo::Canvas::ItemSimple(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Goo::Canvas::LineDash(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Goo::Canvas::Path(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Goo::Canvas::PathModel(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Goo::Canvas::Points(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Goo::Canvas::Polyline(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Goo::Canvas::PolylineModel(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Goo::Canvas::Rect(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Goo::Canvas::RectModel(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Goo::Canvas::Style(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Goo::Canvas::Table(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Goo::Canvas::TableModel(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Goo::Canvas::Text(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Goo::Canvas::TextModel(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Goo::Canvas::Widget(3pm) - (unknown subject)
gouldtoppm(1)       - convert Gould scanner file into a PPM image
gpart(8)            - guess PC-type hard disk partitions
gpasswd(1)          - administer /etc/group and /etc/gshadow
gperf(1)            - generate a perfect hash function from a key set
gpg(1)              - OpenPGP encryption and signing tool
gpg2(1)             - OpenPGP encryption and signing tool
gpg-agent(1)        - Secret key management for GnuPG
gpgconf(1)          - Modify .gnupg home directories
gpg-connect-agent(1) - Communicate with a running agent
gpgparsemail(1)     - Parse a mail message into an annotated format
gpg-preset-passphrase(1) - Put a passphrase into gpg-agent's cache           -      
gpgsm(1)            - CMS encryption and signing tool - Generate an X.509 certificate request
gpgsplit(1)         - Split an OpenPGP message into packets
gpgv(1)             - Verify OpenPGP signatures
gpgv2(1)            - Verify OpenPGP signatures
gpg-zip(1)          - Encrypt or sign files into an archive
gphoto2(1)          - command-line gphoto2 client
gpilot-install-file(1) - gnome-pilot file conduit scheduler
gpk-backend-status(1) - GNOME PackageKit Local File Provider
gpk-install-local-file(1) - GNOME PackageKit Local File Helper
gpk-install-mime-type(1) - GNOME PackageKit MimeType installer
gpk-install-package-name(1) - GNOME PackageKit Package Name Helper
gpk-install-provide-file(1) - GNOME PackageKit Local File Provider
gpm(8)              - a cut and paste utility and mouse server for virtual consoles
gpm-root(1)         - a default handler for gpm, used to draw menus on the root window
gpm-types(7)        - pointer types (mice, tablets, etc.) managed by gpm.
gprof(1)            - display call graph profile data
grab(n)             - Confine pointer and keyboard events to a window sub-tree
grant(7)            - define access privileges
grantpt(3)          - grant access to the slave pseudo-terminal
grap2graph(1)       - convert a grap diagram into a cropped bitmap image
graph(3)            - abstract graph library
graphviz(7)         - rich set of graph drawing tools
grep(1)             - print lines matching a pattern
grep-changelog(1)   - print ChangeLog entries matching criteria
grephistory(1)      - Query the INN history database
grid(n)             - Geometry manager that arranges widgets in a grid
grind(1)            - process WordNet lexicographer files
grip(1)             - A gtk-based cd-player and cd-ripper.
grn(1)              - groff preprocessor for gremlin files
grodvi(1)           - convert groff output to TeX dvi format
groff(1)            - front-end for the groff document formatting system
groff(7)            - a short reference for the GNU roff language
groff_char(7)       - groff glyph names
groff_diff(7)       - differences between GNU troff and classical troff
groffer(1)          - display groff files and man pages on X and tty
groff_font(5)       - format of groff device and font description files
groff_hdtbl(7)      - groff `hdtbl' macros for generation of tables
groff_man(7)        - groff `man' macros to support generation of man pages
groff_mdoc(7)       - reference for groff's mdoc implementation
groff_me(7)         - troff macros for formatting papers
groff_mm(7)         - groff mm macros
groff_mmse(7)       - svenska mm makro fr groff
groff_mom(7)        - groff `mom' macros
groff_ms(7)         - groff ms macros
groff_out(5)        - groff intermediate output format
groff_tmac(5)       - macro files in the roff typesetting system
groff_trace(7)      - groff macro package trace.tmac
groff_www(7)        - groff macros for authoring web pages
grog(1)             - guess options for groff command
grohtml(1)          - html driver for groff
grolbp(1)           - groff driver for Canon CAPSL printers (LBP-4 and LBP-8 series laser printers).
grolj4(1)           - groff driver for HP Laserjet 4 family
grops(1)            - PostScript driver for groff
grotty(1)           - groff driver for typewriter-like devices
group(5)            - user group file
groupadd(8)         - create a new group
group.conf(5)       - configuration file for the pam_group module
groupdel(8)         - delete a group
groupmems(8)        - administer members of a user's primary group
groupmod(8)         - modify a group definition on the system
groups(1)           - print the groups a user is in
growisofs(1)        - combined mkisofs frontend/DVD recording program.
grpck(8)            - verify integrity of group files
grpconv(8)          - convert to and from shadow passwords and groups
grpunconv(8)        - convert to and from shadow passwords and groups
grsync(1)           - GTK+ frontend for rsync
grsync-batch(1)     - Grsync batch session runner
grub(8)             - the grub shell
grub-install(8)     - install GRUB on your drive
grub-md5-crypt(8)   - Encrypt a password in MD5 format
grub-terminfo(8)    - Generate a terminfo command from a terminfo name
gs(1)               - Ghostscript (PostScript and PDF language interpreter and previewer)
gscan2pdf(1p)       - A GUI to produce a multipage PDF or DjVu from a scan.
gsftopk(1)          - render a ghostscript font in TeX pk form
gsignal(3)          - software signal facility
gslp(1)             - Format and print text using ghostscript
gsnd(1)             - Run ghostscript (PostScript and PDF engine) without display
gssd(8)             - rpcsec_gss daemon
gst-feedback-0.10(1) - generate debug info for GStreamer bug reports
gst-inspect-0.10(1) - print info about a GStreamer plugin or element
gst-launch-0.10(1)  - build and run a GStreamer pipeline
gst-typefind-0.10(1) - print MIME type of file
gst-visualise-0.10(1) - Run a GStreamer pipeline to display an audio visualisation
gst-xmlinspect-0.10(1) - print info about a GStreamer plugin or element
gst-xmllaunch-0.10(1) - build and run a GStreamer pipeline from an XML serialization
gsynaptics(1)       - the Synaptics touchpad configuration utility for Gnome
gsynaptics-init(1)  - the gsynaptics initializer
gtab-merge(1)       - gcin's .gtab data merging tool
gtali(6)            - A variation on poker with dice and less money.
gtester(1)          - test running utility
gtester-report(1)   - test report formatting utility
gtf(1)              - calculate VESA GTF mode lines
Gtk2::Ex::PodViewer(3pm) - a Gtk2 widget for displaying Plain old Documentation(POD).
Gtk2::Ex::PodViewer::Parser(3pm) - a custom POD Parser for Gtk2::Ex::PodViewer.
Gtk2::Ex::Simple::List(3pm) - A simple interface to Gtk2's complex MVC list widget
Gtk2::Gdk::Pixbuf::Draw::Cache(3pm) - Cache for drawing scaled pixbufs
Gtk2::GladeXML(3pm) - Create user interfaces directly from Glade XML files.
Gtk2::ImageView(3pm) - General purpose image viewer for Gtk+
Gtk2::ImageView::Anim(3pm) - Subclass of Gtk2::ImageView capable of playing
Gtk2::ImageView::index(3pm) - API Reference Pod Index
Gtk2::ImageView::Nav(3pm) - Navigation window showing a thumbnailed overview of a Gtk2::ImageView.
Gtk2::ImageView::ScrollWin(3pm) - Scrollable window suitable for Gtk2::ImageView.
Gtk2::ImageView::Tool(3pm) - Interface for objects capable of being used as tools by Gtk2::ImageView
Gtk2::ImageView::Tool::Dragger(3pm) - Default image tool for panning the image.
Gtk2::ImageView::Tool::Painter(3pm) - Demo image tool for painting on a Gtk2::ImageView
Gtk2::ImageView::Tool::Selector(3pm) - Image tool for selecting rectangular regions
Gtk2::ImageView::Zoom(3pm) - Functions for dealing with zoom factors
Gtk2::Notify(3pm)   - Perl interface to libnotify
Gtk2::Notify::index(3pm) - API Reference Pod Index
Gtk2::SourceView2::Buffer(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gtk2::SourceView2::index(3pm) - API Reference Pod Index
Gtk2::SourceView2::Iter(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gtk2::SourceView2::Language(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gtk2::SourceView2::LanguageManager(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gtk2::SourceView2::Mark(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gtk2::SourceView2::PrintCompositor(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gtk2::SourceView2::Style(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gtk2::SourceView2::StyleScheme(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gtk2::SourceView2::StyleSchemeManager(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gtk2::SourceView2::View(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gtk2::WebKit(3pm)   - (unknown subject)
Gtk2::WebKit::Download(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gtk2::WebKit::index(3pm) - API Reference Pod Index
Gtk2::WebKit::NetworkRequest(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gtk2::WebKit::WebBackForwardList(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gtk2::WebKit::WebFrame(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gtk2::WebKit::WebHistoryItem(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gtk2::WebKit::WebInspector(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gtk2::WebKit::WebNavigationAction(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gtk2::WebKit::WebPolicyDecision(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gtk2::WebKit::WebSettings(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gtk2::WebKit::WebView(3pm) - (unknown subject)
Gtk2::WebKit::WebWindowFeatures(3pm) - (unknown subject)
gtkam(1)            - Graphical front end for gphoto2
gtk-config(1)       - script to get information about the installed version of GTK+
gtkmorph(1)         - image warping and dissolving(morphing) for GTK toolkit
gtktalog(1)         - GTK Disk Catalog program.
gtty(2)             - unimplemented system calls
guile(1)            - a Scheme interpreter
gunzip(1)           - compress or expand files
gv2gxl(1)           - GXL-GV converters
gv(3java)           - graph manipulation in java
gv(3lua)            - graph manipulation in lua
gv(3ocaml)          - graph manipulation in ocaml
gv(3perl)           - graph manipulation in perl
gv(3php)            - graph manipulation in php
gv(3python)         - graph manipulation in python
gv(3ruby)           - graph manipulation in ruby
gv(3tcl)            - graph manipulation in tcl
gvc(3)              - Graphviz context library
gvcolor(1)          - flow colors through a ranked digraph
gvgen(1)            - generate graphs
gvim(1)             - Vi IMproved, a programmers text editor
gvpack(1)           - merge and pack disjoint graphs
gvpr(1)             - graph pattern scanning and processing language
gwine(1)            - Manage a wine cellar
gxl2gv(1)           - GXL-GV converters
gzexe(1)            - compress executable files in place
gzip(1)             - compress or expand files
h2ph(1)             - convert .h C header files to .ph Perl header files
h2xs(1)             - convert .h C header files to Perl extensions
Hal::Cdroms(3pm)    - access cdroms through HAL and D-Bus
hald(8)             - HAL daemon
hal-disable-polling(1) - disable polling on drives with removable media
halevt(1)           - Generic handler for HAL events
halevt-mount(1)     - Mount or umount device through HAL
halevt-umount(1)    - Mount or umount device through HAL
halfdelay(3x)       - curses input options
hal-find-by-capability(1) - find device objects by capability matching
hal-find-by-property(1) - find device objects by property matching
hal-get-property(1) - get a property from a device object
hal-is-caller-locked-out(1) - determine if a caller is locked out
hal-is-caller-privileged(1) - determine if a caller is privileged
hal-lock(1)         - lock an interface
hal-set-property(1) - set a property on a device object
halt(8)             - stop the system.
has_colors(3x)      - curses color manipulation routines
hash(1)             - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
hash(3)             - hash database access method
Hash::Util(3pm)     - A selection of general-utility hash subroutines
Hash::Util::FieldHash(3pm) - Support for Inside-Out Classes
has_ic(3x)          - curses environment query routines
has_il(3x)          - curses environment query routines
has_key(3x)         - get (or push back) characters from curses terminal keyboard
hasmntopt(3)        - get file system descriptor file entry
has_mouse(3x)       - mouse interface through curses
hattrib(1)          - change HFS file or directory attributes
hcd(1)              - change working HFS directory
hciattach(8)        - attach serial devices via UART HCI to BlueZ stack
hciconfig(8)        - configure Bluetooth devices
hcitool(1)          - configure Bluetooth connections
hcopy(1)            - copy files from or to an HFS volume
hcreate(3)          - hash table management
hcreate_r(3)        - hash table management
hd(4)               - MFM/IDE hard disk devices
hddtemp(8)          - Utility to monitor hard drive temperature
hdel(1)             - delete both forks of an HFS file
hdestroy(3)         - hash table management
hdestroy_r(3)       - hash table management
hdf(1)              - Hierarchical Data Format library
hdfunpac(1)         - Unpack an HDF file
hdifftopam(1)       - convert horizontal difference image to original PAM image
hdir(1)             - display an HFS directory in long format
hdparm(8)           - get/set SATA/IDE device parameters
head(1)             - output the first part of files
HEAD(1)             - Simple command line user agent
header_checks(5)    - Postfix built-in content inspection
HeightMMOfScreen(3) - screen information functions and macros
HeightOfScreen(3)   - screen information functions and macros
help(1)             - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
help2man(1)         - generate a simple manual page
h_errno(3)          - get network host entry
herror(3)           - get network host entry
hexdump(1)          - ascii, decimal, hexadecimal, octal dump
hexedit(1)          - view and edit files in hexadecimal or in ASCII
hfaxd(8c)           - client-server protocol server
hformat(1)          - create a new HFS filesystem and make it current
hfs(1)              - shell for manipulating HFS volumes
hfssh(1)            - Tcl interpreter with HFS extensions
hfsutils(1)         - tools for reading and writing Macintosh HFS volumes
hibernate(8)        - save your computer's state to disk, and then switch it off
hibernate.conf(5)   - configuration file for the hibernate script
hid2hci(8)          - Bluetooth HID to HCI mode switching utility
hidd(1)             - Bluetooth HID daemon
hide_panel(3x)      - panel stack extension for curses
hier(7)             - Description of the file system hierarchy
hipercdecode(1)     - Decode a HIPERC stream into human readable form.
hipstopgm(1)        - convert a HIPS file into a PGM image
hisaxctrl(8)        - configure HiSax-Module
history(1)          - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
history(5)          - record of current and recently expired Usenet articles
history(n)          - Manipulate the history list
hline(3x)           - create curses borders, horizontal and vertical lines
hline_set(3x)       - create curses borders or lines using complex characters and renditions
hls(1)              - list files in an HFS directory
hmac(3)             - HMAC message authentication code
HMAC(3)             - HMAC message authentication code
HMAC_cleanup(3)     - HMAC message authentication code
HMAC_Final(3)       - HMAC message authentication code
HMAC_Init(3)        - HMAC message authentication code
HMAC_Update(3)      - HMAC message authentication code
hmkdir(1)           - create a new HFS directory
hmount(1)           - introduce a new HFS volume and make it current
host(1)             - DNS lookup utility
host.conf(5)        - resolver configuration file
hostid(1)           - print the numeric identifier for the current host
hostname(1)         - show or set the system's host name
hostname(7)         - hostname resolution description
hosts(5)            - The static table lookup for hostnames
hosts_access(3)     - access control library
hosts_access(5)     - format of host access control files
hosts.allow(5)      - format of host access control files
hosts.deny(5)       - format of host access control files
hosts.equiv(5)      - list of hosts and users that are granted "trusted"r command access to your system
hosts.hfaxd(5f)     - client access control list
hosts_options(5)    - host access control language extensions
hotkey(1x)          - popup a window on changing battery save mode, power-up mode and speaker volume on a Toshiba laptop.
hotkeys(1)          - A hotkeys daemon for your Internet/multimedia keyboard in X
hpftodit(1)         - create font description files for use with groff - Tlj4
hping2(8)           - send(almost) arbitrary TCP/IP packets to network hosts
hpwd(1)             - print the full path to the current HFS working directory
hrename(1)          - rename or move an HFS file or directory
hrmdir(1)           - remove an empty HFS directory
hsearch(3)          - hash table management
hsearch_r(3)        - hash table management
hstrerror(3)        - get network host entry
htdbm(1)            - Manipulate DBM password databases
htdig(1)            - retrieve HTML documents for ht://Dig search engine
htdigconfig(8)      - script to create fuzzy databases for ht://Dig
htdigest(1)         - manage user files for digest authentication
htdig-pdfparser(1)  - parse a PDF document (wrapper script for htdig)
htdump(1)           - write out an ASCII-text version of the document database
htfuzzy(1)          - fuzzy command-line search utility for the ht://Dig search engine
htload(1)           - reads in an ASCII-text version of the document database
htmerge(1)          - create document index and word database for the ht://Dig search engine
html2text(1)        - an advanced HTML-to-text converter
html2textrc(5)      - formatting properties file for html2text(1)
HTML::AsSubs(3pm)   - functions that construct a HTML syntax tree
HTML::Element(3pm)  - Class for objects that represent HTML elements
HTML::Element::traverse(3pm) - discussion of HTML::Element's traverse method
HTML::Entities(3pm) - Encode or decode strings with HTML entities
HTML::Filter(3pm)   - Filter HTML text through the parser
HTML::Form(3pm)     - Class that represents an HTML form element
HTML::FormatPS(3pm) - Format HTML as PostScript
HTML::FormatRTF(3pm) - Format HTML as RTF
HTML::Formatter(3pm) - Base class for HTML formatters
HTML::FormatText(3pm) - Format HTML as plaintext
HTML::HeadParser(3pm) - Parse <HEAD> section of a HTML document
HTML::LinkExtor(3pm) - Extract links from an HTML document
HTML::Parse(3pm)    - Deprecated, a wrapper around HTML::TreeBuilder
HTML::Parser(3pm)   - HTML parser class
HTML::PullParser(3pm) - Alternative HTML::Parser interface
HTML::SimpleParse(3pm) - a bare-bones HTML parser
HTML::Tagset(3pm)   - data tables useful in parsing HTML
HTML::TokeParser(3pm) - Alternative HTML::Parser interface
HTML::Tree(3pm)     - overview of HTML::TreeBuilder et al
HTML::Tree::AboutObjects(3pm) - - article: "User's View of Object-Oriented Modules"
HTML::Tree::AboutTrees(3pm) - - article on tree-shaped data structures in Perl
HTML::TreeBuilder(3pm) - Parser that builds a HTML syntax tree
HTML::Tree::Scanning(3pm) - - article: "Scanning HTML"
htnotify(1)         - sends email notifications about out-dated web pages discovered by htmerge
htobe16(3)          - convert values between host and big-/little-endian byte order
htobe32(3)          - convert values between host and big-/little-endian byte order
htobe64(3)          - convert values between host and big-/little-endian byte order
htole16(3)          - convert values between host and big-/little-endian byte order
htole32(3)          - convert values between host and big-/little-endian byte order
htole64(3)          - convert values between host and big-/little-endian byte order
htonl(3)            - convert values between host and network byte order
htons(3)            - convert values between host and network byte order
htpasswd(1)         - Manage user files for basic authentication
htpurge(1)          - remove unused odocuments from the database (general maintenance script)
htsearch(1)         - create document index and word database for the ht://Dig search engine
htstat(1)           - returns statistics on the document and word databases, much like the -s option to htdig or htmerge.
HTTP::Cache::Transparent(3pm) - Cache the result of http get-requests persistently.
HTTP::Config(3pm)   - Configuration for request and response objects
HTTP::Cookies(3pm)  - HTTP cookie jars
HTTP::Cookies::Microsoft(3pm) - access to Microsoft cookies files
HTTP::Cookies::Netscape(3pm) - access to Netscape cookies files
httpd(8)            - Apache Hypertext Transfer Protocol Server
HTTP::Daemon(3pm)   - a simple http server class
HTTP::Date(3pm)     - date conversion routines
HTTP::Headers(3pm)  - Class encapsulating HTTP Message headers
HTTP::Headers::Util(3pm) - Header value parsing utility functions
HTTP::Message(3pm)  - HTTP style message (base class)
http(n)             - Client-side implementation of the HTTP/1.1 protocol
HTTP::Negotiate(3pm) - choose a variant to serve
HTTP::Request(3pm)  - HTTP style request message
HTTP::Request::Common(3pm) - Construct common HTTP::Request objects
HTTP::Response(3pm) - HTTP style response message
HTTP::Response::Encoding(3pm) - Adds encoding() to HTTP::Response
HTTP::Status(3pm)   - HTTP Status code processing
HUGE_VAL(3)         - floating-point constants
HUGE_VALF(3)        - floating-point constants
HUGE_VALL(3)        - floating-point constants
humount(1)          - remove an HFS volume from the list of known volumes
hvmount(1)          - Mount or umount device through HAL
hvol(1)             - display or change the current HFS volume
hwclock(8)          - query and set the hardware clock(RTC)
hylafax-client(1)   - introduction to  client applications and usage
hylafax-config(5f)  - configuration database
hylafax-info(5f)    - remote device capability database
hylafax-log(5f)     - session log files
hylafax-server(5f)  - introduction to  server operation and file formats
hylafax-shutdown(5f) - server shutdown control file
hypot(3)            - Euclidean distance function
hypotf(3)           - Euclidean distance function
hypotl(3)           - Euclidean distance function
I18N::Collate(3pm)  - compare 8-bit scalar data according to the current locale
I18N::Langinfo(3pm) - query locale information
I18N::LangTags(3pm) - functions for dealing with RFC3066-style language tags
I18N::LangTags::Detect(3pm) - detect the user's language preferences
I18N::LangTags::List(3pm) - - tags and names for human languages
i2d_CMS_bio_stream(3) - output CMS_ContentInfo structure in BER format.
i2d_DHparams(3)     - PKCS#3 DH parameter functions.
i2d_DSAPrivateKey(3) - DSA key encoding and parsing functions.
i2d_DSA_PUBKEY(3)   - DSA key encoding and parsing functions.
i2d_DSAPublicKey(3) - DSA key encoding and parsing functions.
i2d_DSA_SIG(3)      - DSA key encoding and parsing functions.
i2d_Netscape_RSA(3) - RSA public and private key encoding functions.
i2d_PKCS7_bio_stream(3) - output PKCS7 structure in BER format.
i2d_PKCS8PrivateKey_bio(3) - PKCS#8 format private key functions
i2d_PKCS8PrivateKey_fp(3) - PKCS#8 format private key functions
i2d_PKCS8PrivateKey_nid_bio(3) - PKCS#8 format private key functions
i2d_PKCS8PrivateKey_nid_fp(3) - PKCS#8 format private key functions
i2d_RSAPrivateKey(3) - RSA public and private key encoding functions.
i2d_RSA_PUBKEY(3)   - RSA public and private key encoding functions.
i2d_RSAPublicKey(3) - RSA public and private key encoding functions.
i2d_SSL_SESSION(3)  - convert SSL_SESSION object from/to ASN1 representation
i2d_X509(3)         - X509 encode and decode functions
i2d_X509_ALGOR(3)   - AlgorithmIdentifier functions.
i2d_X509_bio(3)     - X509 encode and decode functions
i2d_X509_CRL(3)     - PKCS#10 certificate request functions.
i2d_X509_CRL_bio(3) - PKCS#10 certificate request functions.
i2d_X509_CRL_fp(3)  - PKCS#10 certificate request functions.
i2d_X509_fp(3)      - X509 encode and decode functions
i2d_X509_NAME(3)    - X509_NAME encoding functions
i2d_X509_REQ(3)     - PKCS#10 certificate request functions.
i2d_X509_REQ_bio(3) - PKCS#10 certificate request functions.
i2d_X509_REQ_fp(3)  - PKCS#10 certificate request functions.
i2d_X509_SIG(3)     - DigestInfo functions.
i386(8)             - change reported architecture in new program environment and set personality flags
iagno(6)            - A disk flipping game derived from Reversi.
ibm_hosts(5)        - host database for x3270 and c3270
ibod(1)             - ISDN MPPP bandwidth on demand daemon          - configuration file for ibod (ISDN Bandwidth On Demand)
icc2ps(1)           - little cms PostScript converter.
icclink(1)          - little cms device link generator.
iceauth(1)          - ICE authority file utility
icedax(1)           - a sampling utility that dumps CD audio data into wav sound files
icmp(7)             - Linux IPv4 ICMP kernel module.
icnctrl(8)          - configure ICN ISDN adaptor
ico(1)              - animate an icosahedron or other polyhedron
icontopbm(1)        - convert a Sun icon into a PBM image
iconv(1)            - Convert encoding of given files from one encoding to another
iconv(3)            - perform character set conversion
iconv_close(3)      - deallocate descriptor for character set conversion
iconv_open(3)       - allocate descriptor for character set conversion
id(1)               - print real and effective user and group IDs
idcok(3x)           - curses output options
ident(1)            - identify RCS keyword strings in files
ident(8)            - nnrpd ident resolver
identd(8)           - TCP/IP IDENT protocol server
identify(1)         - describes the format and characteristics of one or more image files.
idevicebackup(1)    - Create or restore backup for iPhone/iPod Touch devices.
idevice_id(1)       - Prints device name or a list of attached iPhone/iPod Touch devices.
ideviceimagemounter(1) - Mount disk images on the iPhone/iPod Touch.
ideviceinfo(1)      - Show information about the first connected iPhone/iPod Touch.
idevicescreenshot(1) - Gets a screenshot from the connected iPhone/iPod Touch.
idevicesyslog(1)    - Relay syslog of a connected iPhone/iPod Touch.
idle(2)             - make process 0 idle
idled(8)            - provide near real-time updates for IMAP IDLE
idlj-java-1.6.0-openjdk(1) - The IDL-to-Java Compiler
idlok(3x)           - curses output options
idmap_ad(8)         - Samba's idmap_ad Backend for Winbind
idmap_adex(8)       - Samba's idmap_adex Backend for Winbind
idmapd(8)           - NFSv4 ID <-> Name Mapper
idmapd.conf(5)      - (unknown subject)
idmap_hash(8)       - Samba's idmap_hash Backend for Winbind
idmap_ldap(8)       - Samba's idmap_ldap Backend for Winbind
idmap_nss(8)        - Samba's idmap_nss Backend for Winbind
idmap_rid(8)        - Samba's idmap_rid Backend for Winbind
idmap_tdb2(8)       - Samba's idmap_tdb2 Backend for Winbind
idmap_tdb(8)        - Samba's idmap_tdb Backend for Winbind
iecset(1)           - Set or dump IEC958 status bits
if(3pm)             - `use' a Perl module if a condition holds
ifcfg(5)            - Configuration file for network interfaces
ifconfig(8)         - configure a network interface
ifdown(8)           - Stops a network interface.
ifenslave(8)        - Attach and detach slave network devices to a bonding device.
ifmetric(8)         - An IPv4 route metrics manipulation tool
ifnames(1)          - Extract CPP conditionals from a set of files
if(n)               - Execute scripts conditionally
ifplugd(8)          - A link detection daemon for ethernet devices
ifplugd.conf(5)     - ifplugd configuration file
ifplugstatus(8)     - A link beat detection tool
ifrename(8)         - rename network interfaces based on various static criteria
iftab(5)            - static information about the network interfaces
iftop(8)            - display bandwidth usage on an interface by host
ifup(8)             - Starts a network interface.
igawk(1)            - gawk with include files
ijs-config(1)       - script to get information about the installed version of ijs
ijsgutenprint(1)    - Ghostscript driver for Gutenprint
ilbmtoppm(1)        - convert an ILBM file into a PPM image
ilogb(3)            - get integer exponent of a floating-point value
ilogbf(3)           - get integer exponent of a floating-point value
ilogbl(3)           - get integer exponent of a floating-point value
im(1)               - run Instance Messenger, the Tkinter twisted.words client
image2raw(1)        - Convert a collection of images to a Raw DV stream
ImageByteOrder(3)   - image format functions and macros
Image::ExifTool(3pm) - Read and write meta information
Image::ExifTool::AFCP(3pm) - Read/write AFCP trailer
Image::ExifTool::AIFF(3pm) - Read AIFF meta information
Image::ExifTool::APE(3pm) - Read Monkey's Audio meta information
Image::ExifTool::APP12(3pm) - Read APP12 meta information
Image::ExifTool::ASF(3pm) - Read ASF/WMA/WMV meta information
Image::ExifTool::BigTIFF(3pm) - Read Big TIFF meta information
Image::ExifTool::BMP(3pm) - Read BMP meta information
Image::ExifTool::BuildTagLookup(3pm) - Build ExifTool tag lookup tables
Image::ExifTool::BZZ(3pm) - Utility to decode BZZ compressed data
Image::ExifTool::Canon(3pm) - Canon EXIF maker notes tags
Image::ExifTool::CanonCustom(3pm) - Read and Write Canon custom functions
Image::ExifTool::CanonRaw(3pm) - Read Canon RAW(CRW) meta information
Image::ExifTool::CanonVRD(3pm) - Read/write Canon VRD information
Image::ExifTool::CaptureOne(3pm) - Read Capture One EIP and COS files
Image::ExifTool::Casio(3pm) - Casio EXIF maker notes tags
Image::ExifTool::Charset(3pm) - ExifTool character encoding routines
Image::ExifTool::DICOM(3pm) - Read DICOM and ACR-NEMA medical images
Image::ExifTool::DjVu(3pm) - Read DjVu meta information
Image::ExifTool::DNG(3pm) - Read DNG-specific information
Image::ExifTool::EXE(3pm) - Read executable file meta information
Image::ExifTool::Exif(3pm) - Read EXIF meta information
Image::ExifTool::Fixup(3pm) - Utility to handle pointer fixups
Image::ExifTool::FLAC(3pm) - Read Free Lossless Audio Codec information
Image::ExifTool::Flash(3pm) - Read Shockwave Flash meta information
Image::ExifTool::FlashPix(3pm) - Read FlashPix meta information
Image::ExifTool::Font(3pm) - Read meta information from font files
Image::ExifTool::FotoStation(3pm) - Read/write FotoWare FotoStation trailer
Image::ExifTool::FujiFilm(3pm) - Read/write FujiFilm maker notes and RAF images
Image::ExifTool::Geotag(3pm) - Geotagging utility routines
Image::ExifTool::GeoTiff(3pm) - Read GeoTiff meta information
Image::ExifTool::GIF(3pm) - Read and write GIF meta information
Image::ExifTool::GPS(3pm) - EXIF GPS meta information tags
Image::ExifTool::H264(3pm) - Read meta information from H.264 video
Image::ExifTool::HP(3pm) - Hewlett-Packard maker notes tags
Image::ExifTool::HTML(3pm) - Read HTML meta information
Image::ExifTool::HtmlDump(3pm) - Dump information in hex to HTML page
Image::ExifTool::ICC_Profile(3pm) - Read ICC Profile meta information
Image::ExifTool::ID3(3pm) - Read ID3 meta information
Image::ExifTool::InDesign(3pm) - Read/write meta information in Adobe InDesign files
Image::ExifTool::IPTC(3pm) - Read IPTC meta information
Image::ExifTool::ITC(3pm) - Read iTunes Cover Flow meta information
Image::ExifTool::iWork(3pm) - Read Apple iWork '09 XML+ZIP files
Image::ExifTool::Jpeg2000(3pm) - Read JPEG 2000 meta information
Image::ExifTool::JPEG(3pm) - Definitions for uncommon JPEG segments
Image::ExifTool::JPEGDigest(3pm) - Lookup for JPEGDigest values
Image::ExifTool::JVC(3pm) - JVC EXIF maker notes tags
Image::ExifTool::Kodak(3pm) - Kodak EXIF maker notes and APP3 "Meta" tags
Image::ExifTool::KyoceraRaw(3pm) - Read Kyocera RAW meta information
Image::ExifTool::Lang::cs(3pm) - ExifTool Czech language translations
Image::ExifTool::Lang::de(3pm) - ExifTool German language translations
Image::ExifTool::Lang::en_ca(3pm) - ExifTool Canadian English language translations
Image::ExifTool::Lang::en_gb(3pm) - ExifTool British English language translations
Image::ExifTool::Lang::es(3pm) - ExifTool Spanish language translations
Image::ExifTool::Lang::fr(3pm) - ExifTool French language translations
Image::ExifTool::Lang::it(3pm) - ExifTool Italian language translations
Image::ExifTool::Lang::ja(3pm) - ExifTool Japanese language translations
Image::ExifTool::Lang::ko(3pm) - ExifTool Korean language translations
Image::ExifTool::Lang::nl(3pm) - ExifTool Dutch language translations
Image::ExifTool::Lang::pl(3pm) - ExifTool Polish language translations
Image::ExifTool::Lang::ru(3pm) - ExifTool Russian language translations
Image::ExifTool::Lang::sv(3pm) - ExifTool Swedish language translations
Image::ExifTool::Lang::tr(3pm) - ExifTool Turkish language translations
Image::ExifTool::Lang::zh_cn(3pm) - ExifTool Simplified Chinese language translations
Image::ExifTool::Lang::zh_tw(3pm) - ExifTool Traditional Chinese language translations
Image::ExifTool::Leaf(3pm) - Read Creo Leaf EXIF meta information
Image::ExifTool::LNK(3pm) - Read MS Shell Link (.LNK) meta information
Image::ExifTool::M2TS(3pm) - Read M2TS(AVCHD) meta information
Image::ExifTool::MakerNotes(3pm) - Read and write EXIF maker notes
Image::ExifTool::MIE(3pm) - Read/write MIE meta information
Image::ExifTool::MIEUnits(3pm) - MIE units documentation
Image::ExifTool::MIFF(3pm) - Read Magick Image File Format meta information
Image::ExifTool::Minolta(3pm) - Minolta EXIF maker notes tags
Image::ExifTool::MinoltaRaw(3pm) - Read/write Konica-Minolta RAW(MRW) information
Image::ExifTool::MNG(3pm) - MNG and JNG meta information tags
Image::ExifTool::MPC(3pm) - Read Musepack audio meta information
Image::ExifTool::MPEG(3pm) - Read MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 meta information
Image::ExifTool::MPF(3pm) - Read Multi-Picture Format information
Image::ExifTool::MWG(3pm) - Metadata Working Group support
Image::ExifTool::Nikon(3pm) - Nikon EXIF maker notes tags
Image::ExifTool::NikonCapture(3pm) - Read/write Nikon Capture information
Image::ExifTool::NikonCustom(3pm) - Read and Write Nikon custom settings
Image::ExifTool::Olympus(3pm) - Olympus/Epson maker notes tags
Image::ExifTool::OOXML(3pm) - Read Office Open XML+ZIP files
Image::ExifTool::Panasonic(3pm) - Panasonic/Leica maker notes tags
Image::ExifTool::PanasonicRaw(3pm) - Read/write Panasonic/Leica RAW/RW2/RWL meta information
Image::ExifTool::PDF(3pm) - Read PDF meta information
Image::ExifTool::Pentax(3pm) - Pentax/Asahi maker notes tags
Image::ExifTool::PhotoMechanic(3pm) - Read/write Photo Mechanic information
Image::ExifTool::Photoshop(3pm) - Read/write Photoshop IRB meta information
Image::ExifTool::PICT(3pm) - Read PICT meta information
Image::ExifTool::PNG(3pm) - Read and write PNG meta information
Image::ExifTool::PostScript(3pm) - Read PostScript meta information
Image::ExifTool::PPM(3pm) - Read and write PPM meta information
Image::ExifTool::PrintIM(3pm) - Read PrintIM meta information
Image::ExifTool::PSP(3pm) - Read Paint Shop Pro meta information
Image::ExifTool::QuickTime(3pm) - Read QuickTime and MP4 meta information
Image::ExifTool::Rawzor(3pm) - Read meta information from Rawzor compressed images
Image::ExifTool::Real(3pm) - Read Real audio/video meta information
Image::ExifTool::Ricoh(3pm) - Ricoh EXIF maker notes tags
Image::ExifTool::RIFF(3pm) - Read RIFF/WAV/AVI meta information
Image::ExifTool::RSRC(3pm) - Read Mac OS Resource information
Image::ExifTool::Samsung(3pm) - Samsung EXIF maker notes tags
Image::ExifTool::Sanyo(3pm) - Sanyo EXIF maker notes tags
Image::ExifTool::Shift(3pm) - ExifTool time shifting routines
Image::ExifTool::Shortcuts(3pm) - ExifTool shortcut tags
Image::ExifTool::Sigma(3pm) - Sigma/Foveon EXIF maker notes tags
Image::ExifTool::SigmaRaw(3pm) - Read Sigma/Foveon RAW(X3F) meta information
Image::ExifTool::Sony(3pm) - Sony EXIF maker notes tags
Image::ExifTool::SonyIDC(3pm) - Read/write Sony IDC information
Image::ExifTool::Stim(3pm) - Definitions for Stereo Still Image tags
Image::ExifTool::TagInfoXML(3pm) - Read/write tag information XML database
Image::ExifTool::TagLookup(3pm) - Fast lookup for ExifTool tags
Image::ExifTool::TagNames(3pm) - ExifTool tag name documentation
Image::ExifTool::Unknown(3pm) - Unknown EXIF maker notes tags
Image::ExifTool::Vorbis(3pm) - Read Ogg Vorbis meta information
Image::ExifTool::WriteCanonRaw(3pm) - Write Canon RAW (CRW and CR2) information
Image::ExifTool::WriteExif(3pm) - Write EXIF meta information
Image::ExifTool::WriteIPTC(3pm) - Write IPTC meta information
Image::ExifTool::WritePDF(3pm) - Write PDF meta information
Image::ExifTool::WritePhotoshop(3pm) - Write Photoshop IRB meta information
Image::ExifTool::WritePNG(3pm) - Write PNG meta information
Image::ExifTool::WritePostScript(3pm) - Write PostScript meta information
Image::ExifTool::Writer(3pm) - ExifTool routines for writing meta information
Image::ExifTool::WriteXMP(3pm) - Write XMP meta information
Image::ExifTool::XMP2(3pm) - Additional XMP schema definitions
Image::ExifTool::XMP(3pm) - Read XMP meta information
Image::ExifTool::ZIP(3pm) - Read ZIP archive meta information
ImageMagick(1)      - is a free software suite for the creation, modification and display of bitmap images.
Image::Magick(3pm)  - Perl extension for calling ImageMagick's libMagick methods
image(n)            - Create and manipulate images
imapd(8)            - IMAP server process
imapd.conf(5)       - IMAP configuration file
imaxabs(3)          - compute the absolute value of an integer
imaxdiv(3)          - compute quotient and remainder of an integer division
imgcmp(1)           - Image comparison utility
imginfo(1)          - Image information utility
imgtoppm(1)         - convert an Img-whatnot file into a PPM image
im-ja-conf(1)       - A configurator for the im-ja GTK2 Japanese input module
im-ja-xim-server(1) - A XIM server for im-ja
imlib-config(1)     - Display Imlib and GDK-Imlib Library Configuration
immedok(3x)         - curses output options
imon(8)             - watch ISDN activities
imontty(8)          - display status of all ISDN lines
import(1)           - saves any visible window on an X server and outputs it as an image file. You can capture a single window, the entire screen, ...
imtest(1)           - interactive IMAP test program
inb(2)              - port I/O
inb_p(2)            - port I/O
inch(3x)            - get a character and attributes from a curses window
inchnstr(3x)        - get a string of characters (and attributes) from a curses window
inchstr(3x)         - get a string of characters (and attributes) from a curses window
inc::latest(3pm)    - use modules bundled in inc/ if they are newer than installed ones
includeres(1)       - filter to include resources in a PostScript document
incoming.conf(5)    - Configuration of incoming news feeds
incr(n)             - Increment the value of a variable
index(3)            - locate character in string
indxbib(1)          - make inverted index for bibliographic databases
inet(3)             - Internet address manipulation routines
inet_addr(3)        - Internet address manipulation routines
inet_aton(3)        - Internet address manipulation routines
inet_lnaof(3)       - Internet address manipulation routines
inet_makeaddr(3)    - Internet address manipulation routines
inet_netof(3)       - Internet address manipulation routines
inet_network(3)     - Internet address manipulation routines
inet_ntoa(3)        - Internet address manipulation routines
inet_ntop(3)        - convert IPv4 and IPv6 addresses from binary to text form
inet_pton(3)        - convert IPv4 and IPv6 addresses from text to binary form
inews(1)            - Post a Usenet article to the local news server
INFINITY(3)         - floating-point constants
infnan(3)           - deal with infinite or not-a-number(NaN) result
info(1)             - read Info documents
info(5)             - readable online documentation
infocmp(1m)         - compare or print out terminfo descriptions
infokey(1)          - compile customizations for Info
info(n)             - Return information about the state of the Tcl interpreter
infotocap(1m)       - convert a terminfo description into a termcap description
infotopam(1)        - convert Amiga .info icons to PAM
init(8)             - process control initialization
init_bh(9)          - split-half interrupt handling
init_color(3x)      - curses color manipulation routines
initdb(1)           - create a new PostgreSQL database cluster
initgroups(3)       - initialize the supplementary group access list
initlog(1)          - log messages and events to the system logger
init_module(9)      - module load and unload functions
init_pair(3x)       - curses color manipulation routines
initrd(4)           - boot loader initialized RAM disk
initscr(3x)         - curses screen initialization and manipulation routines
initscript(5)       - script that executes inittab commands.
initstate(3)        - random number generator
initstate_r(3)      - reentrant random number generator
inittab(5)          - format of the inittab file used by the sysv-compatible init process
inkscape(1)         - an SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) editing program.
inkview(1)          - slideshow program which uses SVG files
inl(2)              - port I/O
inl_p(2)            - port I/O
innbind(8)          - Helper program to bind sockets to privileged ports
inncheck(8)         - check inn configuration and database files.
inn.conf(5)         - Configuration data for InterNetNews programs
innconfval(1)       - Get configuration parameters from inn.conf
innd(8)             - InterNetNews daemon
inndf(8)            - Report free disk, inodes, and overview information
innetgr(3)          - handle network group entries
innfeed(1)          - multi-host, multi-connection, streaming NNTP feeder.
innfeed.conf(5)     - configuration file for innfeed
innmail(1)          - Simple mail-sending program
innochecksum(1)     - offline InnoDB file checksum utility
innreport(8)        - summarize INN log files.
innstat(8)          - print snapshot of INN system
innstr(3x)          - get a string of characters from a curses window
innupgrade(8)       - Upgrade INN configuration files
innwatch(8)         - monitor innd.
innwatch.ctl(5)     - control Usenet supervision by innwatch
innwstr(3x)         - get a string of wchar_t characters from a curses window
innxbatch(8)        - send xbatched Usenet articles to a remote NNTP server
innxmit(8)          - send Usenet articles to a remote NNTP server
inotify(7)          - monitoring file system events
inotify_add_watch(2) - add a watch to an initialized inotify instance
inotify_init1(2)    - initialize an inotify instance
inotify_init(2)     - initialize an inotify instance
inotify_rm_watch(2) - remove an existing watch from an inotify instance
insb(2)             - port I/O
insch(3x)           - insert a character before cursor in a curses window
insdelln(3x)        - delete and insert lines in a curses window
insert(7)           - create new rows in a table
insertln(3x)        - delete and insert lines in a curses window
insl(2)             - port I/O
insmod(8)           - simple program to insert a module into the Linux Kernel
insnstr(3x)         - insert string before cursor in a curses window
ins_nwstr(3x)       - insert a wide-character string into a curses window
insque(3)           - insert/remove an item from a queue
insstr(3x)          - insert string before cursor in a curses window
install(1)          - copy files and set attributes
install-catalog(8)  - Manage a SGML or XML centralized catalog
install-info(1)     - update info/dir entries
installsieve(1)     - user utility for managing sieve scripts
instmodsh(1)        - A shell to examine installed modules
instr(3x)           - get a string of characters from a curses window
insw(2)             - port I/O
ins_wch(3x)         - insert a complex character and rendition into a window
ins_wstr(3x)        - insert a wide-character string into a curses window
integer(3pm)        - Perl pragma to use integer arithmetic instead of floating point
intel(4)            - Intel integrated graphics chipsets
interface-order(5)  - resolvconf configuration file
interp(n)           - Create and manipulate Tcl interpreters
in.tftpd(8)         - IPv4 Trivial File Transfer Protocol server
intltool-extract(8) - generate header files which can be read by gettext
intltoolize(8)      - copy intltool related files to software package
intltool-merge(8)   - merge translated strings into various types of file
intltool-prepare(8) - Prepare software to make use of intltool
intltool-update(8)  - updates PO template file and merge translations with it
intrflush(3x)       - curses input options
intro(1)            - Introduction to user commands
intro(2)            - Introduction to system calls
intro(3)            - Introduction to library functions
intro(4)            - Introduction to special files
intro(5)            - Introduction to file formats
intro(6)            - Introduction to games
intro(7)            - Introduction to overview, conventions, and miscellany section
intro(8)            - Introduction to administration and privileged commands
intro(9)            - Introduction to kernel interface
inw(2)              - port I/O
in_wch(3x)          - extract a complex character and rendition from a window
in_wchnstr(3x)      - get an array of complex characters and renditions from a curses window
in_wchstr(3x)       - get an array of complex characters and renditions from a curses window
inw_p(2)            - port I/O
inwstr(3x)          - get a string of wchar_t characters from a curses window
IO(3pm)             - load various IO modules
IO::AtomicFile(3pm) - write a file which is updated atomically
io_cancel(2)        - cancel an outstanding asynchronous I/O operation
IO::Compress::Base(3pm) - Base Class for IO::Compress modules
IO::Compress::Bzip2(3pm) - Write bzip2 files/buffers
IO::Compress::Deflate(3pm) - Write RFC 1950 files/buffers
IO::Compress::Gzip(3pm) - Write RFC 1952 files/buffers
IO::Compress::RawDeflate(3pm) - Write RFC 1951 files/buffers
IO::Compress::Zip(3pm) - Write zip files/buffers
ioctl(2)            - control device
ioctl_list(2)       - list of ioctl calls in Linux/i386 kernel
io_destroy(2)       - destroy an asynchronous I/O context
IO::Dir(3pm)        - supply object methods for directory handles
IO::File(3pm)       - supply object methods for filehandles
io_getevents(2)     - read asynchronous I/O events from the completion queue
IO::Handle(3pm)     - supply object methods for I/O handles
IO::InnerFile(3pm)  - define a file inside another file
IO::Lines(3pm)      - IO:: interface for reading/writing an array of lines
IO::Multiplex(3pm)  - Manage IO on many file handles
ionice(1)           - get/set program io scheduling class and priority
ioperm(2)           - set port input/output permissions
IO::Pipe(3pm)       - supply object methods for pipes
iopl(2)             - change I/O privilege level
IO::Poll(3pm)       - Object interface to system poll call
ioprio_get(2)       - get/set I/O scheduling class and priority
ioprio_set(2)       - get/set I/O scheduling class and priority
IO::Scalar(3pm)     - IO:: interface for reading/writing a scalar
IO::ScalarArray(3pm) - IO:: interface for reading/writing an array of scalars
IO::Seekable(3pm)   - supply seek based methods for I/O objects
IO::Select(3pm)     - OO interface to the select system call
io_setup(2)         - create an asynchronous I/O context
IO::Socket(3pm)     - Object interface to socket communications
IO::Socket::INET(3pm) - Object interface for AF_INET domain sockets
IO::Socket::SSL(3pm) - - Nearly transparent SSL encapsulation for IO::Socket::INET.
IO::Socket::UNIX(3pm) - Object interface for AF_UNIX domain sockets
IO::Stringy(3pm)    - I/O on in-core objects like strings and arrays
io_submit(2)        - submit asynchronous I/O blocks for processing
IO::Uncompress::AnyInflate(3pm) - Uncompress zlib-based (zip, gzip) file/buffer
IO::Uncompress::AnyUncompress(3pm) - Uncompress gzip, zip, bzip2 or lzop file/buffer
IO::Uncompress::Base(3pm) - Base Class for IO::Uncompress modules
IO::Uncompress::Bunzip2(3pm) - Read bzip2 files/buffers
IO::Uncompress::Gunzip(3pm) - Read RFC 1952 files/buffers
IO::Uncompress::Inflate(3pm) - Read RFC 1950 files/buffers
IO::Uncompress::RawInflate(3pm) - Read RFC 1951 files/buffers
IO::Uncompress::Unzip(3pm) - Read zip files/buffers
IO::Wrap(3pm)       - wrap raw filehandles in IO::Handle interface
IO::WrapTie(3pm)    - wrap tieable objects in IO::Handle interface
IO::Zlib(3pm)       - IO:: style interface to Compress::Zlib
ip2cc(1)            - lookup country from IP address or hostname
ip6tables(8)        - IPv6 packet filter administration
ip6tables-restore(8) - Restore IPv6 Tables
ip6tables-save(8)   - dump iptables rules to stdout
ip(7)               - Linux IPv4 protocol implementation
ip(8)               - show / manipulate routing, devices, policy routing and tunnels
IP::Authority(3pm)  - fast lookup of authority by IP address
ipc(2)              - System V IPC system calls
ipc(5)              - System V interprocess communication mechanisms
ipcalc(1)           - perform simple manipulation of IP addresses
ipcclean(1)         - remove shared memory and semaphores from a failed PostgreSQL server
IPC::Cmd(3pm)       - finding and running system commands made easy
ipcmk(1)            - create various ipc resources
IPC::Msg(3pm)       - SysV Msg IPC object class
IPC::Open2(3pm)     - open a process for both reading and writing
IPC::Open3(3pm)     - open a process for reading, writing, and error handling
IP::Country(3pm)    - fast lookup of country codes from IP addresses
IP::Country::Fast(3pm) - fast lookup of country codes by IP address
IP::Country::MaxMind(3pm) - Look up country by IP Address
IP::Country::Medium(3pm) - cached lookup of country codes by IP address and domain name
IP::Country::Slow(3pm) - cached lookup of country codes by domain name and IP address
ipcrm(1)            - remove a message queue, semaphore set or shared memory id
ipcs(1)             - provide information on ipc facilities
IPC::Semaphore(3pm) - SysV Semaphore IPC object class
IPC::SharedMem(3pm) - SysV Shared Memory IPC object class
IPC::SysV(3pm)      - System V IPC constants and system calls
iplog(8)            - TCP/IP traffic logger.
iplog.conf(5)       - iplog configuration file.
ipppd(8)            - (ISDN) Point to Point Protocol daemon
ipppstats(8)        - print PPP statistics
iprofd(8)           - Modem-register daemon
ipset(8)            - administration tool for IP sets
iptables(8)         - administration tool for IPv4 packet filtering and NAT
iptables-restore(8) - Restore IP Tables
iptables-save(8)    - dump iptables rules to stdout
iptables-xml(8)     - Convert iptables-save format to XML
ipurge(8)           - delete mail from IMAP mailbox or partition based on age or size
ipv6(7)             - Linux IPv6 protocol implementation
ipvsadm(8)          - Linux Virtual Server administration
ipvsadm-restore(8)  - restore the IPVS table from stdin
ipvsadm-save(8)     - save the IPVS table to stdout
ipx_cmd(8)          - bridge between Novell's SCMD driver and local IPX network
ipx_configure(8)    - query/configure IPX behavior
ipx_interface(8)    - add, delete, or display an IPX interface
ipx_internal_net(8) - add or delete the IPX internal network
ipx_route(8)        - add or delete IPX route
irattach(8)         - binds the Linux-IrDA stack to a IrDA port
irda(7)             - The Linux-IrDA protocol stack
irdadump(8)         - monitors the IrDA traffic on one or more links.
irdaping(8)         - sends IrDA test frames
irnet(4)            - IrNET protocol device
irnetd(8)           - Handle automatically incoming IrNET connections
irpsion5(8)         - IrDA connectivity to a Psion V PDA
irqbalance(1)       - distribute hardware interrupts across processors on a multiprocessor system
irssi(1)            - a modular IRC client for UNIX
iruserok(3)         - routines for returning a stream to a remote command
isadump(8)          - examine ISA registers
isalnum(3)          - character classification routines
isalpha(3)          - character classification routines
isascii(3)          - character classification routines
isaset(8)           - set ISA registers
isatty(3)           - test whether a file descriptor refers to a terminal
isblank(3)          - character classification routines
isbmex(8)           - Driver for ISBMEX UPS equipment
isc-hmac-fixup(8)   - fixes HMAC keys generated by older versions of BIND
is_cleared(3x)      - curses window properties
iscntrl(3)          - character classification routines
IsCursorKey(3)      - keysym classification macros
isdigit(3)          - character classification routines
isdn_audio(4)       - audio extension of ttyI ISDN character devices
isdn_cause(7)       - Description of ISDN cause messages.
isdnctrl(4)         - ISDN control device
isdnctrl(8)         - get/set ISDN device information
isdninfo(4)         - ISDN status device
isendwin(3x)        - curses screen initialization and manipulation routines
isfinite(3)         - floating-point classification macros
IsFunctionKey(3)    - keysym classification macros
isgraph(3)          - character classification routines
isgreater(3)        - floating-point relational tests without exception for NaN
isgreaterequal(3)   - floating-point relational tests without exception for NaN
is_idcok(3x)        - curses window properties
is_idlok(3x)        - curses window properties
is_immedok(3x)      - curses window properties
isinf(3)            - floating-point classification macros
isinff(3)           - BSD floating-point classification functions
isinfl(3)           - BSD floating-point classification functions
isisd(8)            - an IS-IS routing engine for use with Quagga routing software.
is_keypad(3x)       - curses window properties
IsKeypadKey(3)      - keysym classification macros
is_leaveok(3x)      - curses window properties
isless(3)           - floating-point relational tests without exception for NaN
islessequal(3)      - floating-point relational tests without exception for NaN
islessgreater(3)    - floating-point relational tests without exception for NaN
is_linetouched(3x)  - curses refresh control routines
islower(3)          - character classification routines
IsMiscFunctionKey(3) - keysym classification macros
IsModifierKey(3)    - keysym classification macros
isnan(3)            - floating-point classification macros
isnanf(3)           - BSD floating-point classification functions
isnanl(3)           - BSD floating-point classification functions
is_nodelay(3x)      - curses window properties
isnormal(3)         - floating-point classification macros
is_notimeout(3x)    - curses window properties
iso_8859_10(7)      - the ISO 8859-10 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
iso_8859-10(7)      - the ISO 8859-10 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
iso-8859-10(7)      - the ISO 8859-10 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
iso_8859_11(7)      - the ISO 8859-11 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
iso_8859-11(7)      - the ISO 8859-11 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
iso-8859-11(7)      - the ISO 8859-11 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
iso_8859_13(7)      - the ISO 8859-13 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
iso_8859-13(7)      - the ISO 8859-13 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
iso-8859-13(7)      - the ISO 8859-13 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
iso_8859_14(7)      - the ISO 8859-14 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
iso_8859-14(7)      - the ISO 8859-14 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
iso-8859-14(7)      - the ISO 8859-14 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
iso_8859_15(7)      - the ISO 8859-15 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
iso_8859-15(7)      - the ISO 8859-15 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
iso-8859-15(7)      - the ISO 8859-15 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
iso_8859_16(7)      - the ISO 8859-16 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
iso_8859-16(7)      - the ISO 8859-16 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
iso-8859-16(7)      - the ISO 8859-16 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
iso_8859_1(7)       - the ISO 8859-1 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
iso_8859-1(7)       - the ISO 8859-1 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
iso-8859-1(7)       - the ISO 8859-1 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
iso_8859_2(7)       - the ISO 8859-2 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
iso_8859-2(7)       - the ISO 8859-2 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
iso-8859-2(7)       - the ISO 8859-2 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
iso_8859_3(7)       - the ISO 8859-3 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
iso_8859-3(7)       - the ISO 8859-3 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
iso-8859-3(7)       - the ISO 8859-3 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
iso_8859_4(7)       - the ISO 8859-4 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
iso_8859-4(7)       - the ISO 8859-4 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
iso-8859-4(7)       - the ISO 8859-4 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
iso_8859_5(7)       - the ISO 8859-5 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
iso_8859-5(7)       - the ISO 8859-5 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
iso-8859-5(7)       - the ISO 8859-5 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
iso_8859_6(7)       - the ISO 8859-6 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
iso_8859-6(7)       - the ISO 8859-6 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
iso-8859-6(7)       - the ISO 8859-6 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
iso_8859_7(7)       - the ISO 8859-7 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
iso_8859-7(7)       - the ISO 8859-7 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
iso-8859-7(7)       - the ISO 8859-7 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
iso_8859_8(7)       - the ISO 8859-8 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
iso_8859-8(7)       - the ISO 8859-8 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
iso-8859-8(7)       - the ISO 8859-8 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
iso_8859_9(7)       - the ISO 8859-9 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
iso_8859-9(7)       - the ISO 8859-9 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
iso-8859-9(7)       - the ISO 8859-9 character set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
isodebug(1)         - print genisoimage debug info from ISO-9660 image
isodump(1)          - Utility programs for dumping and verifying iso9660 images.
isoinfo(1)          - Utility programs for dumping and verifying iso9660 images.
isosize(8)          - outputs the length of an iso9660 file system
isovfy(1)           - Utility programs for dumping and verifying iso9660 images.
is_pad(3x)          - curses window properties
IsPFKey(3)          - keysym classification macros
isprint(3)          - character classification routines
IsPrivateKeypadKey(3) - keysym classification macros
ispunct(3)          - character classification routines
is_scrollok(3x)     - curses window properties
isspace(3)          - character classification routines
is_subwin(3x)       - curses window properties
issue(5)            - prelogin message and identification file
is_syncok(3x)       - curses window properties
is_term_resized(3x) - change the curses terminal size
isunordered(3)      - floating-point relational tests without exception for NaN
isupper(3)          - character classification routines
iswalnum(3)         - test for alphanumeric wide character
iswalpha(3)         - test for alphabetic wide character
iswblank(3)         - test for whitespace wide character
iswcntrl(3)         - test for control wide character
iswctype(3)         - wide-character classification
iswdigit(3)         - test for decimal digit wide character
iswgraph(3)         - test for graphic wide character
is_wintouched(3x)   - curses refresh control routines
iswlower(3)         - test for lowercase wide character
iswprint(3)         - test for printing wide character
iswpunct(3)         - test for punctuation or symbolic wide character
iswspace(3)         - test for whitespace wide character
iswupper(3)         - test for uppercase wide character
iswxdigit(3)        - test for hexadecimal digit wide character
isxdigit(3)         - character classification routines
item_count(3x)      - make and break connections between items and menus
item_description(3x) - get menu item name and description fields
item_index(3x)      - set and get current_menu_item
item_init(3x)       - set hooks for automatic invocation by applications
item_name(3x)       - get menu item name and description fields
item_opts(3x)       - set and get menu item options
item_opts_off(3x)   - set and get menu item options
item_opts_on(3x)    - set and get menu item options
item_term(3x)       - set hooks for automatic invocation by applications
item_userptr(3x)    - associate application data with a menu item
item_value(3x)      - set and get menu item values
item_visible(3x)    - check visibility of a menu item
ivstools(1)         - extract IVs from a pcap file or merges several .ivs files into one
ivtscd(8)           - driver for the IVT Solar Controller Device
iw(8)               - show / manipulate wireless devices and their configuration
iwconfig(8)         - configure a wireless network interface
iwevent(8)          - Display Wireless Events generated by drivers and setting changes
iwgetid(8)          - Report ESSID, NWID or AP/Cell Address of wireless network
iwlist(8)           - Get more detailed wireless information from a wireless interface
iwpriv(8)           - configure optionals(private) parameters of a wireless network interface
iwspy(8)            - Get wireless statistics from specific nodes
j0(3)               - Bessel functions of the first kind
j0f(3)              - Bessel functions of the first kind
j0l(3)              - Bessel functions of the first kind
j1(3)               - Bessel functions of the first kind
j1f(3)              - Bessel functions of the first kind
j1l(3)              - Bessel functions of the first kind
jadetex(1)          - processing tex files produced by the  backend of Jade.
jar-java-1.6.0-openjdk(1) - (unknown subject)
jarsigner-java-1.6.0-openjdk(1) - JAR Signing and Verification Tool
jasper(1)           - File format converter specialized in JPEG-2000 encoding
javac-java-1.6.0-openjdk(1) - Java programming language compiler
javadoc-java-1.6.0-openjdk(1) - The Java API Documentation Generator
javah-java-1.6.0-openjdk(1) - C Header and Stub File Generator
java-java-1.6.0-openjdk(1) - the Java application launcher
javap-java-1.6.0-openjdk(1) - The Java Class File Disassembler
jconsole-java-1.6.0-openjdk(1) - Java Monitoring and Management Console
jdb-java-1.6.0-openjdk(1) - The Java Debugger
jfs_debugfs(8)      - shell-type JFS file system editor
jfs_fsck(8)         - initiate replay of the JFS transaction log, and check and repair a JFS formatted device
jfs_fscklog(8)      - extract a JFS fsck service log into a file and/or format and display the extracted file
jfs_logdump(8)      - dump a JFS formatted device's journal log
jfs_mkfs(8)         - create a JFS formatted partition
jfs_tune(8)         - adjust tunable file system parameters on JFS
jhat-java-1.6.0-openjdk(1) - Java Heap Analysis Tool
jigl2slideshow(1)   - Creates an input file for dvd-slideshow from pictures in a jigl online photo album.
jikes(1)            - java source to bytecode compiler
jinfo-java-1.6.0-openjdk(1) - Configuration Info
jiv(1)              - Image display utility
jmap-java-1.6.0-openjdk(1) - Memory Map
jn(3)               - Bessel functions of the first kind
jnf(3)              - Bessel functions of the first kind
jnl(3)              - Bessel functions of the first kind
jobcontrol(8c)      - per-job controls for  servers
jobs(1)             - bash built-in commands, see bash(1)
join(1)             - join lines of two files on a common field
join(n)             - Create a string by joining together list elements
joystick(4)         - Joystick input driver
jpeg2ktopam(1)      - convert JPEG-2000 code stream to PAM/PNM
jpeg2yuv(1)         - Convert jpeg images to the yuv format.
jpegicc(1)          - little cms ICC profile applier for JPEG.
jpegtopnm(1)        - convert JPEG/JFIF file to PPM or PGM image
jpegtran(1)         - lossless transformation of JPEG files
jpilot(1)           - A palm pilot desktop for Linux/Unix
jpilot-dial(1)      - generates the DTMF tone signals used for telephone dialing
jpilot-dump(1)      - A command line tool for dumping jpilot databases.
jpilot-sync(1)      - A command line tool for syncing jpilot databases to a Palm OS device.
jps-java-1.6.0-openjdk(1) - Java Virtual Machine Process Status Tool
jrand48(3)          - generate uniformly distributed pseudo-random numbers
jrand48_r(3)        - generate uniformly distributed pseudo-random numbers reentrantly
jrunscript-java-1.6.0-openjdk(1) - command line script shell
jsadebugd-java-1.6.0-openjdk(1) - Serviceability Agent Debug Daemon
jscal(1)            - joystick calibration program
JSON(3pm)           - JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) encoder/decoder
JSON::PP(3pm)       - JSON::XS compatible pure-Perl module.
JSON::PP5005(3pm)   - Helper module in using JSON::PP in Perl 5.005
JSON::PP56(3pm)     - Helper module in using JSON::PP in Perl 5.6
JSON::PP58(3pm)     - Helper module in using JSON::PP in Perl 5.8 and lator
JSON::PP::Boolean(3pm) - dummy module providing JSON::PP::Boolean
JSON::Syck(3pm)     - JSON is YAML (but consider using JSON::XS instead!)
jstack-java-1.6.0-openjdk(1) - Stack Trace
jstatd-java-1.6.0-openjdk(1) - Virtual Machine jstat Daemon
jstat-java-1.6.0-openjdk(1) - Java Virtual Machine Statistics Monitoring Tool
jstest(1)           - joystick test program
juyin-learn(1)      - show Chinese characters' phonations
jw(1)               - (Jade Wrapper) converts SGML files to other formats
.k5login(5)         - Kerberos V5 acl file for host access.
kabcclient(1)       - commandline client for the KDE addressbook
ka-d(1)             - clone this machine with Ka
ka-d-client(1)      - send large amounts of data to several machines
ka-deploy(1)        - send large amounts of data to several machines
ka-d-server(1)      - send large amounts of data to several machines          - clone this machine with Ka
kalzium(1)          - A KDE based chemistry teaching tool
kasumi(1)           - a personal dictionary manager for Anthy
kate(1)             - Advanced text editor for KDE
kbd(4)              - Keyboard input driver
kbd_mode(1)         - report or set the keyboard mode
kbdrate(8)          - reset the keyboard repeat rate and delay time
kbookmarkmerger(1)  - A program for merging a given set of bookmarks into the user's list of bookmarks.
kbruch(1)           - Learn calculating with fractions
kbuildsycoca4(8)    - Rebuilds the system configuration cache.
kcookiejar4(8)      - KDE HTTP cookie daemon
kde4-config(1)      - Prints KDE installation paths
kdecmake(1)         - Reference of available CMake custom modules.
kded4(8)            - KDE daemon - triggers Sycoca database updates when needed.
kdeinit4(8)         - Start all other KDE programs and kdeinit loadable modules(KLMs).
kdenlive(1)         - An open source non-linear video editor.
kdenlive_render(1)  - Render program for Kdenlive.
kdeoptions(7)       - Common commandline options for all applications based on the KDE libraries
kdesu(1)            - Runs a program with elevated privileges
kerberos(1)         - introduction to the Kerberos system
keybound(3x)        - return definition of keycode
keychain(1)         - re-use ssh-agent and/or gpg-agent between logins
keyctl(1)           - Key management facility control
keyctl(2)           - Manipulate the kernel's key management facility
key_decryptsession(3) - interfaces to rpc keyserver daemon
key_defined(3x)     - check if a keycode is defined
key_encryptsession(3) - interfaces to rpc keyserver daemon
key_gendes(3)       - interfaces to rpc keyserver daemon
keymaps(5)          - keyboard table descriptions for loadkeys and dumpkeys
key_name(3x)        - miscellaneous curses utility routines
keyname(3x)         - miscellaneous curses utility routines
keyok(3x)           - enable or disable a keycode
keypad(3x)          - curses input options
key_secretkey_is_set(3) - interfaces to rpc keyserver daemon
key_setsecret(3)    - interfaces to rpc keyserver daemon
keysyms(n)          - keysyms recognized by Tk
keytool-java-1.6.0-openjdk(1) - Key and Certificate Management Tool
kfind(1)            - file find utility for KDE
kfree(9)            - allocate and free pieces of memory
khangman(6)         - The classical hangman game for KDE
kig(1)              - an interactive geometry program for KDE
kill(1)             - terminate a process
kill(2)             - send signal to a process
killall(1)          - kill processes by name
killall5(8)         - send a signal to all processes.
killchar(3x)        - curses environment query routines
killpg(2)           - send signal to a process group
killwchar(3x)       - curses environment query routines
kino(1)             - non-linear editing of Digital Video data
kino2raw(1)         - output a Kino SMIL as raw DV to stdout
kjs(1)              - KDE ECMAScript compatible interpreter
kjscmd(1)           - KDE KJSEmbed interpreter
klogctl(2)          - read and/or clear kernel message ring buffer; set console_loglevel
klogctl(3)          - read and/or clear kernel message ring buffer; set console_loglevel
kmag(1)             - Screen magnifier
kmalloc(9)          - allocate and free pieces of memory
kmem(4)             - system memory, kernel memory and system ports
kmousetool(1)       - Accessibility tool to help click the mouse
kmouth(1)           - A type-and-say front end for speech synthesizers
kmplot(1)           - mathematical function plotter
kobodl(6)           - Kobo Deluxe, an enhanced version of the scrolling game XKobo
koi8-r(7)           - Russian Net Character Set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
koi8rxterm(1)       - X terminal emulator for KOI8-R environments
koi8-u(7)           - Ukrainian Net Character Set encoded in octal, decimal, and hexadecimal
Kolab(3pm)          - Perl extension for general Kolab settings.
kolab_bootstrap(1p) - Kolab bootstrap tool
kolabcheckperm(1p)  - Kolab permission checking tool
kolabconf(1p)       - Kolab configuration tool
Kolab::Conf(3pm)    - Perl extension for Kolab template generation
Kolab::Cyrus(3pm)   - Perl extension for interfacing with the Kolab Cyrus admin module.
kolabd(1p)          - Kolab daemon
kolabdcachetool(1p) - Kolab cache tool
kolabfilter(1)      - Kolab filters
Kolab::LDAP(3pm)    - Perl extension for generic LDAP code
Kolab::LDAP::Backend(3pm) - Perl extension for abstract directory service usage
Kolab::LDAP::Backend::ad(3pm) - Perl extension for an Active Directory backend
Kolab::LDAP::Backend::fds(3pm) - Perl extension for Fedora Directory Server or Redhat Directory Server backend
Kolab::LDAP::Backend::slurpd(3pm) - Perl extension for a slurpd backend
Kolab::LDAP::Backend::syncrepl(3pm) - Perl extension for RFC 4533 compliant LDAP server backend
kolabpasswd(1p)     - Kolab password tool.
kolabquotareport(1p) - Kolab quota report tool
kolabquotawarn(1p)  - Kolab quota warn tool
kolab_smtpdpolicy(1p) - Kolab SMTP policy
Kolab::Util(3pm)    - Perl extension for general utility functions
kon(1)              - Kanji cONsole emulator
kpartx(8)           - Create device maps from partition tables
kpseaccess(1)       - determine whether a file can be accessed
kpsepath(1)         - script to make teTeX-style kpsetool, kpsexpand, and kpsepath available
kpsereadlink(1)     - print contents of symbolic link
kpsestat(1)         - compute octal mode from mode of existing file
kpsetool(1)         - script to make teTeX-style kpsetool, kpsexpand, and kpsepath available
kpsewhere(1)        - Expanding kpsewhich to separately iterate over each texmf tree listed in $TEXMF.
kpsewhich(1)        - standalone path lookup and and expansion for kpathsea
kpsexpand(1)        - script to make teTeX-style kpsetool, kpsexpand, and kpsepath available
krb5.conf(5)        - Kerberos configuration file
krb5-config(1)      - tool for linking against MIT Kerberos libraries
krb.equiv(5)        - Kerberos equivalences
kross(1)            - KDE application to run kross scripts.
kstats(1)           - show statistical FMS algorithm votes for an ivs dump and a specified WEP key
kterm(1x)           - multi-lingual terminal emulator for X
ktouch(1)           - a typing tutor for KDE
l2ping(8)           - Send L2CAP echo request and receive answer
l64a(3)             - convert between long and base-64
labelframe(n)       - Create and manipulate labelframe widgets
label(n)            - Create and manipulate label widgets
labs(3)             - compute the absolute value of an integer
lambda(1)           - extended unicode TeX
lappend(n)          - Append list elements onto a variable
laptop_mode(8)      - apply laptop mode settings
laptop-mode.conf(8) - Configuration file for laptop-mode-tools.