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ApplicationShell()					    ApplicationShell()

  ApplicationShell widget class - main shell for an application.

  Public Headers:   <X11/StringDefs.h>

  Private Header:   <X11/ShellP.h>

  Class Name:	    ApplicationShell

  Class Hierarchy:  Core  →  Composite	→ Shell → WMShell → VendorShell →
		    TopLevelShell → ApplicationShell

  Class Pointer:    applicationShellWidgetClass

  Instantiation:    widget = XtAppInitialize(...)
		    widget = XtAppCreateShell(app_name,app_class,
				       applicationShellWidgetClass, ...)

  Functions/Macros: XtAppCreateShell(), XtVaAppCreateShell(),

  An ApplicationShell is the normal top-level window for an  application.
  It  does  not	 have a parent and is at the root of the widget tree.  An
  application  should  have  only  one	 ApplicationShell,   unless   the
  application is implemented as multiple logical applications.	Normally,
  an application will  use  TopLevelShell  widgets  for	 other	top-level
  windows.    An   ApplicationShell   is   returned   by   the	 call  to
  XtVaAppInitialize().	It can also be created explicitly with a call  to

New Resources
  ApplicationShell defines the following resources:

Name		  Class		   Type		      Default		Access
XtNargc		  XtCArgc	   int		      0			CSG
XtNargv		  XtCArgv	   String *	      NULL		CSG

       Number of arguments in XtNargv.

       List  of	 command-line  arguments  used	to start the application.
       This  is	 the  standard	C   argv,   passed   in	  the	call   to
       XtAppInitialize().   It is used to set the WM_COMMAND property for
       this window.

Inherited Resources
  ApplicationShell inherits the following resources.  The  resources  are
  listed alphabetically, along with the superclass that defines them.

Resource		 Inherited From	  Resource		Inherited From
XtNaccelerators		 Core		  XtNmaxAspectX		WMShell
XtNallowShellResize	 Shell		  XtNmaxAspectY		WMShell
XtNancestorSensitive	 Core		  XtNmaxHeight		WMShell

XtNbackground		 Core		  XtNmaxWidth		WMShell
XtNbackgroundPixmap	 Core		  XtNminAspectX		WMShell
XtNbaseHeight		 WMShell	  XtNminAspectY		WMShell
XtNbaseWidth		 WMShell	  XtNminHeight		WMShell
XtNborderColor		 Core		  XtNminWidth		WMShell
XtNborderPixmap		 Core		  XtNmwmDecorations	VendorShell
XtNborderWidth		 Core		  XtNmwmFunctions	VendorShell
XtNchildren		 Composite	  XtNmwmInputMode	VendorShell
XtNcolormap		 Core		  XtNmwmMenu		VendorShell
XtNcreatePopupChild-	 Shell		  XtNnumChildren	Composite
XtNdefaultFontList	 VendorShell	  XtNoverrideRedirect	Shell
XtNdeleteResponse	 VendorShell	  XtNpopdownCallback	Shell
XtNdepth		 Core		  XtNpopupCallback	Shell
XtNdestroyCallback	 Core		  XtNsaveUnder		Shell
XtNgeometry		 Shell		  XtNscreen		Core
XtNheight		 Core		  XtNsensitive		Core
XtNheightInc		 WMShell	  XtNshellUnitType	VendorShell
XtNiconic		 TopLevelShell	  XtNtitle		WMShell
XtNiconMask		 WMShell	  XtNtitleEncoding	WMShell
XtNiconName		 TopLevelShell	  XtNtransient		WMShell
XtNiconNameEncoding	 TopLevelShell	  XtNtranslations	Core
XtNiconPixmap		 WMShell	  XtNuseAsyncGeometry	VendorShell
XtNiconWindow		 WMShell	  XtNvisual		Shell
XtNiconX		 WMShell	  XtNwaitForWm		WMShell
XtNiconY		 WMShell	  XtNwidth		Core
XtNinitialResources-	 Core		  XtNwidthInc		WMShell
XtNinitialState		 WMShell	  XtNwindowGroup	WMShell
XtNinput		 WMShell	  XtNwinGravity		WMShell
XtNinsertPosition	 Composite	  XtNwmTimeout		WMShell
XtNkeyboardFocusPolicy	 VendorShell	  XtNx			Core
XtNmappedWhenManaged	 Core		  XtNy			Core

Class Structure
  The  ApplicationShell class structure contains only an extension field.
  Its declaration is similar to those of the other shells:

     typedef struct {
	  XtPointer extension;/* pointer to extension record */
     } ApplicationShellClassPart;

     typedef struct _ApplicationShellClassRec {
	  CoreClassPart core_class;
	  CompositeClassPart composite_class;
	  ShellClassPart shell_class;
	  WMShellClassPart wm_shell_class;
	  VendorShellClassPart vendor_shell_class;
	  TopLevelShellClassPart top_level_shell_class;
	  ApplicationShellClassPart application_shell_class;
     } ApplicationShellClassRec;

  There are no extensions currently  defined  for  this	 class,	 and  the
  extension field should be NULL.

Instance Structure
  The ApplicationShell instance structure contains at least the following
  fields (which need not be in this order):

     typedef struct {
	  char *class;
	  XrmClass xrm_class;
	  int argc;
	  char **argv;
     } ApplicationShellPart;

     typedef  struct {
	  CorePart  core;
	  CompositePart	 composite;
	  ShellPart  shell;
	  WMShellPart wm;
	  VendorShellPart vendor;
	  TopLevelShellPart topLevel;
	  ApplicationShellPart application;
     } ApplicationShellRec, *ApplicationShellWidget;

See Also
  Shell(3), TopLevelShell(3).

Intrinsics Classes					    ApplicationShell()

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