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NDF(3)		      User Contributed Perl Documentation		NDF(3)

       Astro::FITS::Header::NDF - Manipulate FITS headers from NDF files

	 use Astro::FITS::Header::NDF;

	 $hdr = new Astro::FITS::Header::NDF( Cards => \@cards );
	 $hdr = new Astro::FITS::Header::NDF( Items => \@items );
	 $hdr = new Astro::FITS::Header::NDF( ndfID => $indf );
	 $hdr = new Astro::FITS::Header::NDF( File => $file );

	 $hdr->writehdr( $indf );
	 $hdr->writehdr( File => $file );

       This module makes use of the Starlink NDF module to read and write to
       an NDF FITS extension or to a ".HEADER" block in an HDS container file.
       If the file is found to be an HDS container containing multiple NDFs at
       the top level, either the .HEADER NDF or the first NDF containing a
       FITS header is deemed to be the primary header, and all other headers a
       subsidiary headers indexed by the name of the NDF in the container.

       It stores information about a FITS header block in an object. Takes an
       hash as an argument, with either an array reference pointing to an
       array of FITS header cards, array of "Astro::FITS::Header::Item"
       objects, or a filename, or (alternatively) an NDF identifier.

       Currently, subheader support is readonly.

	   Reads a FITS header from an NDF.

	     $hdr->configure( Cards => \@cards );
	     $hdr->configure( ndfID => $indf );
	     $hdr->configure( File => $filename );

	   Accepts an NDF identifier or a filename. If both "ndfID" and "File"
	   keys exist, "ndfID" key takes priority.

	   If the file is actually an HDS container, an attempt will be made
	   to read a ".HEADER" NDF inside that container (this is the standard
	   layout of UKIRT (and some JCMT) data files). If an extension is
	   specified explicitly (that is not ".sdf") that path is treated as
	   an explicit path to an NDF. If an explicit path is specified no
	   attempt is made to locate other NDFs in the HDS container.

	   Write a FITS header to an NDF.

	     $hdr->writehdr( ndfID => $indf );
	     $hdr->writehdr( File => $file );

	   Accepts an NDF identifier or a filename.  If both "ndfID" and
	   "File" keys exist, "ndfID" key takes priority.

	   Returns "undef" on error, true if the header was written

       This module requires the Starlink NDF module.

       NDF, Astro::FITS::Header, Astro::FITS::Header::Item

       Tim Jenness <>, Alasdair Allan

       Copyright (C) 2001-2002 Particle Physics and Astronomy Research
       Council.	 All Rights Reserved.

perl v5.10.0			  2002-12-06				NDF(3)

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