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3(2005-06-09)							 3(2005-06-09)

       CMPIObjectPath - CMPIObjectPath class implementation

   Public Attributes
       int void * hdl
	   Opaque pointer to class instance data.
       CMPIObjectPathFT * ft
	   Pointer to the Args Function Table.

   CMPIStatus(* release )(CMPIObjectPath *op)
       The  ObjectPath object will not be used any further and may be freed by
       CMPI run time system.
   CMPIObjectPath *(* clone )(CMPIObjectPath *op, CMPIStatus *rc)
       Create an independent copy of this ObjectPath object.
   CMPIStatus(* setNameSpace )(CMPIObjectPath *op, const char *ns)
       Set/replace the namespace component.
   CMPIString *(* getNameSpace )(CMPIObjectPath *op, CMPIStatus *rc)
       Get the namespace component.
   CMPIStatus(* setHostname )(CMPIObjectPath *op, const char *hn)
       Set/replace the hostname component.
   CMPIString *(* getHostname )(CMPIObjectPath *op, CMPIStatus *rc)
       Get the hostname component.
   CMPIStatus(* setClassName )(CMPIObjectPath *op, const char *cn)
       Set/replace the classname component.
   CMPIString *(* getClassName )(CMPIObjectPath *op, CMPIStatus *rc)
       Get the classname component.
   CMPIStatus(* addKey	)(CMPIObjectPath  *op,	const  char  *name,  CMPIValue
       *value, CMPIType type)
       Adds/replaces a named key property.
   CMPIData(* getKey )(CMPIObjectPath *op, const char *name, CMPIStatus *rc)
       Gets a named key property value.
   CMPIData(*  getKeyAt	 )(CMPIObjectPath  *op, unsigned int index, CMPIString
       **name, CMPIStatus *rc)
       Gets a key property value defined by its index.
   unsigned int(* getKeyCount )(CMPIObjectPath *op, CMPIStatus *rc)
       Gets the number of key properties contained in this ObjectPath.
   CMPIStatus(* setNameSpaceFromObjectPath )(CMPIObjectPath  *op,  CMPIObject‐
       Path *src)
       Set/replace namespace and classname components from <src>.
   CMPIStatus(*	 setHostAndNameSpaceFromObjectPath )(CMPIObjectPath *op, CMPI‐
       ObjectPath *src)
       Set/replace hostname, namespace and classname components from <src>.
   CMPIData(* getClassQualifier )(CMPIObjectPath *op, const char *qName,  CMP‐
       IStatus *rc)
       Get class qualifier value.
   CMPIData(*  getPropertyQualifier  )(CMPIObjectPath  *op, const char *pName,
       const char *qName, CMPIStatus *rc)
       Get property qualifier value.
   CMPIData(* getMethodQualifier )(CMPIObjectPath *op, const char *methodName,
       const char *qName, CMPIStatus *rc)
       Get method qualifier value.
   CMPIData(*  getParameterQualifier  )(CMPIObjectPath *op, const char *mName,
       const char *pName, const char *qName, CMPIStatus *rc)
       Get method parameter quailifier value.
   CMPIString *(* toString )(CMPIObjectPath *op, CMPIStatus *rc)
       Generates a well formed string representation of this ObjectPath.

       Native CMPIObjectPath implementation.

       This is the native CMPIObjectPath implementation	 as  used  for	remote
       providers.  It reflects the well-defined interface of a regular CMPIOb‐
       jectPath, however, it works independently from the management broker.

       It is part of a native broker implementation that simulates  CMPI  data
       types rather than interacting with the entities in a full-grown CIMOM.

       CMPIString * namespace = objpath->ft->getNameSpace(objectpath, NULL);
       CMPIString * classname = objpath->ft->getClassName(objectpath, NULL);
       int numkeys = objectpath->ft->getKeyCount(objectpath, NULL);

       Common Manageability Programming Interface (CMPI) - OpenGroup

SFCBroker Client Library	     sfcc			 3(2005-06-09)

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