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Constraint get_values_hook()			  Constraint get_values_hook()

  Constraint get_values_hook - Constraint class method for obtaining val‐
  ues of constraint resources  that  do	 not  appear  in  the  Constraint
  resource list.

  typedef void (*XtArgsProc)(Widget, ArgList, Cardinal *);
	 Widget w;
	 ArgList args;
	 Cardinal *num_args;

  w	    Specifies  the  widget or object that is having its resources

  args	    Specifies the argument list that was passed to XtGetValues().

  num_args  Specifies the number of arguments in the argument list.

  Release 4 and later.

  The Constraint get_values_hook() method is registered on  the	 get_val‐
  ues_hook  field  of a ConstraintClassExtensionRec with record_type NUL‐
  LQUARK, which is itself registered on the extension field of	the  Con‐
  straint  class  part structure.  If such an extension exists, then this
  method is called when XtGetValues() is called for a child of	the  con‐
  straint  widget, and gives the constraint widget the opportunity to set
  values for resources that do not  appear  in	the  Constraint	 resource
  list, or to modify any of the resource values that are to be returned.

  The  Constraint  get_values_hook()  method is chained in superclass-to-
  subclass order, and cannot be inherited.  Classes that do  not  need	a
  get_value_hook()  method  can	 set  NULL  in	the  Constraint extension
  record, or can simply omit the extension record.

  See XtGetValues(1) for more information on when this method is invoked.

  The usage of this method is similar  to  the	normal	get_values_hook()
  method:  the widget can use XtGetSubvalues() or XtGetValues() to obtain
  the values of constraint resources that do not appear on its Constraint
  resource list, so that it can export them as if they did appear on that
  list.	 This method can also be used to modify the  returned  values  in
  any  way, by making a copy of string resource values, for example.  See
  get_values_hook(4) for more information.

  None of the Intrinsics widgets nor any of the Xaw widgets define a Con‐
  straint get_values_hook() method.

See Also
  XtGetSubvalues(1), XtGetValues(1),

Xt - Intrinsics Methods				  Constraint get_values_hook()

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