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Makerand(3)	      User Contributed Perl Documentation	   Makerand(3)

       Crypt::Makerand - Perl extension for the truerand library

	 use Crypt::Makerand;
	 $rand = Crypt::Makerand::trand32();

       Uses the truerand library to generate a random 32 bit number.

       The basic idea here is that between clock "skew" and various hard-to-
       predict OS event arrivals, counting a tight loop will yield a little
       (maybe a third of a bit or so) of "good" randomness per interval clock
       tick.  This seems to work well even on unloaded machines.  If there is
       a human operator at the machine, you should augment truerand with other
       measure, like keyboard event timing.

       On server machines (e.g., when you need to generate a Diffie-Hellman
       secret) truerand alone may be good enough.

   Exportable functions
	 unsigned long trand32(void)

       The truerand library was developed by Matt Blaze, Jim Reeds, and Jack
       Lacy. Copyright (c) 1992, 1994 AT&T.  This Perl extension was created
       by Mark Cox,, March 2001.


perl v5.16.3			  2014-05-05			   Makerand(3)

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