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DtDtsBufferToAttributeValue(library cDtDtsBufferToAttributeValue(library call)

       DtDtsBufferToAttributeValue  —  get a single data attribute value for a
       byte stream

       #include <Dt/Dts.h>
       char *DtDtsBufferToAttributeValue(
       const void *buffer,
       const int size,
       const char *attr_name,
       const char *opt_name);

       The DtDtsBufferToAttributeValue function returns a data attribute value
       for  a given byte stream.  The buffer argument is a pointer to the buf‐
       fer of the data to be typed.

       The size argument is the size of the buffer in bytes.

       The attr_name argument is a name of the attribute.

       The opt_name argument can be used to specify a name  to	be  associated
       with the buffer.	 If the opt_name argument is not NULL, it is used as a
       pseudo file name	 in  typing;  otherwise,  certain  attributes  may  be
       returned	 as  NULL  because the filename components could not be deter‐

       Upon successful completion,  the	 DtDtsBufferToAttributeValue  function
       returns a pointer to a data attribute value string, or NULL if no value
       could be determined.

       The application should use the DtDtsFreeAttributeValue(3)  function  to
       release the memory for the returned value.

       The  DtDtsBufferToAttributeValue	 function  assumes  that the buffer is
       readable and writable by the user, group and  other  file  classes  and
       selects	a  type accordingly.  An application requiring a type based on
       read-only permissions should use DtDtsDataToDataType.

       Dt/Dts.h, DtDtsDataToDataType(3),  DtDtsLoadDataTypes(3),  DtDtsFreeAt‐

				     DtDtsBufferToAttributeValue(library call)

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