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DtDtsDataTypeToAttributeValue(libraDtDtsDataTypeToAttributeValue(library call)

       DtDtsDataTypeToAttributeValue  — get an attribute value for a specified
       data type

       #include <Dt/Dts.h>
       char *DtDtsDataTypeToAttributeValue(
       const char *datatype,
       const char *attr_name,
       const char *opt_name);

       The DtDtsDataTypeToAttributeValue returns an attribute  value  for  the
       specified data type name.

       The datatype argument is a pointer to a data type name string.

       The attr_name argument is a name of the attribute.

       The  opt_name  argument	can be used to specify a name to be associated
       with the data type.  If the opt_name argument is not NULL, it  is  used
       as  a  pseudo file name in typing; otherwise, certain attributes may be
       returned as NULL because the filename components could  not  be	deter‐

       Upon  successful completion, the DtDtsDataTypeToAttributeValue function
       returns a pointer to a data attribute value string, or NULL if no value
       could be determined.

       The  application	 should use the DtDtsFreeAttributeValue(3) function to
       release the memory for the returned value.

       The opt_name argument is useful when the attribute being returned  con‐
       tains  a	 modifier  string that depends on having a file name included.
       For example, if the INSTANCE_ICON attribute had the value  %name%.icon,
       opt_name	 would	be  used to derive the %name% portion of the attribute
       value.  See dtdtsfile(4).

       The following takes a list of files as  arguments  and  determines  the
       description and actions for each file:

       #include <Dt/Dts.h>
       #define ATTRIBUTE1      "DESCRIPTION"
       #define ATTRIBUTE2      "ACTIONS"
       main (int argc, char **argv)
	       char    *attribute;
	       char    *datatype;
	       /* load data types database */
	       while (*argv) {
		       /* get data type file file */
		       datatype = DtDtsFileToDataType(*argv);
		       /* get first attribute for datatype */
		       attribute = DtDtsDataTypeToAttributeValue(datatype,
					       ATTRIBUTE1, *argv);
		       if (attribute)
			       printf("%s for file %s is %s\n",
				       ATTRIBUTE1, *argv, attribute);
		       /* get second attribute for datatype */
		       attribute = DtDtsDataTypeToAttributeValue(datatype,
					       ATTRIBUTE2, NULL);
		       if (attribute)
			       printf("%s for file %s is %s\n",
				       ATTRIBUTE2, *argv, attribute);

       Dt/Dts.h,   DtDtsFileToDataType(3),   DtDtsLoadDataTypes(3),   DtDtsRe‐
       lease(3), DtDtsFreeAttributeValue(3).

				   DtDtsDataTypeToAttributeValue(library call)

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