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DtSearchExit(library call)			    DtSearchExit(library call)

       DtSearchExit — Perform orderly shutdown of search engine

       #include <Dt/Search.h>
       void DtSearchExit(
       int return-code);

       void DtSearchAddUserExit(
       void (*user_exit)(int));

       void DtSearchRemoveUserExit(

       DtSearchExit  is	 an  internal  exit call for the online API. It may be
       called by any API module when a	fatal  error  or  aborting  signal  is
       detected.  It performs an orderly shutdown of the search engine includ‐
       ing graceful database closure, communications  disconnect,  release  of
       system  resources,  restoration	of environment, etc., as necessary. It
       will call a user exit function if  one  was  installed  by  DtSearchAd‐

       The  final  action  is  a  call to the standard system exit function so
       DtSearchExit never returns. The return_code passed to DtSearchExit will
       eventually be the value passed to exit.

       Usage of DtSearchExit is not required to use the DtSearch API. Each API
       function does its own resource cleanup before returning to  the	caller
       so  process termination outside of the API need not make further refer‐
       ence to the API.

       For the convenience of API users, DtSearchAddUserExit may be called  to
       install an optional user_exit function which will be called from within
       DtSearchExit. The user_exit argument is a pointer  to  a	 user  written
       function	  that	 takes	an  integer  argument  and  returns  void.  If
       DtSearchExit is called, the value of return_code will be passed as  the
       argument to the user_exit function.

       Calling	DtSearchAddUserExit replaces a user_exit installed by a previ‐
       ous call, if any.  User exits are typically installed  to  ensure  that
       required	 application  cleanup is performed if the API should happen to
       abort. Since DtSearchExit may be called from within a  signal  catching
       function, user_exit should not call functions which would be unsafe for
       a signal catcher to call, as defined by the POSIX standard.

       DtSearchRemoveUserExit may be called to remove any user_exit  installed
       by a previous call to DtSearchAddUserExit.

       DtSearchExit  and the user_exit installed by DtSearchAddUserExit do not

       DtSrAPI(3), DtSearch(5)

						    DtSearchExit(library call)

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